“You cannot accept the premise that there is any waiting period after a tragedy to start engaging in political action, I think you need to be unapologetic about that. I am talking about legislative action within an hour of a shooting. These shootings won’t stop unless we move seamlessly from tragedy to action.” Connecticut Senator Crhis Murphy, quoted in What’s wrong with politicizing a tragedy? For Sen. Chris Murphy, nothing at all. [via washingtonpost.com]



    • What he’s p[proposing is governance by knee jerk reaction. No need to for rational discussion, fact finding or thought. Just do something now…even if that something is wrong, harmful and unconstitutional. And, oh yeah, just what should we do? Ban the sale of firearms to minors! Oh wait…that’s already illegal.Okay, let’s just ban the sale of firearms to everyone …. This is the type of demagogic b******t that we hear every time a shooting occurs in this country.

      • People like Murphy know they have to use emotion to get something done. Logic, facts, and reasoning won’t work for them. What amazes me about these kind of folks it they don’t realize the same justice by emotion is what’s used to lynch people. Too bad we USED to be a nation of laws and reason.

  1. Kid illegally kills father
    Kid illegally steals gun.
    Kid illegally steals truck.
    Kid illegally drives to school.
    Kid illegally enters property with firearm
    Kid illegally shoots students and teacher.

    Clearly we need to make these things illegal so it doesn’t happen.

    • **Father raises psychopath/sociopath**
      Kid illegally kills father
      Kid illegally steals gun.
      Kid illegally steals truck.
      Kid illegally drives to school.
      Kid illegally enters property with firearm
      Kid illegally shoots students and teacher.

      I think you left out a step. Maybe some legislation about that part? You know, the root cause?

      • A federal police cruiser screeches to a halt, right in front of the suspect’s house. “Don’t worry, Soylent Green called us. The thought police, pre-crime department is here to help!”

        • No I’m not talking pre-crime, but maybe some kind of standards for people to be parents. I mean, they make me get a background check every time I buy a gun, and I have to have a licence to carry, but anyone can fill the world with their spawn no matter how incapable they might be as parents. Just like anyone can breed, but to adopt, the process is filled with qualifications, standards and background checks.

          Maybe I’m not asking for more legislation, but more pointing out the absurdity of having legislation for one thing but nothing at all compared to the other.

        • Unfortunately, your balls will be the first to go, then it will be off with your head, you evil cishet White male oppressor! Under Queen Hillary’s new order, only nonbinary transethnic people will be allowed to reproduce (or at least this is what the feminists who make up the establishment want).

      • There are gun grabbers out there who believe that owning a firearm is itself a sign of mental illness. Moreover, some believe that being in close proximity to a firearm can create psychological instability and induce irrational decision making.

        Some of these people could well be legislators. Their solution to the psychopathic offspring problem would be simply to disarm everyone.

        You have to remember that government is not about solving actual problems. It’s about framing issues in terms of problems whose only solution just happens to the same outcome that government wanted all along.

    • Well, gun control advocates would tell you that if his father never had a gun, then none of it would have been possible.

      • They also don’t realize that anyone can get a gun illegally on the dark net. This is how the guy in German obtained his firearm.

        If you ever get curious go take a look yourself. For just a 2000 bitcoin you can have a Glock shipped to your home. No serial number or background checks at all.

        In this case it appears that the boy had the gun and killed his father with it before going to the school. The chances are that it was the father’s gun but that is yet to be verified. If not you will likely not hear about it in the liberal media because it will go against the case they are trying to make.

        • “For just a 2000 bitcoin you can have a Glock shipped to your home.”

          2,000 bitcoin?

          That’s about $1,211,880 at current bitcoin exchange rate of $600 per bitcoin.

          Who spends 1.2 million on a Glock?

  2. “These shootings won’t stop unless we move seamlessly from tragedy to action.”

    Note the choice of words “These shootings won’t stop.” as opposed to “We cannot stop” or something similar. Almost implies that someone(s) has a level of control.

    • The fact that shooting will not stop either way is a feature, not a bug.

      Tragedies like this are a bottomless account that they can just keep withdrawing from to pump their agenda full of steroids – because people will never stop killing each other. Hence, the will never stop screeching for “compromise” – moving the needle further and further in their direction each time.

      Some ask – what’s the end game? When will they stop? The answer is never because there isn’t one. They will never stop until they’ve killed everyone who doesn’t think like them, and then they’ll turn on each other.

      Historical precedents: Every state-sponsored genocide in a Socialist Regime in the 20th and 21st century that was done in the name of “The People” or “Safety” or “The Children”.

  3. So jump to conclusions before any facts are known to push an agenda. Gotcha. That’s why we had people pushing for gun control after BOMBINGS.

  4. All I ever want from somebody like Murphy is a roadmap of the logistics.
    Seems like anyone proposing legislation/regulation that affects 300+ million Americans could at the very least explain the what, how and why of it all.

    Screaming, feelz and hysterical calls to random “action” are for toddlers and mental defectives not legislators.

  5. Is there an award for “Unoriginal Thinking”? If so, Chris Murphy wins it for this week. “Never let a tragedy go to waste.” has been a meme of the Progressives for many years now. So, all Murphy did was package a turd in a different box and paper. Unwrap it and you’ve still got a smelly turd.

  6. The NRA has a policy of not immediately jumping in before the blood has dried. That is, I think, the right idea for the NRA. Nevertheless, it’s not necessarily the right idea for the rest of us.
    I think we need to be locked-and-loaded with a magazine of arguments appropriate for the full array of known – and therefore anticipated – cases. We need to jump in just as soon as the Antis do. We need to drive home the questions: What, exactly, is it that you propose? What gun-control measure would have prevented this tragedy? Any other tragedy?
    We can present ourselves as a grass-roots response of calm and reason as well as grief and sympathy. The NRA can’t so easily do so.

    • MarkPA,

      “We can present ourselves as a grass-roots response of calm and reason as well as grief and sympathy.”

      That will not matter. Gun-grabbers are acting on pure emotion. Calm and reason are not helpful. They are terrified of firearms and want them eliminated. Period. Calm and reason will not change their terror nor their emotional “solution” which demands elimination.

      Think of a young child with a sliver that produces constant low-level pain and also sends intense pain signals at the slightest touch. Of course you set out to remove the sliver to eliminate the constant low-level pain. However, as you barely touch the sliver, the child screams and recoils. You try it again and the child screams and recoils again … only now the child refuses to let you try a third time. No amount of calm and reason is going to change the child because he/she cannot get past the immediate, intense pain of touching the sliver. The fact that the intense pain will only last a few seconds followed by permanent relief is beyond his/her emotional grasp. Of course a good parent then provides the proper “incentive” which consists of either simply overpowering the child and doing it anyway … or applying even MORE pain (via punishment of some sort) than the pain involved with removing the sliver until the child relents.

      So it is with gun-grabbers. They operate under constant low-level pain knowing that firearms are around us. And when you try to share facts and remove that low-level pain, they feel intense pain and shut down. In other words gun-grabbers have the emotional maturity of a toddler. And, just like a toddler, the only chance that they will change comes if they face greater pain. (Even then many will refuse to change course.)

      This is born-out in the saying that a Democrat is a gun-rights supporter that hasn’t been robbed/raped/beaten yet. Just like a female co-worker that my family knows: she is an ardent Progressive and a big supporter of gun-control. Now that she has had several close calls with male rapists “suitors”, she has rejected gun-control and is ready to get her concealed carry license and tool up. Fortunately for her, we are kind enough to help her rather than snub her for her past opposition.

  7. This boy NOT being dead and only 14 means we may never know the details…unlike the Newtown monster. Quite similar except no dead kids. I would guess this azzwhole from Conn. wishes some children had died…

  8. No legislation should be pushed through within one hour of an event. Legislators are paid to enact legislation that has been fully thought through, debated with all pros & cons explored and of course with the consent & blessing of the people (and of course Constitutional!!).

    Hastily enacted legislation will always have unexpected consequences. Mind you, I think that this sort of legislation will always increase government powers and reduces the rights and freedoms of the general public. The legislators are aware of this as this is their end game anyway……. One obvious example is the Patriot Act, it seemed to have been on the shelf ready to go, and of course was meant to be temporary………

  9. So please tell me how mass killings in the US are rare again despite the frequency of happen EVERYDAY!

    Again and Again…This doesn’t happen in Europe, Canada, Japan and Australia on a daily basis.

    Especially Australia.

    I don’t see Norway going into anarchy either due to strict gun laws.

  10. In this case, the gun likely saved lives. He would have probably been much more successful in killing if he had just stayed in the truck and run over the kids in the playground.

  11. Blue Force Gear Quote of the Day: Senator Murphy: “Never Let a Tragedy Go To Waste”

    I have an editorial gripe about this article’s headline. Murphy didn’t say that sentence in quotation marks. Yes, that’s an appropriate paraphrase, but a paraphrase is simply not a quotation. Everything else in the article about this ass Murphy is spot on, so seeing what could arguably be called libel when it is utterly unnecessary is disturbing.


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