BREAKING: Reporter Uncovers Reason for Historic National Gun-Buying Surge

A lensman for Seattle TV station KIRO, Jon Jussero, inadvertently came up with an actual journalistic scoop yesterday. He was headed for the King County jail in downtown Seattle for a story when his car was set upon by “mostly peaceful” protesters.

What’s documented above is actual journalism in action. Jussero managed to uncover — all by himself — one of the major factors behind the largest gun-buying surge in American history.

Civil unrest, lawless, frequently violent behavior, masked individuals threatening motorists in the middle of major cities…all without any pushback from police or prosecutors. They operate in the open — in broad daylight here — with total impunity.

Strangely, not all of the reactions to what happened to Mr. Jussero were sympathetic.

Some in the crowd photographed Jussero’s license plate, threatened to break his windows and come to his home to harass him (or worse) some more. He might have called the police for help, but, sadly, the local politburo city council has already defunded the Seattle police department and driven the Chief out of her job. So who knows how long it would have taken the cops who haven’t quit yet to respond…if at all.

So there you have it. Actual journalisming in action, uncovering the basis for one of the biggest stories of the year, right before your eyes. As Uncle Walter would have intoned in his mellifluous baritone, that’s the way it is…so keep buying those guns and ammo (and get a carry permit) because there’s no sign of this changing any time soon.



  1. avatar Draven says:


    1. avatar Southern Cross says:

      His eyes are uncovered.

      1. avatar California Richard says:

        Don’t underestimate the mental gymnastics these people are capable of. Joe Rogan is fleeing the Calfiornia he helped make for the free state of Texas. And, he’s bringing his millions of dollars, millions of followers, and his bright ideas about “how things should be” with him.

        1. avatar El Lay says:


          “They are contaminated. They are programmed to think and react to certain stimuli in a certain pattern. You cannot change their minds even if you expose them to authentic information, even if you prove that white is white and black is black, you still cannot change the basic perception and the logic of behavior. In other words, these people…the process of demoralization is complete and irreversible.” – Yuri Bezmenov

        2. avatar Loughsun says:


        3. avatar Southern Cross says:

          So, someone who doesn’t suffer from cognitive dissonance, but instead thoroughly enjoys it.

        4. avatar Phil Wilson says:

          It’s times like these, when a leftist tool seems sincerely shocked when confronted by hard reality, that I think…holy crap, they actually believe the shit they spout. Then, I get a chill up my spine.

  2. avatar former water walker says:

    Poor baby…will he be honest in his “reporting”? Or just a tool of the left?!? I wonder if he’s going to buy a gat?😏

    1. avatar Green Mtn. Boy says:

      The media is comprised of tools, fools or a mixture of both.
      He shouldn’t have had any problems with the peaceful protestors, as they are comprised of Marxist’s who just want to Burn,Loot,Murder, what’s his problem.

    2. avatar possum says:

      iz propaganda dah, thinking how does license plate number find address? Iz to believe person in crowd takes pictures and calling DMV, DMV gives address. To call law enforcement office, I have pictures, license plate, give me address. Iz not happen. iz propaganda this person reporter.

      1. avatar The Crimson Pirate says:

        In a lot of states license plate info and title info is public information. I have looked up license plate info several times when looking at used cars. You cold not only get current owner info but the entire history of the car title associated with that plate.

        That is how carfax is able to get information.

        1. avatar Matt in SC says:

          “That is how carfax is able to get information.”

          That is incorrect. If anyone cares I will go into more detail.

      2. avatar MADDMAXX says:

        propaganda this person reporter.

        Unless BLM/Antifa has someone inside the DMV, not that difficult to imagine, but THAT plate should lead straight back to the TV station if it is a company owned vehicle.. Of course they could just stake out the station, wait for the guy to get off work and follow him home…

    3. avatar FedUp says:

      It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of Marxist propagandists, unless it happened to certain elements of the Portland MSM.

      KIRO has been firmly on the “peaceful protesters commit violence peacefully” bandwagon for nearly 3 months.

  3. avatar JH says:

    3 rounds on the whistle. Tweet !!

  4. avatar American Patriot says:

    If it’s a so called Urinalist he shoulda got his ass pounded!
    Ya can’t tell them & criminals apart…..

  5. avatar Loughsun says:

    I love it so much! It is just what they get. In the words of my old granny “The stone you threw at me can be picked up and thrown right back at you.” They used this civil unrest to promote a liberal socialist agenda well it looks like it has backfired on them. Now it has shown just how dangerous the world can be and how you can’t always count on the police to protect you. Oh, but wait a minute! The police have been de-funded LOL!! How now Brown Cow LOL!!

  6. avatar Illinois_Minion says:

    It’s Trump’s fault!! /sarc

    1. avatar guest says:

      I wish people would stop putting these stupid/sarc tags at the end of everything. If you have to label your own comments sarcasm, it was shitty sarcasm.

      1. avatar LazrBeam says:

        Or, maybe some people just can’t catch the sarcasm, like you can’t.

      2. avatar uncommon_sense says:

        Is Guest’s comment sarcasm?

        1. avatar The Truth About Sarc Tags says:

          Don’t know. He didn’t use a /sarc tag.

        2. avatar uncommon_sense says:

          I love LOVE your handle!

          I laughed out loud quite a bit. Thank you fine sir or ma’am for that nice morning pick-me-up!

      3. avatar Big Bill says:

        Your wish is my command.
        Note, there’s no /sarc here.

  7. avatar Mark N. says:

    I can tell that it is going on big time. I was perusing the internet last night looking at ARs–there are pretty much none to be had for less than $900, everything else is sold out across multiple brands. My favorite ammo outlets are sold out of most .223/5.56 and .308, unless you are going for the high dollar hunting ammo. I stopped by the web page for the sporting goods outlet where I am getting a rifle in a few days (and can skip the extra California ammo check), and they have nothing in calibers I might be looking for.

    I found that kind of scary, actually. Is everybody waiting for the other shoe to drop?

    1. avatar jwm says:

      Trying not to be under that other shoe when it drops.

    2. avatar Truckmant says:

      that why you plan ahead I still have my ammo from before last shortage and also started reloading my own both handgun and rifle

      1. avatar Loughsun says:

        I have plenty of .223/5.56 what, mean is that when it runs out, I’ll need to rely on the 7.62×39 to take me the rest of the way. Sorry if I misrepresented my meaning. :0)

      2. avatar Green Mtn. Boy says:

        As a result you now have control of your ammunition supply, wise man.

      3. avatar Mark N. says:

        Oh, I have plenty for myself. I was going to resupply my daughter with .45 or 9mm, but good luck with that. I was going to augment my .223 stash and add to a meager supply of .308. I was also looking for some high end match .22s for the new rifle that has a half MOA guarantee. I have a few regular varieties here, but I need to find out what it likes to eat, so I was going to experiment.

        1. avatar AGuyWithAGun says:

          What 22 do you have that has a half MOA guarantee? I have some nice 22s that are close to that at 100 yards but they are far separated from what one might find at cabellas.
          Rural king has norma tac-22 on sale for like $45 a brick. Its not lapua center x but it shoots a little over 1 moa at a hundred yards indoors through a cz457 pro varm.

        2. avatar Loughsun says:

          I purchased a bunch of Aguilas 22lr Super Maximum and I got in on it when the getting was good. I use it in my Tippman M422 and it knocks the snot out of raccoons and opossums. I can get 1 to 2 MOA out of it consistently 70% rifle and 30% ammo. If you can get it, I advise you to do so.

        3. avatar The Crimson Pirate says:

          There’s plenty of guns and ammo in cop cars. And they have made it very clear they won’t be using any of it to stop rioters. You paid for it with your taxes. So just help yourself.

        4. avatar uncommon_sense says:

          Mark N.,

          I browsed some on-line ammunition distributors last week and it looked like distributors had ammunition available. Granted, it cost anywhere from two to three times the price of ammunition back in December, 2019. It was available, though.

          And I want to say that premium self-defense ammunition was about the same price as it as has always been — roughly $1 per cartridge.

        5. avatar Geoff "Ammo. LOTS of ammo..." PR says:

          “I was also looking for some high end match .22s for the new rifle that has a half MOA guarantee.”

          It’s out there, Mark. It isn’t cheap, but the better grades of Eley should do you just fine. From recent online searches, it’s about the only 22lr available.

          Ask Dyspeptic where he sources what he shoots in his ‘Annie’…

      4. avatar Rswartze says:

        Fully stocked on components. I went all in on the basics at the end of 2016 and still sitting pretty. Would like to get some more 9mm projectiles, and could always have a few more bricks of .22.

        But did just get my grandfather’s FN Mauser action .243 from my mom. Inherited the dies, a couple hundred spitzers and a box of 20 rounds loaded a year after I was born too. Wish I could try a couple different powders but there’s usually 1-3lb of nothing anytime I stop by a Sportsman’s or Cabelas. I have primers luckily.

    3. avatar Loughsun says:

      I am glad that I have kept my two like new SKSs and have over 1000 rounds of ammo. I have also accurized them both. So I’ll have to settle for 7.62×39 instead of all that .223/5.56 that, I’d much prefer. However in a pinch that old Easter Block cartridge will get’er dun.

      1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

        There’s a Russian SKS at the lgs for 700 bucks.
        It’ll be sold by the weekend.

        1. avatar Loughsun says:

          And the SKS can be accurized to rather easily. And 100% reliable dirty wet etc…

        2. avatar Green Mtn. Boy says:

          Sadly it doesn’t seem that long ago they were between 129.00 to 159.00 for one or purchase a case of them, those were the days.

        3. avatar Loughsun says:

          Those SKS is back in the day are not the SKS is on the market now. I remember getting some of those back in the day. Well I remember my Uncle by a few of those back in the day and some of his old Vietnam friends. Those things were shot to pieces they had barrels messed up trigger groups. Just worn out really badd by comrade. The Chinese and Yugoslavian SKS That you can buy drenched in cosmoline most of them were lightly used or never. I built both of mine from pieces. Unused and issued pieces. In one I have an issued wooden stock, And the other has the Bakelite jungle stock. Both have been glass bedded and add a little of this and a little of that with Tech-Sightes and polished trigger groups. And custom rails pinned to the rear sight aperture (not pinned to the dust cover). I can hit an 8″ steel plate with my 1 to 8 vortex scope at 300 yds.

        4. avatar jwm says:

          I bought mine for 99 bucks. A Russian refurb that looked new in the box. I still miss that rifle.

      2. avatar Todd in the sticks says:

        Yup. SKS is not my first choice, however, my1953 Tula is accurate enough and reliable as a hammer…and there’s also that pointy thingy at the end if it comes to that.

      3. avatar Defens says:

        Seems somehow appropriate to be shooting Commies with their own caliber.

        1. avatar Loughsun says:


        2. avatar 9x39 says:

          I’m a fan of that flavor of irony.

    4. avatar Not Larry from Texas says:

      7.62×39 and 30 carbine are surprisingly in stock. Sadly I would like to take a shooting course that requires a 1000 rounds of 223 and I just can’t justify the cost of ammo replacement now.

      1. avatar 9x39 says:

        Shh, staaaahp telling everyone that… 😀

        Bad enough there’s a run on those guns as it is, and all the hungry new chambers out there to feed.

    5. avatar Geoff "Ammo. LOTS of ammo..." PR says:

      Mark, I am so relieved I was able to buy the ammo that I did about 2 months ago, right as the big rush started. It was a bit more expensive than it was at the low before the virus scare (9 mm at 23 cents per, shipped, and .22lr at 7 cents per), but holy crap, the prices I’m seeing now are scary, and I don’t expect it to drop before election day. And if ‘Joe and the Ho’ win, or if Pelosi becomes sitting president until the results are verified, I’m fully expecting to see 9mm at 1 dollar a round, and .22lr at 25 to 50 cents per.

      And if it goes that high, I’m gonna be curtailing shooting significantly just to hang on to the little I have. Crap, an 8-year ‘Joe and Ho’ presidency with draconian gun control will make make ammo un-affordable for a decade, maybe longer.

      Jon Wayne Taylor – A serious business opportunity exists *now* for a manufacturer of centerfire primers. Stamped thin metal tooling exists that you could press into service to start cranking out primers PotG will desperately need by the billions for reloading. Screw fancy packaging, sell them bulk by the filled one-gallon jug. I hope you will seriously consider doing that. Help us make you wealthy by helping us out. We are gonna need to reload to get through this…

      1. avatar possum says:

        Clicks don’t make as good of paper weights as 1911’s, I planned ahead

      2. avatar Mark N. says:

        Pelosi cannot be the sitting president. I know you probably got the scare mail on that, but a constitutional law professor from Harvard says it ain’t so because she too is running for re-election, and her term expires on January 3, and if there is no president elected because of election issues, there won’t be any congressmen either. There will be a bunch of senators who will have to figure it all out.

        1. avatar uncommon_sense says:

          Mark N.,

          You are correct. And the ginormously relevant question: 2/3rds of sitting U.S. Senators are NOT up for re-election and will be the ones to decide — how many of them are Democrats? If the answer is 34 or greater, those Democrat Senators will put whoever they want in the White House.

        2. avatar MADDMAXX says:

          2/3rds of sitting U.S. Senators are NOT up for re-election and will be the ones to decide

          . It doesn’t matter how many Senators are up for reelection.. That scenario would only hold true if there was NO election and therefore NO House of Representatives.. There is some question as to whether or not State Governors would have the authority to appoint Senators to fill any vacancies in the Senate on Jan 3rd which would provide for a full Senate and a continued Republican majority.. Anyway, under the 20th Amendment, if there IS an election (and there WILL be) and there is No clear winner by Jan 20 the current POTUS and VPOTUS must vacate their positions and the House of Representatives will choose the POTUS and the Senate will choose the VPOTUS.. There is no line of succession if No election is held and whatever remains of the Senate would then choose a POTUS and VPOTUS… Failure to proclaim a clear Presidential winner by vote does not negate Congressional elections and those winners will be seated on Jan 3rd…

        3. avatar LarryinTX says:

          And various groups may shoot their selection OUT of the White House!

        4. avatar uncommon_sense says:


          I agree that there will be an election on November 3rd.

          And there is an incredibly rational assumption in my comment: if the election results are not certified such that there is no clear winner for President, then it is virtually guaranteed that there will be no clear winners for several/all U.S. Representatives as well as the 1/3rd of U.S. Senators who were up for re-election.

          If there is no clear membership in the U.S. House of Representatives, then there is no U.S. House and only the 2/3rds of the Senate would still be in place.

          I have no comment/knowledge on whether or not state Governors could appoint any or all of the 1/3rd of U.S. Senators if the outcome of the November 3rd election was not available.

        5. avatar MADDMAXX says:

          Rationalize however you want (incredibly or whatever).. POTUS and congressional races are two separate issues (Bush/Gore 2000) contested presidential counts NOT congressional… There WILL be a full House AND Senate on Jan 3rd and the Presidential election will have been decided well before then… Quit watching so much MSDNC and Clinton News Network, that shit will rot your brain… That being said believe what you must to get you through….

      3. avatar MADDMAXX says:

        , I’m fully expecting to see 9mm at 1 dollar a round, and .22lr at 25 to 50 cents per.

        Armscor USA 9mm Luger Ammunition 50 Rounds FMJ 115 Grains
        $54.89 @ Cheaper than dirt plus tax and shipping..
        Bulk ammo lists 1000 rounds Blazer Brass 9mm at .59 cents a round (65 cents w/tax and shipping, Federal 147 grain FMJ is at 95 cents per in 50 round box and Federal tactical is about a buck fifty a round per 50 round box delivered.. Glad I’ve got 1000 or so laying around waiting to party with 15,000 or so of their bigger brothers… only got about 500 in 45 ACP but thousands in .22 lr that I don’t include in regular inventory…

        1. avatar Loughsun says:

          Thank you sir. It isn’t as bad as some are wanting to make it sound. I can still get ammo, and I have some .223 on back order and a gut load already in hand and lots of 6.5 Creedmoor on hand as well. I did manage to get a hold of a lot of 7.62×39, a round in which, I have a lot of experience with such as in hunting and medium range target shooting. And I love the reliability of the SKS.

      4. avatar Someone says:

        One-gallon jug filled with primers is a bomb.

        1. avatar LarryinTX says:

          A very expensive bomb.

    6. avatar MLee says:

      @ Mark N
      My neighbors brother on the east coast wants to buy an AR and the LGS there are cleaned out. Online….maybe if you’re lucky and not picky. As far as ammo, good luck with that. You might get some if the store you buy from just got it in when you show up. A friend bought the entry level Ruger AR but no ammo because he’s a cheap FK and now there’s nothing anywhere.

    7. avatar Stev says:

      I overpaid on some .223 a while back. If the ammo shortage ever settles, I’m going back to buying a box or two every paycheck.

    8. avatar strych9 says:

      There’s a recent Forbes article on how inelastic ammo supply is.

      Essentially in the last big rush some manufacturers bought very expensive machines to meet the demand and got burned when Trump got elected and the panic buying stopped. None are willing to risk that happening again.

      I do note that the run on plates continues unabated as well.

      Ah well, even millipedes have a limited number of feet.

      1. avatar uncommon_sense says:


        I do note that the run on plates continues unabated as well.

        When you say “plates”, are you referring to steel/ceramic plates for ballistic vests?

        Assuming that is the case, I was just thinking that it would be fairly easy to acquire/fabricate your own. The only concern I have is with bullet spalling when it hits the plate — some of those tiny high-velocity bullet fragments would likely strike your neck and face. How do commercial vests and plate carriers minimize/prevent that?

        1. avatar MB (the real MB) says:

          @uncommon_sense, They mitigate spalling with rubberized spray on coating like pickup truck bedliner.

        2. avatar uncommon_sense says:


          Thank you for the information.

        3. avatar 9x39 says:

          Good source for emergency rifle plates is target plate in AR500. Might need to do a little cutting to shape before applying your antispall…

          Saw a good candidate yesterday, rated for .50 BMG for $100.

    9. avatar uncommon_sense says:

      Mark N.,

      I think the primary reason — like 90% of the reason — that people are gobbling up rifles, shotguns, and handguns is for basic home/personal protection. Violent protesters thugs are spreading out and escalating their intimidating and violent acts. Additionally, we continue to see police forces standing down with respect to property and violent crimes. Naturally, many people want an effective self-defense methodology to stand in the gap.

      As evidence of this, I personally know two families — one Progressive and one Conservative — who have never owned firearms in their entire lives who committed to acquiring and owning firearms. The Progressive family already purchased an AR-15 and two handguns. The Conservative family will purchase a handgun after I take them out shooting and help them decide on a general handgun platform. (They think that they want a sub-compact semi-auto handgun in .380 ACP for all the usual wrong reasons. I am going to steer them toward a full-size semi-auto handgun in 9mm Luger or a full-size revolver and let them shoot all three to see for themselves what works best for them.)

      Note that neither family wants to tool-up in case the balloon goes up. I think the people that want to be armed for that doomsday scenario tooled-up a long time ago.

    10. avatar MAGA says:

      Get a mold for 55 grain 0.224”, some red powder coat paint, and a toaster oven. Country Boy Prepper has an entire video about this.

      That way, you can cast all the bullets you want. The paint will coat the bullets and prevent them from leading your barrel.

      If you are reloading once-fired brass, be sure to chamfer the primer pocket (oversize drill bit, turn by hand pressure a few times, doesn’t take much. They make deburring tools, but good luck finding them right now), because they are crimped at the factory. I reload a lot of 223 myself, and I found this out after looking it up on the web, after about an hour of fussing and cussing because those blank-blank primers wouldn’t go in.

      You can also get a 125 grain RNFP (NOT wadcutter or semiwadcutter, as they WILL jam in a semiauto) 358 mold and a 356 sizing die. You can use them “as cast” for 38 special/357 magnum, or size them to 356 and load them into 9mm and/or 357 sig cartridges.

      When things calm down again (Don’t worry. They will), the best things to stock up on are small rifle primers, scrap lead, powder coat paint, and powder. Small rifle primers have the same external dims as small pistol primers, but they are thicker to stand up to rifle powder. You can load pistol cartridges with them too. Just test fire about 50 to 100 rounds to check for light strikes. I use them all the time in my glocks and 357 magnum revolvers. I’ve been doing all of this since the 2017 “Trump slump”, after the previous Ammopocalypse under Obummer finally ended.

      Don’t worry though. This isn’t the first one and it won’t be the last. I learned from the last one and you’ll learn from this one, hopefully without all the trial and error and bad words.

  8. avatar MB (the real MB) says:

    I love it when they eat their own and their children’s children. They also forget which side has most of the 400 million guns and 2 trillion rounds of ammo…

    1. avatar Docduracoat says:

      I keep seeing people posting things like the conservative side has all the guns and ammunition.
      What do you think the Russians, Chinese, and Iranians will do the second there is an American Civil War?
      They will be shipping arms, ammunition, drones and food to the liberal cities.
      Just like the Turks did recently in Libya.
      The conservative side had almost won the entire war and was closing on the capital.

      1. avatar MB (the real MB) says:

        @Docduracoat, thoughtful response, but somewhat flawed. The civil war would be over in a matter of days, not weeks or months. America is not Syria or Libya. Shipping across an entire ocean and then getting supplies to destination would would take weeks if not months…Would be all over by the time any significant amount could arrive to do any good. Then there is a lack of ability, knowledge and skill. How many pink or blue haired wonders do you think can confidently handle weapons without killing themselves or comrades first?

        1. avatar MADDMAXX says:

          Shipping across an entire ocean and then getting supplies to destination would would take weeks if not months

          Guess you’re not aware of that modern invention known as the airplane.. There are really big cargo planes capable of traversing the Atlantic or the N. Pacific in a few hours and can carry 250 tons with 1100 cubic feet of cargo space… The big cities have the airports built in, and I still have not received my shoulder fired SAMs that I ordered on line four years ago… Damn Post Office..

        2. avatar MB (the real MB) says:

          @MADDMAXX Nope, anything coming into American airspace during a national emergency would be shot down, I can pretty much guarantee that. (Think 911) Besides the planes don’t hold enough supplies to make a difference. In the Gulf War and Iraqi Freedom campaigns, 95% of goods and supplies went to middle east via US and allied ships. Good luck to the Russian navy transporting anything bigger than a Honda across the Pacific, they just don’t have that level of capabilities in quantities that could matter to a country the size of America with 330 million people.

  9. avatar GS650G says:

    The mob is actually holding back. Wait until people are hanging from poles and bodies are in the street everywhere.

    Let these press people show THAT on TV

    1. avatar SAFEupstateFML says:

      Wait do you mean the revolutionaries, counter revolutionaries, or normal people cleaning up the mess for the urban decorators?

      1. avatar Someone says:

        Once it starts, all of them. These things get real messy real fast. Ask anyone from former Yugoslavia.

        1. avatar GS650G says:

          Or Serbia. Or anywhere you have two factions that the authorities kept separate for decades.

  10. avatar RGP says:

    Ace reporter discovers the concept of the “target rich environment.” Did he consider it harassment when it happened to others?

  11. avatar Matt in Oklahoma says:


    1. avatar CentralVirginian says:

      The peaceful protestors must have offered to break the windows kinda like when someone leaves a dog in a car on a hot day. Then they offered to come to his house and check on him, nice folks. Hasn’t this reporter been watching the news?

  12. avatar Hannibal says:

    Policing, a necessary evil.

    It’s almost as if people forgot about the ‘necessary’ part.

    1. avatar SAFEupstateFML says:

      Happens when people suspend reality and live in fantasy land.

  13. avatar DaveL says:

    Oh no, Mister Frog! Did Mister Scorpion sting you? And to think: all this time, you’ve been telling us he was just a harmless cicada.

  14. avatar GunnyGene says:

    Don’t need no steenking carry permit. We got guns. We got boolits.

    1. avatar Green Mtn. Boy says:

      That is what the 2 nd. amendment says, carry on.

  15. avatar Jimmy Beam says:

    Always carry. Always.

  16. avatar Jeff says:

    Peaceful protestors threatened a photojournalist. Now it is time for him to, perish the thought, get a gun. Can’t do that in Seattle after all of the new laws. Hope your producers run the tape, but they will not, it goes against their narrative.

  17. avatar Shire-man says:

    His colleagues will flip a coin.
    Heads it’s Trumps fault.
    Tails it’s not happening at all.

    1. avatar MADDMAXX says:

      Heads it’s Trumps fault.
      Tails it’s not happening at all.

      Ooopps… Too late for option two, he’s already let it escape into the REAL WORLD…

  18. avatar Tim says:

    Lori Lightfoot doesn’t have that problem. She told the police that she’s special and that “protestors”, peaceful or otherwise, are banned from her block.

    Problem solved.

    1. avatar Hannibal says:

      Mayor Beetlejuice now has about 60 officers assigned just to her protection.

      This from a woman who, upon taking office, didn’t want ANY cops to protect her (she wanted to hire former feds instead… on taxpayer dime)

      1. avatar MADDMAXX says:

        Mayor Beetlejuice now has about 60 officers assigned just to her protection

        I read this morning that it’s more like 100…

  19. avatar BLAMMO!! says:

    But I’m on your side!!
    (JBL store, midtown Manhattan)

    1. avatar Green Mtn. Boy says:

      ROTFLMAO !

  20. avatar Mack The Knife says:


  21. avatar Bob says:

    Best laugh I’ve had in a long time

  22. avatar Bob in IN says:

    Bet he still votes Dummocrat.

    1. avatar Green Mtn. Boy says:

      Dyed in the wool, consumed one too many Marxist kool aids.

  23. avatar Law & Order says:

    Honestly, f*ck it. Let them reap what they sow. Anyone who voted for this sh!t deserves what they get. Maybe they will wake up and not vote to destroy our rights. I really don’t feel sorry for them.

  24. avatar Buff cousin Elroy says:

    I’m local, Seattle is such a garbage city. Nothing but crazy homeless, dope zombies, tweakers, and antifa kids. Used to be called “The Emerald City” with the Space Needle, now is just a stinking butthole with a hypodermic needle.

    1. avatar Mark says:

      ^^^^ OMG, THIS! Dude I’m stealing this. I live in WA and you nailed it.

      1. avatar Loughsun says:

        I’m in the Pac NW as well. Yes the green butthole, and the hypodermic needle! Lol!

    2. avatar Southern Cross says:

      What is needed is a batch of extremely pure smack for the druggies to OD on.

  25. avatar WI Patriot says:

    No matter, he and others like him will continue to push the narrative…

  26. avatar Rusty - Always Carry - Chains says:

    If it is a company car, that is on them. If his company sent him a place like that using his own car, why didn’t he remove the license plate? It isn’t like a demoralized and defunded PD is gonna be writing tickets for the revenue to the city! Even if he did get one, he could just put it on his expense report with the justification of the safety of his family. Why would anyone go a place like that without being well armed?

  27. avatar John Paul says:

    Won’t end until people get shot, lots of them.

    1. avatar SoCalJack says:

      Give it more time, more folks, supporting or on the fence, that live near these protesters, will be a victim too. It takes a while for some libs to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This post reminds me, I should probably keep a can of OC spray in the passenger’s side door pocket in addition to the driver’s side.

      1. avatar Hannibal says:

        Unless you can deploy it like the Presidential Limo I would suggest that trying to use OC from inside the car is a dangerous proposition. You don’t want to be opening windows to deal with a threat.

        And if someone’s threatening to break in… drive away, drive through, or shoot in that order as necessary.

    2. avatar Southern Cross says:

      China would have rolled in the tanks long ago.

  28. avatar possum says:

    Maybe it because they don’t want to get shot for lack of shooting back?

  29. avatar Jesse Jones says:

    Just blow on your Rape Whistle when surrounded by evil you dumb dumb. All KIRO 7 employees have one in their van emergency kit silly lol

  30. avatar J. Smith says:

    People are waking up to the fact the rules have changed. When they finally wake up to the systemic criminal corruption in pretty much all of our institutions, the rules will change even further, this is why people are buying guns and ammo. But, remember the 2A is mainly to arm a well regulated constitutional militia which is what will be required here in short order to not only deal with the marxist insurgency in play, but to take back our institutions from the criminal, treasonous politicians and embedded government workers. Now we need to get the bulk of the county sheriffs up to speed. Kind of like the one in Florida that stated he would deputize his citizens to deal with riots, essentially forming up the militia.

  31. avatar Elmer Fudd says:

    Think of it as evolution in action.

  32. avatar StLPro2A says:

    These domestic street terrorism actions are merely initial probing, de-sensitization, training, technique developing action for the real domestic terrorism that will hit American streets en masse post-election. If Trump wins….to de-throne him. If Biden, then to implement their radical Leftist terror. Coming soon to a street in front of your house. You’ve got enough guns. Hoard ammo. It’s gonna be a TRE.

    1. avatar GS650G says:

      Sadly I think you’re right..but the big unknown is how non cops are going to respond once they also don’t have to worry about cops.
      It’s one sided now courtesy the democrats.

    2. avatar El Lay says:

      Spot on.

  33. avatar simobros says:

    I’ve been hoarding ammo since the Killary might be president scare. Before that, my deep armageddon ammo supply was lots of M2 ball for my Garand and lots of .45acp ball for the 1911s. I started buying ammo at every gun show I went to for every gun I owned. Now I’m very glad I did. The peace of mind with what’s going on now is priceless

  34. avatar Sam in Ohio says:

    First and foremost, this guy is not a “journalist”. He’s a cameraman they send out to take footage and then the on air talent and producers tell a story from it. His post did what he could to get the truth out, but that’s probably not going to make the evening news at the station he works for.

    Second, always remember that “people” end up with the government they want in the moment. That doesn’t mean that you or I will get the government that we want. Perfect example is the Reagan Administration’s “War on Drugs”.

    Government cracked down on drugs and the criminal organizations that trafficked in drugs using RICO and other conspiracy laws. That means that if you’re involved in the criminal enterprise (Insert “gang”) even though you’re not really an “insider” aka kingpin, you get charged and sentenced for what others in the conspiracy did because you’re all working together.

    Fast forward to today where “celebrities” like Kim Kardashian are pleading for clemency/pardons for the little fish that got 30 year sentences that seem out of proportion for what they personally did for the conspiracy.

    It’s the same thing here. You get a lot of people with good intentions that come down to protest an injustice who propose some hairbrained ideas like “defunding” police. Of course, they’ve got no clue that this is going to attract anarchists and the like or how their protests provide cover for criminal enterprises (insert “gangs”) to start a riot and fires as distractions so other members of the enterprise can loot drugs from pharmacies, etc.

    The “Road to Hell” is paved with good intentions. That’s mainly because those with the good intentions don’t take the time to understand the history that led us to this point or bother to think through the unintended consequences. They just plain have a hard time comprehending that people will use their good intentions for their own gain.

    Naive, child-like and stupid are words that spring to mind for them. In the end, they may get what they want unless the adults step in, show up at city council meetings, circulate recall petitions in states that have it and show up on Election Day each and every time.

  35. avatar Country Boy says:


    What the hell has happened to proper English ?

  36. Great post! Media needs to be slapped around a bit.

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