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virginia assault weapons ban
Courtesy Amy Friedenberger

The Virginia House Public Safety Committee passed HB961 today in a hearing room that was packed with gun rights supporters…until they were ejected.

As the AP reports . . .

A state House committee on Friday advanced legislation backed by Gov. Ralph Northam to ban the sale of certain semiautomatic firearms, including popular AR-15 style rifles, and silencers and prohibit the possession of magazines that hold more than 12 rounds.

It’s the most ambitious measure proposed by Northam and one that’s met the most pushback, including from members of his own party. Gun owners packed the committee room Friday and erupted in protest when the measured passed. Capitol Police cleared the committee room of almost every spectator after the vote.

The original version of the bill that mandated “assault weapon” owners to register their guns and obtain a license from the state to keep the scary rifles they already own was watered down when it was opposed by some Democrats.

But the bill that was passed in committee in its current form today would ban the sale of so-called assault weapons and suppressors, as well as the possession of magazines over 12 rounds. That’s right…ownership of “high capacity” magazines would be outlawed.

Virginia’s gun-grabbing legislators apparently expect the state’s gun owners to either destroy or turn in their newly-verboten magazines should this bill become law.

As if.

The assembled gun rights supporters in the room didn’t take the vote well.

Here’s a Roanoke Times reporter’s video of the crowd’s outburst after the vote and police clearing the room.

This from House minority leader Todd Gilbert:

The Virginia Citizens Defense League’s Philip VanCleave issued this video statement after the committee vote, in which he describes the further steps the bill will have to take to become law (and pronounces it “a monstrosity that cannot be fixed.”)

The bill now goes onto the full Virginia House of Delegates for readings and a vote. An almost identical bill has been introduced in the Senate which will be considered in the Judiciary Committee there in the next few weeks.


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  1. I’m sure Virginia gun owners will show the magazine ban the same level of compliance we have in NJ. No one’s turned in any.

    • But you guys proclaim yourselves as law abiding citizens who respect law and order over anarchy. Republicans also support the infringement of people convicted of felonies to be restricted from ownership of weapons like guns.

      If you do not follow the rules you are a prohibited person committing felonies. This makes you a danger to the public and law enforcement. The state will have to use social media to gather the necessary info against you to get a judge to order a red flag confiscation.

      You will comply or you will die. Don’t be some Antifa wanna be who’s trying to follow their own rules.

      • “But you guys proclaim yourselves as law abiding citizens who respect law and order over anarchy”

        The ability to ignore a law while simultaneously being law abiding was explained in the late 300’s AD.

        The Traditional Positivist Theory of law isn’t bought into by everyone, in fact it ain’t real popular at all because it demonstrably doesn’t work.

        • Did any of them allow themselves to be arrested? Looks like they need education on “protesting 101.” If they just do whatever the legislators demand then the legislators will make lots of demands.

      • Slavery and Jim Crowe laws (including gun laws) were the law of the land, too. Guess that makes them ok and for your own good and safety… Gotta follow that law and forget the whole intent of law – a social contract between those that govern (GOVERN – NOT RULE) and citizens. Better study up to be able to vote and pay that poll tax, too.

      • The very same way tens of millions of stoners nationwide are non-convicted felons, because they don’t comply to bans of weed.

        In fact, they tell us it is their duty as a citizen not to obey laws that are morally wrong…

        • But you are a Republican.

          I have’t forgot what the Republicans did in the early 2000s. They would tell the people upset with unconstitutional rules, “if you don’t like it you can leave.”

        • “But you are a Republican.”


          I am independent, who votes the Constitution. (It’s sheer happenstance I’ve never pulled the lever for a Democrat. 😉 )

          Do I need to remind you what the constitution says about a government that no longer represents the people?

      • Chief Censor,

        If you do not follow the rules you are a prohibited person committing felonies. This makes you a danger to the public and law enforcement.

        The first time I read this, I thought you were declaring your own view. Upon reading it a second time, I believe you are showing us how Virginia government will choose to view Virginians who refuse to destroy/turn-in magazines which hold more than 12 rounds.

        In other words Virginia government will claim that Virginians who refuse to destroy or turn-in their magazines with capacities greater than 12 rounds are a danger to society and they must therefore send law enforcement to use force to confiscate those “dangerous” magazines.

        While I do not agree that Virginians with magazines that hold more than 12 rounds are a danger to society, I do agree that Virginia government will proceed as stated above.

        • {Magazine confiscation}

          “… I do agree that Virginia government will proceed as stated above.”

          While I do not doubt that may happen, if it does, the question asked by one of the citizens in that session today may prove foretelling, with potentially *drastic* consequences :

          “Who’s side are you on, anyway?”…

        • Eventually magazines over 10 rounds will be considered military equipment. The argument will be similar to the one they make about owning RPGs.

          They practically got rid of belt fed guns when they took the giggle switch away. Then they made it worse by taking away the bump fire stocks that made the semi auto belt feds somewhat usable by the average person.

        • “In other words Virginia government will claim that Virginians who refuse to destroy or turn-in their magazines with capacities greater than 12 rounds are a danger to society and they must therefore send law enforcement to use force to confiscate those “dangerous” magazines.”

          To which maybe the spark to kick off of the great unpleasantness aka the Boogaloo.

      • Can’t have civil disobedience without disobedience. Huge difference between refusing to comply with a law that violates civil rights and breaking a law intended to protect someone else’s rights from being violated.

      • For the record some of us are anarchists who know that traditional common based on private property rights are that people need to function, and are easily explained, understood, obeyed, and privately enforced.

        Do not harm or threaten to harm another person or their property.

        This is why “victim less crimes” are not crimes at all.

        • traditional common law based on private property rights are all that

          Sorry. Typing too fast.

      • Chief Censor,that’s crap and you know it! One of the guiding principles in the country is you do not have to obey laws that violate the Constitution. I guess you never heard of non-violent protest? You must have slept through the Civil Rights movement, ever hear ” We shall overcome”? Sounds alot like “We shall not comply”.

      • I’m a Texan and I want you all to know that up front. I am also a law abiding American Patriot that will not give up my 2nd amendment rights! If that means that I have to take up arms against our corrupt and treasonous government, then so be it. When Obama was elected President back in 2008, I suspected that we (the American People) were going to be in big trouble. Not only did he turn out to be a fraud but, even worse, a traitor! In response to my suspicions, I decided to beef up my inventory of firearms and, now I’m glad that I did. My opinion is that, Democrats are all liars, thieves, traitors and anti-Americans. If they come to seize my weapons, there will be a bloody showdown and win lose or draw, I’ll make them pay for their infringement on my rights! I hope that all the Virginia Patriots feel the same way…..

      • The question is not whether or not you die, everybody dies. The answer has to be do you die alone, or do you die surrounded by the dead enemies of freedom & the constitution in a smoking pile of brass. Misery loves MISERABLE company.


        GO TRUMP 2020-2024-2028 —————-

    • when I lived in Virginia in the 60 they had blue laws you could not
      wash your car on Sunday or you could buy beer on Sunday but not milk for your baby sounds like a socialist is running your state today replace the democrats get out and vote

  2. So how many state felons has the Va. House just created?
    Who is stupid enough to try to enforce this?
    Remember this in November!

    • You c***suckers have no rights. Don’t give me your BS. Don’t you sovereign citizens make the job harder than it needs to be. You hear? Got it?

      • Ha check out the movie above. The one about the “scary” blacks with “scary guns”. I hope you’re not too frightened.

      • You c***suckers have no rights. Don’t give me your BS. Don’t you sovereign citizens make the job harder than it needs to be. You hear? Got it?

        The only cocksucker posting on here is you… Don’t want to have to work for it, afraid to put yourself in a dangerous position then stay the fuck home and DO NOT start knocking on gun owners doors… 433 million firearms in the U.S. in the hands of about 100 million people? come and get em…..

        • Boy, you think you can secede to West Virginia to find sanctuary? Better watch that video again. You are surrounded.

          One door at a time. Trump’s gun control strike teams will help kick your door in. Gun control crimes are being enforced at record levels under Trump.

          Don’t make the government use your Nest cameras to detect your illegal guns. Google has the software for it and you agreed to the terms.

        • LOL…. thank you Chief Sensor for your satire. Go read more Orwell people. Or just put the /sarc/ after everything Chief says.

      • As a former LEO, I agree with the “you have to provide ID if requested”. However I am absolutely appalled by the officers use of profanity when addressing the subject. If this officer is still working for this department it is a travesty. I promise that if you call me a “cocksucker” just one time during an interview, I will see that, that officer never works as an LEO ever again. The subject never used profanity or defamed the officer personally, for the officer to escalate the encounter to that level is most unprofessional, and projects that unprofessionalism on LEO’s universally. I was taught to de-escalate, and that I was, as an LEO, to treat every citizen with respect. Not what I saw on this video. I am disgusted as a professional.

  3. Love how the police avidly service the state. No matter what. They won’t stop til we give them what needs be done.

      • Yep. I’ve had several conversations with cops who had NO IDEA what the Nuremberg trials were. If you don’t know what that bit of history was, you have no business holding more authority than a fry cook at Wendy’s.

        • What Nuremberg proved was the same thing people have known for centuries- the defeated face retribution. The question is, is anyone going to defeat those in power in Virginia?

          I doubt it, given the electorate turnouts.

        • Even worse was the soon to be felons kept asking what side the deputies/cops were on while the enforcers kicked them out of a government meeting, so the criminals can continue to sit in peace as they break their oath of office and overthrow the people’s government from within.

          Very few Americans understand what is happening though it happens feet from their face.

          You can deny to the day you die.

        • So the Chinese are going to defeat the United States and hold the traitors accountable for their tyranny? Or maybe aliens will come down and save America from itself.

        • Chief I am more worried about French and Mexican history in regards to the US political landscape.

      • Another problem with depending on the Nuremberg defense is that you have to survive the encounter to use it…

    • The number say yes they will. The millennials and zoomers lean Democrat. It’s only going to get worse.

      • Even California recalled its Governor and installed a Republican… granted that Republican was Arnold Schwarzenegger, but still. With states like Virginia, who needs California to represent insanity? Come to California ye friendly Virginians; where gun laws are slightly more reasonable.

      • Till they get jobs and start paying big boy taxes. Growing up has a way of making progressives rethink positions as we saw with the boomers and gen x crowd. Plus the segment entertaining the workplace now is the most conservative for their age in several generations so we will see how that one shakes out.

    • Blackface may have two more years, but, how many delegates are up for election in November? The governor can only do what the legislature allows him to do. Kinda like the Senate acquittal of Trump.

  4. Don’t worry the democrats of this country hate every voter who doesn’t vote as they do. They hate every gun owner and Trump supporter and will pass every law they can to screw us when they are in a position to do so. So yes remember this in November folks! Every last one of us regardless which state we reside in. The Civil war isnt around the corner it is already amongst us.

  5. State police in every state I know of are under the thumb of the governor, they are there to protect the governor & his office… that’s probably why you never hear a state cop say he will protect the civilians 2A rights, as almost all the Sheriff’s have said… it’s probably going to have to get nasty before most law enforcement officials pick a side.

  6. Well it looks like I am being set up to be declared a felon if this Bloomberg bought and paid for legislation actually passes the whole House and the Senate. Living here in occupied VA ( i.e. in a non-sanctuary county, town or city ) I am disgusted that after a career in Federal Law Enforcement and the Military I am now about to be declared a felon for possessing legally bought firearms items. This is very much a ex post facto law. Ex post facto laws are expressly forbidden by the United States Constitution in Article 1, Section 9, Clause 3 (with respect to federal laws) and Article 1, Section 10 (with respect to state laws). This law not only attacks the substance of the 2nd Amendment but retroactively makes felons of law abiding citizens. As such it may be viewed as Unconstitutional legislative overreach. This makes it an unlawful piece of legislation which it is our duty to resist and refuse compliance. —Molon labe! And if this bill passes make no mistake, they WILL be coming Bloomberg will insist on it!

    • It’s not an ex post facto law.

      It’s bullshit and a terrible infringement but it’s not retroactive.

      • It isn’t retroactive…until it is.

        Here in CA, 10+ mags were prohibited with passage of law in 2000, although the Dems told us at the time that they would honor the grandfathering rule and we could keep our existing property.

        Then, in 2016, Governor Moonbeam and the Keystone Kops in Sacramento passed another law, removing that grandfathering and ruling all possession illegal. This is, by the way, exactly what was challenged in court, ruled as unconstitutional by Federal Judge Benitez, which eventually led to our now-famous “Freedom Week”. His ruling will ultimately be supported by the Ninth Circuit (for the second time), and all Western states will see all their magazine laws immediately nullified.

        Then it will be used a precedent to allow challenges in other states.

        • While I’m not defending CA’s abuses of the law, what you’re describing is still not retroactive.

          A law that says “Hence forth X is banned and possession is illegal” is not an ex post facto law. A law saying “Hence forth X is banned and possession is illegal but also saying posession prior to the passage of this law is illegal” is an ex post facto law.

          An ex post facto law makes actions or posession that occur prior to the law illegal and punishable even though it was not illegal when you actually did it.

          If we’re going to complain about laws we should at least have our complaints correct enough to get credit in middle school civics.

        • This is a very thin bit of hope. But, it strengthens with every appointment the President makes. Every Pacific state except Alaska has been violated by Democrats.

  7. It’s time for the supreme court to step in here. This is getting completely out of control. State legislatures are passing bans on common firearms, bans on common magazines, outright confiscations without due process,etc. Isn’t this what this invisible branch of government is supposed to prevent???

    • The supreme court only takes cases that have went through the process. The laws will have to get challenged before implementation or after people are arrested and convicted.

  8. There is no identical bill in the Senate.

    SB16 was withdrawn on the first day of the session.

    Get your “reporting” correct.

    • Also to add, it’s passed the deadline to add new bills for discussion. Do a modicum of research.

      • And what leads to believe they won’t simply change the rules to allow a vote? Common sense, precedent, rule of law, Constitutions…mean nothing more to these slimy insects than how the “rules” can twisted into a fascistic bludgeon used on their opponents to get what they want. Leftist, statist, traitorous low-lifes.

      • That’s not how VA works. You’re thinking like MD. Itll cross over late next week if house approves.

  9. It is time to take back their government and physically remove all democratic polecats! There is nothing short of tyranny going on! Demand recalls, protests, public announcements condemning them! And refusals to follow any laws passed out of that legislative body! As Mad Maxine said with regard to Republicans, “Get in their faces! Tell them they are now longer in charge and are not wanted whenever and wherever you find them! No Peace until they comply!”

  10. For some people WaPo’s slogan isn’t a warning but rather a suggested course of action.

    I don’t think Judge Damon Keith meant it to be taken in the latter way, but, like, whatever man.

    • Which slogan, “Democracy dies in darkness”?

      And on suppressors, existing ones grandfathered, or will they be immediately banned?

      And how can they do that to an NFA device, anyways? It takes up to a year or longer for the paperwork to clear Washington…

      • You’ve picked the correct slogan. Though I believe the original quote was actually his Honor saying “Democracy dies in the dark” but I might be mistaken.

        As for the NFA stuff… I don’t really know what would happen. Should this actually become law I would assume that the NFA Branch would offer guidance to owners, possibly personal guidance since they theoretically know the registered address/home state of the object in question.

        As I said before, I suspect that states that have a border with VA and also lack laws restricting posession of NFA items will find that safe deposit boxes at the banks along the border are suddenly in short supply since that would give with prior ATF guidance on moving to a restricted state.

        • I *suppose* a registered address could be a safe deposit box in a bank for NFA paperwork requirements.

          At this point, I’m getting concerned other states may start doing what Va. is doing to ‘cans, like even mine, cause I’m an inch from converting some of my insurance payout into a .30 cal pistol with a muffler…

        • “…cause I’m an inch from converting some of my insurance payout into a .30 cal pistol with a muffler…”

          Honestly, if more POTG just bought cans and put up with the wait time it very likely wouldn’t be long until we essentially got the HPA by overwhelming the NFA branch which has already asked Congress to remove silencers from the NFA.

          Do to the ATF what the 55mph National Speedlimit did to the FCC and CB licenses. Make it cost so much and take so long that they just give up.

        • Also, “I *suppose* a registered address could be a safe deposit box in a bank for NFA paperwork requirements.”

          Don’t suppose. This is the ATF’s guidance to NFA item owners who move overseas or to a state where the items are prohibited.

        • “Do to the ATF what the 55mph National Speedlimit did to the FCC and CB licenses. Make it cost so much and take so long that they just give up.”

          Good logic…

  11. The people who support the politicians proposing and passing this legislation are not your friends. If and when law enforcement gets to the point of actually enforcing this legislation their response will be that you you should have obeyed the law. They’ll shake their heads and say that they feel bad for you but it’s your fault. They will not take responsibility for supporting, the implementation of or enforcement of the law. Remember, they have no problem seeing you shot and killed, members of your family shot and killed or you winding up in a cage. Even family members will blame you. Leftists, are only friends of the State.

  12. Too bad Hellcat, you got Virginia equalized with the sig P365!

    I jest, this shows how arbitrary mag limits are. Especially if lawmakers pick a weird number where common mags don’t exist in 12, at least for rifles and sub guns. Maybe one of them owns a CZ82? HK P2000 in .40 or a Beretta 81? HK Mark 23 or USP45? Can’t think of a lot of other 12 round guns. PPQ 22?

    Well if this goes through eventually there will be 12 round AR and AK mags for sale…

    • I guess SIG had read the tea leaves. The P365 comes with standard 10 round mags, but the newer P365XL comes with standard 12 round magazines.

  13. Are not “assault weapons” already banned, I think you need a permission slip from the gubment to have one,.? Next up assault knives, black handle, , black blade,pointy tip, finger guards, blood groove.Assault knife

  14. Up until recently I blame the politicians, now I blame the dumbasses that voted them into office. Live with your choices. Criminals don’t think much of the laws and since you are bound and determined to make me one, I don’t either so stuffing you should do.

  15. You will comply or you will die. Don’t be some Antifa wanna be who’s trying to follow their own rules.

    Then let it be so, the difference between people like me and the chicken shit ANTIFA is we don’t go around breaking windows and ganging up on individuals unable to defend themselves… Do not ever mistake a true believer in the 2nd Amendment as one of those cowardly punks… If I must DIE because I refuse to COMPLY with a tyrannical Government then so be it… Yeah I know “keyboard commando etc. etc. etc.” All I can say is try me punk, I can assure you I will not go alone… aut vincere aut mori

    • There have been numerous Antifa types that took on the government and were shot dead. Have yet to see a “patriot” stand up like that. Of course Republicans called those gunmen terrorists.

      • Oh really? What do you think will happen when everyone knows “they” are coming? Ya better stay in Boston, boy. It is safer for you there.

  16. When I was a young junior NCO I remember getting a great piece of advice from a CPO who probably served under John Paul Jones. He said “Never give an order that you know won’t be obeyed.” We found out a similar thing in the 1920’s – don’t pass a law that people won’t obey. People wanted a drink no matter what the law said and they will want their AR in the same way.

    • Think of the moon shiners and their Nascar roots, they going to bring fast cars back to bootleg AR parts from free states?

    • But if we don’t have a million laws stopping you from being free, how are we going to put you in a cage with the public’s support? You think a jury is going to throw you into a cage for many years without a law being written down for them to convict you of? What do you expect the white supremacists to do without the law on their side?

      • Pretty sure the white supremacists you speak of are more about the wealth and social hiarchy requirements then skin color there bud.

      • Ahhh…a true believer in Malum Phohibitum over Malum Se. Yeah…that sort of makes you a dimwit.

  17. Hopefully Virginia gun owners give up on the law abiding part. All felonies after the first are free.

    • Three felonies and you are out. Thanks, Republicans.

      It’s a felony to resist an officer of the law with any violence and it’s a felony to touch an officer of the law. In Texas you get the death penalty if you kill a cop but not so much for a “civilian.”

  18. So what will be required is to vote in a R legislature, an R governor, repeal the laws,, and take the heat from the left for doing so.
    Heller allows for local regulations and that is where the mag limits come from.

    • It also means paying attention to, and participating in the primaries, if your state has them. A Republican who doesn’t come out 4-square for the 2A, and publicly say so many times, ain’t worth a jar of spit. So you gotta make sure the Republican you vote for for the legislature/gubner is the real deal.

      In any case, if your ONLY choice is to vote for a Democrat, don’t vote. Go to the movies or something.

      • LOL I love how ignorant this comment is. It demonstrates your clear lack of political trends over the last 50 years, namely, the shift from true bipartisan politics to an us vs them mentality. The republicans consistently change what it means to be a ‘good’ one while the Dems have at least remained consistent.

        Must be hard getting the taste of boot out of your mouth at the end of the day.

    • This assumes the Rs would even repeal the laws. They promised to get rid of the hated personal property tax in VA until they saw how much money it brought in. No one even discusses repealing it.

      Gun control might be unpopular with the masses but can pro constitution pols actually take the heat from the media? Once taken, freedom and rights are almost impossible to get back.

  19. I’m just waiting for the Virginia Demoncraps to start their own Reichstag fire and forgo the niceties of actually having to vote.
    If I still lived in Virginia I would be investing in fire extinguishers.

  20. You know this shit never bothered me until the AG in Pa tried that BS with 80%s. Now with Va having this bogus BS happen to them it scares me. I have found that trying to convince ppl to vote because of the 2A doesnt seem to work alot but when you tell people…. decent god fearing ppl, about the infanticide and abortions they get sick. The people who want to strip us of our rights are the same ppl who violate the 2A because they say it saves lives but they have no problem killing babies. If your friends and family wont vote to defend the 2A now there’s more reasons to tell them to vote. Places like NY giving license to illegals and then using the dmv for voter registration is a crime. I dont know how anyone can be so stupid to side with the Dems.

    • That infanticide bill that made such an uproar in Virginia is the current law here in NY with all opposition squelched. The IDs for illegals does have the benefit of Federal retribution of refusing to allow various upgraded security prechecks in airports (hopefully other inconveniences as well) so the commies, unaware, and in denial types actually get some consequences for it. Kinda hits the free up here as well but honestly we are kinda used to it anyway and any negative consequence that hits the governor and his supporters falls under acceptable losses.

  21. Some attorney as to make these clowns understand that the Constitution means something and that No Ex post facto laws means no ex post facto laws, guns or not. If they can outlaw possession of firearms they could outlaw possession of anything they want to, including private homeownership.

  22. The question is a simple one, which law take precedent, Natural Law and National Law which came first or State Law written in opposition to National and Natural Law. Many of the same people who seem to want illegal aliens out of the country and do not like sanctuary cities/states that are in violation of National law want to infringe of the Second Amendment which supports a citizen’s right to keep a Natural Law. Either a National law is to be followed or not, if the second Amendment is not to be respected, neither should the first or any. The Supreme Court has already ruled that firearms in ‘common use’ are covered by the Second Amendment. There is not more commonly used Modern Sporting Rifle than the AR 15 type of rifle, which was a civilian firearm before it was modified/changed to be a military rifle. The Supreme Court’s decision extends to the parts/accessories for the Modern Sporting Rifle. While one could say the 100 round magazine is not in common use because, comparatively speaking, they are not as ‘common’ as the two or three most often used magazines, the 30, 20 nd 10 round versions, the same could be said for the five round magazine but nobody wants to ban those except Bloomberg who seems to think three round magazines should be the maximum.

    Those who say the AR 15 should be banned to prevent deaths obviously does not understand firearm related deaths. All rifles account for less than 3% of firearm deaths. To eliminate all rifles tomorrow would prevent less than 3% of deaths annually. What this really means is they want to eliminate the scary black rifles first because they believe the uninformed leftist will back them up. When this does little or nothing to stop criminals, they will move to restrict and/or eliminate the next category of ‘scary’ weapon. eventually all you will have left is armed criminals and people like the military, law enforcement, de Blasio and Bloomberg with their armed professional bodyguards.

    I believe we should go with punishing those who misuse and criminally use firearms. And equally, I believe we should impeach and oust those who do not honor their oath to office of protecting and defending the Constitution.

    • bloomberg, di blasio . . . what gives them the right?? What knowledge do they have, beyond money-laundering? Same with steyer, and all those fools running for president under the auspices of the dna.

  23. “We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution” – President Abraham Lincoln.

  24. Representative govt: name for the practice of fig-leafing normal govt by pull w/ mass rituals demonstrating the people’s preferences, to be ignored when they come out wrong.

    See also: VA gun laws, Iowa caucus, 2016 D-party primary, EU ratification, Brexit

  25. That’s what you get when you allow Dems to control your State. Maybe the citizens of Va. Will get off their lazy asses and vote the next time these gun grabbers are up for election. And get some New people to run the RNC in your State as well.

  26. Gun Control is racist with racist roots! What did the Governor wear again?
    Why haven’t the Dems been in the streets calling this out when they protest non-racist things?

  27. I recently read a report from the FBI that stated that over the past 45 years Blacks have Killed over 400,000 other Blacks and most of those killings were done with handguns. The biggest threat to Blacks in this country is other Blacks.
    An Assualt rifle is nothing more than a rifle that looks like a military weapon. It is NOT a Machine Gun as many politicians and idiots from Hollywood continue to say. Remington makes an AR-15 that looks just like an M-16 and that is where the resemblance ends, it looks like a Military Weapon. Remington also makes a hunting rifle that incorporates the exact same receiver mechanism as the AR-15 but it has a wooden stock. It has the exact same rate of fire as the AR-15 and uses the exact same type of rounds. Do these idiots think that you will be any less dead if you are shot with a hunting rifle or an AR-15? Anyone with half a brain who wanted to do a lot of damage in a confined area would use an automatic 12 gauge shotgun with 00 buckshot

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