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By Aamer Madhani, Associated Press

After the Parkland school shooting in Florida two years ago, President Donald Trump chided Republican lawmakers for being too “scared” of the National Rifle Association to tighten gun laws — then backed away from the idea.

After back-to-back mass shootings in Ohio and Texas in 2019, Trump embraced calls for “strong background checks” — only to backpedal once again.

Now, as he primes the pump on his 2020 reelection effort, Trump is going all-in on embracing the mantle of gun rights champion, a stark turn from earlier moments in his presidency when he toyed with the idea of pushing Congress to enact stricter gun laws.

There was no public discussion of tighter gun laws when Trump welcomed Parkland families to the White House for a private meeting on Monday, four days before the two-year anniversary of the rampage that left 17 dead. Instead, administration officials unveiled a website intended to help educators, parents and law enforcement address threats to school safety.

In recent weeks, Trump has repeatedly warned supporters at his rallies that Democrats “will take your guns away.” Last month, he labeled Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam a “whack job” as gun rights advocates protested the Democratic governor’s moves to tighten gun laws in the aftermath of a mass shooting in Virginia Beach.

Drawing a straight line from gun rights to presidential politics, Trump tweeted that Democrats in the state “will take your guns away. Republicans will win Virginia in 2020. Thank you Dems!”

And on Monday night, as he came to the apex of an hourlong campaign speech in New Hampshire, Trump framed his supporters’ Second Amendment right to bear arms as being as precious as the rights to privacy, free speech and religious freedom.

Campaign officials believe the effort could help put states like Minnesota, New Mexico and New Hampshire in play. For that to happen, Trump will need to draw even more rural and white men to the polls — key groups that helped drive his 2016 surprise victory.

Trump’s advisers believe his consistent efforts to spotlight his credentials as a Second Amendment warrior can help him draw a contrast with the eventual Democratic presidential nominee. The top tier of Democratic candidates have made bolstering gun restrictions a key part of their platforms.

Mike Bloomberg, a former New York City mayor, has poured millions of dollars from his own fortune into supporting a series of gun control advocacy groups. Former Vice President Joe Biden served as the Obama administration’s point man on the president’s failed push for sweeping gun reform laws following the Sandy Hook school shooting in Connecticut. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who got a D- grade from the NRA, has been knocked by fellow Democrats for not being tough enough on gun restrictions.

“Democrats have shown they don’t respect the Second Amendment, which will be one of many contrasts drawn during the campaign,” Trump campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh said.

After spending more than $50 million in support of Trump’s 2016 election victory, the NRA is likely to have less impact on this election cycle, said Robert Spitzer, a professor of political science at the State University of New York-Cortland whose research focuses on American gun laws.

The powerful gun rights group has been mired in financial difficulties, internal strife within the organization’s leadership, and probes by the New York attorney general’s office that threaten the group’s tax-exempt status.

Trump’s joint campaign committees and the Republican national party committee had $195 million in cash on hand at the close of 2019, making the NRA’s money less significant this election cycle.

But with a hard gun-rights pitch, Trump appears to be strategizing that he could persuade some voters who have become disenchanted with politics to come back to the ballot box to vote for him.

“He really is doubling down not on the broadening of his base but for pushing for higher turnout among his people,” Spitzer said. “One of the keys in 2016, but not the only one, was that turnout among rural white voters was a little higher than predicted. This pitch, he figures, will help him get there.”

Trump and fellow Republicans are likely to face a deluge of spending from gun control advocates, who think their message will resonate with on-the-fence suburban voters.

Bloomberg MAIG
Michael Bloomberg. AP photo.

Everytown for Gun Safety, an umbrella group of gun control advocacy organizations funded by Bloomberg, recently announced that it would spend $60 million to beat gun rights proponents on the state and federal level in 2020.

The group has not said how much it would spend on the presidential race, but thus far has budgeted $1.25 million to help reelect North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper and Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, both Democrats. It also plans to spend some of that first tranche of money toward beating two Republican senators, Cory Gardner of Colorado and Martha McSally of Arizona.

Gun control advocates feel emboldened after the 2018 midterm elections in which more than 30 NRA-backed Republican candidates lost their races.

“His tactic has been to say incendiary things about guns to whip up the base, but he and the NRA haven’t been able to pass any of the gun lobby’s priority legislation — even with a Republican Congress for two years,” said Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action, part of the Everytown for Gun Safety coalition.

When Trump met with members of the group Stand with Parkland on Monday, administration officials highlighted the school safety website. Stand with Parkland backed the creation of the website — but it also has urged Congress to require universal background checks on gun purchases.

Asked if there was disappointment in the president backing away from taking on background checks, one Parkland parent who met with Trump, Max Schachter, said the president’s efforts should not be minimized.

“Of course there is always more that can be done,” said Schachter, whose 14-year-old son, Alex, was among the victims at Parkland. “But let’s not let perfection be the enemy of good.”

On the campaign trail, Trump’s dire warnings about what might happen to American gun owners if a Democrat wins the White House have become a regular line in his speeches, reliably drawing boos and hisses for his to-be-determined opponent.

At a recent campaign rally in Iowa, Trump again turned his attention back to Virginia, where Democrats in November claimed majorities in both houses of the legislature and secured the first unified Democratic government in the commonwealth in 26 years.

“In the state of Virginia they want to take your guns away, can you believe it?” Trump said. “I love Virginia. Of all states, they want to take your guns away. The Democrats. Not going to happen.”

He offered similar dark predictions to a friendly crowd last month in New Jersey, saying the gun control effort in Virginia was “just the beginning.”

And on Monday night, he reassured New Hampshire supporters that his administration is “going to protect your Second Amendment, by the way.”

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  1. I hope when the repubs get another majority in the House next election that they finally pass some gun legislation that will do away with the many onerous laws that are on the books. I’m not holding my breath on that, though.

    • Don’t hold your breath on the republicans getting a majority in the House, either. Democrats are favored to keep it, at this point.

        • I’ve read it in several places. It isn’t just about state wide or national polls, it’s about the way the districts are laid out, and who’s up for reelection. It’s tough to take out incumbents. I hope you’re right.

        • It’s true about incumbents but what I’ve read concerned the “coattails” Factor. In that down ticket candidate can fly or die based upon who’s leading the ticket. Outside of New England and CA, it’s probably going to be pretty bad considering the Democratic candidate is likely to be Bernie, possibly Buttigieg, or maybe Bloomberg if he can screw one of those two out of it… either way, the Democrats do not have a strong showing outside of their strongholds and only continue to alienate places like WI, MI, MN, PA, IA, and WV, places where they used to be dominant or competitive. Interestingly race is also starting to work against the DNC, as blacks are no longer the solid democrat voting block they used to be. Trump’s economy has become quietly popular among black Americans.

      • Lol… Demokkkommies are favored to get lined up against a wall and shot after Trump’s landslide. This is going to make 1984 look like a picnic for the DNC.

      • Don’t worry, you only have to deal with Trump for another 4 1/2 years. Unless Jr decides to run, then you have 12 1/2 years. Lib tears taste oh so sweet!

    • Both parties want to take your guns.
      Trump, the 2nd amendment “warrior” banned bump stocks.
      The GOP had all majorities and did nothing on suppressors, national carry or anything else gun related.
      I will vote Trump as any dem is worse, but he is no 2 A warrior.
      His lasting legacy is appointing conservative judges.
      That is the only hope for the people of Virginia

      • Wait until 2021 after re election, to see the real gun grabbing after a school shooting, when Trump no longer needs gun owner votes, “He said grab the guns first”, he banned bump stocks, and his ATF is posting public service announcements on how to cut up your newly banned guns, that he allowed them to re classify, his daughter in the white house is a rabid gun grabber, and she has his ear, not looking good.

    • I would agree with you from my bluest state of N.J. of which Trump has done nothing for! We are still having our 1st and 23nd Amendment rights controlled more and more as he is in office claiming to be our 2A champion! Granted i will be voting for him because there is no other choice! But Trump is far from perfect! He hasnt maid good on his PROMISE of JUSTICE for the American people as lied to us all about our 2A while banning bumpstocks!I will never want one but anyone that wants one should be able to get one!He broke his promise of keeping our 2A safe by that and the fact our states keep on restricting our 2A and 1stA rights and he dose NOTHING!!! Nobody should hold their breath but the one thing they shouls do is BUY as much AMMO as they can while they still can!!!%

  2. Ehhhh…Donnie takes us for granted(at his peril). Sure I’ll vote for him but it’s not because he gives a damn about the 2A.

  3. Better than the alternative, sure.
    2nd A Warrior? No evidence of that yet.
    We’re in the final minutes here and I still have Bernie Bros trying to convince me he’s a 2nd A Warrior.

  4. Uhhhhh, Donald Trump has been terrible for the 2nd amendment.

    Banned Bump Stocks
    Supported a red-flag ban
    Said “Take guns first… due process later”
    Was outspoken against suppressors
    Never made movements on nationwide CHL reciprocity like he promised.

    He is only pro-2A during election time and when it’s politically convenient. Anyone who thinks differently is just listening to his hype and not his actions. This article does more harm than good for the 2nd Amendment, it just helps further the belief that he actually cares about your rights. Spoiler: No politician does.

      • That seems like a somewhat immature response. Of course Trump is better than Bernie on gun rights. It’s just the bar is set so low that just about anybody is better… we still need to vote for the best candidate even when our options are all talk no action, vs I’m Coming to take em…

        Trump’s legacy will be in the court appointments. Keep em coming!

        • It’s not really an immature response. It’s a realistic one.

          The truth is that at this point our choices are “not great” and “total fucking disaster”. A fool chooses the latter and a immature mind whines about not having “totally stellar” on the list.

          Essentially we’re faced with a binary option at this point. You roll with Trump or you vote for “total fucking disaster”. Third parties, write-in candidates absention and other choices exist but are, effectively, voting for the disaster.

          That’s a shitty reality but it is reality.

          Over time the answers to these issues are ones that freedom minded people don’t particularly like. They require a lot of hard work and getting past that “live and let live” attitude that we prefer. The answers require a study of law, philosophy, politics, human nature and the interplay of these things. They require action, probably action most of us are generally opposed to, the kind MLK used to great effect. That brings with it what we, as individuals who respect the concept of Rule of Law, will find troublesome. And it will very likely require sacrifices that we oppose as a group and as individuals. In some cases sacrificing our Rights in relation to the very thing we are here on TTAG to discuss.

          Yes, I’m talking about losing the individual right to own firearms. Probably for a large percentage, and possible the rest, of our lives. This is because the civil disobedience required to actually change things must be done openly and it will provoke a reaction because that civil disobedience is, by definition, breaking the law in an open manner and willingly accepting the consequences of doing so specifically to draw attention to the unjust nature of those laws.

      • If all we can say is that the alternative is worse than Trump than that’s not really high praise for him at all. I want to see the man actually fight like the warrior people are claiming him to be. He appointed those SC judges but it’s not like he did anything to force the old ones out. One of them died and another retired. Maybe if he knocks off RBG and replaces her then I’ll change my tune.

        • I refuse your calls for seriousness. I will continue in my unserious ways until RBG dies in an unfortunate boating accident and Trump replaces her with Hulk Hogan.

      • I hate this kind of lazy, empty response. Just because there are other candidates who would be worse does not mean that we 1) can’t complain that promises made are not being kept; 2) that more harm to our rights has been done than any good at all (jury’s literally still out on whether the “pro-gun” USSC appointments will bear us any fruit); 3) that we deserve better support from a supposedly pro-2A leader than just lip-service.

        What you’re doing is licking the boot that gently (for now) presses down on your neck, and being grateful that a different douchebag isn’t there pressing down harder. Me? I’d prefer no boot at all.

    • You forgot the “silencers need banned” issue as well. Granted, he hasn’t done much other than arbitrarily allow the atf to redefine federal law and banned plastic range toy stocks. If he really wants Gun people votes, he will speak publicly about removing SBR/SBS/AOW and Cans from the registry, at least that’s where I stand.

    • The law we want is already there. It’s called the Second Amendment and it covers the entire nation. We just need judges that respect it.

      And Trump is appointing them in record numbers. The 9th is almost even between R and D appointees.

      You want to try your luck with a Democrat instead?

      • And that’s why Trump can do things like the bump stock ban and still be a 2nd Amendment warrior, knowing full well that the judges he appoints will kill the ban (or force the government to compensate bump stock owners); eventually.

        The way the bump stock ban was executed prevented Congress from actually acting and putting a bill on his desk at a bad time. If it doesn’t fail judicial review, the Judiciary has failed and we have a much bigger problem than a single ban.

        • Yes, we do have bigger problems…

          The judiciary has failed tons of times across the country throughout our history.

          We held the line after Sandy Hook.

          We abandoned the line after Vegas and blew up the bridge we were supposed to retreat over…before we got across. Upwards of a half million gun owners and likely many ardent Trump supporters where shafted in their moment of need.

          We didn’t even fight, if the President and the NRA hadn’t broken their backs in their haste to fold, maybe we could have won that battle.

      • Agree 100% with this. I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but Trump says a lot of things off-the-cuff. The way he is reshaping the judiciary and the federal agencies will produce positive outcomes for at least a generation. To paraphrase the Parkland kid, “Don’t let the pursuit of perfection cause you to throw away the presidency to Bernie Sanders or whoever wins the Democratic nomination”.

    • Trump is a big government new york liberal. Always has been always will be. In no way does he actually care about your 2A rights. It sounds good for his base so he’ll say what he needs to. Havent and dont see the attraction from his base besides the fact that hes an asshole and democrats hate him.

      In no way is he a second amendment warrior and labeling him that is a disgrace to people who actually fight for these rights

      Dad always told me “Just because youre different doesnt make you special”

    • From:

      The most significant gun control action from Obama was a second-term regulation requiring the Social Security Administration to supplement the federal firearms background check system with information about individuals who received Social Security benefits for mental illnesses.

      Few people remember that the only two major gun bills Obama signed into law actually expanded the rights of gun owners. One was a measure that allowed Amtrak passengers to carry firearms in checked baggage, and the other allowed the carry of firearms in national parks, reversing President Reagan’s policy that required guns to be locked in the trunks or glove compartments of vehicles upon entering national parks.

      Who looks worse on 2A, Trump or Obama?

      Trump would tell you that you’re the prettiest girl at the prom, if it would get your vote. I want all 2A prohibitions removed, but Trump will not be the person to do that. If you feel otherwise, you really need to look at the facts.

    • The only anti-gun thing Trump actually DID was the bump stock ban. He says a lot of things, then usually does something different.

  5. I would not call him a “second amendment warrior”.

    As far as the 2A goes, he has my vote simply for not being completely anti. Voting any other way is anti-American.

  6. Cry me a river about the bump stocks. I do not agree with the ban, but where is the alternative? So you lost a range toy. The Dems couldn’t care less. They are after everything, starting with anything semi auto, and will run from there. Take a look at WA, VA, and AZ ( not to mention all of the old standbys like NJ, etc.), all traditionally pro 2A states.

    As things stand, if you own a firearm of any type, Trump is the only game in town. If you are salty over this fact, console yourself that supporting Trump may be the only way to hang on for the next 4 years and hope for a candidate who will really be pro 2A. The alternative may be that you won’t get 4 more years to find such a candidate and you have lost your 2A rights and your firearms (and all of the money time and effort of buying and learning to use them).

    The Democrat candidates may be in competition for the White House, but they are all united when it comes to killing the 2A. Personally, I like some of the policies that the D’s have, but will not ever vote for them because of their anti 2A stance. Both parties have their pros and cons, but that one is a deal breaker for me.

    • My sentiments exactly. As for 2024. There is one person who could be considered a strong 2A candidate. Like the President they believe in America First and the Constitution As Written. Has much the same economic philosophy. Already has a reputation of 2A Support.As well as how to deal with the world as a whole. Strong Conservative Values. Business friendly. While doing everything possible to insure the everyday person can succeed. Has recently received an endorsement from voters in New Hampshire… In all seriousness. I purpose and would support Donald John Trump……. Jr. that is. What the Hell you got to loose? Name one person in the Republican Party. You truly trust with your 2A Rights.

      • congressman Scalise, he even tried for reciprocity, and Trump said “it’s not the time for that” , it will never be the time for “that” with Trump, aside from appointing judges he is a back stabber on his promises to gun owners. Sometimes it better to fave evil and fight like in Virginia, than to slowly die off.

    • The broader problem with this is: If changing the stock on your semi auto makes it a machine gun then all semi autos can easily be converted into machine guns. Guess what this means?

      I’ll give you a hint: It means you now are in possession of an unregistered machine gun. This sets very bad precedent for much larger things let us pray the courts see through this stupidity.

    • Do you know what actually happened?

      He prodded an agency into reinterpreting the law such that a half million people had to chose between becoming felons or destroying their property.

      And we go along with it because…Bernie….because…bogeyman dejour…

      I voted for him and will again because it’s the most sensible thing.

      But don’t kid yourself, he didn’t ban “range toys”, he banned your freedom.

      • No most these people on here are too busy burying their heads in the sand. You are wasting your breath. Many here would get into cattle cars if Trump issued and EO directing them to. A few might get on screaming I’m calling my Congressmen. Even more would get on saying I’ll wait for the courts to decide this. Sadly freedom will die a quiet death. Definitely voting independent this election you won’t fool me again.

      • Amen to that! All these fudds saying that we dont need ” range toy” bump stocks miss the point all together. They think that compromise is ok. I for one am not ok with any compromise. Its all loss of freedoms if these crooks start banning things. The secret to all of this is that we the people band together and tell these crooks hell no ! If we don’t give in then they can’t in force these arbitrary “laws”.

      • Bluntly, if you don’t like Trump, then form another party and put up your candidate, one that will do all that you want and perhaps more, then collect several hundreds of millions of dollars for campaign advertising and the requisite greasing of powerful palms, and get your candidate elected–at the same time you put up, support, and strongly finance like-minded candidates for the House and Senate so that what your new President proposes finds adequate support in the legislative bodies to actually become law.

        While you’re at it, work on getting numerous judges on the Federal benches to either see things your way, or to die, or retire, or be impeached and convicted, so that judges who agree with you and your new President, House, and Senate on all things, so that those new laws are deemed Constitutional, and laws that they seek to overturn are deemed unConstitutional.

        What? All of that is beyond your control?

        Ah. Then STFU, and vote for Trump, who is the LEAST anti-2A possibility–or stay home, and make the votes cast for Bernie-Elizabeth-Peter SandersWarrenButtplug worth all that much more, because a vote for Trump that is not counted is an effective vote for his opponent, MichaelBerniePeter BloomSandersGieg.

        Your choice.

        • There are other parties beyond the Democrat and Republican parties such as the Libertarian Party, Constitution Party, Green Party and so on. Your entire rant makes no sense as there are better choices to vote for as president. As well as numerous other offices like Senate and so on. They are on the ballot and yes, even you can vote for them.

          Nothing will change as long as people like you continue to embrace the 2 party system.

        • “Nothing will change as long as people like you continue to embrace the 2 party system.”

          The nation has been there, done that, rejected it. Ross Perot gathered 20% of the vote. The nation was not impressed with the idea of a viable third-party, even with that.

          The last time there was a viable third-party was prior to 1856…the Whig Party. Where are they now?

          Voting third-party always gets you the party you didn’t want in the first place.

        • When the Republican and Democrat Parties have written themselves to be the absolute authority in a number of States via election laws. It locks out any Third Party to become viable. It is no different than Corporations lobbying for laws and licenses that prevent upstart businesses from being a threat via competition since they lock them out of the market.

        • The fish rots from the head down:

          “The Department of Justice (DOJ) is under fire after a whistleblower complaint revealed that the department had given over $1 million in anti-human trafficking grants to two groups, Hookers for Jesus and the Lincoln Tubman Foundation, rather than highly recommended, established groups.

          A September 12 internal DOJ memo recommended that the grant money go to the Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Palm Beach and Chicanos Por La Causa of Phoenix, according to an exclusive report by Reuters. The recommendations were based on reviews from outside contractors. Instead, the grant money went to two organizations the contractors gave lower ratings: Hookers for Jesus and the Lincoln Tubman Foundation.”

          It’s good to be king and have a department of justice that works for you and not the American people.

  7. Over the past couple years, growing out of my college years, I have taken up a lot of passion in 2A. And I’m becoming a single issue voter.

    • Me too! Without the hashtag.

      I swore after the bump stock ban, of which I’ve never owned any, that I wouldn’t vote for Trump again, and then the Democrats lined up their usual suspects, and I’m going to vote for him because thats the best choice in this crappy situation. And I too am a single issue voter.

      people will vote for Trump because he isn’t a Bernie, or Bloomberg, or Biden, or Butegege.

      That’s a lot of Bs in the Democratic lineup.

      • The joy for single-issue voters is they must accept the entirety of the politicians agenda, regardless of all the other adverse effects on the single-issue voter. Thus, an absolutist 2A defender who wishes to remake the nation into something other than the original intent will get “your” vote. “Single-issue” means, single, one, exclusive. “Single-issue, except for maybe, sorta one or two other things as well.” doesn’t cut it.

        Political choices are always the same….pick the lesser of two evils.

  8. When Trump announced his first run, he said he was a billionaire and didn’t need anybody’s money.

    Trump promptly began taking in campaign donations including over $30,000,000 from the NRA.

    Then he told us all to shove it up our ass … while also continuing to pretend to be on our side.

    Suddenly, he’s our greatest pal … again.

    Here’s the deal, the Federalist Society has had his ear on judicial appointments. That’s it, the total real value of a Trump Presidency. Otherwise he’s greatly increased the national dept, turned free trade into rampant protectionism and showed lots of love for tyrants and dictators abroad.

    The alternative was to dump him and run an actual Republican, or maybe a Conservative.

    Too late now.

    • “turned free trade into rampant protectionism and showed lots of love for tyrants and dictators abroad.”

      Come on, you’re better than this. That’s nothing but NeverTrumper / DNC talking points. He’s the first President in a long time to actually stand up to the tyrants. Actions speak louder than words. He just tries to befriend them on a personal level before making a deal. He’s been tougher on Russia / China / N. Korea / Iran than anyone since Reagan. He’s also the first to stand up to China protectionist policies that hurt America. His goal with the tariffs is to have equally fair trade.

    • Yeah… let’s have “free trade” with people who take blatant advantage of our economy, steal our intellectual property, and murder out citizens. You libertardians are retarded. International “free trade” is a myth.

      • I think it’s funny how the left has embraced free trade. At some point, probably during the Clinton Administration, they started caring more about corporate profits, and less about the American worker. The American middle class was left behind, and hasn’t progressed financially since then. The recent boost almost has us back to 2007 levels. What a joke!

      • The only thing Libertarians believe in is making it legal to shoot up crystal meth in pubilc to improve their sexual experience. And of course legalized recreational marijuana in public intoxication.

        • The amount of BS that comes out of your mouth is hilarious. Prohibition worked so well, why are we repeating it again? This country was founded on freedom if you want to put drugs into your body that is your choice. I don’t care. I don’t want to pay for you incarceration because drugs are deemed “bad”. It is not the Governements job to save people from bad decisions and it certainly is not mine to pay for the bad decisions.

        • I don’t care what you put in your body, and I am definitely not a libertarian (as it exists today). However, I favor the harshest punishment available if you harm another, or require medical attention because of your intake.

  9. I’d like to know why Bloomingidiotberg is standing in front of a sign that declares “mayors against illegal guns.

    last time I checked guns are not illegal.

  10. Unfortunately for me I wont be around for the 2020 or 22 elections.
    I hope in my version of heaven or maybe hell??? There wont be any gun laws and plenty of free ammo.
    We cant wait for Trump and waiting will just get you all that much older. He is no one to depend on. Although better then any other alternative out there. So whatever happens in November. Good luck guys,

      • In a word cancer. Had a CT done last week and spots on 3 organs. Having another scan tomorrow and radiologist next week. Been a type one diabetic for 25 years. Doesnt give the pancreas much to do but get wonky over time. So 2 to 6 months is usual.
        Thanks for the concern.

        • Peace Out to you man, I’ve lost a lot of friends this year, found out my oldest son has diabetes too. I died in a truck wreck in 2017 , came back to life, it ain’t as bad on the other side as one might think. Actually it’s much better

        • Jesus, sorry to hear that.

          I would however recommend that you speak seriously with an aggressive oncologist who’s up to date on the latest.

          They told my great aunt three to six months for a similar situation. She shopped around a but for her oncologist. He essentially said, that’s retarded, if you’re not going to give up then I’m going to do everything in my power to kill the shit that’s trying to kill you. With his help she decided to live or go down swinging.

          That was four years ago. She’s been cancer-free for 3.5 years and this last Thanksgiving did a three mile hike at ~9500ft above sea level (slowly mind you) with the family before dinner. She’s 93.

          Which is my long way of saying “Keep the faith, brother”.

        • Speaking as a doctor, doctors don’t know everything, just statistics.

          Have faith and good hope, it can’t hurt and many times helps.

        • I’m sorry to hear that, a diagnosis like that can be very discouraging. Do get a second opinion, I’ve seen cases of mononucleosis misdiagnosed as terminal leukemia.

          Don’t go gently, life can still be pretty interesting so keep on fighting.

          We may have different political philosophies but we’re all on the same team, Team America.

        • Im not discouraged nor will I go without a fight. Im getting the best care here there is and wont give up. There is a limit as far as Id go to fight but till Im there. Its forward with no looking back.
          Thanks for the concern guys.
          Im not gone yet.
          Knowing I might not be around to see some things out to their end is a very frustrating thing though.

  11. As I said. If you want to own a firearm without in home inspections, or keeping them at the club, or not being able to have them at all…

    I am single, never married, with no dependants. My job requires me to be drug free. I will always pay the most in taxes for things that I use the least. I have no skin in the game about abortion, pot, immigration, w/e.

    I don’t care that Trump did not use only use his own money for his campaign. By that logic, you will be voting for Bloomberg. Kiss your guns goodbye.

    As far as national debt and all of the other stuff, who cares? D or R, you will not shrink the debt, even if in a given year you get a balance. We are all in for that ride until the tracks collapse under the train.

    What I care about is that as Americans, of all walks of life we have access to firearms as per the 2A; that we as a culture understand their utility for all manner of purposes.

    • Regarding spending, the Trump admin just came out with a plan to balance the budget in 15 years. That sounds terrible, and it is, but it’s a start if they actually follow through with it. However, if Bernie wins, the spending will be so out of control that you can kiss any chance of catching up with the budget good bye. When asked how much his plans will cost, he won’t even give an answer because he doesn’t care.

      Modern Monetary Theory is being embraced by the left. They think they can spend whatever they want because the can make more money and control inflation. The problem is, look at countries with out of control inflation. Do you think they wanted that to happen?

      • “D or R, you will not shrink the debt”

        President Bill Clinton balance the budget and had a surplus the last three years of his final term.

        Trump claims his plan will balance the budget in 15 years, but that’s by cutting out Medicaid and food stamps for hungry people.
        He doesn’t care, as long as wealthy people like him continue to rake in unjust profits he could care less what happens to the less fortunate American citizens.

        • Bill Clinton worked with Newt Gingrich on entitlement reform and taxes so the budget didn’t suck quite as bad. It’s a myth that it was ever actually balanced. It was helped by a little redistribution of funds magic. The budget just borrowed money from other funds that the government had previously set for entitlements.

          Never trust those liars. It’s like the lottery scam that’s going to help kids afford college. Does anyone stop and wonder why we had an explosion of student loan debt after everyone got on board with lotteries, and the lotteries grew even bigger and more profitable? More magic. Sure they use some of those funds for college. What they don’t tell you is they just reallocate the previous funds for other uses. Get it? More money and bigger budgets = more power.

        • Clinton balanced jack shit. Newt Gingrich balanced the budget and dragged slick willie along kicking and screaming.

          Oh, and FYI commie, there is no such thing as “unjust profits” it is not my job to pay to support people who I am not responsible for not is it the government’s job to tax me or anybody else so that they can do so.

  12. Trump’s heroism in ‘Nam, coupled with the fact he’s a morally upstanding self made man, make him worthy of our collective awe, deference and respect!

  13. Nope. However, given the alternatives, and given that this is a site concerned with 2A rights…Trump is what we have to work with. I get that there are many other factors involved in choosing who to vote for, but for 2A, you got Trump, and what?

  14. The NRA is a joke if they don’t match the spending of Everytown for Gun Safety. It isn’t just about Trump. It’s also about Congress.

    • How much did you personally donate to the NRA-ILA (not to the general NRA fund), that entitles you to your generous stance?
      Remember the dozens of millions we gave to Trump’s campaign last time? What did they bought us?

  15. “His tactic has been to say incendiary things about guns to whip up the base, but he and the NRA haven’t been able to pass any of the gun lobby’s priority legislation — even with a Republican Congress for two years,” said Shannon Watts”

    For once I kinda agree with Shannon. Though not totally true, Trump plus repubs got FixNICs going, installed red flag laws and supported them in numerous States, prioritized and implemented bump stock ban… So they definitely got some things done, just not anything that we actually wanted. Also got some… Hopefully? Gun rights supporting judges, CMP 1911s and those finally imported garands, and tweaks on the state department export controls and ITAR. But gun free zones didn’t go away, nor did 41F responsible party rules.

    And really, at this point the Republicans are either proposing “gun control lite” or they are just saying “we love the second amendment, we won’t take anything away” but they aren’t exactly laying out any vision for making the second amendment great again. If we did push all elections federal, state, and local their way, what promise or plan do they have for us? Democrats are proposing a radical shift and destruction for gun rights. Republicans are just saying they will keep things as they are. That really isn’t good enough. But they know they don’t need to stick their neck out and push, they are thinking being not Bloomberg will be enough.

    • “…but they aren’t exactly laying out any vision for making the second amendment great again. ”

      Glad to know I am not alone. Always curious why it is Republican national (even state and local) almost never propose legislation to defend the Second Amendment; always mum, or lukewarm defensive. Pass the buck to the courts.

      • This is part of the problem with the Republican Party in general. It’s been that way for as long as I can remember. Sometimes there are a couple people but unity on the right is so very rare. That’s part of what’s refreshing about what Trump is doing.

    • I have to agree. It’s a sad day when I have to say Shannon is right.

      1. Democrats push hard for gun control, then settle for a “compromise” half what they asked for.
      2. The pendulum swings to Republicans, they keep the status quo, while posing as 2A defenders.
      3. Another swing to Dems and they push for more gun control …and so the ratchet tightens and squeezes out remains of the right that shall not be infringed.

      Enough compromises, I want my cake back!

  16. Trump is no friend of the 2nd Amendment. But I have to admit, the current crop of demmies are some of the worst enemies yet.

  17. If President Trump really wanted our votes he would direct Federal prosecutors to look at these gun control laws as the civil rights violations that they are. There should be no reason we have to sue our own local government officials in order to get justice. We spend our money to fight these laws but we also spend our money to defend these laws via taxes and even if we win, they just walk away to try again and again. I guarantee that if some elected official had the danger of Federal prison they would actually draft perhaps intelligent legislation instead of just throwing stuff against the wall and seeing what sticks.

  18. Only when Arms become more important than crystal meth. Guns more important than legalized pot. Repealing the Machine gun ban being more important than social acceptance gay culture.

    Arms being more important that getting “Free Stuff” from uncle Sam.
    Only then will the Second Amendment be truly appreciated and protected.

    Now Find anyone who thinks like that.

  19. 2 million votes . Trump would do better with lieing about how he’s protecting the first amendment. It’s over boys piss on the fire and call in the dogs

  20. I wish learned people would stop talking about “gun” rights. They are SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS !!! And the 2nd is the guarantor of all the other Bill of Rights. Just start a dialogue with anti 2nd traitors and apply the laws they want to thr First (And other) Amendments.

  21. All that writing just to say “Election time is coming! Trump is pro-gun again, until after you dumb rednecks vote for him!”

    Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a better option (which say a lot about the opposition).

  22. And while the National stage is all talk and no action, MS and 8 other Southern States are forming a 2A alliance with hard hitting legislation. MS HB 753. See this:

  23. If it was just gun rights I wouldn’t vote for him. He’s a liar and wants more anti 2A legislation.
    But it is more than that and I’ve done pretty good money wise with him.
    I sure can’t support kommies or socialist.
    I’m not voting for him I’m voting against communism and socialism.

  24. Why trust? Trump has proven FBI corrupt. Criminals in FBI set free? Many elections rigged. Media and pedowood brainwashing the masses. People driving over GOP booths. Many people dont get it. We need to become Patriots help eachother stand together and teach eachother.

  25. “Trump framed his supporters’ Second Amendment right to bear arms as being as precious as the rights to privacy, free speech and religious freedom.”

    I’m not too excited about his support for those other rights either.

    But like others have said, there’s not much of an alternative out there.

    Civil disobedience appears to be the only peaceful alternative left.

  26. Yeah, all us Second Amendment supporters should just stay home this election because we are not getting everything we want from President Trump and let one of the commies in. What a brilliant strategy. Just don’t come back here and bitch when president Bloomberg actually does ban all your guns with draconian penalties for not turning them in. What happened in Virginia where the gun owners did not come out and vote in force looks like it will happen at the national level this November for the same reason and then the progressives win and game over. Oh well at least you showed Donald Trump who is the boss and to not mess with you.

    • I don’t think most of us are saying we won’t vote for him, we’re just disgusted that our only choice is a chronic bullshitter and liar.

      • “…we’re just disgusted that our only choice is a chronic bullshitter and liar.”

        They all are. Trump just ripped the curtain away so you can see it as it is. That’s the real reason he is hated so much; dispelled the magical illusion.

        • “You mean he’s just worse at it.”

          He’s better. Exposing the fraud, and still winning election. Not bad for someone considered stupid, dumb, a boob, a buffoon, idiot, and so on.

          My brother-in-law uses all the same terms. BIL just loves walking into a swinging door…when I ask him how the best his side has to offer are defeated at every turn by such a reprobate, BIL spouts more drivel. Then I ask, “If this deplorable beats you at every turn, what does that really say about your side?” BIL declares, “He cheats.” But never asks himself how such a dunderhead can be so good at cheating that his side constantly loses. Seems to me if you can continuously beat your opposition, either they are utterly stupid, or Trump is not the doofus he is claimed to be.

        • Better at what? Anyone paying attention knows that politics has always been like this. What you call pulling the curtain back simply means his bombastic lying and political skills are so bad that it’s incredibly obvious that he’s ill suited for the job and that makes him incredibly popular with people that didn’t even bother to vote before 2016. But then again, he’s been so concerned with what the media is saying about him, and getting back at his enemies, that business has been able to focus on business and the economy has been ticking along pretty good despite the tariffs and irresponsible spending. So I guess in that sense he’s better. And he’s very lucky the Democrats seem to be coalescing around an old socialist that is going to make him look even better by comparison.

        • “Better at what?”

          Exposing the lying politicians for what they are. None can claim the high ground, now that they have been outed. No Republicrat prior to Trump had the nerve to show the plutocracy and lust for power that drives the Leftist/Democratic Party.

          You want saints? Go to church. You want heroes? Go to war. You want your political agenda served, hire a politician powerful and cunning enough to get the job done. Wild Bill Clinton put an end to the “character” charade.

        • Holding my nose again, voting for Trump again, I could NEVER vote for hillary and bloomberg will not get my vote ( those other assholes are doomed they just don’t know it) Just remember ,as good constitutionalists, the legislature makes the laws and the executive enforces the laws. So your votes for congresspeople is much more important than for president !!! money talks bs walks

        • “Holding my nose again, voting for Trump again,…”

          Can’t declare Trump is the most noble person in the race, but I am proud to support a president waving the Republican banner who plays smash mouth politics against the Dems.

    • We will all likely vote for him man. Take a chill pill.

      I’d like to ask though, can you name one single pro-gun bill he’s either proposed, signed, etc. If there has been one, I sure dont remember it. He talks a big game, he stands and says the 2nd amendment is very important, and yet…

      red flag laws? He’s good with that.
      bump stock bans? He’s good with that.

      Obama, his holiness (*sarc), may have talked about how much he really wanted this stuff, but he never served it up on an executive order.

      Trumps a moderate and an opportunist. He just happens to be better than the rest of the opportunists running for president.

  27. “DONALD TRUMP, SECOND AMENDMENT WARRIOR” is that an oxymoron, or merely a painful irony?

    Trump has done nothing of substance to “…protect our Second Amendment. It’s so important.” No National Reciprocity Bill, “outlawed” Bump-Fire Stocks… and whatever happened to the 2A Advisory Board he was supposed to create?
    However, when November 3, 2020 rolls around, who ya gonna vote for? It’s pretty much a guaranteed fact any Democrat on the Ballot will be a sworn enemy of our Second Amendment Rights. It’s pretty much a sure thing Trump will be the Republican Nominee…

    The only thing I can say in defense of voting for Trump is that I think he had no idea whatsoever that he would spend his first four years dealing with a relentless, vicious, never-ending barrage of attacks, “investigations” and spurious, vitriolic propaganda from the Left. I do not think he foresaw losing the House in 2018, and likely did not foresee the Impeachment Hoax.

    So, like in 2016, it comes down to voting against whoever the Democrats run by voting for Trump, since only Trump or the Democrat will ultimately win the Presidency. You can choose not to vote and take the chance the person who might do you the least harm will win. You can vote for a candidate you know will not win, but that’s the same as not voting. You might feel satisfyingly self-righteous until the person who won does something that egregiously violates your natural, civil and Constitutionally protected rights.

    Personally, I think the DNC is going to try to get the Democrat nomination to Michael Bloomberg (somehow*). That might make the choice easier for POTG, and, I think, make the “Bernie Bros” go crazy with as yet unforeseeable consequences.

    It should be an interesting ride to November 3….

    As for me, “I’ll take OXYMORON for $200, Alex…”

    *Now that Bloomberg has rolled-out his AD with Obama singing Bloomie’s praises and all but kissing his diminutive forehead effusively, I see this as important evidence for an attempted surprise “Bloomberg Dark Horse” double-cross of Bernie Sanders either before or at the Democrat Convention. Hauling out Obama to “bless” Bloomberg is like using necromancy to resurrect St. Peter to “bless” a candidate for the next Pope.

  28. Where’s national concealed carry reciprocity?

    Where’s the hearing protection act?

    All of this died with a Republican House, Republican Senate, and Trump in the White House.

    • Exactly! You’re going to upset the fanatics but the GOP did very little, if anything, for the 2A. Actually, they even screwed us in Florida when they passed the legislation after the school shooting at Parkland. I am so tired of voting for the lesser of two evils! The crooked “conservative” globalists vs the socialists, disgusting!

    • She’ll make it another 4 if not 8 years, I am starting to wonder if she is even human or if she was created in a lab, like Greta.

  29. oh Please stop!

    Trump isn’t the most Pro-Gun president, hes’ merely the Least Anti-gun president.

    If you think that’s a distinction without a difference, think again.

  30. He isn’t a 2A warrior, what are you guys smoking? The GOP as a group is generally less 2A than the DNC is, but that doesn’t make them second amendment “warriors.”

  31. Hot on the kitchen today!
    I have to say that I have been surprised by some of the political twists and turns over the last year, especially amongst the dems. “Joe” hasn’t even showed an interest in seriously running, except challenging a man to a pushup contest at a rally, lmao. Bloomberg is going to gouge Bernie and Trump is getting the irons hot again for a big win. I say we get as much onto his plate as possible that is lasting and the Henry “Trump” rifle is a good start. We dont all see the same things in Trump, but I do respect others views that I dont think are as important as some others are. One thing I’ve noticed about the President is that he cherishes those who are loyal to him and those deep state turncoats and the dems who have been nipping at his heels since his inauguration are slowly starting to be been pinned down an stung by scorpions, not just axed. Let’s keep our focus on keeping him loyal to the constitution and share what we love with him that goes with our constitution. 2nd amendment pleasures like hunting, minus flagging too far to one side and blasting a buddy in the face like “Chaney”, pun. Someone take the President on a pheasant, elk or bear hunt or something, gut his own game, then fishing. You cant get that out of your bones! I cant imagine being cooped up in an office everyday with people coming at me left and right about this n that. Let’s request a national “hunting and fishing” month on our calanders. The right to personal self defense is guaranteed to us and we should be free from some dick head ambitious prosecutor/drive through courthouse forcing us to defend ourselves for doing it. Get the focus off from more heavy handed LE, red flag and mental health bs that’s connected to to our constitutional rights. Why not execute anyone who brings large quantities of hard synthetic drugs into our country. Gangs and illeagal immigrants that use firearms for crime and violence should be deemed as “terrosists” to a free society. Let’s force them to target those who the leftists are feeding off from to infringe and steal the rights of law abiding citizens. If a state is not enforcing laws already on the books? Create some accountability that works. No more free rides for politicians.
    No fuel, no fire..

  32. The following question strikes me as interesting, important too. Respecting Second Amendment Rights, can Trump be trusted? The president seems to blow hot and cold here, which strikes me as worrisome.

  33. Before everyone piles on the “Trump is anti 2A”, please tell me the name of ANY republican president who was pro gun in my lifetime (I’m 60). None. And, NO, Reagan was NOT particularly pro-gun.

    I’d bet, as candidates go, Ted Cruz is as pro-gun as anyone we’ve ever seen, and he couldn’t even be nominated by Republican voters, let alone the general population.

    You take what you can get, and Trump seems as good as we’ll ever get.

  34. Let’s not forget Trump was just fine with the ATF calling bump stocks “machine guns.”

    When a bump stock is a machine gun, all our guns could be declared machine guns next.

  35. Democrats have said that taking away you assault weapons in on their agenda! We should believe them! The democrats definition of an assault weapon is anything that is semi automatic or anything they don’t like! The term assault weapon has no legal term other than it scares the snowflakes!

  36. Our only saving grace would be the same split congress to go with a Trump president … The Democrats will always go for gun rights because “the children… ” The Republicans / NRA only stand for gun rights and push gun right laws when there is no chance they will pass… Trump will be busy with the continuous impeachment trials, So he’ll keep flip flopping with every shooting but not really doing anything one way or the other… At best, RBG will die in office… Resulting in a SCOTUS that may go our way to keep the Democrats in check till one of the Bernie Socialist shoots up the next softball practice…


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