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Click here for text of NRA Veep Wayne LaPierre’s address to the United Nations. As Wayne wails on the idea of civilian gun control, Dick Morris is sticking to his guns, predicting a major U.N. gun grab. “Without much fanfare and with as little publicity as possible, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will go to New York City to sign the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), now in the final stages of negotiation at the U.N.,” Mr. Morris writes at “The treaty marks the beginning of an international crusade to impose gun controls on the United States and repeal our Second Amendment rights.” And even if it isn’t about civilian arms (as I asserted previously), it is. “Secretary Clinton will doubtless succeed in inserting language into the treaty asserting that it in no way is meant to restrict our right to bear arms. But even this language will be meaningless in the face of the overall construct set up by the treaty.” Wait. What treaty?

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  1. Once someone shows their true colors, their words and seeming intentions mean nothing. The international syndicate of corruption and oppression known as the UN, along with the reprehensible Clinton and Obama ilk, have shown their true colors time and time again. I don’t care what the treaty says, I know what the intentions are of all those would-be tyrants. Thus, I’m not willing to give them an inch.

    Besides, we’re not dealing with a GI Joe villain here. These are real-world villains, they know how to play the game. They know that power comes incrementally and through quiet, back-room deals. They gain power not by laughing maniacally and unleashing their death robots into Manhattan. They know that half the US voters are stupid lemmings that would willingly give away their freedoms one at a time. Why be violent when you can be manipulative?

    Morris and the NRA and all have their own agenda to be sure, and they’re willing to sow a little fear as much as anyone else. Regardless, whatever this treaty says, you can be sure of the UN’s long-term goals: total disarmament and total control.

  2. Linked text does not match video.

    I don’t really like Wayne LaPierre, so I wanted to read the speech rather than listen to him, but I started the video anyway, so I noticed the difference. What he says in the video is probably better than the words in the linked text.

  3. once again. we don’t need the un. it is very important to put as many of the national level democrats on the dole in november as possible. maybe they will finally wake up and get on board with 2a.

    • Don’t need the UN? It’s a pulpit for petty dictators and an enemy of liberty. They should be kicked out of New York and the knot cut off the revolver sculpture barrel to make it a giant snubby.

  4. Hopefully there will be enough stink to not get anything done until after November. If Obama doesn’t get reelected then I would hope that Romney would veto the treaty hands down. I would be surprised if Russia or China would be on board with it at all.

  5. Say what you will about the U.N. Treaty, or lack thereof, since Obama was elected we’ve been dancing with the devil. And nothing good shall come of it.

  6. Wait, What treaty? You have to vote it in before you can see what’s in it!! Sound familiar?

  7. I don’t care what Obama and Clinton do. Any agreement proposed by the President of the United States becomes a treaty only after two thirds of the Senate vote for it.
    Are there 66 Senators who would vote for this?

  8. To understand about Mrs. Clinton and U.N. gun control , First I wish to point that MRS. Clinton is very much into WITCHCRAFT , talks and calls up the dead, used Jean Dixion, that also helps you understand their (Clintons) strong MARXISM views, total lack of morals, Now as for who is the U.N.( serves the God of this world the Devil) , or forces of DARKNESS and all that is EVIL… as I have said before WE war against all the powers and forces of darkness and evil…

  9. For any member of the US Government to sign this treaty would be a willful act of Treason.

  10. So I’m curious Rob, what will you do if it turns out that the treaty is in fact an attempt to interfere with our ability to buy and own guns? You seem to be putting out a decent amount of effort to defend it, so what if you’re wrong?

  11. One way to put the question into perspective is to ask, How often has the United Nations not acted with satanic dishonesty, putrid corruption, naked self-dealing, and utter indifference, if not hostility, toward liberty? The only thing that limits its wickedness is its incompetence.

    And color me skeptical, but it’s hard to imagine Obama and Clinton actually defending the Second Amendment.

  12. Mr. Fargo-
    “Secretary Clinton will doubtless succeed in inserting language into the treaty asserting that it in no way is meant to restrict our right to bear arms. But even this language will be meaningless in the face of the overall construct set up by the treaty.”

    Is this language from the Gun Control posting about Hilary Clinton. Considering it was Bill who sign the ‘Assault Weapons Ban’ legislation, I think the statement requires a “LMAO!” Hilary is Obama lite, nothing more, nothing less.

  13. Which 66 Senators will vote for this?I know Jack Reed,Whitehouse,Kerry,Feinstein,Boxer,Schumer and the rest of the rabid anti-2A assholes will but any Republican who does is a traitor-maybe those two useless women from Maine might.

  14. The funny thing is that the UN couldn’t actually enforce this law upon American citizens. It would impact foreign arm shipments, but the UN doesn’t have the authority or manpower to go door to door.

    • IF the treaty was ratified the US gov would not only have the power to to enforce it but would also be obligated to enforce it, no?

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