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The Detroit PD’s official version of events surrounding the shooting of Adaisha Miller continues to unravel – or become clearer – depending how you look at it. From the beginning, the story fed to the media stank worse than the dumpsters at the Fulton Fish Market during a summer garbage strike. Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee, Jr. showed almost Clintonian chutzpah yesterday standing before the press and continuing to push the tragic, hug-from-behind, the gun just “went off” scenario. We wouldn’t have been surprised to hear him stridently affirm that Officer Parrish didn’t have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Miller. Finger wag and all. But even notoriously firearm-ignorant mainstream media types knew enough to wonder how a backside embrace can result in a downward shot to the thorax. The answer: she was in front of him, on her knees . . .

Which is what plenty of those who commented here after our initial IGOTD post speculated. This, from

Miller was dancing behind Officer Isaac Parrish at his home in Archdale and was on her knees and tugging at Parrish’s waist when his holstered gun fired, striking her in the chest, a police official familiar with the investigation said Tuesday.

What could she have been doing on her knees at the fatal fish fry?

The official said the angle of the gunshot is possible because Miller was not standing and described it as some type of “exotic dance.”

You usually have to put down at least a Benjamin for that kind of exotic entertainment. Or so we hear.

As Richard Nixon (or Eric Holder, for that matter) will tell you, it’s not the crime so much as it’s the cover-up that gets your areolas firmly clamped in the old wringer. Chief Godbee’s blown any credibility he may have once had by attempting to cover up an awkward fatality with such a transparently bullshit laden story. Can you keep your job as a big city top cop after something like this? Maybe only in Detroit.

Best guess: it really was an accident. Officer Parrish was at a party being serviced by a woman who was inconveniently not his wife when the “exotic” Ms. Miller became a little too demonstrative and yanked on his gun in its POS soft holster. He may have been drunk, too, not that we’ll ever know for sure since his brothers in blue didn’t administer a breathalyzer test. Cause that could have been awkward, what with the dead body there on the floor and e’rything. Say what you want about the Motor City, but their thin blue line sure sticks together.

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  1. “the story fed to the media stank worse than the dumpsters at the Fulton Fish Market during a summer garbage strike”

    Dan, you deserve a national media award for that line.

  2. “Adaisha Miller Was On Her Knees When She Was Killed”

    Ok, TMI, guys. TMI.

    This is where my curiosity ends.

  3. I demand an investigation by the Justice Department. Oh, wait a minute how is that going to bring out the facts?

    • I’m sure Eric “My People” Holder would put any biases aside and do a wonderful job investigating.

  4. So, if this exact same situation had occured with a non-police gun owner, what is the likelyhood he would be in jail right now?

  5. Unless and until they re-create the crime scene and are able to make the weapon discharge while in the holster, I don’t care what position she was in, I’m still calling BS. I assume they have checked the gun and it is not faulty. Not knowing what kind of holster it was, it may be possible to make it discharge inside it, put someone had to pull the trigger or yank on the gun hard enough to make the trigger hang up on something and discharge, in which case it was a POS holster. There are still many dots that don’t connect in this story.

  6. OK.

    I will “connect the dots “for you….

    This P.O.S. cop and adulterer was being all “gangsta” tough guy off duty with his “gat” in his underoo’s while the girl was smokin his cigar and for whatever reason he made a quick grab for his pants and shot her.


    end of story.

    I don’t care how drunk the home wrecker was, she was probably too busy with the fellatio to do a clothing malfunction on this POS cop, and even an extreme drunk who HAD to have seen the gat on her way down the treasure-trail would not foolish enough to try to play with it knowing most “gangsta’s” don’t even know what a safety is, let alone how to use one.

    As usual, the POS cop and his enablers will get off with a raise, promotion, and transfer to another police station somewhere else in the country and another gold star on his jacket for another righteous kill and clean shoot report.

    • Calling me out like that was pretty much a bonehead move Michael B. Whatever.

      Since you obviously want to know my opinion…this story reeks of total BS and it makes me sick. There needs to be a real investigation and all parties even remotely part of a cover-up need to be thrown in prison (and lose their jobs/pension, etc). It still doesn’t change my opinion that bad cops are in general the minority. Police forces obviously have some systematic and cultural issues (that don’t truly serve the public) but I don’t chose to judge every individual cop as bad because of it. As far as many statements made here that essentially point to systematic/cultural problems in law enforcement, I COMPLETELY AGREE. I certainly don’t see how this “accident” could have happened and I again call BS. Even if it truly was an accident, this guy needs to be held accountable…prosecuted for his inability to control his firearm, being stupid as hell, and essentially causing the death of this woman.

    • 20 lbs., and requires you to simultaneously pull the trigger, wiggle your left ear and hum the theme from Charlie Chaplin’s last movie.

  7. So if I kill someone on their knees, the media and police would have said I murdered them execution style, the police do it, and it was an accident and the victim’s fault?

  8. the DPD carry glocks, 22 or 23. so there wouldn’t be a safety. that said, it takes a serious yank of the trigger to lite it up . clearly some pretty vigerous dancing going on there. sounds like the gun was falling out and he tried to catch it, or stuff it back into his waistband and got his finger on the trigger. when I first heard this story I thought “Hmmmmmm, that sounds fishy “.

  9. Okey Dokey. Now let me see…George Zimmerman gets the crap beat out of him by a drug addled teenage thug and as a result is out on a MILLION DOLLAR BAIL, faces 2nd degree murder charges, has to hide in a safe house with armed guards 24/7, and is a marked man for death by the various crazies and black militants. This guy has the police department making up stories for him. Yup everything is fine and dandy in America these days.

    A Detroit summertime party? Hmmmm…..I’d bet dollars to donuts that everyone was smoking weed. That more than one guy had fun with the deceased and would even doubt that the guy in question is really the guy in question. At this point I think you’d need to bring in investigators from the planet Mars to get the real story.

    • GZ actually isn’t doing too bad for a guy who was an unemployed nobody. He’ll get off, write a book, make a movie, get on with his life. In the meantime, he’s getting plenty of financial support and has more money coming in in a week then he’s probably seen any given year, he’ll be okay. He intentionally shot someone in the course of defending his life. This cop was off duty, at home giving a party…I think the weed smoking presumption goes out the window there….who cares who this girl was with beforehand? Everyone was just trying to cover up the fact she was giving this guy a lap dance, and the wrong gun went POP.

      • Couldnt have been that. WTF position was the cop in, if a IWB/OWB holster managed to shoot upwards at a 45 degree angle, going thru the victims lung, and then heart? Was he being water boarded while getting a lap dance?

    • “and is a marked man for death by the various crazies and black militants. This guy has the police department making up stories for him.”
      The black community don’t seem to care when it is black on black crime. Heaven forbid youre not black and defend yourself against one though.

      • I don’t know of any notable non-black in jail for killing one, and I doubt GZ will end up on that list (if there is one). I don’t know how you determine that they don’t care just because they can’t seem to stop it. It begins long before someone has a gun in their hand….if anything I might say they don’t care about how their raising their young boys, and even that is a broad generalization. As far as GZ being marked for death….I don’t think the New Black Panthers have 10K between them to pay the bounty.

    • Zimmerman is out on “a MILLION DOLLAR BAIL” because he lied to the judge. Period.

      He was previously out on a $100,000 bail but what do you know – when you lie to a judge there are repercussions.

      • I’m not justifying what he did at all, but what did you really expect? He was floating from job to job, his wife was an unemployed hairdresser, now they’re pulling in thousands of dollars a week? They’re like people who hit the lottery and don’t know what to do with the sudden windfall…even if they aren’t spending the money frivolously, imagine going from nothing to a six figure bank account…

        • “They’re like people who hit the lottery and don’t know what to do with the sudden windfall…”

          well when the judged asked “do you have any money in your bank accounts?” saying “yes, we’ve received over $300k from our donation drive” would have been a place to start. stop making excuses for him. they lied and now they have to face the consequences.

        • No excuses Bobby…I was just trying to be nice…I think he’s a boneheaded idiot who doesn’t have a clue, and I’m not suprised he did something that…boneheaded. He lied and he did it on purpose, you get no argument from me at all…and I think he’s more of a doofus than a racist.

      • Seeing how bail is punitive (like our income tax system) and the more money you have, the more they punish you, you’d be a moron NOT to lie about it.

      • United States Constitution, Amendment VIII: Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

        I guess my copy is missing the part about “unless you lie to the judge.”

  10. Now, for all those who harrumph and tsk-tsk that we’re critical of cops here on TTAG:

    The DPD just lost most any credibility they could have had with this incident because they thought that everyone was as stupid as a typical TV/newspaper reporter about guns. They came out with this nonsense about a “hug from behind,” and other such absurd scenarios that you’d have to believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, Mr. Hanky and the Tooth Fairy all at once to be that gullible.

    It would have cost them nothing but some embarrassment to tell the truth the first time (because cops are human too, and the department wasn’t involved in the “exotic dance”), but instead, they wanted to peddle a line of BS.

  11. being critical of cops is one. but to hear some of the regulars here tell it we’d be better off with mogadishu type tecnicals roaming the streets. yes, cops need oversight. they’re citizens the same as us and should be governed by the same rulesw. on the whole we’re better off with them than without.

    • I haven’t seen anyone say “we’d be better off with mogadishu type tecnicals roaming the streets” in my (admittedly short) time here at TTAG. Could you provide a link to the comment you are referencing? Or just admit to using a strawman. Either one will be fine. Thanks in advance!

      • I would have responded, but I’m still trying to figure out what a “tecnical” is….

      • I wonder what it would take to turn my old Toyota Tacoma into a Technical – besides the obvious Ma Deuce and mounting, I’d probably have to strengthen and stiffen the springs, plus some bigger tires. Any other suggestions?

        • I’m pretty sure all you’d need is the gun and a mount, no springs or tires. How much does a M2 and 1000 rounds weight? 400 to 500 pounds with a mount? What pickup can’t take that? You could probably even stick that on a old VW beetle without upgrades.

      • Ralph’s comment that all cops are assholes…I’ve been called a “welfare queen”…

        TTAG is pretty critical of 5-0, but they definitely helped blow this caper wide open…

        • Ralph’s comment that all cops are assholes

          Funny, but I don’t remember saying that. Can you direct me to the comment where I said so, or are you trying to prove that I was right even when I didn’t say it?

    • It would be a good start if police were subject to the Geneva Conventions that control our troops in war zones. After all, why should an enemy combatant have more rights than an American citizen.

    • Just wondering but where the hell would the gang bangers get a anti-aircraft gun, recoil less rifle, belt fed machine gun, etc? They run around with pocket pistols for the most part, and usual dont own more than a box of ammo.

      • You’d be surprised whats available on the streets. New Years Eve sounds like Black Hawk Down speaking of “technicals”. I’m sure it wouldn’t be too hard to round up the necessary armament, seriously. You hear PLENTY of automatic gunfire NYE. There were reports in the paper last year of a raid that turned up hand grenades.

        • Its not that hard to make hand grenades. Buy some demilled ones, and weld the hole in the bottom and top, drill a hole for a fuse, and fill with a fast burning powder.

    • This is where the supporters of LEO excesses (excess force, excess weaponry, excess pay) make themselves look foolish and silly. I’ve followed nearly every cop thread, participated in most of the cop-bashing threads on TTAG, and I’ve never, ever seen someone propose we have roving bands of clowns with a belt-fed weapon in the back of a Toyota pickup.

      The facts are unequivocally clear: Law enforcement in the US has gotten out of hand. The number of “mistakes” and unauthorized uses of lethal force is unacceptable. Law enforcement employees are wildly over-paid. Don’t believe me? Let’s just quote from today’s news. I’m not going to look back over the last umpteen years to cherry pick, I’m just going to pull up two headlines I see in my RSS feed *today*:,0,5249903.story

      Those of you who parrot the party line from LEO organizations are going to have to explain why the taxpayers are going to have to pay such outlandish sums for organizational incompetence that result in bankruptcies. And if you’re going to spout such nonsense as “the alternative is Mogadishu,” well then, you should expect to be challenged and called out.

    • Ah, the old Somalia herring.

      This stems from a typical snarky leftie response to people who want limited government. It goes like this: “LOL WHY DON’T YOU MOVE TO SOMALI SINCE THAT’S A REAL LIBERTARIAN PARADISE?”

      Because clearly if you want a limited government that respects your liberties and rights you must also be for a state of chaos.


    • on the whole we’re better off with them than without.

      I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess you’ve never encountered one of our “precious” corrupt thugs in blue.

    • No, they’re citzens with special powers that they lord over other citizens. They should be held to a higher standard, not a lower one. Had you or I been at a parting, drunk (my assumption), with a loaded weapon and that weapon “just went off,” we’d be in jail, without bail. We would have the pleasure of only getting restricted duty. I’m tired of appologist for our para-miltary, out-of-control police. There are around 800,000 officers and I can count anywhere from a half-dozen to a dozen being charged or convicted of crimes daily.

  12. If there’s a bullet hole in the holster or it’s burned, then maybe — maybe — the gun actually did go off by accident. Otherwise, yet another cop is getting away with yet another killing.

    • It would seem like a pretty simple thing to determine, yeah? Along with powder burns on the cop’s thigh/hip area, which would be in evidence if a holstered gun went off while on his hip.

      And I’m sure a little post-mortem examination for DNA on the deceased would help clear things up too.

      But let’s not worry about that. We all know what the outcome here is going to be. The cop is going to get away with it, some money will be paid to the family with a binding agreement to keep quiet, and the people of Detroit will forget all about it.

  13. moonshine’ you haven’t been here long enoufg to hear matt spout about anarchy? or forming small units to attack government workers? a lot of posts here about cops and the military that are truly outrageous. if you haven’t seen them yet, you will. as for my spelling and typing skills,meh, who really cares.

  14. and i believe that i have said wariness. i am on the record for de-militarizing cops. they shouldn’t have rights or firepower that we don’t have. but our enemies, enemies of the 2a, try to paint all gun owners as evil when a relative handful misbehave. our fellow posters here seem to want to use that same flawed logic towards the cops. and also for the record, i am not a cop. i am x military, more than 3 decades ago now.

  15. I don’t think a show of force like a Technical would be a bad idea in Detroit to tell you the truth. There is no respect for the police presence. It’s to the point now where they may not come for hours or days if there is a break-in or an auto theft. They now close the local precincts during traditional high-crime hours. They have now what are called “virtual precincts”, which means if you walk up during the hours they are closed, someone will walk up to the door and tell you to come back later. There was an instance where a wanted felon TRIED to turn himself in at TWO differenent precincts. The first told him there was no outstanding warrant, the second told him to come back during normal business hours. He ended up turning himself in to a personal friend who happened to be a cop. So, sorry a Ford F 150 with a .50 cal on the back sounds real good.

  16. Okay, why do I have that image from the original Terminator of Reece on the back of that truck firing away at that HK?

  17. Slightly OT, but does it strike anyone else as odd that the Police Chief is wearing the insignia of a 5-star general/admiral?

    • Since we’re off topic, it struck me more tha he, like many cops, shave their heads to look like the dicks they are.

  18. I think if you just rubbed a little anarchy on it, it would make it all better. Does wonders for the hair and nails.

  19. And President Obama should have a press conference and announce that if he had a daughter, she’d look like Ms. Miller.

    Oh, wait . . . .

  20. In this day and age lying is not an option . . . even for the politicians or the authorities . . . it is a time to deal with the awful truth that there are places in this nation that are beyond repair. But, we have to fix them if we are going to make it.

  21. I knew this woman. dated her. believe me she would not be performing fellatio. That would never happen. be like elton john making love to a woman….

  22. He was drunk w/finger on trigger ‘Gangsta Style’, there may have been a camera involved. The Gat was not holstered

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