Boxer Tactical Daily Digest 5.23.16:


Stage set for historic 2016 showdown over guns – And according to MSNBC, it’s all the NRA’s fault. “The group’s message used to effectively be, ‘Play ball with us and we’ll leave you alone.’ That’s transformed into, ‘We’re coming after you, whether you try to work with us or not.’ With incentives like these, Clinton has made the calculus that she might as well speak her mind and try to prevent some gun violence, since condemnations from the right are inevitable either way.” Speaking of things the NRA gets blamed for . . .

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Potato Gun Vs. Watermelon: Just Thought I’d Leave This Here

The antis promote the idea that gun owners are dangerous people. To their way of thinking [sic], any of us could go psycho and start shooting innocent people. A logic trail that leads straight to civilian disarmament; inherently dangerous owners mean gun ownership is inherently dangerous. So The People of the Gun tend to play down their gun love and talk about hunting, self-defense and anti-tyranny insurance. Fair enough, but . . . watermelons! Potato gun! BOOM! If you don’t think that’s fun, youuuuu might be an anti. Just sayin’.


Housekeeping: Why I “Have It In” For Donald Trump

Ralph let me have it with both barrels for Trump: Actually, I Don’t Want Guns in the Classroom. Except Teachers. Maybe. I deleted his comment according to our posting policy on flaming, but the gist of it is simple enough: Ralph reckons I hate Donald Trump more than I hate Hillary Clinton. Wrong. I’m under no illusions about which is the worse candidate when it comes to defending American’s gun rights: Hillary Clinton. When the time comes, I will hold my nose, cover my eyes and block my ears and vote for Trump. That does not mean . . .

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Cabot Guns Unveils Meteorite Pistols

We were on hand at the NRA convention Saturday afternoon for Cabot Guns‘ unveiling of their Big Bang Pistol Set, a matched pair of 1911s made from the 4.5 billion year old Gibeon meteorite. All parts of the guns — other than the barrels — are made of the meteorite material. If you’re interested, the value of the guns has been estimated at $4.5 million. We understand there’s been no shortage of interest from prospective purchasers. Here’s Cabot’s press release . . .

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The Gun Collective’s Ultimate Gun Guy Q&A Meet N’ Greet


Across the street from the NRA show, Jon Patton of The Gun Collective (TGC) put together and emceed a great event. Called the Ultimate Gun Guy Q&A Panel Meet N’ Greet, it brought together some of the big name YouTube and podcast gun guys in an open forum where attendees could say “hi,” walk away with tons of awesome prizes, and ask the gun guys a question. Any question . . .

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Self-Defense Tip: Don’t Assume Your Attacker is a Rational Human Being [Video NSFW]

Gun gurus warn against drugged-up perps who possess super-human strength or imperviousness to pain. Be that as it may, it behooves any armed American to understand that an attacker may seem “normal” but be out of his head on drugs. You cannot assume that an attacker will act rationally when you present them with a logical alternative to ballistic perforation. As always. KEEP YOUR DISTANCE. Create as much of it as possible, as soon as possible. And don’t hesitate to shoot if you are imminent in danger of death or grievous bodily harm. Remember: a perp may choose to attack when it makes no sense to do so.


Chilean Zookeepers Shoot Two Lions to Save Intruder: Defensive Gun Use of the Day

Murder scene (courtesy

So a Chilean man named Franco Luis Ferrara decided to commit suicide-by-lion. He stripped naked and somehow managed to enter the lions’ zoo enclosure. Not getting the desired response, Ferrara began “taunting” the big cats. Who did what big cats (and small cats would if they could) do: they got off their fat lazy you-know-whats and mauled him. Zookeepers rushed to the scene. And what did they do? They did what politically correct zookeepers do: they turned a water hose on the beasts. ‘Cause everyone knows cats hate water, right? Anyway, no joy (save maybe for the lions who probably appreciate a well-washed human limb or four). At that point, the keepers got out the big guns. As our firearms-averse friends at report, that didn’t go so well, at least at first . . .

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DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: Are You A Second Amendment Absolutist?

Are you a Second Amendment absolutist? I am. I believe that the Second Amendment prohibits the government from passing ANY law on the right to keep and bear arms. Laws about their use and misuse? Sure. Ownership and carrying? Nope. Not one. If gun control advocates want the government to control guns they need to amend the Second Amendment. Good luck with that. Meanwhile, good luck to my fellow absolutists when it comes to rolling back federal gun control laws, Brady background checks and all. As for as city, town and state governments, them too, as the Second Amendment trumps all. Are you with me? If so, how did you get here?

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