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That’s former retail executive, “progressive philanthropist” and Democratic Platform Committee member Bonnie Schaefer. I think it’s safe to say Ms. Schaefer isn’t alone in her view that no American — save law enforcement and members of the military — should have a gun. That said, she throws in a qualifier: “except in the worst possible scenario.” Criminal predation? Terrorist attack? Government tyranny? No matter what nightmare she’s exempting, if her Party’s civilian disarmament agenda is realized Americans won’t have a gun. In other words, they’d be safer right until they weren’t. Is that what goes for logic behind Dems’ closed doors? Yes. Yes it is.

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  1. “No one should have a gun…” but “No one is going to take your guns away.” Now I get it.

      • As the DNCs winner of the 180 Degree Circular Logic Award…

        Actually, you have to give her credit for undermining her own argument at the end. Like saying that nobody should own a gun …except for when you really need one. Then you should have one. But not until then.

    • Well, in _their_ logic, it makes sense. “No one is gonna take our gun away”, since they believe we couldn’t have guns taken away since we shouldn’t even have guns in the first place. They cannot take away something they don’t want us to have to begin with. It’s like closing loopholes that don’t exist. And by this logic, I won’t ask them to get me back the million dollars they don’t own me…

    • Just wait until all the “It was taken out context” and the “She misspoke” commentary from those that 100% agree with what she said.

  2. The next big ammo and gun shortage is coming. I hope noone here gets caught with their pants down.

    • I have guns in my safe ready to sell at the next panic. I can use the profits to buy ammo.

      • If anything, stock up on primers and powder.

        You can re-use (most) brass, and lead can be scavenged easily…

        • If that’s your line of thinking, then make sure to take it all the way. Have bullet casting equipment and make sure your firearms can fire cast bullets. What comes to mind immediately is Glock, which recommends never using cast bullets in their guns because of the polygonal rifling. The Glock issue can be overcome with aftermarket barrels that use land and groove rifling. I’m sure people with casting experience know of other examples.

    • Forget about the bread and milk.

      Gotta get the guns and ammo.

    • Yes. Probably more dangerous than the Revolution and the Civil War combined. Dangerous as hell.

  3. Soap, ballot, jury, cartridge: looks like this one is pushing hard for the final option.

    • Which is exactly why statists don’t want us to have firearms. After all, it is much easier to usher us into camps/ovens/”showers” when we are unarmed.

      Why would statists want to usher us into camps/ovens/”showers”? That is a topic for a different discussion.

  4. Waiting for our resident pro-gun Democrats to explain how this is really insignificant…

    • Of course it is, when you shoot the perp it deprives them of a voter.

      On second thought that is only partly true because the corpse will still vote Dem in some states.

  5. It’s less of an argument and more of a declarative statement…


    There, I’ve solved that whole cancer thing for ya. I should get an award or something.

  6. Next question for Bonnie should be define “except in the worst possible scenario.”

  7. Democrat liberal gun owners.
    Your party does not believe in civil rights. What are you going to do?

    • We just turned on Peaky Blinders on Netflix last night, never seen it before. It’s about OC in Birmingham England right after WWI. One scene was where one of the coppers just grabbed one of the crims off the street, no arrest, no Miranda, no evidence, no nothing. Then they just beat the sh1t out of him and then interrogated him for a while.

      Then in another scene the coppers go down this row of apartments, rousting everyone out of bed and into the streets, ransacking their homes, beating people up, looking for more crims and leads. Just like that, no warning, no individual rights, no nothing. The kind of thing you see in prisons when the screws are looking for hooch or shims. Total power.

      Subjects of the King.

      And there you go Democrats, that’s what rights mean. If we do not have our second amendment, this is what is next and they are coming for you, believe me. We the people of the gun are the ones standing in the way of this on the front lines as it were, they take us out, and then you are next.

      I guarantee it.

    • Correction: They believe in defending most civil rights, arguably significantly more than Republicans who don’t want to give people freedom to choose on a number of issues and are not supportive of secular government as required by the 1st Amendment, many Democrats are just astonishingly ignorant or deceitful concerning firearms which is not terribly surprising when you consider the vast amount of blatantly wrong and incoherent information on firearms spread through the media, even the fairly moderate and right wing media. Most Democrats have no interest in fully banning guns, but some certainly are vocal about it. That said, non-Chicago Democrats in Illinois are a significant part of the reason our state’s gun laws are getting a little better not worse.

      • “than Republicans who don’t want to give people freedom to choose on a number of issues”

        Whoa, whoa, whoa there hfi, that’s a bold statement. Can you back this up with some facts please? When have the Republicans, particularly in the last decade or two, implemented anything that restricted your ability to make choices on anything at all, ignoring the rtkaba, spend your money, install light bulbs and toilets of your preference and things like that.

        Contrast that with actual limits on your constitutionally protected right to keep and bear, implemented specifically by Democrats and Democrat appointed judges and bureaucrats – enabled in most cases by Republican apologists and RINOs – and on top of that they are placing limits on your other rights, like the fair use of your property, right to own and operate a business unmolested by state interference, your right to keep the money you earn, your right to privacy in bathrooms and not be accosted by perverts and transvestites, ad infinitum.

        Democrats have run everything for generations with but occasional offices given to only the squishiest of Republicans who talk a good talk and then go on to implement statist policies and laws only approved by their Democrat handlers.

        So go on, tell me what these laws are, implemented by Republicans that you bad mouth so quickly in your effort to legitimize your Democrats, that restricted your right to any damn thing, that is to say, any damn thing you please as long as it fits the statist narrative that you didn’t build that. I’d love to see it.

        • Not crickets, I just don’t sit around waiting for people to write something so I can respond to it.

          But now that I am checking back in here are just a few items from the top of my head:
          -Anti-Gay Marriage or as they like to put it: protecting “tradiational” marriage and “family values”
          -Against the equal treatment of the LGBTQ community overall kind of goes with the latter
          -Pro-Christianization of education and government
          -Strong support for the “War on Drugs”
          -Many Republican politicians including the current presumptive nominee have called for prejudice against Muslims, Mexicans, and others and for unjust war (Democrats can be just as bad about liking to bomb people though).
          -Limiting access to birth control
          -Allowing torture
          -Illegal detainment

          On the spending my money:
          -Two unjustified wars
          -Massive military spending
          -Putting “In God We Trust” on any number of things including my money itself

        • I though I had put the Patriot Act in there it looks like I didn’t so tack that one on the list.

        • Lets not forget the Patriot Act that was shoved down our throats while everyone was panicking due to the frenzy after 9/11.

        • “-Anti-abortion
          -Anti-Gay Marriage or as they like to put it: protecting “tradiational” marriage and “family values”
          -Against the equal treatment of the LGBTQ community overall kind of goes with the latter”

          Good grief. Women get abortions all day long. They are not even not restricted, the effing state is paying for them.

          You “people” can get married, haven’t you heard?

          Equal treatment of you “people”? I asked for things that Republicans have stopped you from doing legislatively, which is what you accuse. This fails.

          I am just ignoring the rest of your ranting. Provided nothing, you have.

      • hello from Illinois
        Do you mean the right to:
        Unlimited welfare.
        Government housing with no guns allowed.
        Uncle Sam replacing a real father.
        Government schools that democrat leadership avoids for their own children.

        Democrats have always been interfering in the private sexual lives of people. It is why they support the welfare industrial complex.

  8. Well, all loyal Democrats should immediately turn over all their Firearms and Ammunition to their local Law Enforcement Authority to prove their commitment to The Party and the Democratic “vision” for America. Bonnie Schaefer has spoken, so now you know what you must do. It must be a great relief to all of you.

  9. That feminazi doesn’t want anyone to have a gun, and if she can she’ll send out men — men — to take them away.

    Let her come herself.

  10. “I dont believe any Democrat should ever have the right to a vote.
    Nothing ever happens, except the worst possible outcome.
    Thats just my personal opinion.”


    • Nor should they be allowed to own guns. We all know what happens when a liberal has a gun. Sooner or later they will shoot and kill a lot of people in their gun free safe spaces.

  11. OK, I am convinced. Please come take *ALL* my guns before they up and shoot me! Considering your obviously superior intellect, I would feel safer if you personally came to my house to carry away the demon devices. I hope to God you can save me before it is too late…if nothing else, think of my daughters. They’ve both been shooting since the age of six. They’re due for an inanimate object to rape them or something worse…

    Help me, PLEASE!

  12. My personal opinion, not that this woman cares, is that I don’t give a fu©k what her personal opinion is. Her majesty is not where I derive my rights from. If I wanted her opinion I’d be sedated in a cell somewhere.

  13. huh; at least they usually try to pretend.

    I’m a veteran. I train regularly. I shoot in competitions. I attend “firearms training” for fun. Usually I get “Well, Yeah, YOU’RE the type we’re good with having guns.”

    otherwise, SlackerX says it best: My personal opinion, not that this woman cares, is that I don’t give a fu©k what her personal opinion is.

  14. “DNC Platform Committee Member: “No One Should Have A Gun””
    Including her bodyguards.

    No one should have a gun?
    Well come and try to take it.

  15. DNC Platform Committee Member: “No One Should Have A Gun”
    ….and the Government, Military, and Police should disarm first and take that big step into a brave new world.
    Donkeycraps should lead by example and ditch armed security.

  16. It all makes sense now. They’re all just servants of the Many-Faced God from A Game of Thrones.

    “No one wants to take away your guns.”

    “Who are you?”

    “No one.”

  17. According to Honolulu police, the U.S. Constitution is null and void to any claims of “Public Safety”.

    As in the law can be overrided, and they can do anything they want, including covering their badges and name tapes, executing an illegal assault on a property based on fraudulent police/court proceedings, not announcing themselves as “police” even as they know the person on the property is in an agitated state from constant death threats and assaults by police agents and murdering a handcuffed person after a peaceful illegal arrest for the terroristic act of legally owning a gun, let alone being in possession of the gun while favored citizens of the local neighborhood watch make taunting death threats and try to force his door open before running away while dialing 911.

    I don’t know why I rant anymore. My mom had to be relocated (Forcible civilian relocation is a war crime, warranting the death penalty, but then again, so are mock executions and murder.) No one will help. The local ambulance chaser heard the names of the antagonists in the case and backed out because he knew who he was not supposed to challenge… Even in her new place, they have repeatedly broken in and stolen things just to terrorize her. And what, even if the cops won’t do anything, it is designed to make her look crazy. “My house was broken into but a few trinkets and some dirty clothes were stolen and the lockbox containing the valuables was opened but nothing was stolen from it…”

    • Well Brian, you and/or your mom realistically have two options: fight to win or relocate to a place that isn’t rife with corruption.

      Before you decide which path to take, please read Sun Tzu’s Art of War. The most important principle that Sun Tzu tells us: fight your enemy on YOUR terms, not theirs. In other words YOU choose the time, place, and method of attack that is most advantageous to YOU, not them. And Sun Tzu’s second most important principle: know your enemy and know yourself. This is critical because you cannot determine how to best fight on YOUR terms if you do not know your enemy and yourself. In other words, you have to know your enemy’s strengths and weaknesses as well as your own in order to honest develop a winning strategy.

      Please note that your best strategy may be relocating as I stated above. If your enemy is a criminal syndicate who “owns” the local police, District Attorney’s office, and local judges, you most likely do not have the resources to win any effort. The police will be working against you. The District Attorney’s office will be working against you. Local judges will be working against you. The criminal syndicate probably has armed guards that eliminate your chances of success on a frontal assault. (And you would be fighting the local corrupt police, District Attorney’s office, and judges in any ensuing legal proceedings after the fact.)

      Unless you can assemble an army that is dedicated to your cause, you may be facing a fight that you cannot win. In that scenario, relocation probably makes the most sense.

  18. Never interrupt your enemy while she’s making a HUGE mistake.
    Unfortunately, the majority of the platform committee is far wiser (and less honest) than she is, and there’s no way the official platform will contain an admission which amounts to political suicide.

  19. Yeah maybe in a perfect world nobody needs guns. In a perfect world people wouldn’t threaten you or your families life to take what is yours. In a perfect world we would not need guns for protection against those that hate us because our culture is different than theirs. In a perfect world we would not need guns as a defense against the tyranny that is inevitable when the government gets too much power. The framers of the constitution understood that we do not live in a perfect world, and one of the provisions they gave us to protect us from dangerous individuals, and tyrannical government was the right to bear arms.

  20. Well, it’s out there. While The Stupid Party wouldn’t n won’t use this any better than anything else they’ve been handed, The Donald will. If he remembers at any given moment.

    That’s not an endorsement, beyond “This might be fun to watch.”

    Practically, effective issue-advocates like the now occasionally competent N R A can, and shiuld use this every time.

    Responding to a recent headline “The N R A is now a pure Republican party political group.” got simple: “The Democratic platform committee said nobody should own a gun. We’re The National Rifle Association. We should support that?”

    Use it. Every time. Make them own it, or disavow it. Loses them votes and credibility either way.

    • “Responding to a recent headline “The N R A is now a pure Republican party political group.” got simple: “The Democratic platform committee said nobody should own a gun. We’re The National Rifle Association. We should support that?”

      Use it. Every time. Make them own it, or disavow it.”

      100%. It should be on repeat on the front page of the NRA’s website.

      • Except the committee didn’t say that; just this dumb broad who is on the committee. Most Democrats could survive an election if they were full on anti-gun.

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