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Jacob Sullum at writes, “Contrary to what Clinton claims, an understanding of the Second Amendment that lets politicians impose whatever gun restrictions strike their fancy, including outright bans, is anything but ‘a nuanced reading.’ Clinton’s deliberately evasive approach to this issue contrasts with the positions taken by the Democratic Party’s platform in the last three presidential elections. In 2012 and 2008, Democrats said, ‘We recognize that the individual right to bear arms is an important part of the American tradition, and we will preserve Americans’ Second Amendment right to own and use firearms.” In 2004, they promised to ‘protect Americans’ Second Amendment right to own firearms.'” So is Hillary’s new approach to civil rights the hope or the change? . . .

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Smart-gun advocates seek market change – “The group wants members of Congress to encourage federal, state and local law enforcement agencies to engage gun manufacturers on developing smart guns as part of the contracting process. Manufacturers have been loath to get into smart-gun technology because of boycott threats by gun buyers and gun-rights groups, which see smart guns as potentially leading to other kinds of gun restrictions.” Translation: let the government go first…with your tax dollars.


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A suppressor-ready jungle carbine: “MKS Supply, LLC, Dayton OH June 2016- Inland Manufacturing’s new American made Jungle Carbine brings back the neat looks of the original 1944 and 1945 WWII combat carbine with the added appeal that the barrel thread is 1/2-half-inch x 28 so the flash hider may be removed to fit a (legally registered) aftermarket sound suppressor or silencer if so desired.”

City Council approves police review funds in heated meeting – “(Madison, Wisconsin) Ald. Samba Baldeh, 17th District, said based on the chief’s comments, he did not feel safe with (police chief Mike) Koval sitting behind him during the meeting with a gun. ‘I really resent the inference that you thought that someone sitting behind you with a gun was going to be a clear and present danger to you,’ Koval said in response.” Seventy-seven square miles surrounded by reality.


NFL is investigating Aqib Talib, who may have broken Texas gun law – “Dallas police are saying Talib was the victim of an ‘aggravated assault,’ but Mike Klis of Denver’s 9News wrote earlier this week that Talib told people close to him that he had accidentally shot himself. WFAA in Dallas reported that Talib told police he was with friends in Hamilton Park when the shooting occurred. ‘I heard a single gunshot and fell to the ground,’ Talib told investigators in the full report, obtained by the TV station. ‘Everything was a blur and I was too intoxicated to remember what happened.’”

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 1.06.20 PMThis should keep you geared up… “Those looking to have more than just their daily carry available without having to haul around a duffel bag now have an option with High Threat Concealment’s Low Vis Battle Belt; light-weight and low profile padded system of unparalleled comfort for use both with an under belt or as a stand-alone system. Developed in collaboration with High Speed Gear, Inc., the Low Vis Battle Belt adds both comfort and versatility for quick  reaction elements, personal protection details, and the prepared citizen.”

Boxer Tactical Daily Digest 6.7.16: Overwrought Gun Nuts, Creative Decisions, and a Modern Day Duel">Previous Post
Boxer Tactical Daily Digest: Racking a Round, Super Rifles and Stupid Selfie Tricks">Next Post


  1. I see Madison has not improved since I left. Great place to go to school, terrible place to live.

    • Nah, it was a pretty douchey place to go to school, too. 20 years ago they were already neck-deep in “herstory”, womyns studies, and “every man is a rapist” horsesh!t.

  2. You out-did yourself with that pic of the HildaBeast, TTAG…

    EDIT –

    Since commenting on the previous blog post of that woman singing an ‘intellectually challenged’ anti-gun song doesn’t work, I’ll leave my comment here:

    “And she only knows three chords…”


  3. Load bearing gear, like a flak jacket and helmet, are things I never want to wear again.

  4. The Dems have not changed. Their platform language re preserving or protecting 2nd Amendment rights were lies

  5. Darn, I read “jungle carbine” and thought someone was coming out with a new Lee-Enfield No. 5 Mk I.

  6. That picture really captures the spiritual essence of the most despicable and corrupt politician in modern America.

    Oh and I would avoid Inland Manufacturing since they appear not to know that the standard thirty caliber threading should be 5/8 by 24, as well as reports I have seen that they are less than highly reliable.

    • My only quibble is with the word ‘most’. IMO, she’s married to the holder of that title.

      • Her husband is a serial abuser of women, which certainly makes him a criminal. But she raised corruption to new heights by using her office as the top official as the US State Department to extract hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes from foreign countries, now that is real corruption!

        • Don’t forget all the great work she did in discrediting her husband’s many victims.

    • CVA also did that on their single shot 300BLK. It works if you use a thread adapter, but it’s not pretty.

  7. Sorry guys, the new color and font give me a genuine headache. I tried to suffer through for 10 minutes, it only got worse.

    Maybe I can reset my monitor or something, but until then, it’s been fun since (almost) day one. All good things and what not.

    • ^ Hmmm…
      Gotta say, I’m feeling it also.
      New scheme/layout reminds me of the crappola ads that pepper this (and many other) site(s).

      RF, How ’bout a feedback topic post on this?
      No guts, no glory.
      Whatever ya do, DO NOT become the R51 of the interwebz.
      It is your place after all.
      But if the new changes chase peps like bad 30.06 signs…

      Nothin but luv n respect to TTAG.

      • I second the motion for a feedback post on the site changes. I’ve been withholding any criticism since I figured there would be an “announcement” post at some point today, but that never came to pass.

        The site redesign appears to have fixed some of the performance issues, but if we have to give up a good-sized chunk of the site’s readability and usability, I’m not sure that’s a smart trade.

        But hey, Ghostery is only reporting 9 trackers being blocked instead of the 14 or so from the old site. That’s progress.

  8. Photo caption: “Quick, Mrs Clinton, show me the face Bill makes when interns are performing clandestine desk ops…

  9. “the Low Vis Battle Belt adds both comfort and versatility for quick reaction elements, personal protection details, and the prepared citizen.”

    The “prepared citizen” that needs 60 rounds of 5.56, a pistol and an IFAK on their person just to leave the house either lives in a really shitty neighborhood or has paranoia issues.

    • …and that’s all before we even get to criticize the magazines for being pointed the wrong way, if you want to get at them quick.

  10. Agree that the new look site is not for me, too styled and weird, for lack of a better word. I much preferred the OLD TTAG look. This is murder on the eyes…

  11. The people have spoken, Rob! We’re begging you in fact. Please, if it only saves one pair of eyes….


  12. I’m OK with the new look-and it’s working MUCH better(so far). Yeah go back to red(BTW because you DIDN’T have an easily viewable paragraph or 2 I didn’t bother clicking on one story). Bring back the lead-in…

    • This. I don’t like the colors myself, but I don’t really care about colors. Make it whatever color you like.

      It’s the functionality change I don’t like. I’ve looked a few posts over but going forward I just won’t be visiting the page. I am not going to click into each post to see if this is something I want more information about each and every one. Or to put that another way, I read the lead ins so that I knew what posts I had no interest in and could thus ignore. I won’t be clicking into each post to learn that information, and that makes the main page much less interesting to me.

      Hope you rethink this one.

  13. The low vis battle belt is appealing for a bug out belt. I’m seriously liking it.
    I’m going to have to check it out. Mostly because the picture shows rifle mags held backwards. That looks like awkward reloads.
    This would go nicely behind the back seat of the truck as a “get home” belt.

    • The mags are set up for the “beer can” style of rifle reloading. It is used by Travis Haley in the magpul instructional videos, Chris Costa uses the pistol style orientation.

  14. Please, PLEase, PLEASE stop with the pics of the beast. Doing my last check of the page before bed and I don’t care for the nightmarez.

  15. Wait, why would they thread their M1s for 1/2×28 instead of 5/8×24 for .30cal devices? Are they working to bring back the .22 Spitfire? I can understand them wanting to use 9mm cans for availability, but the (American) industry standard threading for 9mm long guns is 1/2×36 to prevent people from accidentally using 5.56 devices, and a lot of recent 9mm SMG cans can use 5/8×24 adapters to work on .300 Blackouts.

  16. That belt is “low vis”? Maybe they mean from earth orbit, ’cause up close under a shirt that mess is going to look like you’re trying to hide two colostomy bags and a motorcycle battery.

  17. The supersized headlines and larger pictures are not a good replacement for the paragraph or two describing them… Bring those back, even if you must reduce the size of the headline. Ad block and ghostery continue to work just fine. 🙂

    And yes, please, no more pictures of Hillary. What a disgusting thing to contemplate at breakfast time… or any time!

  18. Hillary is one butt-ugly woman. Alcohol and hard drugs are the only logical explanation as to how Bill had sex with her.

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