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When TTAG began its coverage of NatGeo’s Doomsday Preppers, our Armed Intelligentsia flagged the obvious: it’s not a good idea to tell the world about your doomsday preparations. If the CIA practiced the same level of operational security (OPSEC) they would have hand-delivered a backpack nuke to Iran years ago. That said, David Sarti’s participation in the NatGeo series has given him a platform from which to defend his gun rights. A pressing matter because . . . “Only days after being featured on the National Geographic TV Show Doomsday Preppers, a prepper from Tennessee named David Sarti has been declared Mentally Defective and his guns have been seized by the government,” reports. The preppers see it as a government conspiracy. I see it as an [credible, alleged] abuse by the mental health system that makes it less likely that gun owners with psychological issues will seek help. We’ll keep you posted.

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  1. I remember this episode and I’d classify Sarti as somewhat eccentric but aware of his eccentricities. Heck, the man was able to laugh at his own foibles.

    Anyway, I think anyone who is setting aside emergency food rations should go on about their business quietly and avoid being noticed by the government.

  2. If a person is so obsessed with ‘prepping’ that s/he cannot distinguish medical advice from persecution, this is what can happen. Obviously the man’s obsession with guns led his physician to conclude that there was a reportable medical condition. MDs have to report things like epilepsy to the dept of motor vehicles by law, etc.
    I noticed elsewhere that the NRA attorney has refused to help this guy, likely for good reason?

    • That’s right BeHereNow, just throw him to the wolves. After all it’s not you, the government would never do anything like that to you right? People like you fail to realize that you are only a phone call away from persecution. Sleep well sheep.

    • Because the NRA only sends in an attorney to help share the lime light when there is a victory. Otherwise they can’t be bothered. I know from my legal battles with the ATF. The NRA is like the Rev. Jessy Jackson invisible to the naked eye but appear when ever the cameras are turned on.

      Now the GOA did step up to help me and the GOA DID step up to help him.

  3. “I see it as an [credible, alleged] abuse by the mental health system that makes it less likely that gun owners with psychological issues will seek help.”

    Four years ago, when they passed HR2640, affectionately known as the “Veteran’s Disarmament Act” they put that in motion. Many of us have known since that time it could be dangerous for your “rights” to discuss any mental health problems with a health care provider…

  4. I didn’t actually see the episode, only the ad for it, but I recall thinking that the single most effective and important thing this guy could do in order to “survive” is to lose the considerable extra weight he was carrying. One can joke about obesity being a plus when food is scarse, but the reality is that an obese individual is significantly more at risk for a whole host of medical conditions that any emergency situation can exasperate.

    Being as physically fit as possible should be the first step towards any effective “prepping”. Good health also makes one more resilient to the emotional or mental stress that goes along with crisis management.

  5. Waddya mean!?!? He’s clearly committed thought-crime! Lock him up and revoke his “privileges”
    Fascism isn’t a future boogeyman. It exists in the hearts of many of your fellow Americans.

  6. The Soviets practiced this kind of screwjob more often than modern-day American fascists. In the USSR, if you dissented, you were insane and off you went to a “hospital” for treatment. Christian? You got the bed next to the dissenter guy.

    Well, anything the Russkies can do, we can do better. Or is that worser?

    • And to think the soviets used to do that to people and there weren’t even any gun rights to abusively deny! What devoted civil servants! The fact that our Prepper of the Day was still alive to make this video allows me to confidently infer he hasn’t received the medical bills for his tests yet.

  7. I’m surprised any serious prepper would allow video cameras for television to record them and their hoard of food. The couple that didn’t believe in firearms or other defensive measures struck me as a giant prize to the first armed person who came along after the big one. Naive indeed.
    David needs to reevaluate his situation and possibly relocate and start again. His health will make that difficult or impossible and that’s a shame.

    • Yeah, if I was really stockpiling, I would not advertise the fact. I really try to down play the fact I have guns to the neighbors as well.

    • I’m surprised as well, but all groups have their subgroups, and just like the gen-pop, some folks wanna be on Tee Vee. It’s nuts, but not commit-able nuts.

    • I’m not the least surprised that once this fellow got the notion of prepping for disaster, his greatest efforts went to food stockpiling. OK, be honest: Imagine disaster has struck. You flee your town for the countryside. Twenty-three other people, their bug-out bags in hand, show up at the same remote cave seeking shelter. Do you hope this guy is one of them?

  8. I hate to say it but the first time I saw this guy my first thought was that he had several screws loose or completely missing. I watched all of the episodes and I considered all these people nut jobs, until my niece called to tell me about the new show with a bunch of people just like me.

  9. Here is an American Citizen, a man who has worked hard all his life, honest, and straightforward who have become a VICTIM of the system that we are told is there to protect us. This mans case should be a warning to all. No one can be trusted -especially the people that say; ” Were from the Government and here to help you”- No longer true-if it ever was. If you are a tad eccentric, outspoken, are poor or have limited financial resources, and percieved as “different” you are a marked man. The Ivy league gang of Doctors and Lawyers will not touch your case unless you are wealthy, and they are in collusion with the authorities anyway. But because he is a White man, no Civil Liberties loud mouths will rise to his aid. Because he is not an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT, no social agency will rise up to help him fight the NAZI Like forces working against his freedoms and rights. This man is clearly not mentally defective yet one checkmark on a form by made by a man sworn to do no harm (His Doctor) has destroyed this mans life. Would anyone be surprised if he went off the deep end now after being forced to undergo restrained observation, and had his assets stolen by the State. Long ago I had an experience with the people I had trusted (LE) and learned quickly that there is no one viewed as innocent during an investigation-even if you are the one to report the crime. Your life becomes hell, and if they want a collar-you can become it-as an innocent man.
    Lessons learned the hard way. It would be wise for all preppers to tell Nat Geo and the others that want to tell your story to go away. I hope David at least earned enough from his preppers appearances to pay for his legal costs.

  10. Hes a nut, thay all are. I ” prep” sure. I have tons of ammo, tons of guns, and I can hunt. These people are maniacs. I say take the guns..give them to me.

  11. I have to say when I saw this show, my first thought was “These folks are all going to end up on a list somewhere.” Are some preppers possibly paranoid? Sure. Maybe. That doesn’t remove their right to do what they think is best for their family, especailly if ewhat they are doing is not prohibited. I could see if he was stockpiling prohibited NFA items or explosives, but c’mon, he was doing what he felt was right. Too bad big G doesn’t like it when people show that they would rather rely on themselves.

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