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Ruling on concealed weapons spotlights California’s key role in gun debate – As you’d expect, the gloating came fast and furiously yesterday. “’It should not be minimized how big a victory this was for gun control advocates,’ said UCLA law professor Adam Winkler. ‘Not only does it affirm the constitutionality of restrictive conceal-carry laws in California’s major cities, it also makes it less likely the Supreme Court will step in.’” Left unresolved, however, how exactly Californians are now able to bear arms, as the Second Amendment guaratees. “Thursday’s decision ‘avoided answering the critical legal question of whether, if concealed carry is prohibited, some form of open carry of firearms must be allowed,’ (plaintiff attorney Chuck) Michel said. ‘California law bans open carry, so the constitutionality of that ban will now have to be tested.'” Good times…good times.

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Dwight Freeney: NFL Players Need to Stop Bringing Guns to the Club – “As players, we have too much to lose,” Freeney said. “People will pick fights with you because of who you are. Some guys target us. If that happens, and you’re in public carrying a gun, what do you think will happen Having a gun to protect your home is different from having one on you when you go out in public to a bar. I don’t know what Aqib did or didn’t do. I do know one thing. If you have a gun on you, chances of you being shot, or shooting someone, are higher. That I know.” So are the chances of you defending yourself.


School rejects teen’s gun-toting, flag-waving photo – “A few weeks ago Josh was given an assignment in a photography class at Hunterdon Central Regional High School. He had to take a self-portrait representing self-expression. So Josh and some of his buddies gathered in a field behind his house and set up a tripod – striking their best male model poses. Josh climbed atop a four-wheeler. He was holding Old Glory in one hand and a shotgun in the other – a Remington pump action 12-gauge to be precise. It was, by all accounts, an epic picture that summed up the heart and soul of this teenage patriot. Now, at Hunterdon Regional kids have to upload their assignments to the school’s Google site. And that’s when Josh learned there was a problem.” Far too awesome for a government school.


Israel cracks down on Palestinian workshops producing guns – “Israeli security forces are cracking down on metal workshops in the West Bank suspected of manufacturing a crude homemade gun, which has emerged as the weapon of choice for Palestinian attackers in months of deadly assaults on civilians and soldiers— including in this week’s Tel Aviv shooting that killed four Israelis. Welded together from spare parts of various weapons and pipes, it looks like a short-barreled submachine gun, with a long magazine.” No one will ever stop the signal.

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Which one do you like better? Vote here.

EU to tighten guns rules despite concern it will restrict hunters, collectors – “The proposal, which would then go to the European Parliament, would for the first time introduce EU-wide rules on deactivated firearms which France argues are often to easy to restore to lethal functioning order or other types of guns, such as signal and starter’s pistols, that can be converted.” As James Taranto would ask, Fox Butterfield, is that you?

Clearly superior? $40 here.

Boxer Tactical Daily Digest: Racking a Round, Super Rifles and Stupid Selfie Tricks">Previous Post
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  1. The Moslem terrorists’ improvised home-made “Carlo” sub-guns prove once again that “gun control” does not work !! דמד

  2. The 9th circuit doesn’t cover just CA, either. I’ve said it before, no state is safe as concerns gun control until gun control is broken and defeated in CA.

    • jwm,

      I posted this comment five days ago and it speaks directly to your comment:

      “Ultimately, the United States Constitution is quite literally nothing more than a piece of paper stating an ideal. It is not a magic parchment and has no power itself to compel anyone to abide by it. People only comply with the U.S. Constitution when they voluntarily honor it or when someone compels them to comply with it. Unfortunately, large numbers of people stopped honoring the U.S. Constitution about 90 years ago. And no one has stepped up to the plate to compel people to comply with it.”

      So I leave you with this question: who is going to compel the judges, politicians, and law enforcement officers in California to comply with the U.S. Constitution?

      Note: government has no interest in compelling government to comply with the U.S. Constitution and will not do it. Who will? And how will they compel government to comply?

      • .Gov can compel .Gov to comply. Witness federal troops forcing state .govs to comply with civil rights law at bayonet point. 2a rights are civil rights and if needs be the .gov must force the different states to comply.

        What other rights do we have other than those in the constitution? Natural rights? They don’t exist. Natural rights gives you a place on the food chain, nothing more.

        • Your reply speaks to a different point whether we won or lost that or any case. To paraphrase Andrew Jackson, “The 9th circuit has made their decision; now let them enforce it!” It is up to the AGs covered by the 9th to decide whether to prosecute or not. So just like Loretta Lynch will not find sufficient evidence that she who must not be named committed a very obvious crime, the AGs will or won’t go after anyone depending on their personal beliefs, under cover of law of course. And people think appointed judges are undemocratic!

      • The Founding Fathers were quite wise. The Constitution only lists the rights of the people, and established rules by which the government would recognize and guarantee those rights. The 2nd Amendment was what gave people the ability to make sure the government kept it’s word.

        “The 2nd Amendment is that which gives teeth to the people to protect the other rights.”
        – Geo. Washington

    • The probability that Arizona, Arizona, Idaho or Montana will change their laws because the Ninth declared concealed carry is not a right is slim to none. Just because it is not a “right” does not mean that a state must suddenly decide to regulate it if’n they don’t want to

        • There defense is that its is their perogative to what ever the hell they want with carrying of arms within the boundries of the state. And if the demanding moms dont kike thst answer, then they can go sit and spin on the 9th circuits Peruta ruling.

      • Of course, those states have their own constitutions as well. The California constitution does not protect a right to bear arms. It does, however, include a right to pursue, and obtain, happiness. Explains a lot.

  3. Ok. THREE TIMES just going on the home page and I got redirected to some ad. Please fix. Please. Please. Please.

    • Maybe it is your computer, not the site. That has NEVER happened to me. I know there is a virus out there that does that–my mother’s computer caught it some years ago.

  4. Nice machine gun …and what’s wrong with the kid’s photo? Maybe they’d like it if he was burning the flag and wearing a tutu?

  5. The 9th Circuit covers nine Western states, but California and Hawaii are the only ones in which the ruling will have any practical effect. The others do not require permit applicants to cite a “good cause.” In other words the states still have the saw so. The ninth is also the most reversed court of the circuit courts. Obviously this will be appaealed to the Supreme Court, so Scalia’s replacement again looms big. The is also the care may be sent back by the Supreme cout as the very ruling is contrary to the Heller decision that to bear arms clearly means to carry arms. What happens with the next Presidential election will surely determine if the US Constitution remains the law of the land, or if it will be usurped by the left and left in tatters by the collectivists..

  6. Thank goodness that machine pistol doesn’t have a shoulder thing that goes up. And it appears the mag has a riveted in place limiting device so it can’t shoot 30 bullets in a half a second.

  7. We can only hope that the Czechs and other European countries with large gun communities will stand u and say no to these measures in the EU vote, or at the very least refuse to enforce the rules in their own nations. God knows that Europeans need to be armed now more than ever. With the poor to nonexistent screening of refugees, citizens need to be armed and prepared for the imminent crime increases and potential terrorist activity. With regards to the 9th circuit, (as much as I hate to say it given that I’m muslim) Trump is the only candidate that will nominate a SC justice to uphold our rights and overturn this decision.

    • What’s the worst thing that could happen if a country refuses to enforce these regulations, should they be passed? Kick you out of the E.U.? That sounds more like a feature than a bug at this point.

      Competition is a good thing – someone needs to establish a competing organization to the E.U. and invite dissenting nations to join up.

  8. It’s called civil war and it’s been brewing for a long time. A few more decades and we will have a new civil war against the government, which IMO is long over due.

    • …or an Article V convention sooner.

      How about adding to the Bill of Rights that all 10 Amendments be subject to strict scrutiny and that they shall not be subject to any form of regulations, taxes, or laws at all levels of government (Federal, State, Local, or Fiefdom).

  9. Nice. Task the students to demonstrate “self expression”, then censor those whose expression you don’t agree with… And these are the people we’re entrusting to teach our children. No wonder this country is so f*cked.

    When you hire idiots to teach your kids, don’t be surprised when most of the kids end up idiots, too.

    • Not idiots. This is how it works.

      They dont want to censor you; they want you to self-censor. Figure out what they want without them having to say it. In the end it’s not even about compliance, but about remaking the younglings’ minds.

      You stay in Room 101 until you actually love Big Brother.

  10. The Ninth has kind of backed itself into a corner on the open carry thing, but I have a feeling that they intend to finesse the issue (after a suitably long delay) by proclaiming that only intermediate scrutiny applies outside the home, because “to bear” is not at the “core” of the right, and that therefor open carry can be regulated in the public interest. While it may not be a total ban, it may be something as equally obnoxious, open unloaded carry. Which is a great way to a) be held at gunpoint (or shot) by the police while they check your firearm and run your driver’s license, b) robbed of your gun by someone illegally carrying a loaded concealed firearm.

    • “…“to bear” is not at the “core” of the right…”

      Two things:

      1. The Second Amendment is NOT a right, it was/is an attempt to protect a natural right from government abrogation.

      2. The “core” of the protection of provided by the Second Amendment are the words “…shall not be infringed.”, not “to bear”.

    • Yep. Thomas already spoke to a government interest in “feelings” like the Brady’s argument, in his dissent.
      Anything that justifies intermediate scrutiny opens the door to regulation on time and place, which means licenesed unloaded open carry, only after a permit, fees, training, etc etc.

      It will be tied up for years in court, like Peruta going on 6 years.
      And that doesnt even take into account the goofy new laws the Democrats in Sacramento compete with one another to deny rights- background checks for ammo, for chrissakes.

  11. The 9th will say OC isn’t covered under the 2nd A, as well.

    Remember, it’s not about consistency, it’s about an agenda.

  12. Assigned to take a photo representing self-expression*.
    *self-expression as determined by an entity other than self.

    Who needs fiction and sci-fi when we’re already living in a dystopic nightmare?

  13. Sooo…..if I buy a box of Kellogg’s Sugar Frosted Flakes; do I get a free gun with Tony The Tiger figurine inside the cereal box?
    Brings Thinking Of The Children to a new and exciting level!

  14. “People will pick fights with you because of who you are. Some guys target us.”

    I’m not buying it. Some guy might start talking trash, but you’re too hopped up on steroids to let it go. “He disrespected me.” Bullshit. Learn to act like a civilized human being or stay in your cage.

  15. You are 100% right about who will enforce a Supreme Court decision against the Federal government
    There is no one who can do it
    President Andrew Jackson lost the Supreme Court decision about Indian removal from Georgia
    The state militia rounded the Cherokee up at bayonet point, put them in concentration camps, stole all their livestock and burned their houses
    Thousands of Indians (4,000 to 10,000) died on the trail of tears and death to Oklahoma
    That is the great crime committed after the Federal government ignored the Supreme Court ruling

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