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“We’ve got two gangbangers, one standing next to a kid. Get away from that kid. Take your stuff away to the alley. Don’t touch the children of the city of Chicago. Don’t get near them. And it is about values. As I said then [when a 7-year-old girl was shot and killed last month], who raised you? How were you raised? And I don’t buy this case where people say they don’t have values. They do have values. They have the wrong values. Don’t come near the kids — don’t touch them.” Mayor Rahm Emanuel getting tough on crime after the latest spate of Windy City shootings.

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  1. Here’s some better advice : Don’t vote for these people and start demanding the respect for your 2A rights the rest of the country has.

    • Unfortunately, black on black crime doesn’t need an advocate. It needs an intervention.

  2. Trampling the 2nd Amendment rights of people is not going to fix the cycle of broken households that produced these gangbangers in the first place.

    • +1 Van. That is where the solution needs to begin. In the household. These Black men (and I use the term “men” loosely) need to stop breeding kids they aren’t capable of raising and taking care of, and these Black women need to stop being baby making machines for these boneheads. Until they realize they have to take responsibility for their neighborhoods, their families, their children, all of the gun control, legislation, neighborhood watches, whatever….is not going to work.

      • You also need to give them alternatives, opportunity, education — jobs. They turn to gangs and the streets because (a) its better than what they have or (b) its the only life their family has ever known and there is no way to break the cycle.

        That said, all the non-sense speak is for make believe to the masses of the liberal democratic minions because the gang bangers could care less what this guy says.

  3. Rahmbutt’s statement had nothing to do with the Second Amendment. He is simply asking the gangbangers to act nicely. Why does the Second Amendment have to be dragged into every conversation? The dude is a clueless liberal who bullies those he can bully in politics and is powerless against the lawless outside of politics.

    • The Second Amendment has to be dragged into every conversation because 1. This is a firearms site. 2. The story is about Chicago. 3. Arming the intended victims is the most effective way to prevent violent crime.

      • These gangbangers couldn’t tell you what the Second Amendment entails. How are you going to arm a 7 yo girl. Since when do you care about inner city residents who choose to live in thug land? This is what the story is about. Look like a bunch of nuts whose sole focus in life is the Second Amendment.

        • Nobody “chooses” to live in “thug land”. Contrary to what many people outside of “thug land” would have you believe, nobody in the ghetto wants to be there if given the choice. Don’t let the glamorization of that enviroment you see on TV and hear in the music fool you. The first thing these rappers and actors do is move out once they get their money.

        • @Age Quod Agis

          While I agree with what you say about people not choosing to live in “thug land” and vacate ASAP if and when they finally have the means. I do have to say not every black rapper/hip-hopper/musician turns his or her back on where they came from. The vast majority do, and even still keep the bad habits they picked up there, but I can name ONE who has done differently.

          Will.I.Am, as he calls himself got out, and got his family out (most probably stop with themselves, others probably stop here, with the family.) BUT… Mr. Will.I.Am went back to his ghetto ‘hood and has tried to improve it by placing a small automobile manufacturing facility there and hire those in the neighborhood to work in it. I have to take my hat off to that.

        • lol, IAMAUTO wont ever get off the ground. Look at the car they are trying to produce, its the 21st century Delorian… except it is made in the ghetto. It was announced in the Jan 2012 and they still dont have a website, all there is, is a 3d rendering of what they’ll supposedly produce. Does this thing look affordable? Will anyone want to buy a over priced car made in the hood by people with no experience?

          IAMAUTO is nothing but a publicity stunt for

    • NTE – there is an implicit *Please* in Rahm’s statement. When you come to the logical and inevitable conclusion that asking bad actors to do you a favour doesn’t generally have the expected outcome – that’s where the second amendment comes in.

      Unless you live in Chicago, which is the truly puzzling thing.

      • What does the Second Amendment have to do with two lawless gang bangers with illegal guns shooting a 7 yo child? What would total compliance with the Second Amendment on Chicago’s part change in this scenario?

        • The bangers would already have been killed in a scenario where 2A applies to Chicago.

          Bangers aren’t out in the streets running wild where 2A applies to Chicago because they are afraid of the citizens and not the other way around.

          Is this sinking in at all? If you are discussing violent urban crime how can a discussion of how citizens can address that (arm yourselves and shoot people who endager your loved ones) not be relevant? Rahm is that you?

        • Rahmbutt isn’t addressing the law-abiding citizenry in this video. He is addressing the gang-bangers. This is the irony in this video and why this video is posted on so many news sites the last couple of days. Once more, this is not a Second Amendment issue. If it was, no gang-banger gun violence would occur in Second Amendment friendly cities.

        • NTE – can’t seem to reply directly to your last comment – maybe a thread nesting restriction?

          EDIT – I see you edited your question (or the comment system is screwed up) – what I was replying to was your statement “so nobody dies in CCW areas.”

          But to answer your question – right no one ever dies in CCW areas.

          Also, UNICORNS.

          We’re talking about how people might address, for themselves, a violent urban environment. That’s why the 2A is relevant. Asked. Answered. I gave you a scenario where violent criminal activity is curtailed by and armed citizenry – again 2A relevant. My user name isn’t Amazing Kreskin – I never said guns magically save everybody, but they have a positive effect on crime, which maybe would mean another poor child doesn’t get murdered. Sorry, but your strawman is showing.

          If you’re trying to figure out how to retroactively save this specific poor child from being murdered The Truth About Timemachines is over there >>>

        • This story isn’t about how to clean up violent, crime infested neighborhoods. This story is about the naivette of Rahmbutt asking gang-bangers to utilize their “values” and shoot each other in areas without innocent bystanders. Still not seeing how this is a Second Amendment issue.

    • You are correct. This video, taken by itself, has nothing to do with the 2A. As was pointed out, this is a gun blog so naturally information gets filtered through certain lenses. That being said, I think it is accurate to state that gun control has historically been an important part of the overall strategy to try and reduce violent crime in cities like Chicago. I actually find it encouraging so see the mayor asking the questions, “…who raised you? How were you raised?” These questions address the real root of violence. Of course pleading with gangbangers to conduct their activities in such a way as to not endanger the innocent is like asking them to follow gun control laws. Not going to happen.

  4. Better yet, he should have said to those “gangbangers”….”Don’t have kids….”

    • Exactly.

      These are the children of the gangbangers. Their other relatives live in the same neighborhood too. The reason the gangs continue to thrive is because they’re everyone’s relatives and friends and none of the relatives or friends are willing to give up their own.

      • The reason the gangs continue to thrive is the parents don’t move the future gang-bangers out of these neighborhoods prior to coming of gang banger age.

        • That sort of requires the ability to foresee the future as well as the ability, means and desire to take a child and “move…(them) out of these neighborhoods.” Not really a reasonable approach to the problem. Sorry.

        • Sorry, but my opinion is that if a parent takes the initiative and responsibility to provide a life to their children outside of violence ridden neighborhoods, that child has a much better chance of not becoming a gang-banger or a victim of a drive-by shooting.

        • Dogman: Most whites who lived in these areas did, in fact, see the future of what these areas were to become. If you examine Census data from the 60’s forward, you can see the progress of what demographers call “white flight” out of the cities and liberal enclaves starting in the late 60’s and accelerating through the late 70’s and into the 80’s. By the 1990’s, it was all over and done: blacks had whole city governments to themselves because white folks saw this future coming and left.

          It was a reasonable approach for those who took the initiative.

        • Yup, I’m a product of my parent’s white flight in 1978. Family that bought us out were black folks. I can’t thank them enough.

        • Okay. We’re talking about two separate things here. You guys are talking about RESPONSIBLE parents who actually give a damn about their kids and normal human decency. That may have been the norm a generation ago but it’s not the norm today. The reality is that a lot of these parents are criminals and gangbangers themselves.

  5. I’d like to see the gangbangers’ hand signs in reaction to his flirtatious eye batting and head tilting. Chicago is clown show and tragedy play rolling on the same stage.

  6. ‘OKs gunfights edition’

    I don’t get the connection of the video headline with RE’s comments.

    • He wants some rules for the gunfights. Do it in the alley. Not near the kids. Have better values for the gunfights. It’s OK in the alley.

      • Oh thanks. I guess I was thinking too deeply assuming RE was addressing crime and criminals for what they are. Now, his words to the gangs make as much sense as a Virgina Tech campus sign ‘this is a gun free zone’.

        Rahm Emanuel’s initials spelled backwards ER is short for hospital emergency room.

  7. One of my rules of life is “Don’t care more about a person’s problems than they care themselves”. What exactly is the concern over Chicago’s lack of 2A respect of Chicagoans themselves don’t care? Election of Rahmbeau and his ilk is sufficient evidence to me that Chicagoans on the whole are fine with their current situation. Who am I to force them to change?

    • Most people who don’t have a vested interest couldn’t tell you what the 2nd (let alone any other Amendment) even addresses…the low income areas where the majority of these shootings are taking place are inhabited by many law abiding citizens who simply can’t afford to go through the process necessary to own and carry a weapon, or perhaps even have one in their home (legally). They are that segment of society that have to depend on a reactive police force that doesn’t respond until someone’s already shot, and doesn’t really protect them at all.

    • We are a Constitutional Republic. Mayors are not suppose to trample on our rights. It doesn’t matter if only 10% of good citizens want to exersise their 2n a rights. Gang bangers are mostly cowards but they know that it is an unarmed target rich environment.

  8. What I take from all this is the following:
    Gun laws aren’t working.
    Illegal guns are everywhere in Chicago.
    People are carrying guns on the street illegally.
    Gang members don’t follow the law, so any gun related law is not being followed.
    He has gotten so desprit he is begging the gang members to use common sense or something like that, which is essentially in my mind an admission of failure!

    • It is a huge admission of failure.

      What Rahmbo is doing here is negotiating with killers. Nothing more or less.

      This bespeaks of complete and total impotence. The harder truth is that liberals got here because of their own actions, and as such, I’m perfectly happy to watch them stew in their own intellectual filth. They’ve assisted and excused the creation of a permanent black underclass where nothing is too depraved, nothing is inexcusable and everything is the “fault of the white man.”

      People who actually support the concept of civilization have to look upon this sort of intellectual perversion and start calling it out for what it is.

  9. Why does this video autoplay when I load the main page???? I had to search through the page to find out what was playing and stop it.

  10. Well, Rahm , if you want them bangers to “shoot mo betta” you should authorize a few gun ranges. Maybe 25 yard ranges with backstops and entrances at both ends…Hmmm. Maybe we could make a reality show, and use the proceeds to improve education and job training programs.

  11. Is it true that Chicago is known as the windy city because of all the hot air from the politicians?

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