“California has led (on gun control) in the past. I’m proud it’s leading again. We’re a model for the rest of the nation.” – Assemblyman Rob Bonta in Sale of firearms that use bullet buttons surge ahead of new California gun law [via foxnews.com]



  1. And they only have to remove one obstacle – We The People. I live for the day I see such politicians wearing prison garb.

  2. How proud he is to crush the freedom out of America. People that support guys like this don’t realize that, today, they are on the same team as him. Tomorrow, however, maybe not so much. There is no guarantee that people that steal freedoms you don’t care about wont eventually steal freedoms you do. This is why you always vote “freedom” even if you don’t approve of the freedom other people exercise.

  3. There is a growing trove of facts and figures which amply demonstrate that states which honor the intent of the Second Amendment have lower violent crime rates than those which have severe “reasonable gun control”. Unfortunately, facts and figures don’t impress these people – but their “feelings” do. I cringe every time that the legislators in California vote for ever more restrictive firearms laws because the legislators in the very, very blue state of Maryland take note of these laws, say, “Hey, that’s a really stupid law which won’t deter criminals but maybe it will make people FEEL safer and re-elect me for proposing it” and the next thing you know we in “The Free State” are a bit less free. A pox on all their houses.

  4. He’s proud of gun control in California? I don’t get it. What has gun control in California achieved? Does California have below average total murders per capita?

    • Nope: Most Western states with far less “gun control” have lower per capita murder rates: Texas, Utah. Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota. And California ia virtually tied with Arizona.
      Given the CDC study concluded that 80% of all gun homicides are gang-related, it is easy to see why CA and AZ have higher murder rates: a lot of cartel activity and illegals (some of who are gang members or join them for work).

  5. California leads the way having cities with some of the highest violent crime rates in the country. How’s the gun control working out? It’s Bontastic. The blame lies squarely between this man’s shoulders yet he can’t figure it out. Talk about social and political corruption…

    • …outright confiscation and banning are indeed rumor. However, severe (and I mean *severe*) restrictions begin next January.

      Another lovely day in Kalifornia, comrades!

      • While it is true that worse gun controls are coming (barring a miracle court ruling), you can bet that a great many will follow the example of gun owners in NY and CN and refuse to comply. We have sheriffs who refuse to enforce the new controls. Ours has posted a letter to that effect on line. He has gone so far to openly state that he will deputize every gun owner in the county.

        Meanwhile, 2016 appears to be stacking up to be the biggest year for gun sales, especially those evil black rifles with the “bullet buttons”.

        As for our legislators who support these new laws: What fools these morons be.

  6. that is because he wants no competition for his gun running operation! remember those rules do not apply to the Connected politicians especially a Democrat one!

  7. I wonder what success he means? Certainly not reducing homicides…Most Western states with far less “gun control” have lower per capita murder rates: Texas, Utah. Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota. And California ia virtually tied with Arizona.
    Given the CDC study concluded that 80% of all gun homicides are gang-related, it is easy to see why CA and AZ have higher murder rates: a lot of cartel activity and illegals (some of who are gang members or join them for work).

  8. You know, as a somewhat lewd suggestion perhaps he should get into touching himself. When he’s done making himself feel good he’ll at least have a bit to show for it.

  9. Title should read: Assembly moron Rob Bonta and the California legislature leading the way to illogical criminal empowering madness.

    The law abiding public used bullet buttons and the next required device to secure magazines as fixed and the criminals will simply remove them for an advantage. The San Bernardino shooters used ar15s with the bullet buttons simply removed (illegal). The new legislation that idiots in California are leading as a “model for the rest of America” is no different and as usual tips an advantage to criminals while hindering the law abiding. Sure! Perfectly logical and an inspiration for the rest of us.

  10. He is correct california led the way in the modern Era for gun control when black people lost the right to openly carry loaded firearms in 1966.

    As s black kid growing up in Sacramento I saw plenty of white men carrying guns during the East Area Rapist crisis in Sacramento county during 1970s. White men carrying guns walking the streets night and day protecting their women from attack.
    The police never arrested them.

    • Chris, that shit started in 1866, the entire “common sense gun control” thing was preventing freed blacks from having guns. And, if we follow Barry, we’ll get there again, since he just keeps on making the case for disarming blacks, although he tries to pivot to disarming everyone at the end.

    • Well, it was legal then. The law actually changed in 1968 not long after an armed group of Black Panthers visited inside the Capitol for a protest (which was also legal, but scared the legislators).

  11. I just built an AR-15 for my brother in law and took him to Rahaugees gallery (rifle/pistol silhouette range). His Beretta 92 was jamming like crazy, and he was missing a lot of targets. I was worried that he wasn’t going to have fun. Missing and jams don’t create enthusiastic shooters. Then we moved to my 18″ stainless AR with a 2 stage Timney trigger and the new 1-8 Primary Arms scope. He went 0 for 10 on steel plates about 40 yards out. The AR and scope are sighted in quite well, for the record.

    I was really getting worried and could see his frustration. He tried my Sig 226 and 229 and had better luck knocking down silhouettes. Then, I had him try the AR I built for him. He had a ton of fun once he started connecting on steel with peep sights. After a thorough cleaning and lines of Mill Comm TW25B on the rails, I suspect his Beretta will be working like a champ, also.

    Before we went shooting, he signed a petition to veto CA’s upcoming gun laws. In the past 7-8 years, I’ve helped more than 100 people buy AR-15s. There are good things happening behind enemy lines. Wherever I go, I’ll be a gun rights advocate.

    I’m looking forward to leaving CA, but I will miss the mountains, beaches, high speed limits, and friendly motorcycle laws. I won’t miss stupid people, high taxes, shitty traffic, and terrible gun laws.

    • Good news: WA has all those good things, too. And we could use some freedom-loving transplants over here. (Might want to avoid Seattle, unless you want to be reminded why you left Cali.)

  12. Help and Support

    Veto Gunmageddon is a group of volunteers dedicated to overturning the recent draconian gun laws passed by the California legislature and signed by Governor Jerry Brown. We are gun owners from all over California who watched with disbelief as the California Legislature bypassed normal procedure to pass strict and clearly unconstitutional gun laws.

    We have come together and formed “VETO GUNMAGEDDON, CITIZENS OF CALIFORNIA WHO ARE OPPOSED TO PROPOSITION 63, ASSEMBLY BILLS 1135, 1511, 1695, 857 AND SENATE BILLS 880, 1235 AND 1446.

    • What a great idea! Give California back to Mexico, join a cartel, and then the U.S. Attorney General will give you an AR15 or AK-47 FREE with the compliments of the BATFE!

  13. Mussolini was a leader and was praised by many progressives.
    The New Republic thought he was the cat’s meow, until they didn’t.

  14. “As California goes, so goes the Nation”.

    Ninth CA is out-of-control, and in cahoots with the CA Legislature. With a Democrat supermajority and Democratic Governor, soon to be replaced by an even more left-leaning SF Limo Liberal, the State of CA is well on its way to its final economic ruin, and the concomitant loss of individual freedom that repeated examples from history proves is the result of socialism.

    Nationally, we are one Justice on SCOTUS from losing our 2A rights. Vote Trump or watch freedom die under Hillary.

    And remember- Bloomberg hasn’t gone away, he’s just gone under the radar, and so much more dangerous.
    Read this- a good candidate for a longer TTAG story?

    • I wish you guys would consider dropping all the derogatory comments about liberals and democrats. I know it fits a pattern to an extent but try just using the terms gun friendly or gun grabber, something like that. There are a lot of democrats and liberals who love guns, support guns and get bashed every time they come hear to read some news. You want to win elections? Its not about political affiliation as much as it is about pro-gun vs anti-gun. Many liberal democrats hate the fuck outta Hillary Clinton and respect the 2nd amendment despite what u see on fox news. The people who make divisive comments here make me think they are shills who don’t want the left and right to ever come together on common ground over guns. Besides, the conservative right, the damn NRA itself is historically as responsible for repressive gun rights as any other political group if not more so. Their history has not been nearly as consistent as their rhetoric.

      • BS. Anyone who believes in RKBA would find it impossible to vote for any Democrat, so how could that person be considered a Democrat? The terms “gungrabber” and “Democrat” are interchangeable.

      • Joshua, finding pro 2nd Amendment Democrats is about as hard as finding “prochoice” Republicans. Both parties have become more to the their extremes the least few election cycles.

        The NRA is a “single issue” organization (2nd A) and has endorsed both Democrats as well as Republicans. In fact they just announced their support for the Democrat candidate for Missouri Governor, Chris Koster.

        But Koster is the rare Democrat candidate who is openly pro 2nd A. Hence the derision for Democrat candidateso and politicians.

  15. I wish that someone would point out to these common sense assholes that if someone has to defend their home with ten rounds and a bullet button, then that someone is a lot less likely to use warning shots or suppressive fire to scare off intruder(s) and much more likely to just go for a kill shot, especially if facing multiple attackers.

  16. Every day I wish we could kick Kalifornia out of the Union.
    That Texas would secede from the Union, So I can move.
    But then thankful.
    Florida for the most part hasnt gone insane yet.
    I will rethink that last sentence if Hitlery wins the state.
    Then I know Im eventually doomed but glad Im closer to my end then the beginning.

  17. “This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration. Our
    streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future!”
    – Adolph Hitler (on The Weapons Act of Nazi Germany, 1935)

    Remarkably similar quotes, don’t you think?


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