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Shannon Watts moms demand action major garrett cbs
That face you make when Shannon Watts claims she supports the Second Amendment. (Courtesy CBS News)

CBS News reporter Major Garrett has a podcast called The Takeout. His latest guest is Moms Demand Action founder and Michael Bloomberg paid sock puppet Shannon Watts. Every media member’s favorite crusading mom is on the road flacking her new book, Fight Like a Mother.

Garrett lobbed softballs at interviewed Watts over lunch recently in Chicago. That expression on his face, above, was apparently the result of this whopper she told . . .

“Often people think that because we’re doing this work, we’re anti-gun or we don’t support the Second Amendment. Nothing could be further from the truth,” Watts said in an interview with CBS News chief Washington correspondent Major Garrett in this week’s episode of “The Takeout” podcast. Watts noted that many volunteers the organization were gun owners or married to gun owners.

“This is simply about restoring the responsibilities that go along with gun rights,” Watts said. She added that while the top priorities for Moms Demand Action are background checks, red-flag laws and disarming domestic abusers, the organization also advocates for an assault weapons ban and has worked with municipalities on the issue.

Here’s the full interview if you have nothing better to do . . .

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    • The Left has been lying like this for years, this is just an attempt at a Beto clean-up in isle 2.

      Oh no…just because we want to ban guns and come to your house for confiscation….errr… “mandatory” buy backs actually means we are more pro 2A than you, just ask R.B.G.

        • My phone has changed aisle to a isle or isle. Only because I don’t use either word often and I don’t always look at the most likely predicted word. Not to mention you clearly knew what was meant or you wouldn’t have been able to correct the mistake.

    • Just as she used to say Roundup doesn’t cause cancer when she was the voice of Monsanto. She is just a high paid puppet who is not capable of saying anything except what she is being paid to say.

  1. I’d rather have a fluoroantimonic acid enema than listen to anything that Bloomberg fluffer has to offer.

    • I know how *brutally* toxic Hydrofluoric acid is.

      Fluoroantimonic acid makes HF seem nearly non-toxic in comparison. Yikes…

  2. Nothing this high priced prostitute of Mikey Bloomberg has to say is believable, since the core of their organization and goals are built on fabrications and lies, with total disregard for private property and self defense rights and law.

  3. Well, lady, there are psychiatrists wh bear some responsibility for some of the mass shooters as well as courts and Law Enforcement that went easy on a couple of them. And were not at least two of them some kind “immigrant” here under questionable circumstances? It isn’t all gun owners like you, some of the leftist politicians and Hollywood hypocrites would lead the public to believe. Nor do you consider it is not the implements that the 2nd Amendment is all about, it is the concept of freedom and the capacity to defend it. Every freedom may have some social costs such as automobiles and amendments 1, 3, and 4 through 8. Read them.

  4. I can believe they’re not anti-gun, since they make sure they have armed bodyguards for their own protection. They’re against the common people owning guns, which means they’re fundamentally opposed to the 2nd Amendment.

    • Scott Adams joked that everyone has the same opinion on gun control. We all want people we trust to have guns and people we don’t trust to not have them. The only variable is who we trust.

  5. Demo/communists lie. They lie all the time to further their goals of overthrowing the Constitution and creating their “socialist” utopia.

    If they told the truth more people would oppose them.

  6. It is not possible for me to even consider their words with any validity knowing how likely they are so support abortion. If they want action and responsibility then they can start by saving the lives of the children the represent the future of the human race. Otherwise, this is all just smoke and mirrors.

    • @Prndll Exactly, No sane person could be for “gun control” because its “for saving children” and at same time be pro abortion. Come on Shannon, you are for a process that absolutely results in murdering the most defenseless of humans but yet worried that the potential for “mass murder” with an AR-15 is too great??? WTF Lady.

      • Why didn’t your mom abort you? Maybe the next child she had would care about a life that can’t defend itself.

      • Because abortion results in 200 times more deaths per year than firearms. Let me see you want gun control because, …, let me think, oh I got it because you don’t like the smell of nitrocellulose!

        • I don’t want gun control, i shoot every weekend. i don’t have a vagina so my opinion on abortion doesn’t count.

        • “I wish they had aftershave that smells like burnt gunpowder! ”

          I’ve seen bourbon-flavored toothpaste, just the thing you want your boss to smell on your breath when you show up for work… 😉

        • You’ve seen the Hoppes #9 hanging air fresheners?

          If you’re human (and alive) then you get to have a valid opinion on abortion. and murder.

        • “i don’t have a vagina so my opinion on abortion doesn’t count.”

          This sounds like the perfect excuse to not take responsibility and be a man. Given this I’m guessing if you get some woman pregnant and she doesn’t want to have kids you won’t care if she aborts your child? I’m sure you will be all to happy for her to have an abortion. That will absolve you and her of any further responsibility. That is of course until the next time or next woman.

      • There have been so many children aborted that they could easily make up the entire population of a major American metropolitan city (like Houston, LA, New York, etc.)

        Not only are the Washington left turning a blind eye to it, they actually gleefully cheer it on.

        What do you suppose the media would do if that same number of people were gunned down by AR15’s?

        The truth is….
        Very few people in this country have lost their lives to AR’s in civilian non-combat situations. “Moms Demand Action” is not about saving lives. It’s about subordinating them. Otherwise they would be focusing on the real problems.

    • Stolen valor. No way that moron ever could get past buck private. In the Air Farce copy center.

      And you’re otherwise correct. Where is her right hand.

  7. Next the Demanding Commie Mommy would have us believe her chit don’t stink,break out the hip wadders it gonna get deep.

  8. “Action are background checks, red-flag laws and disarming domestic abusers, the organization also advocates for an assault weapons ban and has worked with municipalities on the issue.”

    Lets dissect this shall we?
    Background checks: We already have them.

    Red flag laws: How is violating someone’s other constitutional rights not just antigun but antifreedom?

    Domestic abusers: this is already a law and a question on the background check form.

    Assault weapons ban: antifreedom and a play on words for stupid people. Assault is an action. How can an inanimate object do anything on its own? The gun is the tool, the person is the weapon.

    They want things that already exist and they want to take away freedom and widely used guns, but they are not antigun? Oh please, tell me some more bullshit!

  9. To me she’s nothing more than a prostitute because she supports whoever is paying her. When she worked for Monsanto, she supported a company who sold products that were knowingly carcinogenic. And she not only supported them, she lied in court numerous times and fought every lawsuit that landed on her desk. The blood from hundreds of men, women and children is on her hands and it will never wash off. I’ll bet you 10 to 1 that if the NRA offered her a desk job at slightly more than what she’s making now, she’d go for it.

  10. Does Shannon Watts have her own children? I really don’t know. I think I read she’s a corporate lawyer. So how does she have time to raise kids?

    • Her story is cobbled together so she can come off as All-American Mother but the truth was available online then disappeared. She married a man who had daughters that were teenage I believe and her “decade” of employment was actually over 15 years working for 5 different corporations in public relations and one was Monsanto. (Yes Round-Up herbicide can be hazardous especially if you use 150 gallons a day without wearing any protective clothing as the man in the lawsuit did). She then had a son and at some point she quit working and became that “stay at home mom”. The boy was about 8 when she started her crusade against guns. She days she started it on facebook but the web domain name was purchased months prior. She had her 8yo son watch hours of news about the Aurora theater shooting that just had occurred. News channels by contract can raise their advertising time fees when rating increase by contract which is why they cover this stuff for hours on end. So a couple days later she takes the boy to the local theater in her city to see the same movie that was showing in Aurora and at night as well. The boy starts to see the movie and has an anxiety attack. Mom takes him to the doctors who say he had an anxiety attack. I am sure she knew (as most would) that this would happen. She used that as her reason to copy MADD. She knows nothing about MADD obviously as it was founded to draw attention to judges that were allowing habitual DUIs to bail out of jail. That founder Candy Lightner was soon forced out and MADD was taken over by coorporate suits who saw $60 million a year as a sweet deal and tax free as well. Her daughter was run down by a man who had been arrested 3 days earlier for DUI and was out on bail. He had numerous arrests for DUI and convictions.
      Watts aka Shannon Houghton is probably a sociopath and cares less about guns or truth or anyone but herself and I would wager Mr Mayor Bloomberg shares some of his $80 billion dollars with her. She has had no effect on gun laws that I am aware, she just wants the money so I would not worry about her at all. But…
      I say you all need to watch your state government because this is where gun control laws are actually passed into law. They are almost 100% gun control in every state and are looking towards winning by attrition. Us old guys know what it was like and younger people have always had some kind of laws so do not understand that even one law is infringing and states Rights are first not federal. At some point soon you will be eased into a fully controlled market. Only credit cards will be taken to buy firearms and none can be sold once purchased. Repairs will be illegal and when owner dies his firearms will be destroyed. Ammunition will go up in price as lead has already increased since Obama banned all lead smelters in the US. If you have purchased a car battery you know about the price of lead. We already had a shortage of .22 ammo for 8 years and that was a trial run. The government purchasing millions of rounds of hollow point ammo has not been proven but hollow point is illegal for military and some law enforcement. When I was in high school we could pick up ammo at 7-11 off the shelf next to bread and doughnuts. Playboy was behind the counter. You could buy a FFL for $15 and then get discounts on new firearms from the factory. Maybe they ran your name for criminal record but probably not. Red flag laws will be in every state and that is the last one they need. No warrant and they will take your house apart or kill you. That is not a promise or threat as they have already done it. Police are allowed to err on the side or probable or reasonable etc so citizens will never win in any event. Tipsters will be anonymous and gun owner will be dead and juries fear cops too. Shannon Watts is a piker…
      Rights and immunity and the law would be enough to convince everyone to stay home all their lives, as it is a jumble of legal practices the protects all except the law-abiding.

      • “Obama banned all lead smelters in the US”

        Total BS, actually it was George W. Bush and Nixon’s EPA that had the most to do with the shut down of the toxic, polluting lead smelter.

        “The closure of Doe Run Company’s primary lead smelter in Herculaneum, Missouri, was the result of the business’ failure to meet existing air quality standards (set by the EPA in 2008, before Barack Obama took office). Doe Run reached a settlement of the issue with the EPA in 2010 and agreed to close the lead smelting plant by the end of 2013”

        If you are against Monsanto and they’re poisoning of local communities, then you should be against polluting lead smelters who are also poisoning local communities.

    • “PUH-LEESE come back Dirk Diggler…”

      “Paging Dirk Diggler, Mr. Diggler to the TTAG courtesy phone, please…”

      • I hate to admit it but she is hot. Just wish she would stop being such a buzzkill, lighten up and take some lithium, have a valium. She needs to meet a liberal gun owner with a lot of patience, spend some time together on a range. I would gladly volunteer but, nah she’d never talk to me.

        • She is average at best (and that is ignoring her dreadful personality/core value system). There are way hotter pro gun women out there. Don’t settle for a communist when you can have a real woman. May I suggest Kirsten Joy Weiss?

  11. Obama, rotten Hillary, and the rest of the democrats all say they are pro Second Amendment. They just believe they should be able to dictate what firearms law abiding citizens should be allowed to own at a certain point in time that coincide with their belief the Second Amendment is about hunting and sport shooting but the evil black rifles and magazines that can hold over 10 rounds are not needed for their interpretation of the Second Amendment and our only instruments for mass murder.

  12. Shannon Watts doing the equivalent of pissing on my leg and trying to convince me it’s raining.

    As long as we’re attaching conditions to rights, how about requiring a citizenship test before voting – or maybe restore the poll tax. Let’s require a license to go to church, or to write a newspaper article.

    Watts and her puppeteer Bloomberg are fascist scum.

  13. Yeah, lets make people more responsible by regulating their rights into oblivion. Watts, we all know people like you won’t stop there…

  14. Thanks for posting things like this…this is such garbage. My wife and my family appreciate the fact I have taught them how to defend themselves. Of all my children, it is my daughter who is the tiger among them, relishing the chance to train with her handgun and “black rifle.” She now is serving as a contractor in the US Navy…helping Navy families and others struggling with PTSD.

    She shoots often and regularly and proficiently.

    I’m a pround dad. I found out today I’m going to be a grandpa and I thought, “I can’t wait to get grandson or grandaughter out to the range.”

  15. I won’t dignify the interview with a comment, or debase myself by printing what I think of the participants.

  16. We’re not anti-gun, we just want to ban the private ownership of the vast, vast majority of guns.


  17. After she finished eating, I would love to walk up to her and say: The kitchen staff wanted to say thank you, and wanted you to know there was extra Roundup in your food.

  18. “Friendly reminder that giving anti-vaxxers a platform is harmful and endangers the health of immunocompromised people. Whether vaccines are effective and safe isn’t anecdotal: it’s a factual conclusion based on empirical, peer-reviewed, public health research.”-Shannon Watts….and half the commenters here. She is 100% lying here, as she is in the above referenced interview. Note that communists always seek to censor debate they cannot win.

  19. Gun grabbers claiming support for the 2A that forbids government to touch our RTKBA remind me of movie Mars attacks. Martians running around, indiscriminately shooting people left and right, while their loudspeakers repeat: “We come in peace! We’re your friends!” It would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic.

  20. Not watching the interview. Major Garrett is smart enough to beat her ass publicly. Did he do it? Since he now works for CBS, I’m guessing, “no.”

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