PrintAlton Sterling bought gun just hours before he was shot dead by police in Baton Rouge – “A friend of Alton Sterling says the Baton Rouge man bought a gun for protection only hours before he was shot to death by two white cops outside a convenience store. ‘He didn’t have a gun before that,” barber Ronnie Harton, 50, told the Daily News. “He said he had to protect himself, because he had all this money on him. Around this area, you get robbed real quick.’” Whatever the investigation into Sterling’s shooting reveals about the police officers’ actions, how did a convicted felon (sex offender with multiple arrests for a variety of other charges) manage to buy a gun? It’s almost as if criminals don’t bother complying with gun control laws.

Dem. Rep. Warns GOP: If You Don’t Pass Gun Control Bill, ‘It Will Be A Long Hot Summer’ – “Congress — when I say Congress, I mean the Republicans in Congress — are refusing to address gun violence in America that targets black men and black women and Hispanic men and Hispanic women and, yes, even police officers. Republicans, what on Earth — why are you recoiling and not giving us a debate on gun violence? Why not give it a hearing? Give us a debate. Give us an up or down vote on legislation on gun violence. Why?”


Why are leftist college professors so hate-filled and violent?: Ohio Professor (James Pearce, above) Offers Gun-Control Solution: ‘Storm NRA HQ & Make Sure There Are No Survivors’ – “Look, there’s only one solution. A bunch of us anti-gun types are going to have to arm ourselves, storm the NRA headquarters in Fairfax, VA, and make sure there are no survivors. This action might also require coordinated hits at remote sites, like Washington lobbyists.”

Where do you keep your safe?:

Police Shootings Highlight Unease Among Black Gun Owners – “The shooting of Philando Castile in the St. Paul suburb of Falcon Heights comes at a time when more blacks appear to view gun ownership as way to shield them from violence. Black communities suffer from gun violence at much higher rates than white ones, but 54 percent of black people said guns did more to protect than endanger personal safety, according to a 2014 Pew Research survey. That is up from 29 percent two years earlier.” Hope and change.

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Browning Introduces BXD™ Ammunition for Waterfowl Hunting – Browning Ammunition introduces BXD Waterfowl Extra Distance, which is launched at high velocities utilizing an optimized long-range wad and plated round steel shot. The new shells combine round steel pellets with a cutting-edge wad design resulting in a lethal combination of energy retention, penetration and pattern density that is critical in achieving long-range performance.

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 2.47.03 PM

Actually no: Maybe Someone Does Need to Take Our Guns Away – “There are no ‘good guys with guns’ or ‘bad guys with guns,’ just more guns. Always more guns. And profits built on fear, of our neighbors, of ourselves. Instead of protecting us from the nebulous threat of tyranny, gun sales turn everyone into tyrants, presenting lethal force as a reasonable response to any threat. After all, better to kill than be killed. All the more, that seems to be the only choice we have left.”




  1. That dude with the hat that looks like Quark. He’s the main reason I want to keep my guns. Kill anybody that doesn’t agree with you. And he’s one of the saner progs.

  2. LOL… imagine a bunch of professors – armed with what, I wonder, blue books? – storming the NRA headquarters. If someone agrees to bring a bunch of chairs, I’ll pop up 20-30 pounds of popcorn.

  3. Yeah always threatening-never able to back it up. And anyone who can’t tell the profound difference (I hope) between Alton and Philando needs a kick in the head…

    • Progressives are too busy screaming racism to wait for and distinguish facts. If it’s a white cop shooting a black citizen, that’s all the facts they need.

    • I can almost hear the news reports now. “Several anti-gun activists attempted an armed assault on NRA headquarters today. The attempt failed when the would-be attackers tried to load their rifles with bullets glued into stripper clips instead of whole cartridges loaded into magazines. The group was taken to a local hospital to be treated for the traumatic effects of having almost kind of fired a gun. “

  4. “Congress — when I say Congress, I mean the Republicans in Congress — are refusing to address gun violence in America that targets black men and black women” Um blacks are killed by other blacks much much much more often the cops. Oh there I go again using logic. I keep forgetting that these people do not understand logic. Nor do they even consider the numbers.

    • It’s the old Sharpton hustle. Give us what we want or we will burn down our neighborhoods and kill a few cops. How is this threat not extortion?

    • I liked: “Give us an up or down vote on legislation on gun violence.”
      Like the multiple votes in the Senate and House that got too much down, and not enough up?

  5. How is that professors comment NOT a threat? Pray tell, what would be the authorities response had the man been wearing an NRA hat, holding an AR-15 and a Bible, and saying they need to storm the NAACP?
    EDIT: Just read he’s under investigation. So… comment retracted. Derp.

    • I like how he proposes that anti-gunners “arm up”.

      So, he really means he’s pro-2A and only considers getting armed when he’s emotionally and psychologically unable to control his feelings.

      Kind of like most mass shooters. And here he is proposing killing a bunch of innocent people.

      Awaiting FBI investigation that will never happen.

  6. A bunch of us anti-gun types are going to have to arm ourselves, storm the NRA headquarters in Fairfax, VA, and make sure there are no survivors.

    Hell, you don’t need to get the NRA involved for that. Just stage a raid on an empty shack out in the desert, I’d bet you’d all still manage to get yourselves killed somehow.

  7. That article on taking guns away is getting fucking savaged in it’s own comment section.

    Comments like “Complex you’re such a pussy ass hypocrite! I would unfollow but then I would be missing out on the most important reason why I follow. & that’s to watch people go full savage on yall ass in the comment section. Y’all deserve every shit talk that ever gets talked y’all way….” make me laugh.

  8. Okay, leftist fruits, let’s have a conversation on guns. I’ll talk and you STFU.

    What, we can’t have a conversation when I’m talking, only when you’re talking? Interesting.

  9. That sounded like a valid threat to me.
    Call the FBI
    I think if a conservative would have posted that, the police would have paid them a visit.

    Why are the left wingers so VIOLENT ?
    Amazing us conservatives take a lot and don’t get violent.
    I thought the left were the peaceful, tree hugging types that want a neutral environment for all.

  10. “After all, better to kill than be killed.”

    H’mmm. Lemme think about that for a sec -…


    Next stupid question, sport?

  11. I’m all in favor of legislation on gun violence. I believe gun violence, especially killing innocent people with guns, should be outlawed. We could even go whole hog and outlaw killing innocent people entirely, whatever the means.

    It already is? Never mind, then.

  12. The person who called 911 on Sterling knew he had a gun, so if the store owner’s claim that he did not brandish it or threaten anyone is true, the 911 caller had some other relation to him. Spiteful baby mama, maybe? It was someone who knew of the recent sale, so that narrows it down incredibly. IF he didn’t brandish it, that is. Why would the store owner tell the truth about that, knowing that his store could be burnt to the ground for it?

    • Since there are basically no pay phones any more, where did this homeless person get a cell phone ?
      Wait……………..never mind.

  13. That one headline should more accurately be, “Desperately Seeking Attention, Ohio Professor Says Idiotic Inflammatory Thing So He Can Feel Relevant For A Few Minutes”. Just like with Gersh Kuntzman, the more attention we pay to these morons, the more stupid shit they spew.

  14. I don’t see Professor Dapperhat storming much of anything so much as convincing some folks soft in the head to do the storming. Personally I think this @$$hole is all hat and no cattle.

  15. Emotionalism and resorting to violence is a natural response for anyone whose worldview is based on feelings, instead of reason. The good perfessor and most of his colleagues couldn’t think their way out of a wet paper bag.

  16. ” Give us an up or down vote on legislation on gun violence. Why?”

    Because they have zero reason to play nice at this point.

  17. Storm NRA headquarters? Gawd…talk about a keyboard warrior! All I can say is good luck with that.
    I have no inner knowledge of the NRA nest, but I know, as Trump correctly points out, when bullets are flying the other way, (at the bad guys) things are quite a bit different.

    • Doubt he would fear it and remember it’s not rape if it consensual. He most like would be begging for it.

      • Stop perpetuating this idea that being gay is less than manly.

        The professor is an idiot. Fine. Call him an idiot.

        I can take 8 inch cocks up my ass all day and still be a man who loves his guns and loves the freedom to have guns. Being gay or loving cock is irrelevant.

  18. The guy buys a gun and then, within hours, has someone report him as brandishing it? That’s some bad luck, right there! /sarcasm

    …of course if he hadn’t been fighting with the police while in possession of said gun he’d still be alive as well. Sounds like he just wasn’t that bright.

  19. So I know it’s dumb but I was bored this am anyway, so here’s what I did. The idiot who gets payed to read our news on our local TW station kept blabbering on this morning about the ‘peaceful protest’ in Dallas. No he didn’t say ‘formerly peaceful’, just ‘peaceful’. Which is absurd, but you know they are told specifically to use this terminology.

    So whatever, I called their news tip line, which you know they always answer in case someone near you does something newsworthy and they want to be the first to get the story, like the vultures they are, anyway, I digress. So I called and aksed the woman who answered about this, you know, the protest where 60 rounds were fired and 5 people killed and the guy keeps saying ‘peaceful protest’ and that’s wrong.

    TW: “Well it depends how he worded it”

    Me: “He said ‘peaceful protest’. It was not a peaceful protest, there was violence”

    TW: “Yes, well he must have meant before”

    Me: “That’s not what he said, ” repeating “he said ‘peaceful protest'”


    Me: “You see what I’m saying right?”

    TW: “Yea, I’ll make a note of it”

    Of course it means nothing but maybe making this one person stop and think for a minute.

    Stop letting them drive the language and dialogue. Challenge them whenever possible.

    On to better things…, smoking some bacon today.

  20. Why not give it a hearing? Give us a debate. Give us an up or down vote on legislation on gun violence. Why?”
    How many of those fricking things do we have to give ya? Now STFU and read your dang Communist manifesto!

  21. “Look, there’s only one solution. A bunch of us anti-gun types are going to have to arm ourselves, storm the NRA headquarters in Fairfax, VA, and make sure there are no survivors. This action might also require coordinated hits at remote sites, like Washington lobbyists.”
    ….and a Happy Final Solution to you too sir!

  22. Instead of protecting us from the nebulous threat of tyranny, gun sales turn everyone into tyrants,
    I know I always wanted to be the King! Here Piss Boy! Oh Piss Boy! Ahhhh..its good to be the King!

  23. Has anyone else found it strange that once the Democrats/ Liberals/anti-gunners found out the Dallas shooter DIDN’T use an Assault rifle or AR15 style weapon the calls for gun control dropped to a trickle? Yes, Obama and Lynch mentioned gun control but that was before the shooters weapon was found to be a 70 year old 1950s era SKS wooden 10 shot rifle. That gun doesn’t fit their scary black weapons of war narrative.
    The only other mention of gun control I personally saw was a hilariously rediculous statement by Jessie Jackson leader of the rainbow coalition. He told Fox news that the problem is people’s access to weapons that can shoot down an airliner. BaHahahahaha then Sheriff David Clark came on and called him a Moron because the public doesn’t have access to surface to air missiles. Classic Liberal spouting made up gun facts and a Progun person having to correct it.

    • I had not heard mention made of the specific style of rifle used, but after reading your comment I have found that reported as being the SKS you mentioned. What I’ve read, that information is coming from unnamed sources. That doesn’t mean it’s untrue, just that it hasn’t been officially declared yet. Not too much has been officially declared yet, like I’m still wondering whether there were two snipers and what’s become of the three other people taken into custody?

      Thanks for that information. It struck me the same way it did upon learning that Trayvon Martin did not buy Skittles and “iced tea”, but rather Skittles and Arizona Watermelon Fruit Juice Cocktail. Aside from the inconvenient racial overtone of that flavor, those two products plus cough syrup produce the cheap street drug “purple drank”, whose side effects help explain that guy’s behavior that night.

      Anyway, the point is that the media chooses to downplay or even ignore inconvenient truths and I didn’t catch this particular important piece of information about the rifle until you posted it.

      • My pleasure, it is now being reported, very limited, by CBS and CNN among the big networks. It also seems that the family of the shooter made statements about the gun used calling it a wooden SKS, so to me that means it was unmodified also. Which means that this will slyly be left out when the Dems go full frontal for gun control. ?

  24. He was probably a schizophenic who was starting a paranoid psychosis, explaining his need to buy an arm to defend himself. During the police control he probably tried to use his weapon to defend himself against the officers that he perceived as a threat. This is often the case when paranoid schizophenics stop taking treatment or just loose it. Nobody shoots people for fun.

  25. Liberal hypocrisy at its finest. Hes anti gun buts wants a gun so he can kill people who are pro gun.
    Yeah now you see why i have guns…… people like this lunatic.

  26. LOL, gotta love these peacenik types 😀 “We can have peace, but we must kill all those warmongering gun-totin’ Republican conservative types first!” Reminds me of when a guy from Fox News was at a peace rally trying to do interviews and this guy with a big beard comes over and starts saying how people like him are responsible for all the bad things of America, George Bush, War in Iraq, blah blah blah…and then ends with the classic, “…and I hope you get out of here alive!”

    At. A. Peace Rally 😀 😀

    • It’s these overestrgenated irrational people who call for buying cool off periods because they are subject to the irrational emotional rages caused by there emotional instability, paranoia and their inability to understand that that’s not normal and that they are defective.

  27. What hit me about prof’s threat is how he honestly believes that killing everybody in NRA HQ and bunch of lobbyists will take care of all his pro-gun opposition. Is he really so brainwashed or brain dead to think he stands against only some tens or maybe hundreds 2A defenders? Projecting his own astroturf experience I guess.
    As for calls for more and more unconstitutional gun control laws “or else”, be careful of what you wish for. If you push too far too fast, well armed frogs may start to jump out of boiling water and then you will see some “hot summer”! That would be tragic and no one wants it of course.


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