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“We cannot let the actions of a few define all of us.” President Obama [via]


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  1. ““We cannot let the actions of a few define all of us.” President Obama ”

    *scratching chin*

    Uh, isn’t that exactly what he does with lawful People of the Gun?

    I’m a bit more confused than normal…

    • He’s talking about liberal/regressives like himself. After all, the vast majority of the mass shooters, have been lefties, or Muslims that vote democrat.

      Every time a mass murder happens, the liberal/regressive press jumps and salivates at the idea that it’s a white, conservative, gun owning, NRA member that has gone mad and gone on a blood soaked rampage.

      And then the truth comes out, and guess what. Another lefty has gone full mass murdering retard.

      Like I’ve said, Liberal/regressives are a death cult. Just like Islam. That’s why the progressives are so protective of Islam, they are blood brothers in death. You know the old saying, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”. Since the Lefties and fundamentalist Muslims are implacable enemies of all traditional America values, they are allies, for now, in their war against our American society.

  2. Great quote to use on the Lefties, but we’ve been saying the same thing in essence for decades now. Maybe now that we can quote this from Imam Obama they’ll pay attention and understand.

  3. Who here thinks that what Obama says is anything other than scripted words on paper meant for nothing but the history books and to distract anyone who cares to pay attention?

    He would be more likely to show up at your lgs and pay for your ammo than he would speak honestly what he thinks and believes.

    And if you want to know what he thinks and believes you have two options, watch what he does and work backwards, or look at what similar men have done and go the other way.

    And all y’all know who I mean by similar men.

    • I think he SHOULD show up at my lgs and pay for my ammo, and my range time. The Constitution calls for a well regulated militia. We should get free training.

      • Oh I agree save for one thing – nothing the state does is free and we should seek to remember that point and make sure other people understand this also. Anything the state does is done on the backs and money of the people.

        The better idea of course is that the state declines to pay for my range time and also declines to tax me of xx 1000$ each year of George Washington dollar bills. That works best for me.

        Just leave me and my (and you and your) money alone thank you very much. We’d all be the better for it.

        • I propose something else.

          Taxes simply are not going to go away but the government never met a tax they don’t like so….

          Next census add a question to the list: “Have you already, or would you, purchase a firearm and train to use it in defense of your state and the US Constitution?” Tell no one why this question is being added.

          Then, for those that answer in the negative, impose a $2000/year tax earmarked to provide ammo to those that answered in the affirmative which comes in the Form of a tax credit/refund. Now all the liberals are right back to where they were before the ACA, we’really just offsetting their savings!

        • “Next census add a question”

          That might actually solve our problems, once the admin discovers that there are no gunowners in America. As in, literally *every* one would lie, you would not have to tell us what the question was for, it is a registration scheme, so that jackbooted killers will know where to stop and burn.

  4. We have come to a point with political discourse where “all of us” just means within that same party or political ideology or what they really want is for people to come to their way of thinking. Long gone is any idea of reaching across the isle or coming to a compromise. It is “all or nothing” thinking these days.

    Many speeches like this one are for optics because in private they are thinking “how can I spin this for my political benefit?”

    For Obama specifically, he had 8 years to unite a country, but instead he spent 8 years dividing it. His words are meaningless.

    • No politician, perhaps aside from when faced with a genuine, existential threat to the country’s population as a whole (read real war, not war on taxpayers told they need protection from imaginary hobgoblins), will ever “unite the country.” Since no country is some homogeneous population, all striving to be good.

      What Soros and his ilk wants from “their” President, is help to get richer by making it easier for them to rob their countrymen. There is no way to permanently unite that, with what those designed as patsies want out of “theirs.”

      Indoctrination aimed at suckering the patsies into believing they and Soros, by virtue of nothing more than residence on the same continental plate, form some sort of “we”; and that there exists some other, scary hobgoblin out there, called “they”, that only “uniting” around Soros’ Theft Enabler In Chief can save them from, has proven to work for awhile. But only until the theft becomes too obvious, to too many.

      Then, at some point, even the indoctrinati slowly wakes up to the fact that “Government is not reason, it is not eloquence — it is force.” And furthermore, that it is always and everywhere force for sale to the highest bidder, NEVER to the one who is the most “just”, “right”, “good” or whatnot, no matter how much effort gets expended by every government, on indoctrinating their captive populations to believe just that.

  5. OT: I seem to recall there was a Free Keene anti government rally where the county police setup multiple over watch positions while covering a group of kinda-hippie white people. It was seen as move in poor taste.

    Meanwhile there was no over watch setup on the Dallas BLM March cuz racism (speculation).

    I hope moving forward they at least consider such preparations in the future from a purely pragmatic standpoint.

  6. I had the urge to hurl watching President Goofball inPoland. He also said violent crime was way down in the last 7 years. While gun ownership and CC has soared. I’ve come to the conclusion that Bury Soetoro is dumber than a box of rocks. A great puppet Valerie J…it was painful watching “him” stumble through a press conference without a teleprompter.

    • He is a puppet of Valerie Jarret.

      *Nothing* and *nobody* gets to him but through Jarret…

  7. Blaming the many for the acts of a few only works one way and that is any people who are not leftist/fascists or hold leftist/fascist beliefs. Gun owners get to be blamed, demonized, and their rights attacked constantly because of criminal dirt bags.

    Now, this is what I have seen in the news so far in the demonization:

    -Demonization of “shooting on the move”. That is what the Fox news article called it.

    -They went to the tactical training company that trained the cop killer scum bag and was given very little information. So watch some demonization of tactical training because it might make people competent with guns!

    -Open carry is already taking a few hits here and there because the cops might get confused.

    -Body armor of course came back up in the news because now the cops might have to make head shots! Most people I’ve seen shot, even with a plate carrier go down and lay on the ground for a bit because it hurts. It’s not a magical barrier from bullets.

    -Of course the he owned too many guns and had an arsenal argument came up. He only had two guns on him at the time he committed his crimes. How does having a lot of guns make you more or less dangerous? I have a fairly large collection myself, but I can only really carry one rifle and two pistols with mags for all, but then I would probably look like a Geardo.

    -Plus the add on to the arsenal, he had a lot of ammo on him and at his home! Well, 210 rounds (7 mags and standard basic load for a soldier) really doesn’t take up that much space and is fairly easy to carry.

    I think we should have a anti gun leftist bingo card on the TTAG main page that you can play any time they discuss guns. It would be nearly filled out after all of the BS i’ve seen in the past two days on the news. Even Fox news is getting in on the gun owner hate.

    • “Most people I’ve seen shot, even with a plate carrier go down and lay on the ground for a bit because it hurts. It’s not a magical barrier from bullets.”

      Plate can be so good a barrier to ballistic metal that it can maim and kill the carrier.

      Solid slugs splattering can mess up your handsome (or, like mine, damn *hideous*) face.

      Bare naked plate can kill.

      (Note: Bare naked members of your sexual preference can also kill you, or clean you out in divorce court…)

        • Until I see an evidence photo, I’m going to assume that the media, like usual, is mistaking a load-bearing vest for armor.

          I’m not saying he didn’t wear armor, but that would be an outlier if he did. Considering he used an SKS instead of a more modern rifle, I find it odd if he used modern body armor with it.

    • “How does having a lot of guns make you more or less dangerous?”

      It doesn’t, of course, but as usual they will not state what they truly fear. The ruling elite fear that someone with multiple guns will arm friends/allies when the ruling elite finally decide to go openly totalitarian.

  8. President Obama Rejects Gun Control Based on Criminal Acts

    Of course he does. They all do. They support gun control based on the principle of consolidating power for an elite few, they just pretend it’s based on criminal acts.

  9. Recent events are not about BLM. Listen to the news narrative, they’re switching from assault weapons, to long guns, articles on 2A legitimacy, ease of purchasing ammo, why open carry and now hate of BLM is projected on the GOP (white party).

    This is the pre show for the conventions and upcoming election. UniParty is moving issues on the board for both the election and complete fundamental changing the core of this country.

    Laws not enforced for criminals, forcing how we speak, early release of prisoners (cost), gun control, restriction of RKBA. Democrats know they’re in trouble and ginning hate to close the percentage gap to win back independents.

    The hope is 100 million non voters in this country register, if they don’t, the America I know will cease to exist.

  10. Every shooting incident sets off the nashing of teeth by Pro and Anti Second Amendment factions. Both sides think the grabbers are goinng to grab. But the. people in the middle are going to decide and it always seems they figure out it isn’t the guns. When the shooter says. Allah Akbar or kill whitey they know it’s not the guns no matter what Obama or Bloomberg say. If the grabbers win it will because the win elections based on other issues more important to swing voters than gun control.

    • The trouble is that the middle is not a reliable voting block. They are disgusted with both candidates and just stay home.

      • Jeb Bush was reasonably clear, this morning, saying he is going to stay home, for just that reason. Frankly, I hope he means every day forever, if I never see his face again it will be too soon.

  11. I think when he was referring to “actions of a few” ,he is referring to the few as people who have the same color skin as him.

  12. This state senator from IL, installed as President by white guilt America has lied to the people for eight years, disparaged gun owners and their faith, empowered radical Muslims, taxed people’s health care, advanced Iran’s nucular programs, allows North Korea’s nuclear program to exist, squandered billions on alternative energy schemes, and supports lies of BLM.

    Now he endorses Hillary for four more years of lying to America.

  13. There’s a quote to use against every single mass regulation proposal.

    File this stuff to toss back at them. You won’t convince the anti’s, but it makes them look like schmucks, makes them mad, and noe tbey’re arguing against themselves.

    Making somebody look like a schmuck persuades the undecided … because people “decide” as much on how they feel about whoever is talking, as about the argument.

  14. The more they have to explain and outline exactly what gun control really entails, the more it reveals itself for what it really is: tyranny.

    Smart people already know this, which is why we’re frustrated gun control is even being considered.

    Sheeple that have been coddled by 200 years of relative peace on the Homefront thanks to wars fought elsewhere and not in our backyards have to settle for the slow reveal that our society has always been protected and maintained by good guys with guns.

  15. I have to ask George Soros and Valerie Jarrett how they can throw their voices while manipulating their sock puppet.

    POsTUS says he wants to own an NBA team when he retires from politics. Perfect!

  16. “To assign the actions of one person to an entire movement is dangerous and irresponsible. We continue our efforts to bring about a better world for all of us.” – BLM

    “We cannot let the actions of a few define all of us.” – BHO

    They say this until the actions fit their agenda…

  17. I’d vote for him for a third term, it wouldn’t be the first time, and it ain’t gonna matter who’s the conductor of this train wreck.

  18. Zero says – ” Motive unclear ” …. Really …? Jeh Johnson contradicts ‘ He told police he wanted to kill WHITE PEOPLE ‘ ………. Every Cop Should Turn Their Back To This P.O.S .

  19. Well, I think obumma didn’t mean the fault was easy access to powerful deadly weapons, more of a case of the poe-leese uh,uh,uh acted uh, stupidly. Turn head, look slightly upward, and pause to soak in the adoration of applause. Oh, I wasn’t sposed to read that last part.

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