12-Year-Old Kansas Girl Arrested for Pointing ‘Finger Gun’ at Classmates

finger gun girl


Finger guns have been in the news a lot lately. First there was the Pennsylvania man who was charged with disorderly conduct for pointing his index digit at a neighbor. Last week, a St. Louis man stopped a fleeing hit-and-run driver by threatening him with his thumb and forefinger.

Those stories sound crazy. But there’s no lunacy quite like public education zero tolerance lunacy. News now comes from Overland Park, Kansas that a 12-year-old girl was handcuffed and dragged out of school for making a finger gun gesture toward some of her middle school classmates.

As the Kansas City Star reports . . .

Police hauled her out of school in handcuffs, arrested her and charged the child with a felony for threatening.

Shawnee Mission school officials said they could not discuss the case, citing privacy laws, but did say it wasn’t the district that arrested the child.

“We don’t do that,” said spokesman David Smith. “That is not our job.” He said the role of the district police is “not to enforce the law but to keep kids and adults safe.”

We’re sure that every teacher, student and parent of the Shawnee Mission School District will sleep better knowing that this real and present danger has been removed from Westridge Middle School.

According to the powers that be in her school, the girl allegedly “communicated a threat to commit violence.”

A person familiar with a more detailed incident report spoke to The Star on condition of anonymity. The person said that during a class discussion, another student asked the girl, if she could kill five people in the class, who would they be? In response, the girl allegedly pointed her finger pistol — like the ones many children use playing cops and robbers.

Because of that gesture, The Star was told, the girl was sent to Principal Jeremy McDonnell’s office, and the other students involved were also talked to. The school resource officer recommended that she be arrested, the source said. She was detained by police and later released to her mother. A hearing in the Juvenile Division of the District Court of Johnson County is set for Tuesday.

You can attribute this kind of zero tolerance idiocy to a post-Parkland climate in which any normal childish behavior will dealt with in the strictest, most severe manner possible so as to avoid any possible future second-guessing of administrators, resource officers or security staff.

Shawnee Mission’s policies define intimidation as “any intentional written, verbal, electronic, or physical act or threat which is severe, persistent and pervasive enough that it may be expected to: Harm a student or damage a student’s property. Create fear of harm to a student or fear of damage to a student’s property. Interferes with a student’s education or participation in a school-sponsored activity or event. Create an intimidating or threatening educational environment.”

Since the student is a juvenile and the district refuses to discuss the matter, it isn’t possible to know whether the unidentified girl has any prior history of behavior problems, bullying, abuse, or other “red flags” that would warrant any kind of discipline, let alone an arrest and felony charge.

And so it goes.


  1. avatar Hannibal says:

    “Shawnee Mission school officials said they could not discuss the case, citing privacy laws, but did say it wasn’t the district that arrested the child…”
    “The school resource officer recommended that she be arrested, the source said…”

    So who ACTUALLY arrested her? Something tells me there’s going to be a lot more ‘finger pointing’ by the time this story resolves itself.

    I’d be more worried about the other student in class asking for kill lists.

    1. avatar Dude says:

      “I’d be more worried about the other student in class asking for kill lists.”

      Yeah WTH is wrong with these kids?

      1. avatar Thixotropic says:

        Just more Social Engineering and Brainwashing by Govt Officials.

        Because WE let them get away with it.

        1. avatar "keep yur paws off my dead guy." possum says:

          Yup. Blind obedience best taught while young.

        2. avatar The Crimson Pirate says:

          “If we don’t blindly follow our leaders we stand to lose our all our freedoms.” Major Frank Burns, MASH 4077

      2. avatar Hush says:

        ” The person said that during a class discussion, another student asked the girl, if she could kill five people in the class, who would they be?”
        That is not a question that should have been asked during a class discussion. They arrested the wrong person! The teacher or whomever was leading the discussion has a responsibility and should be held accountable too.

      3. avatar LANDON says:

        It is time the pendulem starts to swing back toward the sanity side and laws be passed to ARREST the STUPID ones who COMMIT FELONY CRIMES OF FALSE ARREST and have to PAY a SIX FIGURE FINE along with MANDATORY 11 month 29 DAYS in the POKEY and then this BULL SH__ will CEASE!!!

        1. avatar Racecar says:

          Agreed !!!

      4. avatar capnmike says:

        This shows how ignorant and common senseless the left has become. Why wasn’t the child who asked her that ridiculous question and the teacher who didn’t stop that child or the girl before that poor girl who obviously was just answering a question from another child in class. The blame goes to all of the people involved including the resource officer ,teacher and principle and who ever made that call to the police without knowing the reason behind the gesture. This is the society the Socialist Democrats are creating the exact society Hitler created with his controlled education and the invent of the Brown Shirts.

    2. avatar Arc says:

      Thb, flipping the bird is apparently more acceptable than a finger gun. What next, federal prison for flinging rubber bands?

    3. avatar TonyTheCripple says:

      Exactly this. Local news stations report she’s had a number of issues in the past with threatening or intimidation of others. She’s also 13, and old enough to be a bully, and old enough to go through with something that could have ended in tragedy. That’s only a year away from high school. This wasn’t a couple 6 year olds playing “cops and robbers” ffs. It’s a teenager, who, when asked who she would kill, singled out four other individuals and then herself. That’s how most school shootings go. It may be an extreme case, but I’m not gonna be outraged at the fact that they could have just avoided a tragedy, or that, if this girl needs help, this event may be the catalyst that starts that process.

      1. avatar CommonSense says:

        Since none of this information was in the article, it does place a different perspective on it. However, all the things you have cited indicate that the girl is in dire need of mental treatment. The school policy stated that such behavior be “persistent and pervasive” Obviously, they were aware of the girl’s problems before the discussion that prompted the action, or it would not have been taken seriously. Any teacher who would allow such a discussion to occur in their classroom, especially with awareness of the presence of a child who has demonstrated disturbing behavior and the obvious bullies who taunted her, is grossly irresponsible. Recognizing people like this before they actually act on their feelings and getting them treatment is the most important step in preventing school shootings. I question that handcuffing a troubled 13 year old is the solution. I do hope that the legal system that she has now entered will have better solutions for a mentally ill child than handcuffs and jail. She needs mental treatment.

  2. My local walmart was evacuated yesterday over a claim that a customer pointed his gun like a finger at an employee. No gun was found. I’m just left slapping my head over the stupidity and wasted money and man hours…

  3. avatar DT says:

    Maybe she should have used her middle finger instead of index finger. Then it would be her first amendment right of freedom of expression.

    1. avatar Old Guy in Montana says:


    2. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

      “Maybe she should have used her middle finger instead of index finger.”

      Oh, hell, no.

      Now that a finger gun is considered felony assault, the middle finger can now be considered a threat of violent sexual assault, by that (lack of) logic…

      1. avatar Icabod says:

        Now stay with me on this. You make a finger gun but use the middle finger instead of the forefinger. Is this now covered as part of free speech? Are there now two crimes? Threatening to “shoot” and, I donno, maybe “rape”?
        Next, what if the little finger is the “barrel?” Is it then a mouse gun?

        1. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

          You’re not following.

          The middle finger, indicating “Fuck you”, signals intent of committing sexual congress between the one giving the finger, and the one it was directed to.

          Hence, a threat of rape. Clear?

  4. avatar FedUp says:

    Because every kid should have an arrest record…for doing nothing criminal…

    1. avatar "keep yur paws off my dead guy." possum says:

      How true

    2. avatar Hannibal says:

      It also dilutes real crimes. Recently a 9 year old was arrested for intention arson where he or she burned down a dwelling with several people in it, killing them. The kid will get probation and no record. Wanna bet they’ll have a higher body count in the future? Meanwhile this student is going to get about the same punishment.

  5. avatar Jay whos sick of this crap says:

    I thank the entity upstairs every day is closer to one less day. I have to put up for the most part with all this political correctness bullshit. Enough already kidz get a life.

  6. avatar MADDMAXX says:

    She is obviously a menace to society, was it loaded? in battery? did she actually point it directly at anyone? Lock her up, make her pay for her childish (oh, wait, she IS a child)…….. never mind.

    1. avatar JW says:

      And what about trigger discipline? Was her imaginary second index finger resting on the imaginary trigger?

      1. avatar Ed Schrade says:

        Displaying a faux firearm look alike thingey, and having an arsenal of 2 look alike thingeys. Don’t forget terroristic threats with fingers. Scary !

  7. avatar Biatec says:

    Stuff like this is why I am a free speech absolutist. Death threats are free speech. It’s up to people to interpret expression and then things like this happen.

    I had a similar case happen here. I can’t go into detail because I don’t want to expose family and friends to the internet but it’s stupid.

    Buy a gun so if people act on threats you can protect yourself and your family.

    1. avatar Dude says:

      I disagree. If some sicko promises to murder your children, you shouldn’t have to live in fear of that. Credible death threats should be prosecuted as felony assault. Sorry but free speech doesn’t give you the right to torture people. The above finger pointing situation doesn’t sound too credible. Arresting the kid was way over the top obviously.

      1. avatar Biatec says:

        Death threats are interpreted but violence is not. It only bothers you if you let it.

        Most people who probably would follow through probably would never make a threat to begin with. Most people will disagree with me on this and that’s fine. I just don’t see the point in making it illegal.

        1. avatar Mark N. says:

          “Let me make you an offer you can’t refuse.”
          Don’t be naive. There are plenty of people who make threats who have every intention of carrying them out if their demands are not met. Protection rackets, drug dealers, loan sharks, etc etc etc.

        2. avatar Dude says:

          Those kinds of threats can seriously impact your life. I agree that most people that make those types of threats are just hothead losers, but I learned a long time ago to never assume anything. I may know someone that lived through this. Hoping every day that you get a chance to eliminate the threat so you don’t have to worry about your children is no way to live.

          I think prosecuting someone for this would be the proper way to “flag” someone. People that make threats like that should be known to law enforcement anyway.

        3. avatar Biatec says:

          Yeah I just can’t agree to words being a crime. No one is hurt by it. intimidation can happen without death threats or threats of violence. That is the whole problem. It’s all interpretation.

          You are the one being naive sir. it happens everyday with no repercussions because it’s impossible to quantify with out some people getting abused.

          It’s always going to be too lax or not strict enough. It should just be speech.

        4. avatar Hush says:

          Joe Biden most likely agrees!

      2. avatar burley says:

        What you live in fear of should have zero effect on my rights.
        If someone threatens your children with murder, cripple them, right then and there.
        I’m somewhere in between: you can say anything you want without repercussion from the government, but if what you say is sufficiently threatening, there should be a natural consequence from whomever you threatened. In this example, one of those five children should have smacked both of the others in the head with a book whilst saying in a loud steady voice: “Threaten my life again, I dare you!”

        1. avatar Dude says:

          That would’ve been awesome.

        2. avatar Dude says:

          “What you live in fear of should have zero effect on my rights.”
          How does some lowlife getting thrown in jail for what he did affect your rights?

        3. avatar Dude says:

          “If someone threatens your children with murder, cripple them, right then and there.”

          That’s hard to do over the phone and some of us don’t want an assault on our record.

        4. avatar Miner49er says:

          That would be assault with intent, they’d go to jail.

        5. avatar Dude says:

          “That would be assault with intent, they’d go to jail.”
          The point I’ve made here before is that police and DA’s don’t generally enforce the law when it comes to threats (unless you’re a VIP). The new generation of progressive DA’s are even more lax about it. Partly because of their refusal to enforce the law and follow up on actual threats which could help prevent crime, you get this hypersensitivity and overreaction to non-crimes like you have here.

      3. avatar Someone says:

        “If some sicko promises to murder your children, you shouldn’t have to live in fear of that. Credible death threats should be prosecuted as felony assault.”

        I agree that no one should live in fear. But let’s say you get the sicko arrested, convicted and locked up for some years for his threats. Do you think he will be less or more inclined to deliver on his promises when he is eventually released from the prison? Or do you think he will find Jesus behind bars and decides to forgive and forget?

    2. avatar SoCalJack says:

      How’s this for a free speech example. The guy claims he was just joking.
      It’s crap like this, from a small few, that makes the rest of us gun owners look bad.

      1. avatar Someone says:

        It’s not the regular and popular speech that needs protection. Next time they will grab guns from someone who posts pictures of himself holding a rifle saying “Come and get them!” Then just for a pic or video with a gun in it.
        Either we have free speech, or we don’t.
        Sticks and stones…

  8. avatar American Patriot says:

    So I guess the Big question would be…Drum roll………..Please…………What Race is she?

    1. avatar daveinwyo says:

      No. The big question now is, will this infringe on her 2A rights?
      Is this a juvi “crime” that can be expunged?
      Terrify the children so that they fear both guns and the .gov.
      Indoctrination at it’s best!
      Time and past time to put these leftist scum bags in their proper place.
      Parents; Get your ass off the couch and run for school board so you can end this crap!
      (I am not a parent, thank the gods.)

      1. avatar Texican says:

        It’s too late and too much trouble to change the public school system. Or, as I like to call it, the public slave indoctrination system. Better to remove your child(ren) from their influence and home school them yourself. It is totally worth it. If enough people refuse to participate the system will collapse. And as an added benefit your child(ren) will never be bullied, shot or otherwise harmed while at school and not under your protection.

        1. avatar burley says:

          Agreed. Even if you aren’t good at education, it’s better for your children to simply be uninformed than misinformed. We want our children to have our values, not the values the Feds push.

    2. avatar Dude says:

      The big question is what sort of upbringing did these kids have where it’s normal to sit around and fantasize about murdering your classmates. I’m betting world class (or even average) parents weren’t involved.

      1. avatar burley says:

        no, that;s not the question. Kids say stupid things outloud. It’s part of being a kid. If you tell me you and your friends never discussed any such things growing up, I’ll call you a liar to your face, should I ever get the opportunity.
        The question is: why the hell are parents in this district not arresting school commissioners as we discuss this?

        1. avatar Dude says:

          I did all sorts of dumb things as a kid and got in plenty of fights. I can’t think of any conversation remotely close to murdering an actual known person. I mean, I wanted to be a ninja in grade school, and had all the ninja weapons, but fantasizing about assassinating some make believe person was totally different. If we had any hypothetical conversations about which classmates you wanted to ____, it involved the opposite sex.

        2. avatar Dwight Hansen says:

          I see that as an extension of the Shave sex with, marry, murder game.

          Fantasy is fine as long as those doing it know the difference between fantasy & real world.

    3. avatar Someone says:

      What does her race have to do with it? Does everything have to be about race now?

      1. avatar American Patriot says:

        The left made everything about race…..So yes, but then it only seems to be a problem & publicized when done by a white man & Never a mention on race when done by any other race especially Black, illegal alien or muslum!

  9. avatar pwrserge says:

    Whatcha wanna bet the “administrator” that wrote that rule was a member in good standing of the purple hair, nose ring, and hiking boot sect?

    1. avatar daveinwyo says:

      up vote!

  10. avatar harry323 says:

    Was she using a high capacity clip thingy?

  11. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

    This is too stupid to reply to.

  12. avatar former water walker says:

    Waitaminute…was this an “official” class discussion?!? Makes a yuge dfference. Then again ruining a 12 year old’s life sucks! Do they bust youngin’s who beat up teacher’s?

  13. avatar DrDKW says:

    Soon, they can bring back the ‘Bloody-Code’, that quaint eighteenth century British legal system, where a child stealing a loaf of bread was a hanging offence!

    1. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

      “bring back the ‘Bloody-Code’, that quaint eighteenth century British legal system, where a child stealing a loaf of bread was a hanging offence!”

      It’s time that got cleared up.

      Looking at the old European execution records, you could draw that conclusion, but the reality was far more nuanced. Recently read a book that dove into that subject, ‘The Faithful Executioner’ by Joel Harrington. The source materiel was a diary by a medieval executioner, Meister Frantz Schmidt of Nuremberg.

      Schmidt didn’t want to be an executioner, but had no choice, as his father was forced to be one by a nobleman in a fit of rage that wanted someone killed, and his father was unlucky to be standing near the nobleman when he went off. Schmidt kept a journal of every execution he did, and often with notes on the details.

      And it’s the details where the truth about being executed for stealing bread was written. They only executed you for something as trivial as stealing bread if you didn’t learn from past penalties, like whipping or banishment from the city. In general, you had to be someone they were sick and tired of seeing clogging up their jails before they executed your sorry ass.

      The book is a neat read, highly recommended. It goes into some detail of what life was like back then in the regional cities :


  14. avatar billy-bob says:

    They’re just lucky she didn’t have an assault pop tart with a high capacity clipazine, and a shoulder thing that goes up.

    1. avatar gene says:

      No one needs more than 10 sprinkles

  15. avatar B says:

    What if she pointed a middle finger 🖕.

    What has this world come to.

    1. avatar B says:

      Arrested for making threats? With a deadly finger? Ridiculous. Was there any capability of REAL physical harm present at the time or intention, and if so, how? Somebody please articulate this silly shit to me. Perhaps AIR BULLETS?

      1. avatar Hush says:


  16. avatar Leighton Cavendish says:

    WTF? This is getting really ridiculous…

  17. avatar Robert Hutchings says:

    I’ve been doing this all wrong. Instead of spending money on bullets and range fees, I could just point my finger. How important is it to dry shoot with one’s finger?

    1. avatar B says:

      I guess kids that do these gestures will soon be called “Finger Bangers”. No more Finger Banging!

      1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

        Pepsi. Right out my nose.

        1. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

          That’s half the fun of the TTAG comment section. You never know when good one is gonna drop…

        2. avatar B says:


    2. avatar Hannibal says:

      How do you check if it’s loaded? Remember the 4 rules of gun safety if you and the missus are fooling around.

      1. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

        “How do you check if it’s loaded?”

        Did you scratch your ass recently?

        *snicker* 😉

  18. avatar "keep yur paws off my dead guy." possum says:

    ” just another brick in the wall.”

  19. avatar Johnny Bullets says:

    People who are afraid of finger guns are the most dangerous of the criminal demographic.

  20. avatar STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES says:

    Pretty Soon u will have to wear a straight jacket in public and a PC device put on ur mouth not to offend anyone.

    This is what 1930’s Germany looked like.

    Most People are so stupid they keep repeating history! Yes people are extremely stupid they can’t lean from mistakes!

  21. avatar amir says:

    It’s like every kid should have an arrest record even not for doing sth criminal…
    خرید تجهیزات شبکه

  22. avatar Huntmaster says:

    This is all part of the long term brainwashing project that has been Uber way for quite some time. The are targeting not just the children but all of us. They wouldn’t have got away with this, if, it wasn’t already working.

  23. avatar Mort says:

    In Pennsylvania, what do you get if you point your middle finger slightly towards someone?

  24. avatar Timothy Toroian says:

    Somebody should tell her there are other fingers she can point with and it seems it is time to use them.

  25. avatar Joseph Malone says:

    She’s a girl. I doubt this will have any negative impact on her. They are probably just trying to send some staunch anti violence message. After the psychological deterrent has ran it’s course she will probably be given special selection into an all girls S.T.E.M. class after school program. They call this failing upwards.

  26. avatar Bob in IN says:

    She must have ate her poptart before hand…so no poptart gun.

  27. avatar Rusty - Die Ruthie Die - Chains says:

    So, did they catch her removing the trigger lock on her finger gun?

    The only way to fix this is for the principal and the cops to be ridiculed, long and loud. POTG here are doing a good job, but it needs to be brought home to them locally.

  28. avatar Mad Max says:

    I think the adults need some improvement in their critical thinking skills.

    Does the accused have the means, motive, and opportunity to act on the threat? What was the exact context in which the alleged threat was made?

    Ask a stupid question; get a stupid answer. The kid’s “finger gun” is covered by freedon of expression (in this specific case).

    Now, if a known Mafia hit man points a “finger gun” at you…(the authorities will do nothing because organized crime operators have good lawyers).

  29. avatar Chris T in KY says:

    This makes perfect since when kids were being suspended for drawing their father, a soldier, with a gun. Or they were suspended for eating a pop tart into the shape of a gun. It’s just the next step toward more and more stupid. And it’s done on purpose to teach children to not show descent. Most administrators, Liberals and the Left, who create these crazy rules don’t have children.

  30. avatar John Galt says:

    Clear first amendment issue.

    She could have used assualt fingers and still been first amendment protected.

  31. avatar MIO says:

    I feel bad for kids these days. We used to have bb gun fights and dug the bb out with a knife. I mean yeah it was dumb but would could cope with things

    1. avatar Dave G. says:

      This crap has been going on longer than you think. I once got tossed out of grade school for throwing a snowball at a streetcar whilst walking home for lunch. A female classmate ratted me out. Then the school principal (nun) was waiting at the door to send me home, when I returned from lunch. My pop had to go after work to get me reinstated. That was (I don’t remember how long) before my graduation from grade school in 1952.

      To this day it’s one of my favorite stories about grade-school arbitrary bullshit.

  32. avatar Jazz Cat says:

    A Full Automatic, Sub-Machine Finger, with Pow Pow Grenade Launcher, and 30 Word Capacity Banana Magazine.

    Oh my! 😂😢☕

  33. avatar Ma Arb says:

    Toto, I don’t think we are in Kansas, anymore.

  34. avatar Stuck in NJ says:

    The new “zero tolerance” policies impact teachers as well as students.

    Back in the day, my teacher, Father K, did what by TODAY’S standards was a public death threat towards a student.
    He called me by name and yelled, “I will kill you!” in the middle of a class, with 25 witnesses.
    If that happened in 2019, OMG, he’d be arrested, fired, thrown in jail, you’d see it on the nightly news, and then he’d get convicted and thrown in prison.
    But this was the 1970s, more innocent times, SANER times, so we all knew Father K was perfectly justified for telling me, “I will kill you!” because I’d just burst out laughing in class from a note my best friend had passed me.

    For the record, the note said about two of our teachers, including Father K, “They’re both senile old bats,” so I’m glad Father K didn’t make me read that note aloud!

  35. avatar Freedom says:

    Welcome to the land of Tutu wearing anti everything whiny cry baby drama god busy body nosy can’t mind their own Fing business Libtard coward sheeple. Where they go on a drama god spree over the stupidest shit. If the Libtards had their way we would live like in the movie Elysium or the Hunger Games.The Libtard motto “everyone gets in trouble for everything we don’t like, don’t agree with, or that offends us”. Hey Libturds we are not owned by any human PERIOD So Mind your own Fing business stay in safe spaces and shut your Fat Fing mouths.

  36. avatar Freedom says:

    America the land of Tutu wearing anti everything whiny cry baby drama god busy body nosy can’t mind their own Fing business Libtard coward sheeple. Where they go on a drama god spree over the stupidest shit. If the Libtards had their way we would live like in the movie Elysium or the Hunger Games.The Libtard motto “everyone gets in trouble for everything we don’t like, don’t agree with, or that offends us”. Hey Libturds we are not owned by any human PERIOD So Mind your own Fing business stay in safe spaces and shut your Fat Fing mouths.

  37. avatar Freedom says:

    Was it a scary semi auto AR style 3 million round magazine fed heat seeking nuclear blasting laser guided chainsaw wielding Planet disintegrating Finger gun? Cause if not the child had no reason to be arrested. I’m really getting sick and tired of your Libtards anti everything drama god B.S. It is going to Fing stop one way or another.

  38. avatar Truckman says:

    this is one stuped world and the public school system is one of the worst places for kids getting an education glad I was able to afford to have homeschooled thru a privet school I paid for all ACE books and they made sure they were learning it Now part of my Grandchildren are going church-based school and more will be next year

  39. avatar MainelyDoc says:

    It’s insanity… really. What are they teaching children? They’re teaching them to be afraid of something that can’t hurt them. They’re being taught to be irrational and that irrationality is normal. Now, the “ok” handsign is something to be feared. Something that was a hand signal in a noisy setting is threatening. More insane irrationality.

    It goes hand in hand with dire predictions of the end of the earth via climate change… people are collectively losing their minds and are being driven insane by the education system and by fear mongering by politicians….

  40. avatar Ronald Parks says:

    Maybe they will just remove her index finger or install a device that prevents her from straightening it out. In fact, maybe such devices should be installed on the index fingers of all students unless they have a government-issued permit that requires a background check to ensure that they can be trusted to have a finger that can be pointed.

  41. avatar Djea3 says:

    I think Jay Sekelow and his group need to step in. First, there is NOTHING WRONG nor ILLEGAL about pointing a “finger gun” at anyone. In fact a finger gun could be interpreted MANY ways.
    Since the teacher allowed the class to discuss WHO THEY WOULD KILL in the class, the teacher was actually creating murder conspiracy in the classroom.
    I would sue the teacher, the school, the person in the school who decided it was ok to arrest a girl for reacting in a normal way to the allowed questions in the classroom. I would sue the arresting officers …there is NO LAW that can make it illegal to point your finger regardless of the configuration of the hand. It is illegal and a violation of the US Constitution.
    My child would never return to that district and in fact that district would be paying for the BEST private education anyone could ever receive.

  42. avatar dwest says:

    Homeschool your children. FTG.

  43. avatar Randy says:

    I would say that schools, along with a School Resources Officer, now need a School Resources Lawyer assigned to the kids for their protection.

  44. avatar Michael LaChiana says:

    What the hell is wrong with you dumb asses. She was pointing a finger! How is that a threat? Granted it was many years ago, but we played cops and robbers and cowboys and indians with toys that looked like the real thing and there were no problems. If you shitheads that raise your children were doing their part correctly, this world would be a better place. If that child was mine and they took her out in handcuffs, I would certainly see a lawsuit about to brew. If you think I’m upset, you’re wrong. I am pissed off at all these people trying to make a name for themselves.

  45. avatar Beebe Kent says:

    So if finger pointing is now an official life threatening gesture, that would make it lawful for a concealed carry individual to claim to be in fear for their life and fatally stop the pointer.
    Somehow, I think the level of severity is nowhere near this level

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    روشویی مناسب ترکیب منحصر به فرد از مواد ، مقاومت در برابر ضربه و همچنین ثبات رنگ که با گذشت زمان محو نمی شود.

    سینک حمام تمیز و بهداشتی دارای ساختاری است که در برابر رشد باکتری ها غیرقابل نفوذ هستند.

    کیفیت بالای محصولات ما سطح کاملاً بی عیب و نقص و ظاهری زیبا را دارا می باشد.

  49. Hi thanks for the nice text / was very practical

  50. HIHello, thank you for your good and practical text

  51. It was very good and useful, thank you

  52. I think this is not the solution, the government must have more controll on accessing guns.

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