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Pushing back in the land where gun rights go to die: ‘You live in some fantasy land’: Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom receives flood of criticism on gun and marijuana initiatives – “On guns, Newsom said, ‘Treating ammunition like we do guns, I think, is good public policy.’ He said the initiative will ‘send a message to the National Rifle Assn. that we’ve had enough.” Most of the 156 questions posted on his Facebook page blasted Newsom on the gun issue. A Facebook user who identified himself as Bob Sutterfield said Proposition 63’s requirements for background checks on those buying ammunition ‘seek to restrict the availability and supply, and thereby increase the price to the consumer, of ammunition.’”


Gee, we didn’t hear anything during the debate last night about the plague of fist violence affecting our yoots: FBI: Twice as Many Killed with Bare Hands than Rifles in 2015 – “The FBI’s 2015 Uniform Crime Report shows approximately twice as many people were killed with hands and fists in 2015 than were killed with rifles of any kind. It is interesting to note that “assault weapons” are rifles, albeit only a portion of the overall number and types rifles available. So the number of “assault weapons” used in homicides would be even lower than the overall number of rifles in general.”

Then again…

Maybe Donald Trump Is the Real Ferguson Effect – “We all know which side came out ahead. Republican criminal-justice reform isn’t dead on the state level—not everywhere, anyway. But on a federal level, this is steadily less likely to be seen as a transpartisan issue. The GOP’s presidential nominee sounds downright apocalyptic when he talks about crime. Between today’s new FBI numbers and last week’s riot in Charlotte, chances are high that he’ll have a lot to say about the subject tonight. And that, in itself, is a Ferguson effect. A big chunk of Trump’s base is deeply concerned about law and order, and he has made it one of his core issues, fearmongering heavily along the way.”


Guns Take Center Stage In Oregon Standoff Trial – “Prosecutors began the final day of their case against seven occupiers of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge with a gun show – entering 22 long guns and 12 hand guns found on the refuge into evidence, along with thousands of ammunition rounds. FBI agents testified that the guns were recovered from the West Encampment, an area on the far edge of the refuge headquarters also known among occupiers as ‘Camp Finicum.’”

Springfield Armory Daily Digest: Monty Python Policing in LA, Hillary Isn't Scaring Anyone, and a Point of Light Goes to Washington">Previous Post
Springfield Armory Daily Digest: More Guns Than Coffee, Active Shooter Coverage, and Your Government at Work">Next Post


  1. There’s a movement to put the 2nd Amendment in the CA Constitution. It won’t work, but it’s worth fighting for.

    If Hillary gets elected, I see this whole nation fighting. The slums in the inner cities will grow, expand, get even more unemployed, and even more angry.

    • I don’t know that it matters who gets elected, one or more of the people who actually run the US have decided that we need a race war to take our minds off some soon-to-come event – likely Great Depression 2.0. Or some other reason, I don’t pretend to know exactly what, other than it will allow the kleptocracy to snatch what very little the average American has left.

      • It’s an oligarchy. But your description is equally valid. I think we are in the last days of this present age. All hell is about to break loose. So little pissant Gavin wil get.his comeuppance. Hard to believe Kimberly Guilfoyle was married to this putz…

        • Some months later after the divorce Kimberly got remarried, then had her first child. Me thinks Mr. Newsom was lacking in other departments besides the political arena.

        • Technically “putz” actually references the male genitalia (ever seen those 100 ft boom trucks with “Putzmeister” on the boom? Yup, that’s the joke.) , but you are right it is generally used to refer to stupid people, or just doing nothing.

          Pedantry, I know. But if you’re conversing with some polite little old lady of the tribe, you might not want to toss that out.

      • Being a history buff, I cannot disagree. War and the collapse of the US seems all but inevitable. If Hillary wins, it is inevitable. If she does not win, we have a small chance of surviving…but it is a small chance. There has never been a country with this much debt and unfunded liabilities versus GNP that has survived. The Progressives have gone so far down the totalitarianism rat hole, is there any way to stop them without force of arms? History says no. There are scary times ahead of us. I guess it will not be long before we know.

        • Recently read an article on nations on the rise.

          The up-and-comer nation inevitably gets into a military conflict with the ‘old guard’ established nation.

          The ‘new guy’ usually wins that conflict.

          In the short term, I see China bitch-slapping Japan first. The Chinese have a legitimate grievance with Japan over Japan’s invasion of China. For details, Iris Chan’s ‘The Rape of Nanking: The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II’ is a good primer.

          For WW II buffs, an excellent read is ‘Flyboys: A True Story of Courage’ by James Bradley. It tells the story of 9 US flyers who were shot down near a little island named Chichijima (150 miles north of Iwo Jima). One of the fliers was George H. W. Bush. (He is inconsequential to the story in ‘Fly Boys’, since he was rescued before he was captured by the Japanese). The ‘island hopping’ we were doing left the Japanese on Chichijima totally cut off from resupply. They were starving, and the flyboys were a handy source of protein.

          The author of ‘Flyboys’ was James Bradley, who when he was researching his book was told to talk to Iris Chang about the history of Chichijima.

          The Japanese inflicted a Holocaust of their own on China in WW II. Some really brutal stuff. Read ‘Rape of Nanking’ and and Google ‘Unit 731’ for the basis of the Chinese hatred of Japan.

          The Chinese have a historically legitimate beef with Japan. I can easily see China bitch-slapping Japan in the South China Sea…

        • Geoff, as the victims of WWII finish dying off, China’s beef against Japan starts to look like blacks’ beef against the USA’s history of human slavery. (It’s really silly to watch our President ride that bandwagon. As far as we know, Obama isn’t even related to anybody who was a slave on this continent, although he could easily be related to people who captured freemen and enslaved them in Africa)

        • Fed up, while your analogy is correct, Easterm cultures have a different concept of history and time than us in the west. For us, after an event happens, it’s over, and we move on. In the east nothing ever ends. It’s the same reason the Sunnis and Shiites are in a state of perpetual war. The same reason Vietnam is perfectly ok fighting for 40 straight years, and China will seek revenge for its ancestors.

    • The CA constitution already has a similar provision. It’s been a while since I read it, but I recall the verbiage being fairly airtight. The problem is that the legislators, judiciaries, and various parts of the executive branch simply ignore it.

      Also the CA constitution is a rambling mess due to how easy it’s become to amend it, the name of the process eludes me at the moment.

      • It has more to do with the fact that the California Supreme Court did not interpret it as granting an individual right to bear arms many many years ago. This us why all litigation in the current era is filed int he federal courts. hoping some day that the SCOTUS will take a definitive case and rule in our favor.

        • Even then, it won’t be the last of it. As far as the left is concerned, Heller v. DC and v. Chicago are the modern version of ‘Dred Scott’ and the left is adamant to ‘correct history’, as far as they are concerned…

        • Geoff, last I tried it, the edit function came back if I turned off my script blocker and reloaded.

          EDIT: Yep, still works.

    • I believe that the 2nd Amendment is already covered in the CA state Constitution. Further, the state constitution included the oath of office for all pubic servants, and calls for them to swear to defend the federal and state constitutions against all enemies foreign and domestic.

      • Dave W
        The california constitution does not include the second amendment. The racist history of california against Mexicans and Chinese prevented them from recognizing the human right to armed self defense.

        In early California history there was great fear of the Tong Chinese gangs. They were as violent as today’s gangsters. As for the Mexicans the California territory was Mexican land. There was also fear of mexicans fighting for the return to Mexico of all California land.

  2. “You live in some fantasy land!”

    Sort of. He doesn’t live in a fantasy land, he lives above the fray, behind walls and guards. Armed guards.

  3. With the last story I will say having read a lot of background on the whole “Bundy” situation and living in the West where I know how the BLM operates and how retarded they are I will say this:

    These guys had a legitimate bitch with the government. I don’t think that they dealt with it in the best way possible but I understand why they were so angry.

    • You’re referring to the Bureau of Land Management, right?

      Just checkin’, because nowadays the BLM acronym has taken on a whole different connotation. Moot point, perhaps, because “retarded” might properly describe them both.

    • Gotta say, yup. They had a legitimate beef with the BLM (original connotation), but they went about it in a way that differed from the Bundy Ranch support of hundreds of other patriots, by having few supporters there.

      Won’t matter though, the gears of the state grind cheerfully when dispensing their retribution on us little people.

      Have talked with many peeps here in Cali, and they don’t really understand the issue until you show them the image named, “Who Owns the West”. Only upon seeing the difference between the two starts the slow process of decrepit brain cells struggling to work out how wrong it is that so much of the nation is taken; course they roll their blind eyes to the larger picture of conditioning people to living in areas that can be controlled like big cities.

  4. Gavin Newsom is the best friend gay people ever had in California. He will have a long and successful political career with overwelheming homosexual community support.
    The Pink pistols have said he is a nice man. They like him. The second amendment is very low on the list of important homosexual interests.
    Even the Orlando mass murder did not change the majority of gay people.
    Their strong resistance to armed self defense is an example of their socialist progressive political mind set.

    Good luck California. I saw the dark clouds coming and left 25 years ago.

  5. “Gavin Newsom receives flood of criticism on gun and marijuana initiatives”

    Give them weed and take their guns. Unarmed and unmotivated. Just the way the statists want it.

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