12 gauge shotgun buckshot
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A quartet of unemployed rocket scientists never learned that most folks in Texas own firearms. Or maybe these wizards thought the four of them, wearing masks and carrying pistols, would be able intimidate their victims into submission. Who knows…maybe they’d successfully pulled this off before.

Whatever the case, their luck ran out at around 10:40p on Friday Friday in Channelview, Texas, east of Houston. That’s where the formerly fab four ran smack dab into a 17-year-old resident toting a shotgun. When the four attacked, the young man took action to save himself and others in the home including a woman, a 12-year-old and another 17-year-old male.

Judging by the KTRK news video, it looks like the homeowner used buckshot against the masked marauders. KTRK’s report also obtained some home surveillance video of the suspects exiting their car.

Once the home invaders tried forcing entry, that’s when the shooting began in both directions. Two of the quartet absorbed loads of buckshot and fell pretty much where they stood. The other two quickly decided they had somewhere — anywhere — else they’d rather be on that Friday night.

Here’s the KTRK ABC13 story . . .

Two armed men were shot and killed by a 17-year-old while they attempted a home invasion, according to Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez. …

Upon arrival, deputies said they located two men with apparent gunshot wounds on the lawn along the side of a residence…

A woman, a 12-year-old boy, and two 17-year-old men were inside the home during the attempted home invasion but were not injured, Gonzalez said.

Deputies said one of the 17-year-olds retrieved a shotgun and discharged it several times, striking the two intruders.

Nothing stops an attacker in his tracks quite like a rifled slug or a load of buckshot to the chest. That’s one lesson these bad guys learned the hard way.

Hopefully the victim family won’t face further attacks or retaliation. But if so, he knows what works really well against multiple attackers.

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  1. Sounds like the bad guys were the ones that put bullet holes in the neighboring houses. Good job by the young kid. Saved his momma and friends.

    • Meanwhile gun control states are pushing safe storage laws where a minor having access to a firearm in most situations (including this from first read) would land the gun owner a felony.

      • “…where a minor having access to a firearm in most situations (including this from first read) would land the gun owner a felony.”

        Isn’t NY state one of those delightful Leftist Scum ™ utopias?

        • Under the new laws we may be leading the pack where if you have a minor enter your home (see visiting relatives and/or burglars) and every firearm is not either on your person or locked up separate from any ammo enjoy your felony. Even the fudds are starting to realize how screwy things are now that they need a locking case for rifle and ammo any time they leave the house.

      • Advocates in those same States want to lower the age of consent for minors. They also want to lower the voting age to 16 years of age. And they also encourage miners to attend crossdresser strip shows. They also believe that minors should be able to smoke marijuana whenever they want to.

        But they are against minors smoking tobacco and having access and proper training to guns, from their parents.

    • Me too Don. Hope he doesn’t lose any sleep over it or have nightmares, and I’m sorry he had to do it. But, sounds like he did the right thing, and he should feel proud of himself for defending his people.

  2. In terms of close-range home/self-defense, it is hard to do any better than a shotgun with an 18-inch barrel, cylinder choke, and #00 buckshot.

    Sure, an AR-15 with a 16-inch barrel and 30-round standard magazine is arguably better in the same scenario–due to its greater ammunition capacity before reloading. Having said that, the spread pattern of buckshot out of a cylinder bore/choke is also an advantage as it increases your odds of striking your attacker with at least one of the nine #00 buckshot pellets. Unless you are in a war with extremely determined enemy soldiers bearing down on you, any hit to a home invader is virtually guaranteed to send him/her running away which is a good outcome.

    • #4 buck is great if you have nearby neighbor/apartment concerns as long as you hit the bad guy first for similar reasons as hollow points and even 00 buck. I have only seen one loading where spread for typical indoor use would ever be a consideration (unbuffered not crimped buckshot with a unwalled wad) but mcmansions do exist. With that said hard to beat 00 for availability and cost compared to other buckshot sizes.

      • SAFEupstateFML,
        Well said.
        I have lived in a number of thin skinned apartments, a town house, and even those thin skinned stick and frame burbs homes.
        Ideal world, all hits would be center mass. Unfortunately, we do not live in an ideal world. Over penetration can be a real concern in some cases.
        Rule number 4: Always Be Sure of Your Target and What’s Beyond It

        • I would almost consider ballistic fiberglass for an insulation upgrade but the cost gets to be quite wild with the volume involved (also gets thick rather quickly the closer to and more above lv 3a you go. Not terrible for 2 ish at 1/4 in but the $20+ per square foot is a killer budget wise.

        • When I lived in an apartment, the common walls were double brick and the floor was a 6″ concrete slab.

          Even then some jerk @$$ neighbors thought they could “entertain” everyone else at all hours.

        • SAFE, it was built in the late 60s or early 70s. So it was built to much better standards than today.

    • 5 rounds of 2 3/4″ 12 ga 00 buck contains 45 .32 caliber balls, so I question the “…more ammunition…”.

      • Uh, “45 .32 caliber balls”. I am thinking that was a typo, but in case it wasn’t, 2 3/4″ contains between 8 & 9 pellets typically. And being strictly technical, mathematically you would round up from .329″ actual 00 spec diameter to “.33 caliber”.

        • Reasons why smallest cap on any of my shotguns is 8, and largest is 20. 20 in drums are as long as a 10 rd. box, just greater in width. 20’s in box mags are like a freaking kneeling monopod, have a couple of those too. XD

    • My Remington 870 12 ga has a nine shell magazine which gives me ten chances of hitting someone. It’s surprising how fast you can pump it.

      • 🙂 You would love my favorite shotgumn. 20rd. drums. 25 possible, but esSGM drums are somewhat unreliable. Only downsides are weight of course, and the damned drums for mine cost about 2/3’s that of a new Thirteen Oh One for a pair.

        Max Rounds, if curiosity is stoked. You’ll need a Sa!ga, V3pr, or one of their clones to make use of them.

    • @uncommon,

      Agreed on the buckshot as the selection of choice. John Boch’s statement that “nothing stops an attacker in his tracks quite like a rifled slug or a load of buckshot…” is true, but I myself would never load up on slugs for interior home defense. Have a couple of them accessible in a saddle, sure, but considering the young Texan hero was with three others (possibly family) in his home, the buckshot was the wiser choice in case any pellets didn’t find their mark and traveled a bit beyond the targets.

      Unless the four perps were lined up in a stacked row while crashing into the house, in which case a slug would be an efficient use of ammo…

    • “Having said that, the spread pattern of buckshot out of a cylinder bore/choke is also an advantage as it increases your odds of striking your attacker with at least one of the nine #00 buckshot pellets.”

      So what happens with the other 8 if only one hits a perp?

      I prefer buckshot over slugs for all the reasons noted above and below, but every pellet that leaves the muzzle is a lethal projectile out to what, half a mile? A mile?. Pattern size is also a thing, and if you can’t put all the pellets on the target, every time, with no strays, then you must change something. Distance, choke, load, or firearm. Spray and pray is not acceptable in a typical civilian DGU.

      • hawkeye,

        The lead shot in shotgun shells simply do not have enough sectional density to maintain lethality out to any significant distance. My brother-in-law was out bird hunting with a family friend, something like 150 yards apart. Somehow the family friend ended up shooting toward my brother-in-law and several of the pellets struck him. They all simply bounced off of his skin.

        With respect to how fast shotgun pellets slow down, note that the pellet size is irrelevant if they are made of the same material (lead in this case). A .33 caliber pellet has the same ratio of mass to surface area as a BB size pellet and will slow down through the air at the same rate.

        Regarding pattern spread and errant pellets, I am referring to home-defense type scenarios where errant pellets are virtually guaranteed to strike your home’s walls–which will contain them entirely or slow them down to the point that they are non-lethal after existing your home’s walls.

        • “…..Somehow the family friend ended up shooting toward my brother-in-law and several of the pellets struck him. They all simply bounced off of his skin.” That’s called a “CHENEY.”

        • Ok, you are thinking inside, and I’m thinking outside. 1145 fps 00 buckshot pellets will penetrate 9 inches with the heavy clothing gel test at 100 yards. That’s roughly the distance of one side of a typical square city block (16-17 blocks per mile, generally 100,000 sq. ft., or a square 316 ft. on a side). Journee’s Formula tells us that the maximum range of those pellets is 726 yards, or some 6-7 city blocks depending on how streets are included and environmental conditions. I saw a study that measured velocity drop of shotgun pellets over distance, and their 1290 fps 00 buck pellets were still going around 300 fps at 270 yards, the farthest they measured with Doppler. A quick search found no data for velocity beyond that. Fair to say they are dangerous, although likely not lethal, out to 1/2-2/3 of their maximum range? Three or four city blocks? Errant 00 buck pellets inside are less likely to pose a hazard after penetrating multiple layers of drywall, but are still dangerous. Harrell found that they would pass through one meat target, two layers of drywall, and then do lethal damage to a second meat target “innocent bystander behind the wall.” They will pose even more of a hazard outside, especially in an urban setting. The goal should be to put them all into the perp, or change something if you can’t.

      • At 25y most buck will stay in a 6″ circle; at “they’re busting down the front door” range it’s a ragged hole.

        The spread pattern meme is IMO a mixture of target load patterns and movie mythology.

      • Cops with pistols miss (a lot). Experienced pistol competitors miss. Even good shooters at the range, without the stress of competition (much less death) miss sometimes.

        “if you can’t put all the pellets on the target, every time, with no strays”

        Congratulations if that is your standard, but no law or court holds that only people who can guarantee they never miss have the right to self-defense.

        • I’m not taking away your right to self defense. I’m just telling you not to shoot my kid, or anybody else’s kid, at the same time your are defending yourself. The wrong person or thing may be damaged, and those same courts will hold you responsible, and only the lawyers will benefit. Unless you’re a cop, you don’t get a free pass.

        • “I’m not taking away your right to self defense.”

          Maybe not in the legal sense, but you’re saying “you must change something” unless every projectile will hit the perp every time – which no one can guarantee (especially under life-and-death stress) – not with a shotgun, not with a pistol, not even with the world’s most accurate rifle.

  3. Good job, young man removed 2 POS’s from society. Beware that a shotgun with 00Buck or slugs has the potential to over pennate walls even more than .223/5.56. Appears that the bullet holes in neighbors home and car most likely came from the criminals, as it appears the young man’s aim was right on.

  4. Not the happies of possible outcomes, but good enough. We’ll take it, this time. The twoperps who have so far managed to skate, should be apprehendable soon. Somehow the car they used could provde some good clues. One or both may have taken one ball from the scattergun, and seek medical treatment somewhere. Dont know if the car could have taken a pellet or three.
    In any case, this is a good shoot, and one more case on the THIS PROVES THAT side of things for arms being READILY available IN THE HOME, NOW. Also for those under 21 to be in lawful possession of arms.
    I imagine that, had that gun been locked up in the “safe” and not accessible in time, there would be four dead residents on the floor, rather than two dead perps on the front lawn and two more cleaning out their skivvies.

    Wonder how much coverage the lamestream media have given this little kerfuffle?

  5. Welcome to Texas.
    The state where doors AREN’T locked to protect those inside, they’re locked to protect those outside. 🤔
    Translation; Enter at your own risk.

    Is it wrong to want an ‘intruder’ button that activates several sweeping laser generators and plays ‘Let the Bodies Hit the Floor’?

  6. Shows me the value of being raised around firearms. I suppose this young man has been rabbit, squirrel, dove, quail etc hunting for 1/2 his life. I would rather have him on my team than an urbanite with hours of professional training. Look at Baldwin who is so much smarter than us hillbillies. My hillbilly ass would have checked the cylinders

  7. Glad that the kid did not follow the advice of America’s Biggest Asshole, aka Biden, in limiting himself to a double barrel shotgun. One of the perps may have lived for another encounter.

  8. fyi

    Kids defending with guns. Protecting themselves and the rest of the family.

    “Kid Shoots Burglar with Dad’s AR-15”

    A 17-year-old girl.

    An 11-year-old girl. From Mich.

    A 15-year-old boy.

    An 11-year-old Oklahoma girl.

    “Five Times Kids Defended Themselves From Crooks Using Guns”


    Primary goals of the Liberals and the Left are to separate children from their parents and their parents guns. It makes it much easier to rape and kidnapped them. Never to be found again.

    • Yeah, regardless of the activity…. if I see two people in front of me die due to our actions, you can bet I’ll try to find a new way to pass the time.

  9. I know a scum sucking whore of an attorney named Geoffrey Silverman of Portland Oregon who continues to argue in court filings that a 12 gauge shotgun is “small caliber,” (seventy-three caliber verses twenty-two caliber for an AR-15 rodent rifle) and that an alcoholic, DUII convicted, possibly drug addicted marijuana bootlegger isn’t a threat because he only loads his Remington 870 shotgun with “harmless buckshot” when he shoots at my children. (Unfortunately; my boys called the police before calling me.)

    BTW, buckshot, particularly 00 buckshot, will thoroughly perforate not just the interior walls of a home (birdshot will do that), but the exterior walls. The retained energy is potentially lethal out to ranges exceeding several hundred yards. However; common pistol rounds can be lethal half a mile away and rifles can be lethal miles away.

    • You need a different lawyer yourself.
      And I might add, if I had a rental property and the rentee shot at my children I’d evict them.
      If that doesn’t work dial 3246Slaver

      • I needed a judge who wasn’t smoking the free samples that the scum sucking whore of an attorney gave him to relieve the humiliation of hearing the case concurrently with the precedings by the Oregon Bar Association against his famously philandering, perjuring, drug addicted wife for committing perjury about her adulterous relationship with a subordinate at the US Attorney’s office. Judge Ladd Wiles also had a conflict of interest because Amanda S Marshall transitioned from seldom prosecuting drug traffickers to representing the Oregon Marijuana Mafia and advocating to legalize all drugs.

  10. Walking into a cloud of buckshot isn’t my idea of a good time. Maybe their peers will be a bit politer than to try a home invasion.

  11. When it comes to firearms, Texas is all hat and no cattle. Texas is in the bottom half of the US for firearms ownership per capita. with a rate of 45.70%. This rate puts Texas at 27th in the nation. So no, most Texans do not own firearms. But they are good at pushing the lie that Texas is a firearms Mecca.

  12. This is what happens when you have a single mother with chidren.
    The mother trains her kids. She makes sure they can do what is necessary while she is away are at work.
    A trained and disciplined child should always have access to guns. Children who are not trained and are not disciplined should never have access to guns.

    From 2015.
    “11-year-old left alone with sister shoots, kills teen home invader.” video 2 min long

  13. Somewhere out there, there is a story of a nine-year-old boy stopping the attack on his mother using a BB gun.
    A firearm would work. But BB guns can work as well too.

  14. Most Texans don’t own firearms. I live here, there is a cartoon perception about this state and guns. We’re not in the top 10 of percentage of resident ownership of guns. We’re not even in the top 25.

    • The fear of possible instant death coming from their victims, can be a cause for criminals to find another state, to Rob and pillage from.
      The south in general also has this kind of cartoon image, in the mind of the mainstream media and Hollywood.
      But it is liberal left-wing s0ci@list Pr0gressive California, that has all that “great” gun control. And also has the most mass shootings.

  15. I have a Made In Turkey Citadel Warthog 12 gauge loaded with Hornady Critical Defense 00 buck, it runs like a Swiss watch. Out of the box not so much, requires sweat equity. For something simple that usually works alright out of the box go for a side by side coach gun or over-under with double set triggers.

  16. Any body else notice how concerned they were about the kid being 11, and not about him protecting his family. It’s as if they are disappointed that they weren’t reporting about a kidnapping and rape.

    • Well you see, a teenager defending himself with a firearm is clearly a bad thing. He is now an adult MAN that we’ll refer to a grand jury to charge and then drag him through court. That’ll teach him and those other conservative mouthbreathers to shoot Democrat voters.

      In the case of a teenage gangbanger, he’s a troubled youth and a victim of society who was just one last successful heist away from turning his life around and becoming an astronaut.

  17. “Nothing stops an attacker in his tracks quite like a rifled slug or a load of buckshot to the chest.”

    ^^This^^ I’ve had to explain to a few of my non-POTG friends just what a fearsome weapon a shotgun can be in a self-defense role.

  18. “Knock knock!”
    “Who’s there?”
    “Two ub em.”
    “Two ub em who?”
    “Two ub em got away, but we be dead.”

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