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It’s time to enact a constitutional brewing law in the Old Dominion: This Couple Is Having an Easier Time Selling Guns Than Coffee – “Bullets & Beans—which the couple opened in August in the Loudoun County hamlet of Hamilton—was designed as a hybrid coffee shop and gun store. Except, for now, Bullets & Beans can sell only one of the items in its name. In this corner of Virginia, it turns out, it’s less complicated to get permission to sell guns than to sell coffee.”


When the Shooting Stops: The Emerging Risk of Active Shooters – “Aside from recovering from the physical and emotional harm, and potential loss of life, the affected entities must pick up the pieces and respond to the situation. There is also the likelihood of lawsuits from allegations of negligence that allowed the incident to happen in the first place. Currently, says John Powter, president of GDP Advisors in McKinney, Texas, there is a misconception among clients that their insurance policy covers an active shooter event. Insureds may also believe that active shooter incidents are automatically covered by terrorism insurance, all of which can lead to a debate between insureds and their carriers.” Will the policies also cover lawsuits stemming from insureds who choose to make their establishments gun-free zones?


We’re all civilians: California police officers required to lock up guns after bill signed into law – “Law enforcement officers must lock up their guns left in unattended vehicles or face fines of $1,000, under a bill signed Monday by Gov. Jerry Brown. The new law – which had been in the works for months and puts officers in the same camp as civilians in storing weapons – came a day after a Register investigation found that at least 329 police firearms were reported lost or stolen from Southern California law enforcement agencies during the past five years.”


As we all do: Donald Trump Jr. Talks Guns and His Wife’s Concealed Carry Permit: ‘She Needs It’ – “She has a concealed weapons permit. She practices with me and she enjoys it. It’s a big part of our lifestyle. And we need to be able to defend ourselves. My wife, as athletic as she may be, she realizes she’s not going to go – she can’t go one-on-one with a criminal looking to do her harm. But the fact that she knows it’s there, and the fact that she knows how to use that, lets her sleep a little bit easier at night when she’s at home and I’m not.”

“The New Wilson Combat X-TAC Elite Carry Comp is available in 9mm and .45 ACP for the ultimate soft shooting and accurate carry gun experience. Our exclusive compensator design tames muzzle flip with high performance carry ammo and reduces perceived recoil of your Compact or Professional size pistol to less than that of a full-size gun. This one-piece billet machined compensator barrel has no threads or joints to loosen and the short but efficient profile fits in any standard, full size 1911 holster.”


Government is just another word for the things we choose to do together: More than 2,000 illegal gun sales have gone forward due to dispute over what a ‘fugitive’ means, audit finds – “Federal law ostensibly bars fugitives from buying firearms — but the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives disagree over who falls into that category. An audit from the Justice Department inspector general found that the dispute resulted in hundreds of transactions between 1999 and 2015 that otherwise should have been denied, according to a release from the Office of the Inspector General.”

I spent some time with the folks at Remington this week seeing some of the new products they have in store. If I told you about them now, I’d have to kill you (and they’d probably kill me). In the mean time, here’s a video our friends at SHWAT.com filled at Big Green’s 1200 acre ammo plant in Arkansas. Enjoy.

Springfield Armory Daily Digest: Resisting Newsom's Law, Fists of Fury, and a Gun Show in Oregon">Previous Post
Springfield Armory Daily Digest: A Thoughtcrime in NJ, Going Hungry in Blacksburg, and Movement in D.C.">Next Post


  1. Well, bet they’re going to have a harder time selling that Socom 16 back there than a cup of coffee. Way over priced IMO.

    • Either you visited the establishment in question in person and priced that M1A or you got eyes like an eagle, because I’ve not been able to determine a visible price tag anywhere?


    • The Gunsmith at my local range says that every SOCOM 16 they’ve had in their rental inventory has had problems that required them to be rotated out for repairs.

  2. Bullets & Beans lol…anyone remember the King of the Hill episode where Peggy opens a bookstore and can’t sell any books-until Dale Dribble “includes” a gun with every book “purchased”? Priceless?I can get coffee everywhere…

    • They MUST have had this customer at least once:
      “I’d like a venti vanilla mocha blended with double espresso shot, low-fat whip, no sprinkles to go please.”
      “Excellent, sir. And for your gun?”
      “Um,” (derp) “I just want something for my car… what do you have that’s cheap?”

  3. Interesting (and probably unintended) juxtaposition of new high-dollar Wilson 1911 story and pic immediately after your nice article and photo on Ms Trump’s carry permit. Deplorable DMD

  4. I’d really like to know what makes that WC XTAC worth $3650.

    Anyone here own some of WC’s stuff so they can comment on what makes their guns actually worth the insane prices that they want? Clearly people buy them or the company wouldn’t exist so there must be a reason people are willing to part with that chunk of change for a 7 round package that weighs 2.6lbs loaded…

    • I once worked with a general contractor who also happened to have been on the lucky end of a trust fund. Guy had every Festool and every widget and helper gadget that went with them. They all had well engineered cases that locked together to form this very impressive Wall of Festool.

      But the thing is, he was using these tools– fine, fine tools. Many thousands of dollars worth of tools– to do rough work like laying ply over floor joists and hanging doors. And because he was trying to use the Festool hinge mortising attachment for his whisper-quiet trim router with vacuum dust removal instead of a goddamn chisel, it took him all day to do what should take 20 minutes. But he was the GC and he signed the paychecks.

      That’s why, Strych9. Some people want to spend money in foolish ways in order to scratch their weird itches and they can.

      • I get weird itches sometimes… I should probably see a urologist about that… or at least a GP doctor. Penicillin might be an order…

        I was wrong, btw this thing is $3850 in .45 and $3960 in 9mm and weighs in at 49.62oz.

        This gun, which is a compact weighs in at 49.62oz fully loaded. My FULL SIZE all steel 941 holds 12+1 in .40 and weighs in fully loaded at 46.75oz. Meanwhile my USP .45, with Silencerco Osprey and a TLR2 and GG&G adapter weighs in at 55.65oz with 12+1 in .45ACP and with everything is STILL $1300 less after all taxes including the stamp! The 941 is $3300 cheaper!

        WTAF is WC selling that anyone in their right mind is willing to pay this kind of money for… a heavy ass compact gun that, as far as I can tell, is effectively a Star BM at 19 times the price? Is it just the name or is there something actually special about WC guns?

      • If I have to mortise hinges on more than one door out comes my router (no, not Festool) and jig. The results are more uniform and professional looking, especially on hinges with round corners. YMMV.

    • It’s the capitalist form of wealth redistribution. Instead of state power stealing money from the rich, you have the clever simply swindle the rich out of their cash. If they have enough money to toss around like a petulant child, then let others kindly remove the money from them to grow their buisness and pay their employees. There’s a sucker born every minuet, that includes rich suckers.

  5. WC – It’s just like Porsche,ferrari,hummer etc…. If you build it and put a insane price on it, it will sell. Because the rich have disposable income. I feel the same way about $1,200 handguns. Not worth the extra $$ when a 150 dollar RG revolver will make you just as dead. Not to mention it’s the shooter not the tool.

    • “If you build it and put a insane price on it, it will sell. Because the rich have disposable income.”

      The price alone doesn’t do it. It’s the story-mystique, the marketing behind it…

  6. What with “guns” being a civil right and caffeine being a recreational drug, shouldn’t it be that way? ?

  7. How many times do you think the new law in California will be used against cops? Just like all gun laws they’re only meant to be used against the “wrong people”.

  8. I’m gonna be honest: I’m completely hammered tonite, and I can give a better argument for gun rights than anyone can argue against: I’m drunk and defenseless. If I get jumped in the parking lot, which one of you is gonna save me? And if you dont, what do you give a damn who I kill to save myself?

  9. Glad to see the carve out against PD officers dumped at least on paper. As said enforcement will probably be nil, but I’ve heard of them eating their own for hi cap mags. Then again they may have to report their stuff stolen at some point if it’s a duty gun.

    In terms of an FFL being easier to get than the health dept license for the coffee, good on VA. They got something right as a person who had food poisoning last week.

    • If you’re the sort the civies call a douchebag, and your fellow officer is the sort that cops call a douchebag because he enforces the law against other cops, you can arrest him when he’s off duty for doing the same illegal things that the rest of you do off duty. And that straight-arrow cop won’t be around to hassle the rest of you crooks any more.

  10. Well if you got a bunch of guys hanging around a LGS you may as well try to sell them $7 cups of coffee instead of free coffee from a pot in the corner of the store. I think the operative word there is TRY.

    • Loudon County is “well above the median” in terms of income level. I doubt that too many would be fazed by a $7 latte. Amusing to me that most of the residents are likely employed within the DC Beltway or for a hanger-on consulting or lobbying group — but live in VA, outside of the NOVA Beltway ring, so that they can have land, quiet, and their guns. As administration after administration works to take away all three.

      • ATTAGReader,

        You’re right; according to Wikipedia Loudoun County has had the #1 median income of all counties in the USA since 2008. Being that it’s a bedroom community for government workers and workers for industries who feel the need to cozy up to government by co-locating it’s become increasingly liberal in recent history. Bureaucratic red tape to open a simple shop is to be expected from the statists, even in small towns.

        I don’t see why the store doesn’t sell coffee beans and other coffee making supplies retail for now while they get their permitting in order for selling consumable items.

  11. Okay, Donald Trump, Sr. has a concealed carry license, Donald Trump, Jr. has a concealed carry license, Mrs. Donald Trump, Jr. has a concealed carry license, and you can bet your @$$ that Eric Trump has a concealed carry license. Something tells me that Ivanka Trump has a concealed carry license as well. Something also tells me that none of them had a concealed carry license 15 years ago.

    Will Donald Trump, Sr. be the best firearms advocate ever if elected to President of the United States? I doubt it. I can tell you this much: when the entire family has concealed carry licenses, they have a good handle on the utility of being armed and will almost certainly support laws that graciously allow the “right” people to be armed — where “right” people at least means lower-middle class and higher without felony criminal convictions. That would be a refreshing step in the right direction. And it means that national concealed carry reciprocity and removing suppressors from the NFA is absolutely within reach.

    We cannot say anything even remotely of the sorts for Hillary. Vote for Trump in November so that we have a decent chance of getting national reciprocity and easy access to suppressors. Oh, and so we have a decent chance of getting MULTIPLE U.S. Supreme Court nominees who will not be hostile to the Second Amendment.

  12. “Government is just another word for the things we choose to do together”

    BS – government is what we set up to serve us (“Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.” 2 Para., Declaration of Independence).

    We set it up to do jobs that need doing that take more than one person or shouldn’t solely be the burden of one person.

    Our neighbors (who need a job) go work for government and often f it up.

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