First Tactical Launches Outerwear Line, 50% Off Bestsellers Thru Monday


First Tactical is a “new” tactical clothing company that is making some really neat stuff. We’ve got T&E samples with just about every TTAG writer right now and hope to have some reviews for you soon, but they aren’t waiting for that to start rolling out even more products. FT is slashing their prices over the Black Friday weekend on their most popular items, including my personal favorite their Tactix backpack. It’s definitely worth a look.


Houston Zoo Goes “Gun-Free” (Again) Pending Appeal to Texas AG

Houston Zoo No Gun Sign (courtesy

“The Houston Zoo (HZI) is reinstating signs that prohibit the carry of guns into the facility, less than three months after being forced to take them down,” reports. HZI removed the signs when Texas Law Shield pointed out that the zoo sits on land owned by the city of Houston, a fact that rendered its “no guns” policy illegal. The zoo uses the following logic to justify its decision to re-require its visitors to leave their gets behind . . .

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BREAKING: Active Shooter in Colorado Springs, Police Officers Reported Injured

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 2.35.20 PM

“At least three officers were injured in a shooting incident Friday near the Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Commander Kirk Wilson with the Colorado Springs Police Department told reporters. Wilson said that police were still in the process of trying to eliminate the threat.” That CNN report, as well as others indicate that the shooting took place near a Planned Parenthood facility, but not are clear as to whether or not that was the target of the shooter. A nearby mall has been locked down. More as the situation becomes clearer.


An Open Letter to Gun Rights Supporters Across Europe

Reader Martin Z. forwarded the following letter from LEX, the Czech equivalent of the NRA:

Dear colleagues,

Since I write to you from Czech Republic, allow me to introduce our country first. In our republic, ownership and carrying of firearms is truly right, guaranteed by law for any adult, legally competent and law-abiding person. Firearms license is shall-issue (anyone who fulfills requirements of the law has legal right to get it). Permit to own B – category firearm is shall-issue, as well as permit for concealed carry. We own handguns, we use them for sport shooting and carry them for personal protection. We own semiautomatic rifles of military patterns, we shoot them in various sport competitions, and we practice with them for the case that our beloved country would need its citizens to be prepared for its defense. Our hunting tradition reaches well over a millenium into our history, and our sport shooters rarely return from Olympic Games without any medals . . .

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New From Tactical Walls: The Tactical Lamp

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 12.44.05 PM

If you’re smart and staying away from today’s shopping-oriented craziness, good on you. That doesn’t, however, relieve you of your seasonal responsibility to divine and procure just the right presents for everyone on your shopping list. Just in time to hoover up some of your gift budget, Tactical Walls, maker of all manner of hide-in-plain-sight gear, is out with something for the gun owner who has everything (except children) — the non-locking Tactical Lamp. Here’s their press release . . .

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Question of the Day: Do Gun Owners Raise Paranoid Kids?

Florida (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

I was savoring a Liga Privada No. 9 when my 12-year-old texted from the hotel hair salon. “I’m done.” I instructed her to wait in the room or walk five blocks to the cigar store. “No way,” she texted. “I’ll get lost or kidnapped.” That got me thinking . . . have I poisoned my daughter’s childhood with visions of violence? Or was her road-going reticence a sensible reaction to potential danger? Gun control advocates love to paint gun owners as paranoid people who can’t enjoy life. I reckon we’re situationally aware folks who cherish life because we know it’s fragile. We raise our kids to anticipate danger – without making it the central issue of their lives. But then I would say that. What say you?


TTAG Reader: What I Carry and Why – Tyler H’s Custom Ruger LCP


I’ve been into guns for as long as I can remember, and why not? The history. The beauty. The mechanical innovation, customization. The fun and most importantly, the protection. I needed a gun to accompany me on my travels as a truck driver, that meant it had three basic requirements to go alongside me: 1) it has to be compact, 2) it has to be lightweight, and 3) it has to be reliable . . .

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Homeless Man’s Black Market Submachine Guns and Improvised Silencer

The LA times has an article about a homeless man who was found in possession of two submachine guns, two magazines, two pistols and an improvised suppressor. From the picture above it appears the two submachine guns are a reactivated/remanufactured Sten in 9mm and a reactivated/remanufactured vz.26 (normally chambered in 7.62×25 caliber), the common East block pistol and submachine gun round that is nearly identical to the 7.65×25 Mauser cartridge . . .

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.50-Caliber Desert Eagle Vs. a Frozen Turkey

I don’t like turkey much. But I don’t dislike it enough to shoot it with a Desert Eagle. And as a Jew, I always hate to see food go to waste. Still, ’tis the season to shoot stuff and BulletSafe’s point is well made: don’t wear a frozen turkey, pumpkin pie or jug of cider for defense against a maniac shooting a gun designed to pierce a car’s engine block. I wonder if a frozen turkey would stop a .22 or a .45-caliber round? Frozen turkeys are on sale after Thanksgiving, right?


Incendiary Image of the Day: Bill Maher Calls the NRA Terrorists Edition


Comedian/pundit Bill Maher posted this image on his Facebook page for one reason: he’s an idiot. Anyone who thinks that the NRA supports terrorists – either intentionally or as an unintentional byproduct of its legislative efforts – lacks basic mental processing power. The National Rifle Association defends Americans’ right to keep and bear arms so that Americans can defend themselves against criminals, terrorists, spree killers and government tyranny. (Not to mention defense against aggressive animals, the importance of hunting or the joys of plinking). Suggesting that the NRA is an ally of degenerate, nihilistic killers diminishes the public’s understanding of the terrorists’ goals, and enables their implementation.


Chris Christie Denies Desire for NJ Assault Weapon Ban Inspired State Senate Race

Chris Christie (courtesy

“The issue which has energized me to get into this race is the recent attempt by certain Republican legislators to repeal New Jersey’s ban on assault weapons. In today’s society, no one needs a semi-automatic assault weapon.” That’s what current New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said way back in April 14, 1993, according to the New Jersey Star-Ledger. Which is a magazine full of not good for the Republican presidential hopeful. Christie faced the anti-gun rights music in the conservative media, as reports . . .

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