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I’m serious. “The Association of Professional Piercers does not recommend the guns because they place vulnerable tissue in contact with non-sterile equipment and jewelry that is not considered medically safe for long-term internal wear. The jewelry is usually inexpensive, which compounds the probability of infection. The guns are usually used on multiple people, and there is the possibility of blood spatter contaminating the gun. It cannot be sterilized in an autoclave, and wiping it with alcohol or disinfectant is not effective in killing bacteria that can cause exposure to diseases such as hepatitis or HIV.” So a bad idea then. But a ban? Shouldn’t the public be responsible for its own health and safety, as they are (to a point) with every other type of gun (except machine guns)? Think of the children!

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  1. How much time and practice does it take to become proficient at piercing ears by hand? Maybe this Association of Professional Piercers (pronounced “lobby group”), and the shops that support it, doesn’t like just anyone being able to set up their own piercing parlor.

    To answer the question; I think it’s about time we had a common sense dialogue on banning these high capacity assault pierce guns. They have no purpose but to maximize the number of ears a person can pierce. Nobody needs to have these. If you can’t pierce by hand then you have no business being a piercer… [/sarc]

  2. When my daughters wanted their ears pierced, I had 3 rules: one hole per ear, two holes max, and it had to be done in a doctor’s office.

    The Association of Professional Piercers sounds like a group you would see while watching an infomercial at 2AM on a channel no one watches.

    The idea of a 19 year old dropout doing ear pearcing at the Pearcing Pagoda gives me the willies.

  3. A minor cannot consent — because of their lack of maturity — to their own body modifications (piercings and tattoos) and neither should a parent/adult have such a right to manipulate and violate a defenseless young person. Just as female genital circumcision is banned in the West, we must ban ear piercings.

    “Shouldn’t the public be responsible for its own health and safety”
    Food prepping firms (restaurants, bakeries, food manufacturers) definitely need oversight. People who choose to use tobacco products (no health benefits only high risk) should not expect the insurance pool to run to their rescue if/when they get ill.

    • Wouldn’t it be logical to ban male genital mutilation in the West as well? An infant cannot consent to losing part of himself.

    • Charlie & Anon,

      Re; male circumcision, I struggle with that one. In principle, based on what I wrote above, I agree that it is physically forcing and modifying an infant who can’t give consent. Is it a health benefit(?) so I’ve heard though I’m no expert on the subject. Male circumcision is obviously an ancient religious practice and so is female circumcision to some people. Is male circumcision sacred ie spiritual(?), I really don’t know since I’m not always sure what is from God and what some self-serving religious leaders dreamed-up on their own.

  4. “Wouldn’t it be logical to ban male genital mutilation in the West as well? An infant cannot consent to losing part of himself.”

    Circumcision is healthy and sacred. It is NOT mutilation.

    • I think the fact that billions of people around the world (arguably, pretty much everyone outside the US & Israel) live long, healthy lives without the supposed “health benefits” of circumcision shows that it is, at best, neither more or less healthy to be circumcised that not.

      WTF site am I on? Truthaboutcircumcision?

      • “pretty much everyone outside the US and Israel”

        There are also 1.4 billion muslims in the world who practice male circumcision. Now you’ve hurt their feeling by leaving them out. I expect a Fatwah against you at any moment.


    • A large segment of the world’s physicians disagree that it is healthy. After you’ve seen a few fish-hook dongs in the shower room, you’ll realize a certain number of phalli are accidentally mutilated by the mohel.

  5. Piercing guns are the worst way to pierce. More painful, creates a more ragged hole, and impedes healing as compared to getting pierced with a needle. There’s basically no reason for them to exist.

  6. There’s really no excuse for piercing guns in this day and age, other than that they facilitate dangerously under-qualified teenagers making an additional 10 bucks for the mall-based business where they work. I have no problem with people working as piercers or getting piercings (I have 8 holes in my ears left over from my high school punk phase), but an implement that easily transmits blood-borne infections being used almost exclusively on children is unforgivable. Or to put it another way- the piercing gun is the Chauchat of piercing implements.

  7. ummmm, from what I’ve heard, piercing guns were designed in the first place to help tag cattle, and using them on humans is a relatively new idea.
    So maybe using cattle equipment on people is a bad idea, but I’m not a piercer, so I wouldn’t know.

  8. I can’t believe the site today. Obese barely-functional preppers? Ear-piercing guns? Pajama carry theme as an excuse for showing some young skin? Blue guns for home carry and draw practice? I’ll chalk it up to the Solar Flare. No other explanation.

  9. most tattoo shops will do ears + jewelry for the same price as mall piercers. and they are also (well should be) cleaner/sterile. you just have to deal with the constant buzzing and metal/hardcore/hiphop/rap playing loudly.

  10. female circumcision is not always removal of the clitorous, sometimes, there is a flap of skin over it and for the same reasons boys get circumcised, girls get this procedure done. Genital multilation is a different thing for different reasons.
    My son and my grandsons have all been done as my brothers, father and grandfathers. At one time, the military thought it was a good idea.
    Better done when young, because on a male over 3, it will be very uncomfortable for weeks and even months

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