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Dispelling myths of the 12 gauge shotgun – “One of my personal favorites is ‘you just need to rack the shotgun and criminals will run’. This is utter nonsense. In my first shooting, the two carjackers I was up against both told investigators individually in interviews that they heard me rack my Remington 870 as I exited my car. The effect it had was exactly nothing. They did not surrender or change their actions at all, other than to prepare for a fight.'” Who knew?

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Delhi goons wield hi-tech guns – “It’s been quite a while since criminals prowling the capital threw away their unreliable kattas (homemade firearms) and picked up Munger-made pistols. They have now gone up another notch, as Delhi policemen discovered a few days ago: two laser-guided foreign pistols were found on two of NCR’s most-wanted gangsters.” OMG! Laser-guided guns! In the land of Gandhi! OMG!


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This $13,000 super rifle locks onto a target and guides bullets in total darkness – “A new $13,000 rifle from a Texas company can lock onto a target and guide bullets – at night. Chambered in 7.62 mm, the TrackingPoint NightDragon is a kind of “super rifle” built on the AR-15 platform that comes with night vision capabilities, sophisticated software that “automatically acquires and tracks” a target, and a feature that records real-time video so, if one were so inclined, it could be shared later on Facebook.”


Perky Katie would really like you to forget the whole deceptive editing kerfuffle. Katie Couric Hopes Gun Doc Controversy Sparks Bigger Conversation – “’I can understand the objection of people who did have an issue about it,’ Couric said at TheWrap’s Power Women Breakfast in New York on Thursday morning. ‘Having said that, I think we have to focus on the big issue of gun violence. It was my hope that, when I approached this topic, that this would be a conversation starter.’”


Wanna race gun? “Otis Technology invites shooters to enter its online sweepstakes for a chance to win an elite race gun and a complete set of Ripcord® one-pass gun cleaners. Now under way, the Ripcord® Race Gun Giveaway features two grand prizes: a Smith & Wesson Pro Series C.O.R.E. pistol in 9mm or .40 cal., and a SIG 1911 Max Michel Edition pistol in .40 or .45 cal. The Smith & Wesson race gun was personally selected by Doug Koenig, an Otis pro staff member who is widely regarded as the world’s best all-around shooter. Also an Otis pro staffer, Michel picked the SIG 1911. He reigns as the world speed shooting champion.” Click here to enter.


Boxer Tactical Daily Digest 6.8.16: Democrats Evolve, Jungle Love, and Load Bearing Equipment">Previous Post
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  1. Except that in 1 case, mine, an intruder hit the cuts after hearing a shotgun rack. In the days before everybody had a safe I kept a pump shotgun with empty chamber in a high location cause of ankle biters.

    Maybe each situation and bad guy is different?

    • I always figured the deterrent effect was nice, so long as you’re willing to back it up with a MUCH louder sound.

  2. It’d be a real shame if the selfie-suicide removed its gender-neutral self from the gene-pool before reproducing.

  3. Nice photo of Katie…
    “Last time I saw a mouth like that, it had a hook in it”

  4. DaMontez was home with his two older brothers and a younger half-sibling (gender unknown). His father lives elsewhere, The incident occurred at the home that DaMontez’s mother shares with her “fiancé.” The gun may have belonged to the fiancé. No adults were present at the time of DaMontez’ unexpected demise.

    Kinda puts the kibosh on that whole “it takes a village” thing, don’t it?

  5. Nah I don’t rack my shotgun. One in the chamber on safe ready to go. And I understand shotgun safties aren’t foolproof. No little kids either. If I wanna’ WARN a miscreant I’ll just yell at HIS DUMB AZZ. I’m thinking about ordering a Linberta Semi auto shottie(for fun and to have 2) which has glowing reviews on various media(Big Daddy Hoffman you-tube) including TTAG. Guy selling ’em for 275 on GB.

  6. Katie Couric now accused of deceptive editing for 2014’s ‘Fed Up’

    The editing was not her first time

    Couric, who already faced backlash for questionable editing in her documentary “Under the Gun,” is now being accused of doing the same thing with her 2014 film “Fed Up.”

    A subject from “Fed Up,” which focuses on the food industry and obesity, has come forward to say he was misrepresented in the documentary

    • I hope Katie does start a national conversation — about how the journalism profession in this country went from “speak truth to power” to telling lies for power.

  7. Wouldn’t it be better to have a full load of ammo in the gun at the start of the fight? If you’re racking a weapon you’re starting out with one less round in the weapon than you could have had. Kind of a big deal in a shot gun that doesn’t have a high ammo capacity to start with.

    • But in the movies they rack shotguns or cock the hammers on pistols (including the striker fired ones) and rifles and it’s scary.
      I think the average person thinks a firearm is like a pump BB gun, where the more you pump or cock it, the more powerful the shot is.

      • That would explain why people in movies and TV shows are constantly racking and cocking their guns. Moar paowr!

    • I was thinking there’s almost no difference in the sound of a lever action rifle levering than a pump shotgun pumping. You could forgo the 12ga. for a .44 lever gun and you’d have 10 rounds and still get to lever a round for the Hollywood effect.

      • Also, please disregard the ads linked in my comment.

        Although I do occasionally give Midway my business.

    • Just stop making sense. Remember, if you can’t do it in one shot, you’re a crappy shot and need to practice more. If you can’t do it in X rounds, just give up and not carry a gun, because you’re irresponsible and just horrible at everything gun related. /sarc

    • I think one problem is that many pump shotguns are not drop-safe, which is why police liked to keep them “cruiser ready” (loaded mag, empty chamber, safety off, trigger pulled). A kaboom because a shotgun fell over would not be a good thing.

    • These were my thoughts too . If you are using the noise of ‘ racking ‘ a shell into the chamber , as your first line of defense , you are probably unprepared to disseminate your attacker(s) in the first place . Pulling the trigger while pointing the shotgun at your intended target seems to be a much safer coarse of action , in my opinion .

  8. It was my hope that, when I approached this topic, that this would be a conversation starter.


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    Ah, that kind of conversation.

  9. Katie Couric Hopes Gun Doc Controversy Sparks Bigger Conversation

    So do I.
    This nation needs to have a conversation about a big issue, and what to do to solve it:
    Opinions and deliberate falsehoods masquerading as news.

    I think a good first step is publicly discrediting the culprits and then discrediting any media organization stupid enough to hire them. Just like a lawyer can be disbarred for extreme misconduct and forced to find another career, media frauds can flip burgers for a while until they find something meaningful and positive to do with their lives.

    • We can start with humiliating anybody who wants to give Katie another paycheck.

      Example: “CBS Evening News just hired Lying Katie for an anchor. As if we needed further proof that CBS gave up on being a legitimate news outlet.”

        • She’s not perky anymore , she’s used up and Hillarest like . Washed up , looking for attention . Move on .
          ……………. and on the super guns . We just need to make those illegal to purchase and the bad guys won’t be able to get them , right ? >>>>>>>>>> unless of coarse the Government decides to pass out a bunch , maybe to a cartel or ………. ?

    • I do not think she got the conversation she was hoping for.

      I’m trying to feel bad about that.


  10. It’s long past time that people who want to start a conversation just started actually talking to people instead of lying through their teeth and then saying “buh I just wanted to start a conversation” to cover their posteriors.

  11. Sounds like Katie had a Martha “I want to focus on my salad” Stewart moment. What an absolute hack.

  12. Four Rules of Selfie Safety:
    1. Treat all selfies as if they were taken while loaded.
    2. Never take a selfie with a gun.
    3. Keep your hands off the selfie stick until you’re ready to fall off of something.
    4. Be sure of the target of your selfie and what’s behind it.

    There. That should do it.

    • “Keep your hands off the selfie stick until you’re ready to fall off of something.”

      Literally LOL’d

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