Quote of the Day: Define “Dangerous” Edition

Adam WInkler (courtesy dailyfeldmanshow.com)

“Adam Winkler, a constitutional law professor and Second Amendment expert at University of California (Los Angeles), … said the NRA’s concerns are largely unfounded. ‘At the end of the day it’s not a thorny issue,’ Winkler said. ‘It’s not a Second Amendment violation to take away the guns of someone who is dangerous.'” – Restraining Orders, But For Guns [via nationaljournal.com]


Maine Senate Passes Constitutional Carry Bill

Civil Liberties advocates have a reason to (cautiously) cheer as the Maine Senate passed L.D. 652 by a vote of 21-14, which would bring full Vermont-style Constitutional Carry to the Pine Tree State. The Portland Press Herald reports that the vote was largely – though not entirely – along party lines: three members of the party of Jackson supported the bill; two members of the party of Lincoln voted against it . . .

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New Clay Shooting Guinness World Record Set

CZ-USA pro shooter, Dave Miller, broke 3,653 clays in one hour (that’s 3,600 seconds) to set a new Guinness World Record for “most sporting clays targets broken in one hour” and to raise money for Pheasants Forever’s youth programs. He used 30, CZ 712 shotguns holding 12 rounds each and a team of folks reloading them to achieve this rate of more than one clay broken per second . . .

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Texas Open Carry Update – No Cop Stop Amendment Stripped

(courtesy texastribune.com)

The controversial Dutton/Huffines amendment that was virulently opposed by police unions has now been stripped from House Bill 910, the Texas Open Carry bill. Whether that amendment “means anything” is a matter of debate, since some (such as the Senate bill’s author, Estes) say that the amendment wasn’t necessary in the first place; the US Constitution already provides the protections the amendment sought to safeguard. Regardless, the committee has stripped the amendment. Where does that leave the status of Open Carry in Texas? Well . . .

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10 Creative Secret Gun Cabinets for Your Home


By Alex Burton via wideopenspaces.com

Keeping your firearms put away securely helps prevent theft, keeps others from accidentally discharging them, and is a must if you have children in your home. Most people keep their firearms locked away in safes. Others take hiding their guns to a whole other level by having custom-hidden gun cabinets created. With most these setups, you would never look twice at them. These also save a lot of space compared to traditional gun safes. If you are in the market for new and creative firearms storage options, check out these awesome ideas for hiding your heaters away . . .

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Waco Biker Shooting Attorney: Bail Used As an “Instrument of Oppression”

Adam Reposa (courtesy austinchronicle.com)

The Waco biker shooting remains problematic. Some 170 Americans remain under lock-and-key awaiting arraignment, eleven days after the incident, with bail set at $1m. Each. Although they’re under no obligation to produce security camera footage of the incident until those arrested are indicted, the police’s decision to withhold the video is noteworthy. The police have also admitted they shot “some” of the 27 bikers struck by gunfire. Seven were hospitalized, nine assumed room temperature. The Waco coroner has only released a summary of his report which does not specify whether those killed struck by handgun or rifle rounds. Meanwhile this from wacotrib.com. . .

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BREAKING: Judge Scullin Orders D.C. to Issue Concealed Carry Permits Immediately

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 1.33.39 PM

Armed American Radio’s Facebook page reports “The Second Amendment Foundation WINS again in DC. Moments ago Judge Scullin [above] denies DC request to stay and orders DC to begin issuing permits IMMEDIATELY. Judge Scullin has had enough of DC playing games and violating his orders and rulings. Another pro-rights victory!” The Second Amendment Foundation’s Alan Gottleib issued the following statement . . .

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BREAKING: ATF Begins Denying NFA Paperwork for Washington State Residents


One year ago, Washington state’s government passed legislation finally legalizing the ownership of short barreled rifles. That law was duly signed by the governor, and went into effect 90 days later. Since then, the ATF has been happily approving Form 1s (applications to make and register an NFA firearm) for short barreled rifles. That is, until yesterday. It seems that the ATF has now decided to stop approving all Form 1s for SBRs in the state of Washington because, as they claim, the law allows people to purchase — but not MAKE — an SBR. And they’re citing a legal statute to back that up… that doesn’t exist.

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Question of the Day: Are Non-Gun Owners “Shirking Their Responsibility”?

Wilks Family (courtesy 625guns.com)

Underneath today’s Quote of the Day on the reason men own guns, TTAG reader uncommon sense had a major SMH moment. “What is appalling are gun grabbers who shirk their sacred duty to protect their spouse and children and from violent attackers,” he wrote. “I have no idea how such people can live with themselves.” Is that right? Do Americans who shun guns fail in their [stated] obligation to protect their loved ones and, perhaps, other innocent life?  Does the lack of gun ownership indicate a lack of moral fiber?


Gear Review: Bushnell Elite Tactical DMR 3.5-21X – 50mm


A wise man once told me that I’d be best served by spending my hard earned shekels buying an expensive optic and putting it on a cheap gun versus buying a cheap optic and putting it on an expensive firearm. I’ve certainly been burned before slapping cheap glass on good guns. But good glass, not just the optics, but also the functionality of the package as a whole, can mean laying out a big chunk of change. The Bushnell DMR 3.5-21 x 50mm is admittedly an expensive scope, but it sure seems worth it when you’re looking downrange . . .

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Update On UPS “General Ban” On Suppressor Shipments

(courtesy becauseguns.com)

TTAG reader JF writes:

So I submitted an inquiry via the UPS web portal on how to obtain the “exemption” to the general prohibition on shipping silencers. I received an auto response promising that my inquiry would be answered within four hours. Of course, that did not happen. I pinged the support ticket system again. I finally got a response that my account rep would contact me. Another 48 hours . . .

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