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PrintMan accused of pulling gun on Portland protesters was armed with multiple magazines of ammo, prosecutor says – “Michael Strickland, the 36-year-old man accused of pulling a gun on Don’t Shoot PDX protesters marching outside Portland’s Justice Center, had a round in the chamber of the loaded handgun he swept in front of the crowd and five other magazines of ammunition on him Thursday night, according to court records. Multnomah County deputy district attorney Kate Molina Friday successfully argued for Strickland’s bail to be set at $250,000 after two felony counts of unlawful use of a firearm were added to misdemeanor allegations of menacing and second-degree disorderly conduct.” Did he have reason to believe he was being threatened with death or grievous bodily harm? The courts will now decide that.


White House defends Obama’s gun comment after Dallas – “The White House on Friday defended President Barack Obama’s decision to lament the availability of “powerful weapons” as he made his first public statement about the shooting deaths of five police officers in Dallas. ‘I think the president was quite direct in his comments today indicating that our thoughts first and foremost are with the families of those who lost loved ones, and there is never a justification for carrying out acts of violence against law enforcement officers,’ press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters during a briefing at The Westin hotel in Warsaw, Poland, where Obama was attending a NATO summit.” Never let an atrocity go to waste.


Not that it matters…it’s still an “assault rifle” to them: Dallas suspect said he wanted to kill whites – A law enforcement source told CBS News that Johnson had a SKS semi-automatic assault rifle and a handgun, Milton reports. The suspect also wore body armor, the source said.

More police officers die on the job in states with more guns – “They then compared officer fatality rates in the eight states with the lowest public gun ownership rate (13.5 percent, on average) against officer fatalities in the 23 states with the highest gun ownership rate (52 percent, on average). The states with the lowest rates of gun ownership tended to be high-population places such as New York, while the highest rates of gun ownership were in low-population places such as Wyoming. So the researchers compared the 8 “low” states with 23 ‘high’ states to arrive at comparable numbers of law enforcement officers employed in each group over the study period.” Following that?


Gun-Rights Activist Says He Was Defamed by Dallas Police – “(Mark) Hughes said police questioned him about why he wanted to shoot officers, adding that they told him witnesses saw him firing the rifle. That ‘is a lie,’ Hughes said. Hughes told CBS 11 that he was ‘defamed’ by police. His identification as a person of interest has resulted in “thousands” of death threats on Facebook, he added. Reached by The Associated Press late Friday, Saputo said Hughes hasn’t ‘ruled out’ taking legal action against Dallas police.” ID’ing and questioning him seems reasonable, given the circumstances.

Cops: Tennessee shooter targeted white victims, similar to Dallas ambush – “Preliminary findings indicate (Lakeem) Scott may have targeted (white) people and officers after being troubled by recent events involving African-Americans and law enforcement officers in other parts of the country. Investigators spoke with Scott Friday morning. Agents say ‘the work to develop a thorough understanding of his motivation for this incident remains central to the ongoing investigative work.'” So…he’ll be charged with a hate crime?


FPC Urges Law-Abiding People To Arm Themselves – “Last night, five law enforcement officers were killed and others were wounded in what is being reported by the mainstream media as a planned attack during an otherwise-peaceful “Black Lives Matter” protest in Dallas, Texas. FPC warned that the news and political establishments will undoubtedly leverage the events of the past 24 hours to promote their total disarmament agenda. The grassroots group said that people should expect more calls for bans on Constitutionally-protected firearms, bullet-resistant personal protective equipment, ammunition, and potentially even bolt-action hunting rifles the media sometimes mistakenly calls ‘sniper rifles.’” See Tennessee story, above.

Travis Smiley (courtesy tavistalks.com)

I wonder what the appropriately named Tavis Smiley [above] at Time meant when he wrote this:

America is sick, and we cannot afford to take the tranquilizing drug of gradualism.

When my grandmother wanted me to do something urgently, she’d intone that she wanted it done, “Not now, but right now!”

America, the time is ripe for us to do what’s right. Not now, but right now.

Texas Firearms Festival Daily Digest: A Mystery Gun, Dems Issuing Threats and Time to Take the Guns">Previous Post
Texas Firearms Festival - Daily Digest: Another Pituitary Hoplophobe, Uber Lifts Lyft, and Questions Gun Grabbers Just Won't Answer">Next Post


  1. I had an Russian sks til I foolishly traded it away on a Beretta shotgun. I prefer the sks to the AR or the AK.

    As for the guy in the video? Stupid places, stupid times……..

  2. The Dallas police did not say in their tweet he was a person of interest, but was a suspect. That was wrong on their part. He did the right things. They did not. They should have corrected the tweet earlier. He was not a Chipotle Ninja, we has carrying his gun responsibly, and he reacted to the situation responsibly. They did not. You can cut them some slack given the situation, but at the same time they can say sorry too, given he is being jumped on by racists and anti gunners both. People of the Gun should be behind him 100 percent.

      • I dunno, he seemed to show the practical uselessness of open carry to me. At the very moment that violence was at hand he was utterly unable to respond for fear of being shot himself by police, the very point that anti-gunners use all the time.

    • He’s going to be stigmatized on both ends (by the right) for “perpetuating the narative of violence” inherent to the BLM movement, and (by the left) for taking advantage of his constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms…… In the aggregate he’s in the right. I don’t like BLM, but the man has every absolute right to have a gun so long as he also assumes the mantle of responsibility. I think he accorded himself quite well…… Like you said, he wasn’t being a chipotle ninja, which drives me nuts.

      • Well, the Chipotle Ninja’s were not being Chipotle Ninja’s, either.

        They had permission of the manager to be there. There were cops there who did not disapprove of what they were doing. The other customers in the store did not mind.

        What they were doing was protesting the stupidity of a TX Law that allowed OC of long guns but not hand guns. And again, they had permission to be there conducting that specific “protest.”

        Chipotle Ninja is a term that was coined by a guy who used to be a regular here who was very anti-Open Carry. Whatever reasons he had for disliking Open Carry, he took every opportunity to denigrate any and all Open Carriers.

        No open carrier, casual or as part of organized (and approved) protest, was free from his criticism.

        So, my vote would be for us to drop the “Chipotle Ninja” term that is doing nothing useful at all and only serves to perpetuate the myth that those two guys were somehow “wrong” to be activists for the laws of their state to be more consistent and make more sense.

    • Spot on. His cooperation with the cops right after the bullets started flying should be a “How to” when you’re in a situation like that and too far away to help.

      Though you won’t see the video of him peacefully handing his rifle to the police in the MSM much since it absolutely shatters the Left’s narrative of police losing all control of their decision making/trigger discipline when they see a black man with a gun.

      • I can’t even imagine how chaotic Dallas was, and if the suspect description is a suspect black male armed with a rifle, I can see how they could have put that out there without looking into it too much.

        I’m glad that it turned out well though and he was released with no issues

  3. Why were those people in Portland protesting Winchester ammo anyway? It’s not my personal favorite, but I thought PDX was pretty well respected as a self-defense round…

    • Obviously they bought that USA forged steel-cased 9mm. I would protest too if I was sold ammo that terrible.

  4. That “photographer” seems to have pulled out his gun for little to no reason, although its probable we arent getting the full story in the video clip. And then he continues to hang around the scene after he pulls his gun when the crowd backs off? Seems to me like he did not have a credible reason to pull his gun for that very fact alone, as if you truly believed your life was in danger you would retreat while you had the chance.

    • He was being assaulted, there’s disagreement as to whether he was being battered. A small group was right in his face as he walked backward. Then, when he established some distance, he pulled his sidearm.
      Do we conclude that it’s stupid to try to draw when your antagonists are within arm’s reach, or do we conclude that the threat was no longer immediate by the time he drew, or do we conclude that there never was a threat that met Oregon’s legal standard for deploying deadly force?

      One of the guys pursuing him was quoted as saying they just wanted him out of there because they didn’t like him. (sounds like confession to a conspiracy to deny his First Amendment rights) Is Oregon a stand your ground state, or was he required to retreat away from the event he was trying to report on?

      • Reverse the paradigm….. If it was a group of white people wearing masks over their faces trying to intimidate a black man, would we begrudge him for standing his ground and exercising his first amendment rights? He didn’t shoot and he didn’t panic, but also wasnt going to be intimidated a by a violent racist mob….. Again, if he was black, he would be a damn hero and BLM would have pictures of his face on t-shirts. The second exists to protect the first.

      • He had multiple people in his face and one shed his pack in an aggressive, getting ready to fight gesture.

        I would vote not guilty on all charges.

        What right does this mob have to intimidate and threaten? Are they the law now?

    • A rational and factual explanation of what happened before the film and a view of what was not on camera would make for a real analysis of what happened. The video has too little information to fairly judge the actions of the gun carrying photographer. I might agree that it initially appeared appeared that there wasn’t a threat but for masked man and the other man that appeared to be ready to attack but only stopped when the protester was imploring them to make space and back off. Clearly the photographer with the gun was being intimidated physically. They were using strong arm tactics to intimidate and drive that particular photographer away. I think there were colluding to bully the photographer with the intention of quieting that person.

      After the animosity and violence we have seen the last few days against white police in particular and white civilians in general, he does have cause to be concerned.

      Anyone that knows the 21 foot rule should intuitively realize that a person in his situation was in very real danger from being overrun by a angry mob, (no knife necessary) The possibility of being knocked down and kicked to death is not small. Despite the outrage at his drawing a firearm, it should be self apparent that it immediately ceased the actions of the aggressive protesters. The protester that talked the aggressive protesters did a good job of stopping immediate violence also.

    • Disagree. From what we can see, he had every reason to draw his weapon. The crowd had turned toward him, which a reasonable person would know means that he may be in real danger. In fact, I think he showed considerable restraint. 1) even the guy voicing the video observes that he was afraid to turn his back on the crowd and 2) he allowed people to get much too close to him to defend himself.

    • And by the way, your “elitist” view of this man’s very personal decision to protect himself is just what Obama needs to suspend rights in an “emergency”. Don’t think he won’t. Then what? The mob WILL be in charge.

      I am an Army combatives instructor and have had bones broken and joints dislocated when I was winning against ONE person! If this group attacked, he would have HAD to shoot, IF he could get to his weapon. Likely not.

      He very likely prevented violence against him.

  5. I guess any semi-auto rifle is now an “assault weapon” but at least my other “assault weapons” now have a new friend in the safe… I’ll be sure to let the others know that the SKS is now a member of the club. I’ll also make sure to inform the SKS that it’s now a “sniper rifle”.

    As for the guy with the pistol… I guess the courts will have to decide but it seems to me like he very well may have a valid defense after being confronted by numerous people who seemed to want to beat his ass.

    As for Mr. Hughes… I don’t know how I feel about that. On the one hand it seems like the police acted appropriately, on the other he is getting death threats based on something he didn’t do and the police directly contributed to that. It sure is shitty to think that OCing in public might get you death threats or worse.

  6. A SKS – 10 round – non magazine rifle. Hope the anti gunners don’t short their neurons spinning why that gun should be banned.

    • “Hope the anti gunners don’t short their neurons spinning why that gun should be banned”

      That’s easy, “Because GUNZ IZ BAD!”

    • Do you still not get it? They want to ban all guns. They don’t care if it’s full auto, an AR, bolt-action, grandpa’s .410 or a squirt gun. They just jump on the AR-15–which kills far fewer people each year than fists–because that’s how the Left erodes rights: incrementally.

      That’s why we can’t give a single millimeter. No compromise. They want us all disarmed and for every knee to bend to their god, Government.

      • “Do you still not get it? They want to ban all guns. They don’t care if it’s full auto, an AR, bolt-action, grandpa’s .410 or a squirt gun.”

        Or a pop tart. Don’t forget the pop tarts.

        They not only want to ban guns, but images of guns, real or not.

      • I do get it Mitch. They won’t be happy unless they collect all the sling shots as well. Everyone knows gun control is bull shit…everyone agrees Tarzan is Lord of the Jungle.

        Hope the new GOP president outlaws anti gunners. And makes swinging through the trees law of the land.

      • It’s also pretty trivial to convert one to use removable magazines. Now, those removable magazines tend to suck ass and not work very well, but it can be done…

      • I used to have a paratrooper (?) SKS-D. It used regular AK magazines, not the duck-billed replacement stuff. So, there are bonafide SKSs out there which take true AK magazines.



        “Type 63, 68, 73, 81, 84: Only a close relative to the SKS, these rifles shared features from several east-bloc rifles (SKS, AK-47, Dragunov). AK-47 style rotary bolt and detachable magazine. The Type 68 featured a stamped sheet-steel receiver. The Type 81 is an upgraded Type 68 with a three-round burst capability, some of which (Type 81-1) have a folding stock. The Type 84 (known as an SKK) returns to semi-auto fire only, is modified to accept AK-47 magazines, and has a shorter 16″ paratrooper barrel.”

  7. I think the correct name is Tavis not Travis. I listened to him a lot a few years ago when I thought I wanted to understand the other side. My head still hurts.

  8. That BS study that is suddenly in the news again used data ending in 2010. Since 2010 there has been an average of 132 LEOs killed each year; in the fiver years previous (2006-2010) the average was 157. So as gun ownership increased, the number of LEO deaths has decreased.

    • For the record, in a quick Google of “The top ten deadliest jobs in America” law enforcement does not show up even once. My job – truck driving, shows up on every list (figures for 2014) at either #8 or #9. The only list I found (quick search) that included police they came in at #15.

      Figures are given as “deaths per 100,000 workers” in any given profession.

      For some reason they did not include in their statistical analysis “Employed by a criminal gang engaged in the illegal distribution of narcotics.” I guess that makes loggers and crab fishermen, #1 & #2, feel all macho.

  9. “America, the time is ripe for us to do what’s right. Not now, but right now.”

    Agreed. All #BLM “activists” belong in prison, Not now, but right now.

    And Tavis Smiley, why did your granny have to tell you what to do? Where was your daddy?

    • >> All #BLM “activists” belong in prison, Not now, but right now.

      For what, exactly? Saying things? That’s what 1A is for.

  10. So I
    HAVE to support Mr Hughes? No I don’t. Marching in a black lives style bitch about white cops “protest” strikes me as “stupid people-stupid places”. And with an AR slung over your shoulder…whatdoyouexpect the po-leece to think when SHTF?

    • For what it’s worth, my wife said she saw a news report that indicated that prior to the shooting, the protestors / marchers and the cops were getting along fine, even kidding around with each other.

      I don’t know either way, but I will say Mr. Hughes looks in that photo like he’s having a good time and it’s not a ‘tense’ situation.

      I’m willing to allow that BLM protests probably include a very broad spectrum of people, just like another other group or gathering.

      You can “support” him or not as you see fit, but let’s at least give him the credit of doing the right thing in a very bad situation.

    • We didn’t have any problems with BLM when they joined our open carry protest regarding the killing of John Crawford in an Ohio Walmart. We were all armed, most of us with rifles and shotguns. But, they joined our protest already in progress. Over months, BLM dropped off about the John Crawford incident because they had to support his right to open carry. They and MSM weren’t willing to do that.

      BLM now? I wouldn’t trust them at all. Too many lies, complete socialists. It was good to learn about them from “the inside.” To know how they operate is to know not to trust them and how to defeat them. We learned alot about how these astro-turf movement tick.

  11. Tavis Smiley is the perfect statist agitator — there to rile up the crowd and hope the wackos in the crowd do his bidding but never there to do anything himself.

  12. Fascinating how Smiley calls the tragic fatal shooting of Philip Castile an “execution.” He does not know what happened during the incident. Nor do we, because no recording of the actual shooting and the events leading up to it have been released.

    He jumps to the conclusion that Castile was killed because he was black and the cop was white. Except the cop was latino.

    Mr. Smiley apparently doesn’t believe that presumption of innocence applies to the police as well. What Mr. Smiley is doing here is actually very dangerous, as it confirms the paranoid suspicions of a growing segment of the population that black men are being wantonly murdered by racist police. It is this world view that has brought the often violent BLM protests. It is this worldview that helped set Ferguson on fire, (despite the fact that the officer involved was completely and unambiguously cleared of all wrong doing.) It is this worldview that helped push Mikah Johnson over the edge.

    Smiley is doing no favors to anyone here. And he is may be doing it deliberately. This is radical agitation 101. When chaos reigns, more people are willing to turn to the heavy hand of government to impose their solutions on the problem. That their solutions (universal background checks, as an example) would not have affected the outcome is irrelevant. The chaos is the excuse to impose what they’ve always wanted to impose. Solutions in search of a problem.

    Disgusting. And frankly, proto-fascist.

  13. Another use of “High Power” weapons? Looks like they are trying to make it stick. I guess people finally realized how stupid “Assault Weapon” was.

    • Isn’t “High Power” NRA-speak for anything over .22LR? What about assaulty-looking rimfire guns? We need to ban those too!

  14. Strickland’s YouTube channel is “Laughing at Liberals.” I don’t know what happened before he pulled his gun, but my gut tells me it might have been pretty bad and might have even warranted him defending himself.

  15. Tavis Smiley. SMH.

    Did his mothe foget a lette when she named him? O is it just some moe of how cetain cultues assimilate? I wonde…

  16. Any bets the humble SKS will be next on the .gov chopping-block, and there’ll be a run on those next? (or at least that’s what the guys selling them at gun shows & pawnshops by next weekend for $800 would have everyone think)
    I’m just glad I got into SKS’s way back when nice Norincos could be had for $150, decent Russian examples for $300, and average Yugos for $100 or less. My milsurp-collecting friends told me on the regular that I was insane, that the SKS sucked, and my money would’ve been better spent on Mausers, AKs, and M1 Garands. While even then M1s were a bit outside of my meager mean and we all missed the boat on ARs, perhaps maybe I wasn’t *that* insane.
    In any case; while it seemed that the SKS had escaped even California’s recent ban-hammer, I fully expect them to rectify that oversight with a quickness.

    • Perhaps not. Quite a few mass consumed publications I read this morning are still calling it an AR-15. Both out of ignorance and sticking with the narrative I’m sure.

  17. 10 round fixed mag, loaded with stripper clips. Not an assault weapon even by california definition, unrestricted in Canada with a 5 round magazine.

    It is increasingly obvious that the gungrabber agenda is incremental.

  18. I can’t condemn the Portland guy for drawing his weapon. Being surrounded by an aggressive mob could put anyone in fear for their life. I think keeping the weapon muzzle down after drawing would have been a better choice, but it’s easy to armchair quarterback when it’s not you in fight-or-flight mode.

  19. “(Mark) Hughes said police questioned him about why he wanted to shoot officers, adding that they told him witnesses saw him firing the rifle. That ‘is a lie,’ Hughes said.”

    Well, two things. First, it might have been an actual lie- an interrogation tactic that is perfectly legal and very useful to trick the guilty. Second, it might not have been a lie- the police may very well have been told by witnesses that they “saw” this guy shooting. Those witnesses themselves may have believed they did, or imagined they did and just embellished a tiny bit. Witnesses are funny that way, especially when in a stressful environment.

  20. An article on daily mail uk shows the weapon and identifies it as a Saiga, not an SKS (and it does look like a Saiga to me)


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