Magpul Launches M-LOK Attachment System


It’s becoming pretty clear that the now-ubiquitous quadrail forends on firearms are just too bulky to be useful. They make attaching things a breeze, but the cheese grater effect and the tube diameter required to make it work is just way too clunky. It’s the reason that we’ve seen the increasing move toward the keymod as the new attachment system to end all attachment systems, an “open source” standard developed originally by Noveske with help from VLTOR. But now Magpul appears to be trying to introduce their own standard, dubbed the “M-LOK” system, that uses straight slats instead of keyed holes . . .

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Daily Digest: What I Learned In School Edition

PMAG 25 LR-SR courtesy

MAGPUL is now shipping their new PMAG 25 LR/SR for rifles chambered in .308/7.62. The new mags have all the standard features of the Gen3 PMAGS you’re used to, including the slim floorplate and the dot matrix area for marking. The mags feature a 25 round capacity and a window, and are designed for ammunition that falls within SAAMI specs for overall length. For shooters that prefer to shoot ammo that exceeds the SAAMI specs, such as match ammo, a design to accommodate the longer rounds and still drop free from “all but the smallest of mag wells” is coming in the fall of this year . . .

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Gun Fact: There Are Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

Scene of carbon monoxide poisoning December 18, 1950 (courtesy Foteka Los Angeles)

I’m not very good at math. My SAT math score was 220 points lower than my English score. So when I encounter studies that seem to prove that gun control is a good thing, I defer to former DHS number cruncher Nick Leghorn and former Navy submariner Bruce Krafft. They inevitably show that the studies are skewed, flawed, biased, massaged and otherwise manipulated to reach the desired conclusion. That said, I’m pretty good at spotting lack of context. For example . . .

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Body Armor Primer: Guns and Bullets vs. Kevlar and Plates


By Anthony McGrath

When the subject is body armor, you can’t avoid the topic of Kevlar. This synthetic fiber has completely changed the way of development of body armor, once it appeared on the market. Kevlar is incredibly lightweight, while five times stronger and harder than steel. It doesn’t corrode or rust, while effectively absorbing vibration. Kevlar is expensive, though, due to the work with concentrated sulfuric acid that’s used in its production. Only a few online websites such as offer soft Kevlar panels in their armor to the public nowadays . . .

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WaPo Celebrates 15 Years of Anti-Gun Agitprop

When a “report” on the politics of gun control takes over a minute to get to the point – any point – you know you’re watching anti-gun agitprop. OK, that and the fact that you’re forced to endure a “greatest hits” news file compilation of spree killings establishing the [supposed] need for anti-ballistic brainwashing. In fact, this video is, itself, a piece of anti-gun agitprop. The fact that the Washington Post posts PostTV propaganda without labeling it editorial betrays the paper’s deeply-held prejudice against Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. But you knew that. The real question here: where are the pro-gun PSAs?