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The main man behindThe Sipsey Street Irregulars gun blog is a bit . . . testy. To say Mike Vanderboegh is over-sensitive to issues surrounding freedom and gun rights would be like saying Adriana Lima‘s lips are a bit too puffy. Mike and I disagree about the causes of Operation Fast and Furious, but I defer to him when it comes to ideological purity (and that’s saying something). How about this comment underneath Watervale Road Man Faces 9 Gun-Related Charges After Task Force Searches Home at Where most people see the cops catching a bad guy, Mike zeroes in on police state over-reach and constitutional disrespect . . .

The Founders must be rolling over in their graves to the tune of 3,000 RPM. What sort of gelded anti-Americans do you have living in your state to put up with such tyrannical crap?!? They raid him, ostensibly, for drugs. Do they find drugs? Oh, no, but they find weapons which are legal under federal law but he hasn’t begged the permission of your nanny-state to possess and register them. What other evidence? Oh, well, he might be connected to an “outlaw motorcycle gang.” Maybe. Possibly. For this his house is raided and his family terrorized? They didn’t charge him with being a felon in possession of weapons so they don’t have that excuse. The truth probably is that the uniformed jackbooted thugs acting under color of law screwed up about the “drugs” and these charges are the result of the “OH, sh-t what do we do now?” that they had when they realized their mistake.

What a disgrace. What an outrage.

No matter what does or doesn’t happen regarding the investigation into Operation Fast and Furious—a journalistic pursuit that Sipsey championed from the git-go—we are lucky to have Mike Vanderboegh standing watch for our rights.

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  1. we are lucky to have Mike Vanderboegh standing watch for our rights.
    I concur. As a matter of fact, just a couple of days ago, I sent him an email telling him as much. It’s comforting to know that we have guys like Mike standing up for us and keeping government corruption in the light.

    If y’all don’t know, Mike is sick and scheduled for surgery in a few days, keep him in your prayers.

  2. Mike is a true blue American to the core. I’ve been reading his work for a good number of years now and I’ve got to say that I can’t find much fault with his prose, his positions or his convictions. He’s a one off and they broke the mold.

    As noted above, do keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers. If you can afford it, please subscribe to Sipsey Street. His work in exposing F&F has been immeasurably valuable, it’s only right and fair that he be recognized and rewarded for all of his hard work on our behalf.

  3. A “no-knock” search warrant was obtained for Chase’s home after DEA task force officer Matt Gutwill, a Framingham police officer, received information that Chase’s 109 Watervale Road residence was allegedly involved in firearms and drug trade, the police report said.

    I’d be willing to bet they received this information from some petty criminal whom they threatened to throw the book at unless he implicated their desired target. Standard procedure for manufacturing probable cause in drug investigations. Which, of course, is how we get stories about the SWAT team mowing down grandma and/or the family dog, and finding half a joint or nothing at all.

  4. With this post, Robert, I’m afraid you’ve abandoned all hope of being seen as a reasonable gun rights advocate. In fact, since that’s what you are, I believe, where does this one come from? Color me confused, man. Perhaps the rest of the comments will help me understand.

    • It’s an American thing, Mikey, you probably wouldn’t understand. I saw a little ditty about the SPLC the other day and it goes something like this; the Directors of the SPLC have found a great way to alleviate their own poverty, but actually helping real poor folks, not so much. Like all of the other front groups for the so called Progressive agenda, they’re really good at enriching themselves but they rarely seem to make much real “progress” in the goals and causes that they espouse. At least nothing that a rational person would call progress.

      Vanderboegh scares some people. In my opinion, he scares the right kind of people. That’s a good thing. We need more like him. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall had Vanderboegh, Andrew Brieitbart and Bill Whittle ever gotten together for a chat. Now, and alas, that would have been a conversation for the ages.

    • Yes, Mikey, because it’s unreasonable to think that someone who legally owns guns shouldn’t be charged with bogus “gun crimes” simply because the police want someone to beat up.

    • “testy”

      …as in testosterone or testicular.

      It’s a guy thing. Most TTAG readers will understand it intuitively. Others will feel more comfortable with The Lady’s Home Journal.

  5. Mike is fighting a two-front war. He posted this on March 8:

    Had a long chat with my new surgeon (who actually I had met before when I was going to the wound care clinic for my foot) and tells me I have a Gastrointestinal stromal tumor, or GIST for short.

    Bottom line: 1 in 5 chance of not surviving the surgery and convalescence. Will involve at least a partial gastrectomy with possible involvement in the pancreas, spleen and the main artery that serves the spleen.

    It sound like some serious sh!t. Let’s all keep Mike in our thoughts.

  6. Thank God for Mike Vanderboegh?

    His quote: What sort of gelded anti-Americans do you have living in your state to put up with such crap?

    That is classic Vanderboegh hypocrisy and TTAG has fallen for it. He cheered and aided the deaths of Americans and the advance of tyranny when he was Communist. As for gelded: Though he calls for others to throw bricks through Democrat office windows, he stays at home. He constantly warns that he and his followers will kill anyone who tries to take their guns – yet meekly surrenders his pistol during a traffic stop by police, then gets a permit.

    THAT’S the man for whom Americans should thank God?


    • MV seems to have repented. We all make mistakes and with luck we learn form our experiences, as MV seems to have done. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone Mr. Parker. And would you please be so kind as to present this forum with your CV.

      You call out MV for; “He constantly warns that he and his followers will kill anyone who tries to take their guns – yet meekly surrenders his pistol during a traffic stop by police, then gets a permit.” What would you have done, precisely? It is a wise man who chooses his fights and his battle space carefully, that he may yet fight another day.

      You say Mike’s followers like he is some kind of cult leader. Speaking only for myself, I’m not a member of his cult, if there is even such a thing. I doubt very much that many of the folks here at TTAG hold Mike up on any kind of pedestal, but rather appreciate him for who he is, what he’s done and some of the ideals that he espouses. I think that many of us also recognize that he is a flawed man, as are we all. But I also think that Mike would be the first to admit his flaws as I sense of him a humble self awareness and a certain innate humor at man’s folly, both his own and that of others . I follow Mike like I would follow a good newspaper columnist from days of yore. He’s sharp, articulate, feisty and he resonates with me, kind of like an H. L. Mencken, without the vast readership that Mencken enjoyed.

      Lastly, Mr. Parker, if Mike is a good friend of David Codrea, that’s more than good enough vetting for me.

    • Mike was at Gravelly Point when the armed RTC ralliers were risking being swatted by the Feds. Where were you? Perhaps one of the folks lambasting them for not marching over the bridge and laying siege in DC when you didn’t have the stones to show up yourself?

      How many traffic stops have you shot your way out of? Is that really your definition of a patriot, someone who can’t tell the difference between real threats to life and liberty, and a fairly trivial police contact? Are you just pissed that he didn’t martyr himself uselessly for your amusement?

      I don’t always agree with Mike but at least he’s not a keyboard commando hiding in his basement throwing spitwads at the people actually working to make a difference.

  7. If Mike V was a Communist and repented; well all the better.
    A lot of Germans thought Hitler was swell in 1941 and by 1944 thought he was not so swell.
    I imagine a lot of Russians were less than thrilled with the Communists as time went on as well.

  8. Have pity on this poor, misinformed, ignorant man. I will make this as simple as I can to facilitate Fox news viewer. The Fast and Furious scheme was implemented by George W Bush…thinking if you sold illegal guns, then you could follow them to find the cartels and other large groups of criminals. Like a sting operation. Obama did allow the scheme to continue until it proved totally useless.
    Is basically non existent at this time…except in the minds of few idiots.

  9. Mike Vanderboegh is an idiot. There are no guns in Canada and in Europe and they are better off then USA. More Kuresh’s in Waco is what America needs while slipping down. I pray that one day every american takes to the gun and helps in the gridlock.
    Yup, war mongering in Iraq and Afghanistan with countless american loss of limbs and life to establish toothless regimes whose days are numbered has not yet delivered the message. Yes let us arm every american and may every man be a law unto himself. That way the last man standing will be the best. Why not.


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