Fred Guttenberg
Fred Guttenberg, father of slain Marjory Stoneman Douglas student Jamie Guttenberg (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)
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Fred Guttenberg, whose daughter was murdered in the Parkland shooting, was ejected from the State of the Union speech for yelling at the President.

“Later on in the [State of the Union] speech, when he got to the part about the Second Amendment and [Trump] said, ‘I will defend your Second Amendment rights, which are under attack and under siege all over this country,’ he’s saying to his followers that people like me want to attack the Second Amendment,” he continued. “And that’s just an absolute, brutal, disgusting, vicious lie. Under no circumstance, in no place in this country, is the Second Amendment under attack, and no legal, lawful gun owner feels the sting of gun safety measures that are being proposed.”

– Mike Brest in ‘Disgusting, vicious lie’: Parkland father removed from State of the Union address speaks out

Gun owners in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington — just to name a few — might beg to differ with Guttenberg’s assessment. But what he lacks in objectivity and intellectual honesty, he makes up for with conviction and stridency.

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  1. We can only hope that she was his only child and that this particular commie vermin won’t further reproduce.

      • Eric Swalwell wrote, “And it would be a short war my friend. The government has nukes.”

        Do you truly believe that any U.S.government would authorize the deployment of nuclear weapons on U.S. soil? Or that the troops tasked with doing so would blithely obey such a patently unlawful order?

        • Yes. If a kook like Swalwell wins the Presidency and his chain of command are like-minded kooks, those nukes would be deployed without hesitation.

          There is no end to the arrogance, stupidity, and visciousness of these tyrants and history proves it with Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Paul Pot, etc.

          Our only real defense against such threats is a civicly- educated and motivated populous that understands the danger and uses the ballot box to keep the kooks out.

          Any politician that attacks the unalienable rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights or the structure of our Constitutional Republic is unfit for office.

      • I save civility for people who don’t advocate killing me and taking my shit. If you advocate killing me and taking my shit, they get exactly what you would expect.

        • Gloating over the death of a man’s child just because he has bad politics is disgusting. Now if the commies want to start a war I’ll pitch in, but we shouldn’t be excited about the prospect. You’re the funhouse mirror image of those Bernie staffers in those Project Veritas videos.

        • No one is gloating over the death of a child. Guttenberg is a straight up fascist and is blatantly spreading anti-2A propaganda. Serge is 100% correct. Don’t start shit, won’t have shit.

        • While I am very sorry that this man lost his child (as I am with all of the victims of the Parkland shootings) I will not grant him a moral imperative to impose gun-control on the rest of us. There is an emergent pattern in the Right To Keep And Bear Arms debate where victim’s family members and friends claim the right to lecture the rest of us on what must be done to keep themselves and others safe. While I understand their obvious grief, that does not give them the automatic right to demand that we abandon the liberty and freedoms that brave people fought and died to defend and which represent the core structure of our nation. My freedom and liberty is more important than their need to feel safe.

      • There is increasing evidence that a large portions of one’s social and political views are genetic. The stridency of his campaigning for those views may be the result of his tragic loss, but the basis for it is carried in his DNA.

        It is extremely sad that his daughter is dead, and I certainly wouldn’t wish that on him. But I have to concur with hoping that he does not reproduce and pass those negative genes on.

    • Wow, Serge… just… wow. The man is totally wrong, but he lost a daughter in one of the worst ways imaginable. I don’t think it would hurt anything to show him a little compassion, and it might even be helpful. You know it’s okay to do that, right? To show compassion, even to those you disagree with or might consider opponents or enemies?

      Julius Caesar did.

      Abe Lincoln (your favorite!) did.

      Why can’t you?

      • Compassion is shown after your enemy lies broken with your boot on his neck. Not a second before. My “compassion” would be not charging him with treason and sending him to a firing squad.

        • More like Lincoln sending Confederate soldiers to detention centers rather than having them shot for treason on the spot when captured.

        • Lincoln did not have Confederate soldier shot for treason.

          In fact, he pardoned traitor Robert E Lee and let him return home.

          The Confederates rewarded him with assassination, but what can you expect from a crew of treasonous scalawags.

          May I suggest reading the book ‘team of rivals‘ by Doris Kearns Goodwin.

          You may realize just what we lost that night in Ford’s theater and you will never look at the stars and bars the same way again.

        • Remind me again Miner, what party was Lincoln a part of? HINT: He wasn’t a Demokkkommie.

          I bet you wouldn’t recognize the flag of the Confederacy if I stapled it to your face.

        • 49er: He pardoned Lee and let him return home? Really? Johnson paroled and pardoned him after Lincoln was shot, but it took until 1975 for his citizenship to be restored. And he never got to return home. His home is Arlington National Cemetery.

          “After the Lees abandoned the property at the start of the Civil War, the U.S. Army seized Arlington Estate on the morning of May 24, 1861 to defend Washington, D.C. From the property’s heights, rifled artillery could range every federal building in the nation’s capital. The estate was seized not to punish the Custis-Lee family, but rather for its strategic value. Three forts were built on the property during the Civil War: Fort Cass/Rosslyn, Fort Whipple/Fort Myer and Fort McPherson (currently Section 11 of the cemetery). Beginning in June 1863, a large Freedman’s Village, established for freed and escaped slaves, was established in what today are Sections 3, 4, 8, 18 and 20.

          On May 13, 1864, the first military burial was conducted for Private William Christman. Brigadier General Montgomery Meigs, Quartermaster General of the U.S. Army, who was responsible for the burial of soldiers, ordered Arlington Estate used for a cemetery. The existing D.C.-area national cemeteries (Soldiers’ Home and Alexandria National Cemeteries) were running out of space — both closed on the day that burials began at Arlington.

          Arlington officially became a national cemetery on June 15, 1864, by order of Secretary of War Edwin Stanton. ”

          An interesting side note: the Arlington estate was established by George Washington’s adopted grandson as a living memorial to the first president. His daughter Mary Custis inherited a life estate, with the tail to go to her heir. She married Lee.

        • Serge, the toughest guy on the Internet, at least as long as he has the government guns behind him, like a true communist.

        • The cult of Lincoln rears it’s ugly head.
          So you support Lincoln buying up land in Iowa and then picking his property as the terminus of the trans continental railroad and having the government he was president of
          buy it from him for a ton of money?
          You support his plan to forcibly deport all freed slaves back to Africa, despite the fact that importation of slaves had ended in the early 1800s and almost all of the slaves in the US at the end of the war of northern aggression were born here?
          You support his bill as a state senator in Illinois to prohibit blacks from being in that state?
          You support blacks “liberated” by the union army as it advanced being considered contraband property and kept with the horses and not freed or sent on their way?
          You support Lincoln’s jailing anyone who spoke out against him or the war and doing so without a hearing and no right of habeus corpus?
          You support his massacre of people marching to oppose the draft because they did not want to fight the south?
          Of course there isn’t space here for a comprehensive list of Lincoln’s crimes and treason. You will have to do your own research. The man was as bad as Obama and his crimes have been covered up just as well.

      • Just because his daughter was murdered shouldn’t allow him to use her death as a shield against all criticism. He thinks gun owners are vile terrorists. I think he’s a POS.

      • Fuck Guttenberg. He is exploiting a tragedy for sympathy in his goal to instill a fascist government. Nothing he wants will help anyone but himself and his pals. He is using the death of his child to cheer for legalized violence against his detractors.

        Besides, all Serge said was that he hopes Guttenberg doesn’t have any other kids who think like him. Get off your high horse.

      • The fact that this trash would use his own daughter’s death as an excuse to remove Americans’ freedoms makes him even worse.

        • Attacking under cover of something like that is a typical leftist strategy. Then their counter is well you can’t attack me because (fill in the blank). They aren’t interested in debate, just shutting you up.

        • Remember that one time when a bunch of people on the internet decided that anyone who disagreed with them was trash? Boy that sure made us all look great, won people to our side, and let us live our lives in peaceful prosperity, didn’t it?

        • Ah, yes… they every mythical independent voter who we have to bend over backwards to “win to out side”… Here’s an idea… It doesn’t matter how many people agree with him. Bullets beat ballots.

        • The Who thats Killed most of the school kids is the 44th black liberal dimocrat, president, all you have to do is some research on his Anti Discipline Directive and his Dear Colleague Letter. In the text of his Anti Discipline Directive he talks about using the DOEducation, FBI, NAACP and one other gov org I can’ t remember to Threaten All our Schools with the Lost of Gov Funds and or Grants if they did not Comply to his Demands. In Parkland he even Threatened the Sheriffs Dep, it’s all in Black and White if you want to spend the time reading all his B*ll Sh*t. The bottom line is OUR? government has Murdered School Kids trying to save Violent minorities from themselves.

      • Your compassion might as well be a target on your chest. And when you’re gone all of your weapons, possessions, and family members will be distributed equally among the proletariat.

    • I agree with serg. It’s tragic that his child is murdered, however, those that seek to destroy the 2nd, are not people. They are the enemy. They deserve no peace or quarter.

        • Or as Gov Northam likes to call them, 4th trimester abortions.
          This just in………”I’m Gov Northam, and I approve this message”

      • In his grief over his daughter’s tragic death he has confused vengeance for justice and doesn’t care who is on the receiving end of his righteous wrath. He thinks gun owners are responsible and must be punished.

        His lust for revenge would be better directed at the Parkland school board and the local sheriff’s office who acted in a conspiracy of collusion for corrupt gains. And “coward of the county” school resource officer who conducted a tactical withdrawal to a covered position while using their trousers as a field latrine. And bonus points for the officer in charge who let people bleed to death so the perimeter could be secured.

        • That’s assuming he didn’t already hold the opinions he currently has and just now has the platform and means. And where do the means come from? I mean, is attacking the 2nd amendment his job now, and if so, who’s paying?

      • Rational or not, he still wants to trample on the rights of people who have done no harm to him or his.

        Grief is one thing, and I respect his right to grieve. But that does not give him right to curtail my rights.

        • No one – you nailed it – I wonder if he would be on such a ‘crusade’ to abridge a Constitutional right if his daughter had been killed in a car crash (NOT an ‘accident’) by another teen texting and driving? IIRC the numbers correctly that activity kills something like 22 teens every single day. He – like many others (bloomie for instance) – are trying to punish Law Abiding Citizens for what one murderer did.

      • I don’t know how this grieving father feels about other issues, but I feel like this quite often when I try to talk to leftists. They’ll make some factually incorrect statement (or, incorrect if the words used haven’t been re-defined without them telling me). Then they’ll move on to another sentence with one or more factually incorrect statements. Of course, people can see the same facts and reach different conclusions, and that surely plays some role. But they really do live in another world. They seem to have an entirely different view of truth, which for them can change rapidly and substantially to suit their needs. That’s a little oversimplified and perhaps paints them as less sincere than many of them are. It’s also probably correct to say that for them feelings = truth, or that objective reality isn’t important. I won’t pretend to understand how they think, but it makes any kind of meaningful discussion impossible.

    • i totally agree i sure pray he only had one child as the rest would be disgusting Commies like him! He should be forced to go live in a commie country that dosnt allow firearms and see how those people live! Along with the person that sounds like a Demoncrap by calling u disgusting!They take everything out of context and push a false narrative like no other!Nobody was happy the guys daughter died they were just ho[ping there were no more offspring of a communist PIG that should be put out of our misery!

  2. And it would be a short war my friend. The government has nukes. Too many of them. But they’re legit. I’m sure if we talked we could find common ground to protect our families and communities.

    • Yet the Taliban kept the Red Army stalled in Afghanistan using Breach loading single shot Martini–Henry and bolt action Lee-Enfield rifles.

      • Oh yeah, martini Henry’s all the way!

        And about 10,000 stinger man-portable SAMs supplied to the fundamentalist Muslims by the good old USA.

        After they lost a few hundred Hind helicopters the Russians kind of slowed down.

        • The Afghans held the Red Army in check for years, but once they got their hands on the Stingers, it was all over for the Red Army… They lost the will to continue, and support at home dried up…

    • That was my thought as well. If there are no such things as rights, or more particularly the right to own “guns”, then there is no attack against something that doesn’t exist. That is the only way I can interpret his comment as a bald-faced lie. And it actually seems to fit his actual (completely broken) thought processes.

  3. Not under attack?
    Here are just two bills that the Oregon house will be voting on tomorrow:

    House Bill 4005 is a firearm storage bill that requires all firearms to be locked with a trigger-locking device or kept in a locked container, unless carried, with each firearm not secured constituting a separate violation. Anyone who has their firearms lost or stolen would be strictly liable for any injury to persons or property if the firearms were not stored in compliance with the law.

    Senate Bill 1538 abolishes Oregon’s state firearms preemption statute by allowing local governments and schools to restrict the lawful carry of firearms on the premises by CHL holders. Current law ensures that those living and traveling throughout Oregon are subject to uniform state statutes wherever they are.

    Getting rid of the preemption law?
    I would be liable if some reprobate stole my gun and used it criminally? (I can’t come up with anything else where if some mope steals my widget, uses it to hurt a person or property, then I can get sued.)

    But I’m not under attack.

    (I just finished writing my reps urging a NO vote on this)

    • So some scumbag steals my car and gets in an accident and kills three people and I get sued and maybe go to jail. Yeah, that’s fair.

      • It’s fair (for instance), if you left your car unattended with the door unlocked and the motor running. Just sayin’…

        • @Dave G. Well, that would be Grand Theft Auto, speeding, running a traffic signal, evading police, reckless driving and vehicular homicide charges for the perp. The car owner would not be getting a check from his insurance company and a $500 ticket in Texas for a class c misdemeanor . Not exactly the same thing.

    • Good for you Tom in Oregone , (< on purpose) the real problem with this state is , in order, K. Brown, E. Blumenaure, R. Wyden, T. Weiller, , & the democratic majority strangle hold they have on this once great (I said once) state. I don’t see this changing in my or your lifetime. Keep your powder dry just in case though. Never know,

    • “House Bill 4005 is a firearm storage bill that requires all firearms to be locked with a trigger-locking device or kept in a locked container, unless carried, with each firearm not secured constituting a separate violation.”

      Wasn’t that declared expressly unconstitutional by the Heller-McDonald decisions?

      “Similarly, the requirement that any lawful firearm in the home be disassembled or bound by a trigger lock makes it impossible for citizens to use arms for the core lawful purpose of self-defense and is hence unconstitutional.”

    • “in no place in this country, is the Second Amendment under attack, and no legal, lawful gun owner feels the sting of gun safety measures that are being proposed.”
      So you see that you really are not being attacked as these draconian anti-firearm laws are just “safety measures”. If it saves one life by you being unarmed, it must be worth it.


  4. Tragically losing your kid doesn’t excuse your ignorance. Or maybe he’s just lying; it’s hard to tell the difference anymore. He’s a real estate and car salesman. He probably knows a thing or two about marketing.

  5. Fred Guttenberg, with all due respect. Go F yourself. We gun owners are sorry you lost your child, but don’t blame us for that nut case’s actions or the FBI and local law enforcement’s inaction, failures and cowardliness. If some armed veterans or just trained and armed citizens had been there, maybe you would not be experiencing the grief you now suffer. But taking away our ability to protect our families will not bring your daughter back or honor her life.

  6. Sorry this guys daughter was murdered by a known psyco, senior citizen abuser (his step mom) investigated by the sheriffs dept 36 times and let run free without taking his firearms . However, that’s not an excuse to demand 10,000 hoops for law abiding citizens to jump through and have legally purchased firearms banned, taxed and confiscated . Who he really needs to be pissed at (as I am) is Broward county’s POS sheriff .

    • “36”? It was either 45 or 46 times the police were called in for domestic violence. Then there were the almost daily death threats to 3 or 4 of the murderer’s classmates by the murderer, 2 calls to the F.B.I.(which did not even result in the opening of a file on the murderer), the felony level animal abuse….

  7. he might maintain that after all the encroachment that the 2a remains on the bor.
    regardless of his meaning, he would have it erased if he could.
    to paraphrase the temps, registration, confiscation, no libation,
    mutilation, tittilation, no obligation to our nation.

  8. I think what this man does not understand is what American gun owners want and what real gun control is. I believe I am a typical American Gun Owner. I am a member of three different pro-gun organizations. Own firearms for target shooting, hunting and personal defense. I want to see an end to gun violence and criminal gun use. I do not want to see firearms in the hand of unsupervised minors. At the same time I know that true gun control is hitting what you aim at.

    Where we disagree is when the measures they want to put in place put a burden on me and the second amendment instead of the individual who misuses firearms. I do not know this man, but would be he has never really used a firearm for sport or pleasure. Just as someone who doesn’t ride motorcycles cannot truly understand why I enjoy it, nor can I understand why someone wants to Golf. I tried it and would rather have a bow or gun in my hand.

    Guns are easy to blame, but as Britains found out, once you ban guns, the only crime that is reduced (not eliminated) is gun crime, the violent crime remains and just the tool used changes. Now they have banned many knives, eventually they will ban acid and golf clubs. When someone threatens his wife with a knife, golf club or acid, will he be just as vocal? If she has a legally owned and carried firearm, will he then push for the attacker’s rights when she shoots him? He has suffered loss and his mind is muddled, else he would look stronger at those who allowed the sick individual to slide after he made threats to do exactly what he did.

    I am sorry for your loss, but you don’t need a Red Flag Laws when someone post to social media they want to be a school shooter (more than once) or has several complaints along the same line to haul them in and question them or force them into a Psyc evaluation. You have reasonable cause. Of course police departments don’t want to be sued for possible personal rights violations and head shrinkers also have concerns about stripping someone of their rights. To act pre-emptively can also have its problems.

    Its easier to blame the NRA, its supporters and all American gun owners.

    • Randy,
      “I do not want to see firearms in the hand of unsupervised minors.”
      My father joined the US Army at 16 years old. At 17, he landed at Inchon carrying an M2 carbine. Should this minor not be allowed around firearms at his parents home without an adult present to supervise him?
      Parents should have some leeway to decide when their minor skns and daughters are allowed access to firearms.

      • CWT – THANK YOU for pointing this out – he made some fairly good points but loses a huge amount of credibility when he uses the hoplophobes terms – and they love it.

  9. Having your own children murdered does cause some parents to say irrational crazy things.
    But that doesn’t excuse them from being held accountable for working to deny civil rights to innocent people. People who had nothing to do with the murder of their child.

    Fred Guttenberg, a crime victim, is just as dangerous as “Up” Chuck Sen. Schumer. As far as I’m concerned, Fred Guttenberg wants more children shot dead in their own classroom. Because he is against trained teachers with guns defending other people’s children.

    • “Having your own children murdered does cause some parents to say irrational crazy things.”

      We had a “Moms Demand Action” leader in the Houston area “demand some action” when her husband informed her he was filing to divorce her crazy ass.
      The “action”?
      She grabbed a gun in the home, killed her children (three, IIRC), then ventilated her cranium with the firearm.
      Sorry for the loss fred, as a father of two I can’t BEING to imagine such a loss.
      If you choose to continue relying on LE agencies to protect your family, you have more conviction in your feelings about the 2nd A then I do. I’m NOT willing to allow myself, OR my family members to be killed due to my negative view of a Constitutionally protected right.
      Go back to Broward county, and keep that cell phone on your hip, with 911 on speed dial.

        • That’s how the trolls refer to me.
          Hello Troll “Hello”.
          First post I see. Welcome to TTAG.

      • She is not the first anti gun person to murder or commit some other serious crime. I’ve started to think that most anti people are mentally ill in some form or fashion. Their fear is irrational. And the refusal to even try and learn about guns makes no rational sense.
        I think that makes them dangerous people. People who refuse to learn about dangerous things are themselves an accident waiting to happen. Including writing laws about things, guns, they know nothing about.

        • So true.
          Too bad the trolls have to attempt the “pivot” and attack moves, all because the truth, facts and empirical evidence all proves their arguements WRONG.
          But, all those Bloombucks are up for the trolls to grab at from their moms basements. Dance for the little organ grinder named Mikey you chimps.

  10. Sorry your kid died. I and millions of legal,moral & ethical gun owner’s had NOTHING to do with it. As an aside Oliver North is on the 700Club now defending the 2nd Amendment AND armed conflict with his book “A nation of RIFLEMEN”😃He even discussed his fight to remove old Wayne…

  11. It’s no surprise the enemies of the Constitution do not see anybody’s 2nd Amendment rights under attack, because they’ve made it amply clear they don’t believe any such thing exists. In their eyes, your “rights” are whatever the state decides you ought to have, and if they decide at some time you should have less, then whatever you lose was not your right.

  12. If he believes that, he must also believe people who are barred from having guns never get them, right? And there are no people running around loose who should be in rooms that lock from the outside.

  13. This man’s loss deserves my deepest sympathy.

    But his loss does not give him the right to take away my rights. That is what he is saying. I have a loss. Therefore you all need to make me whole.

    This logic is so severely flawed.

  14. If were wearing the sunglasses from They Live this guy’s statement would turn into “SLEEP.”

    Seriously he’s paying zero attention to what’s happening in the world or flat out lying about it.

    Even a few years ago he could get away with saying this. It’s impossible to say it now.

  15. Have to agree with pwrserge in the first post and especially the following:
    “I save civility for people who don’t advocate killing me and taking my shit. If you advocate killing me and taking my shit, they get exactly what you would expect.”

    I guess that people still don’t understand plain English: “….SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.”, and these same people send traitors to congress every 2 years.

    Speaking of traitors, isn’t the penalty death by firing squad or hanging???? Why has no one died yet for for breaking their oath to protect and defend the Constitution? Why aren’t there thousands of caskets ready to receive them today?
    Why did the the state police in Virginia throw people peacefully protesting for the Bill of Rights out of the State House saying: “We’re just following orders”. These cops were also traitors….

    But of course, these same traitors are OK with killing thousands and millions of little babies…So for sure,they would be also willing to come to your house and kill you, your wife, your dog, if you resist their unconstitutional gun grabs…(“just following orders”)

    There can be NO civility with these power hungry psychopaths, unless you’re an insanely foolish person cowering in fear on your knees and begging for forgiveness.

    • Because treason has a strict legal definition provided by the Constitution and “proposing changes to laws at the local, state or federal level” isn’t part of that definition regardless of how atrocious those proposed changes might be.

      Yes, the gun control proposals out there are stupid and unconstitutional but they don’t amount to actual treason.

      Further, 18 U.S.C. § 2381 establishes the penalties. Death is a choice but so is 5 or more years in prison with $10,000 or more in fines and being barred from federal office.

      • As far as I know, the Constitution is the supreme law of the land.

        As many Supremes have said over the years, any law that does not follow the Constitution is null and void, and does not have to be obeyed.

        In my opinion, if you take an oath the protect and preserve the Constitution, and you don’t, you are a traitor.
        Merriam Webster defines traitor as: “a person who is not loyal or true to a friend, duty, cause, or belief or is false to a personal duty”

        • First, the Constitution contains a procedure for changing the Constituition itself. So pure preservation of the document “as is” isn’t a requirement for fidelity to the document.

          Second, SCOTUS rulings based on the Theory of Natural Law carry only so far as the Constitution is in line with Natural Law. It currently is generally in line with such theory but even hardcore Natural Law theorists admit that there is wiggle room within adherence to the document and within application of it’s rules so long as that wiggle room is based on “objective reason”, that whence “rights” come from in the first place. This is also where morals/ethics come from. It’s often stated as “the Constitution is not a suicide pact”.

          Third, your opinion based on a selective reading of a dictionary is irrelevant. What matters is the actual legal definition, which is contained within the Constitution itself. Unless of course you think Webster’s is the supreme law of the land…

    • “Why has no one died yet for for breaking their oath to protect and defend the Constitution?”
      Definition of treason aside, it’s because we, the people allowed it.

      Founders of this great nation knew that government always ends up with power hungry people trying to concentrate more and more power in its hands at our (the people’s) loss.
      The main reason for 2A – to protect the means of the governed to do something about it. We just didn’t decide it’s time yet. But gun grabbers sure push their luck.

  16. We in NY live with unconstitutional gun regulation infringements every day.
    4% of us complied. The rest of us refuse.

  17. Fred Guttenberg has shown his intelligence on national television at the State of the Union Address. It is obvious that he is on Bloomberg”s payroll . If Guttenberg wasn’t being paid off he would be directing his anger at David Hogg who profited from the shooting and wasn’t even there when it happened.

  18. It was no one else’s responsibility to protect his child than him. Deep down in his heart of hearts he knows this but he can’t come to grips with it. Unfortunately, many people in America are so safe that they allow other people to protect their children or think that people are protecting their children. Knowing what I know now I would never let any child that I was responsible for anywhere near a public school. There’s no way to guarantee their safety and they’re not learning anything that is useful anymore. And if you’re not in a public school they can’t be the victim of a public school shooting. Homeschool is the best way to educate your child. And as the teacher you get to impart to them what you want them to know not what the government wants them to know. And you don’t have to debrief them every single day from all the garbage that they’re told at a public school.

    • Interesting side note.
      Some MSM cesspools ran a story (for several days) about the comedian who joked about wishing Baron Trump would be a school shooter. This was done after he commenting the Baron was home schooled.
      I don’t recall the Dems being so laid back about school and White House shooting when Obama was POTUS.
      If it wasn’t for the double standards, dems would have NO standards at all.

      • commented that, not “commenting the”
        Had to correct that, the trolls attack spelling and syntax when they can’t discuss content/topic.

  19. Nothing is said here as to ‘why’ he says/thinks what he does. Knowing why doesn’t change anything really but I am curious. I consider it to be at the foundation of this article.

  20. So, like others on this thread, I have great sympathy for Mr. Guttenberg’s loss, and the mental and emotional pain it is causing him. It would take a heart of stone not to. And people experiencing extreme loss and pain often lash out, frequently irrationally.

    And, since, in his pain, he sees that a gun was responsible for his loss. Not the (CLEARLY) mentally disturbed person who wielded the gun, not the inept and/or lazy and/or politically correct and/or stupid LEOs who could have and should have intervened LONG before the event. No, he blames me, the NRA, etc., etc., etc. OK, I ‘get’ that . . . for certain values of ‘get’. I think it is false-to-fact, illogical, irrational, pointless and ineffective, but you do you, Fred.

    I have been a member and supporter of the NRA, the GOA, I have contributed to NRA-ILA and various state-level initiatives seeking to protect the 2A – and I value the work all of them have done. But we can’t rely on them, anymore. I used to hope that SCOTUS would remove its collective head from rectal defillade, but I have given up hope on that front – they’re simply PC p***ies, and not willing to risk the ire of the DC cocktail party circuit. We must vote, but more importantly, we must educate. All on this thread, and pretty much every other gun rights thread I’ve ever seen, decry the ignorance of the gun-grabbers. They aren’t amenable to reason – in part because their arguments are not based in logic, facts or reason, but more fundamentally because their approach to this issue isn’t rooted in reason or logical discussion, it’s rooted in emotion.

    You can’t persuade the emotionally-addled by appealing to reason – they don’t have any. You MIGHT achieve some beneficial results by action. Take a gun-grabber to the range. Yeah, it will take some persuasion to even get them to consider it, but I’ve done it, four times. Two left saying some variation on “Oh, wow, this is so cool! I wish I’d tried this before!” One left saying, “OK, I ‘get’ it, but this isn’t for me.” (And, yet, still left actually knowing something about guns and gun safety.) The fourth was unrepentant, but even then, recognized that I and the others on the range were being responsible, safe and careful – WE weren’t the problem; guns were. Hey, you can’t win them all. But I educated all four, to some extent, and at least marginally converted two. That, and voting, are about all we can do – so GO DO IT. TAKE a gun-grabber to the range. Vote. If you don’t actively do those two things? Don’t bitch to me when the local Sheriff’s Deputy shows up at your front door to pick up your scary, dangerous Black Rifle.

  21. I’m confused. Being required to “voluntarily” waive my HIPPA rights isn’t an attack? Bullshit arbitrary waiting periods even with my CPL (with all it’s bullshit to obtain) isn’t a sting? Fuck this clown, I almost hope Ruger doesn’t come out with a 5.7 PCC cause I’m pretty sure my most recent gun purchase will be my last in WA state.

  22. Hhhhmmmm….
    Saying no one is infringing on gun rights because his daughter was murdered….

    Two completely unrelated things. One does not mean the other.

    How many men have lost their daughters to criminals with knives or drugs or drunks behind the wheel?

  23. The man is a socialist, so he can’t blame the state. He feels the need to blame someone, and since he doesn’t like guns anyway blaming gun owners just works for him. Sure it’s irrational, but when did logic persuade leftists?

  24. You know, he better hope that there is not a war against against the 2nd amendment, because all these bleeding hearts who want gun control have forgotten that it’s because we are able to exercise the 2nd amendment we can protect your right to spew your garbage onto the internet. Mr. Guttenberg, the only reason you were just escorted out of the SOTU address, and not keel haled or something even worse is because of your 1st amendment rights and I’ll use every thing I have up to and including my firearm and my very life if necessary to protect your right to speak your mind.

  25. This guy needs to pull his head out of the dark, smelly cavern he is keeping it in. He must be taking lying lessons from hillary and Lie-A-Watha.

  26. Anything Guttenberg has to say is just that much more meaningless. The same goes for folks like Harrison Ford. Do give a flying bat shit what he thinks? No and why should I? Does Guttenbergs opinion matter more because of his loss? Does Fords thoughts and opinions matter because he flew the Millennium Falcon and crashed a real craft on a golf course? I played a TV Zombie for four seasons and was shot in the head and killed multiple times, does my opinion matter because of that? No and neither should it. I don’t care what a persons personal loss is, it doesn’t sway the significance of their opinion.

  27. The bad guy with a gun…..or the mentally deficient guy with a gun……or the TERRIBLY DISTRAUGHT FAMILY MEMBER OF A GUN SHOOTING VICTIM…….or the Feelz-Gooder Social Do-Gooder…..are the politician’s Useful Idiot Tools to achieve his power and control agenda.
    A politician with a law never stops a bad guy with a gun.
    He only controls the good guys which is his true agenda.
    A legislator with a bill is far more dangerous to the populace as a whole than a citizen….good or bad….with a gun.

  28. With regard to what pro port to be the distraught father’s comments, remarks I wonder as to exactly what the man might be smoking that contributes to his seeming lack of awareness. He is entitled to his own opinion, but as the late Senator Moynihan offered, he is not entitled to his own facts.

  29. Mr. Guttenberg I’m terribly sorry about your daughter. But dont you dare say “Gun Rights Aren’t Under Attack Anywhere in the U.S.” Look at the 2nd A laws just passed recently in Ca, Md Ny, Va, Co to just name a few. Restricting my rights to own, buy or in Ny case, use my legally owned firearm. Look it up. May I remind you the second amendment is my God given right and I will stand to protect it.

  30. It’s a sad state of affairs when the plain statements in the Bill of Rights are not understood by the mentally deficient leftist psychopaths. Any eight grader should be able to understand the following:

    I. “Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech…”

    II. “…the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

    IV. ” …no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

    How did we mess it up so bad?
    The main reason seems to be that LIBERALISM IS A DEADLY DISEASE AND IS HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS. It has already infected our political, media and education systems and our children are exposed to its dangers daily.

    I call it moronavirus.
    Along with half the country, even some on this board have been infected…

  31. “…no legal, lawful gun owner feels the sting of gun safety measures that are being proposed.”

    Au contraire, mon ami. Every lawful gun owner feels the sting of these artfully mislabeled “gun safety measures”. It’s actually criminal possessers of guns that feel no sting. What is the meaning of “universal background check” to a person who intends to commit murder or armed robbery? Another misdemeanor to add to his multi-year prison sentence for a murder conviction? Nearly every criminal does a risk/reward analysis before committing his crime, gun laws are are a small speed bump in the process of criminal activity, and therefore meaningless to them. Does every anti-gun lefty actually believe that more mislabeled “gun safety laws” will prevent a criminal from carrying out his evil plan? Such a misguided belief is at best illogical, but certainly delusional, and ultimately dangerous for all law abiding citizens of this country.

    • . You see in his mind “gun safety measures” cannot be attacks against the right to defend oneself. Any demands to steal your rights are only “safety measures”, so no harm done to the “irredeamables”.

      • Warrantless searches of public housing projects were considered a safety measure.

        U.S. District Judge Wayne Andersen’s ruling ended the latest round in an emotional dispute between city officials and civil libertarians who argue that the courts can’t grant a wholesale waiver of the Constitution’s protection against unreasonable searches.

        “The erosion of the rights of people on the other side of town will ultimately undermine the rights of each of us,” Andersen said in refusing to lift a ban he imposed last month.

        Violence last summer prompted the Chicago Housing Authority to ask police to conduct the random, door-to-door searches for weapons.

        President Clinton said after the ruling he has ordered Atty. Gen. Janet Reno and Housing Secretary Henry G. Cisneros to develop a search policy for all U.S. public housing that is constitutionally permissible.

        “We must not allow criminals to find shelter in the public housing community they terrorize,” Clinton said in a statement.

        Some tenants also backed the warrantless searches, saying they would prefer the sweeps to random gunfire that made it dangerous to stand near windows or venture outside.

        “Mothers put kids in their bathtubs in fear of their lives,” CHA chairman Vincent Lane said before the hearing.

        Lane left the courtroom without comment after Andersen’s ruling. Earlier, he had said he didn’t expect Andersen to lift the ban and predicted the case would wind up in the Supreme Court.

        Emphases added.

        I wonder if any opf the tenants quoted turned into villains, like Fred Guttenberg did.

  32. To a gun grabbing liberal the 2A is simply a piece of paper, not a concept. The physical piece of paper is not yet under attack, so in Fred’s mind he has spoken the truth. To the rest of us the 2A as a concept is indeed under attack 24/7. His comment that “no legal, lawful gun owner feels the sting of gun safety measures that are being proposed.”, is also true (in his mind) as legal, lawful gun owners are who we refer to as Fudds. Liberal thinking is dangerous to Liberty.

  33. Alrightee then. Guttenberg has just demonstrated an admitted lack of self control that perfectly explains why the libtards want to strip us all of the individual right to own.

    They are not capable of controlling themselves. They know if they had a firearm in their possession they would not have any problem shooting someone who ruffled their feathers in the least.

    Projection at its finest.

  34. Of course I can’t prove but I can contemplate it. It being two things; is money he might be being paid, or is it guilt for making his daughter go to school that day after she wanted to stay home because she wasn’t feeling well? The latter we’ll never know, the former will come out if true.

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