Weekend Digest: Blind Shots Edition

Seized Chinese guns courtesy ibtimes.com

China bans pretty much all private ownership of firearms, but that doesn’t mean that guns don’t exist there. In fact, they exist in huge numbers. A recent raid in southern China netted more than 10,000 illegal guns, the largest confiscation of illegal firearms in Chinese history. Seized along with the guns were some 120,000 knives, and fifteen people were arrested. China is also using the no-questions-asked turn-in model to try to reduce the number of firearms in the country, with the Ministry of Public Security reporting more than 150,000 guns turned in within just a few months. Despite the scarcity and illegality, the citizens are very curious . . .

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BREAKING: Facebook Pulls the Plug on Everytown for Gun Safety Page

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 6.45.32 PM

Well that didn’t take long. Facebook has pulled the plug on the page Everytown for Gun Safety. You may recall that pro-gun forces assumed control of the page last week, after Mayor Bloomberg launched his Everytown for Gun Safety anti-NRA lobby group. The Mayor’s majordomo laughed off the missing link, challenging the page’s [temporary] owners to a duel. While we expected the billionaire anti-ballistics bully boys to prevail, what with trademark lawyers parachuting in to rectify the oversight, we didn’t expect the Everytown page to last long. It didn’t. However . . . there are now dozens of local Everytown for Gun Safety pages run by gun rights advocates. All of which are still on-line. For now.


The Story Behind Today’s TTAG Facebook Page Cover Shot

(courtesy TTAG's Facebook Page)

A reader messaged us this picture over on our Facebook page. [Click here for our TTAG Readers' Family Photo Album. Message us your favorite snap.] I asked him to tell the story behind the image. And so he did . . .

Ever since my son was diagnosed with a sensory disorder and on the autism spectrum, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to share my love of guns and gun culture. He had an aversion to loud noises and people guiding his hands for instruction. I had tried to get him involved before but the loud noises scared him and usually once he was scared of something he would never try it again . . .

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Gun Tweet of the Day: Action on Armed Violence Edition

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 9.24.06 AM

A new anti-gun group from the Land of Hope and Glory has pinged TTAG’s radar: Action on Armed Violence. Yesterday I received a press release from AOV that directed me to an article by Armeghan Taheri, a self-described Afghan German | Women/Human Rights Activist | Social Justice Advocate | Lawyer | Intersectional Feminist. The American Exception: US responses to mass shootings takes exception to America’s failure to enact more gun control legislation in the aftermath of mass shootings. In it, Ms. Taheri occasionally bumps into what Mr. Gore called inconvenient truth . . .

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Who Monitors the Christian Science Monitor?

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 4.22.11 PM


Over at the Christian Science Monitor, embedded in a post entitled ‘New York gun owners shrug off tough new rules: What happens now?‘ the editors link to a Second Amendment quiz. It starts off innocuously enough, but soon moves into disputed territory, assuming that the Supreme Court is the ultimate arbiter of what the Second Amendment means. Specifically, in terms of whether or not the 2a protects “military style weapons.” By question 13 we’re deep into anti-gun bias, using the old AR-15 guilt-by-association implication. Here’s question 14 . . .

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Question of the Day: Revolver or Semi for New Shooter?

 Gemini Customs Smith & Wesson 642 (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

The National Shooting Sports Foundation has launched a monthly newsletter for participants in their First Shots program. The NSSF’s command of the Internet may lack a certain je sais quoi, but the newsletter knows the hot button issues for new shooters. Their inaugural email links to Revolver or Semi-Auto: What’s Right For You? Writer Tom McHale scores it this way. Reliability? Draw. Recoil? More or less a draw. Capacity? Semi, but is that really important? Complexity? Draw. In other words, the industry lobby group ain’t sayin’. No surprise there. Here at The Truth About Guns we tell the truth about guns. My take? If we’re talking about a self-defense gun for a newbie, I recommend a pocket-carried .38 caliber Smith & Wesson 642 revolver. If it’s a bedside gun (that can be used at the range for fun and practice), I’d go with any decent polymer semi with night sights. What do you reckon?