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Springfield CrossCannon_2016 smallYou just can’t make this stuff up. Convicted Felon Arrested After Calling 911 To Report Stolen Guns – “James Whitson Davis, 75, of Van Buren, reported that he thought a lady whom he’d hired to clean his home had stolen five guns from him, according to a department press release. However Davis, who was convicted of a felony, is not allowed to own or possess firearms. After Davis’ call, officers searched a search warrant on his home, the release states. There detectives found 12 additional firearms and 9 boxes of ammunition.”


4,500 people were killed by gun violence while Congress was on vacation – “As America’s elected representatives returned from their nearly two-month-long summer break on Tuesday, they were met with a stark number awaiting their arrival: 4,500. That’s how many people the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence says were killed by firearms since Congress broke for its summer recess on July 18.” What the math wizzes at the Brady Campaign (remember them?) won’t tell you is that 2/3 of those were self-inflicted gunshot wounds, not what anyone else defines as “gun violence.”

Making ARs great again:


Not much doubt as to who the boys at Arizona Rifle Works are pulling for in November.


To world champion shooter Dianna Muller, guns are ‘a tool of the trade’ – “I believe the men who founded this country were extremely wise and knew firsthand from their experience with the British how a government can get out of control. I think it’s the Second Amendment for a reason: it’s really important! And although I am a professional shooter and hunter, I don’t believe the Founding Fathers included the Second Amendment to protect hunting – they included it to protect our individual freedoms and liberty from a tyrannical government.”


Five guns! Boston police confiscate 5 illegal guns in 36 hours – “’I can’t commend my officers enough for the hard work, dedication, and willingness to confront danger in their ongoing efforts to get guns off the streets of Boston,’ Police Commissioner William B. Evans said in a statement.”


Behold the throngs demanding disarmament. Gun control supporters protest on Capitol Hill – “More than a dozen gun control supporters took part in a protest on Capitol Hill on Tuesday. Members of the D.C. chapter of Gays Against Guns, Code Pink and WERK for Peace were dancing to music as they marched around the Cannon, Longworth and Rayburn House Office Buildings on Independence Avenue. They also staged ‘die-ins’ on the steps of the Rayburn House Office Building and in front of the U.S. Supreme Court.”


Springfield Armory Daily Digest: Obama's Purge, the High Cost of Self Defense, and Keeping Harvard 'Intellectually Free'">Previous Post
Springfield Armory Daily Digest: California's Descent Continues, Another Gura Victory, and Another Lefty Acknowledges the Futility of Gun Control">Next Post


    • And it took three different civilian disarmament groups to scrounge up even that lackluster showing.

      In any case, enjoy your constitutionally-protected rights of assembly, association, and free speech while you can, ladies. As soon as you succeed in getting the Second Amendment repealed, would you care to guess which civil right will be the next to go?

      (It’s a trick question; they will all be gone in short order if we allow the government to disarm the citizenry.)

    • No shit just more boots busters protesting something they know NOTHING about.
      You know you’d think that after that gay club in Florida incident you’d think the gays would be supportive of gun rights. Afterall if somebody in that bar would’ve been armed things would’ve been different.
      About the old felon reporting stolen guns, that guy has just got to be THE DUMBEST MOTHER FUCKEN OF ALL TIME. What did he expect the cops to do? Find his guns and return them? Not to a felon not gonna happen.

      • Old guy out of prison, he misses the security prison offers, 3 hots and a cot plus free medical… at his age what does he have to lose?

      • Incompatible reproductive organs?
        Hey you asked what’s wrong with it. Don’t be mad that you got an honest answer. ?

      • Is that a trick question? There are about a hundred things wrong with it. There are so many things wrong with it, that even gays themselves claim they must have been born that way because nobody in their right mind would choose to be gay.

      • Naz,

        Nope not all. Fully support gay rights. It’s not for for me to decide who you love or who you want to have relations with. My comment struck me as humorous, so I posted it. Don’t read deeper than necessary.

        • Hey, that’s my wife you’re talking about!

          Then again, she figured out in her 20s that she didn’t want to be running lighting boards in her 50s, and got her CPA.

          See, some of them can get better…

  1. Dozens protested while the rest of us went to work. Thank you social justice warriors- I will have your rent, tuition, food, and healthcare to you by the end of the week- seems legit to me.

  2. The first story is like calling the cops to complain someone stole your drugs. You’re just screwed no matter how you play it. Now he’ll probably get a retirement package from the government in the form of three free meals a day and a new wardrobe (with DOC stitched in it, of course).

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if the guy has lived the last 50 years as a honest, peacable citizen and really didn’t think of himself as a felon. Not saying I think that felons should have guns, but at 75 some peoples judgment gets pretty skewed.

      • I’ll say it. Felons should have the same rights as everyone else. If they’re still a threat– keep ’em in jail. Otherwise when their probation ends, their rights return.

        • Yes JS I fully agree. When they finish probation or parole, non violent felons should automatically have their Gun Rights restored. Afterall, they haven’t demonstrated any violent behavior nor any history of misusing firearms. They’ve only shown that AR least once they have made some bad decisions BUT WHO HASN’T EVER MADE A BAD DECISION? Hopefully they’ve learned from thier mistakes.

  3. So five “stolen” guns plus twelve the police found after he called but only nine boxes of ammo? Unless those boxes were crates, he’s got his priorities all screwed up!

  4. How did all those dead whales get beached up on those DC office steps?? Meanwhile, how is it possible to KILL (!) 4,500 people in 7 weeks without an A-bomb? Maybe a l’il intentional exaggeration by our pals on that kill number? DMD

    • Applying the usual percentages, that means 3000 committed suicide with a gun and 1500 were murdered. Let’s do the math on the 1500 figure. Hmm, seven weeks equals 49 days. 1500/49=30.61. The product multiplied by the number of days in a year (30.61 x 365) results in 11,173.5. I’d say that’s pretty accurate.

    • “Meanwhile, how is it possible to KILL (!) 4,500 people in 7 weeks without an A-bomb?”

      Easy. Declare those 7 weeks to be an extended holiday weekend in Chicago. If you do it in the summertime, you can probably cut it to four weeks and still make your numbers.

  5. “They also staged ‘die-ins’ on the steps of the Rayburn House Office Building”

    Man, I haven’t seen a really good die-in since the stoners were protesting the Vietnam War. It kinda makes me all nostalgic.

    But I have noticed that the die-in types back in the ’60s and ’70s were a lot thinner than the fat sows on the ground in the above picture. These sad groundlings have been ingesting way too many Happy Meals.

    • I just wish these clowns had the courage of their convictions and staged a real “die in” by removing their retardation from the gene pool.

    • Right? Like we’re supposed to believe a bullet can penetrate all those layers of fat and rolled skin. Not a chance.

    • If you want to be really nasty to one of these sows just walk up to one and say “Just thought you might want to know a Capitol Police dog was peeing about where your face is not three hours ago!”

  6. Parts that “make AR’s great again”?

    Engraved bumper stickers? No thanks.

    Heh, I suspect the main group of people who would buy such a stripped lower are the same type to add a muffler and then say “Make my AR cycle again!”.

  7. “After Davis’ call, officers searched a search warrant on his home, the release states.”

    Who writes this stuff? Or, better yet, who checks this stuff?

        • Oh if I have to ask huh? Shit…
          No I don’t think I’m desperate enough to need to work at cosco. I had a gun shop for nine years let’s see your cosco ass pull that off… Yeah as if YOU could actually do it. NOT! LMAO

      • Too funny!

        “… And there was a time in this country, a long time ago, when reading wasn’t just for fags and neither was writing. People wrote books and movies, movies that had stories so you cared whose ass it was and why it was farting, and I believe that time can come again!”

  8. Yeah I remember a pot dealer back in he day who called the po-leece after his stereo/TV were stolen. When the cops walked in his door(invited) he got busted…duh. And yay Dianna…tools indeed. Shoutout to Jerry Michulek on his 62nd birthday!

    • I finally have something in common with Jerry! We’re 62! Happy birthday, Jerry. Never saw a guy enjoy shooting so much.

    • He fell and got a concussion and a blood clot.

      It worked for HRC on much bigger things, why not for this guy?

    • Safe, obviously. But this makes me want other AR lowers with hilarious settings…

      “Oh yeah!”
      “Get some!”

      • Just make sure it doesn’t have anything that says “You’re fucked”. Apparently that’s illegal.

    • “Wall” is where you would normally see “Auto” on an M16.
      (Lever forward, pointer toward the stock)

      You figure out the metaphor.

  9. Yeah, I know it’s been said before… But if gun owners were really as xenophobic, paranoid and trigger-happy as various anti-gun groups try to portray us…

    I really wonder how they avoid cognitive dissonance-induced whiplash when they stop to think about what they’re saying. Oh, wait, never mind.

  10. So, “Mothers O K with Most Violence” also can’t tell the difference between abusing yourself or someone else.

    They are more confused than I realized.

  11. Re: the older gentleman who called the cops about his stolen guns. Good example of the BS law about “felons” having guns. I’m guessing he committed his felony after 1965? when they started keeping electronic records. So using that idea let’s say he was involved in a drive-by in 1980 stemming from a cocaine sale/ turf war. So your telling me an error in judgement 36 years ago should block someone from EVER owning a firearm?? or voting? WTF?? Of course we don’t know all the details and never will. I liked the last quote in the story. As he was being transported to the jail, Davis told officers, “I’ll just get more [guns] because I’m not living in that house without one.”

  12. That die-in is not impressive at all. I want to see how dedicated they are to their cause. How about they do the die in, wearing the same clothes they have now, in January or February. Then they will show their true dedication.

  13. The man in this article beat up my mom which lead to a stroke and ultimately her death. If mom had owned a gun and had been trained to use it this idiot wouldn’t be able to be laughed at today.
    My only consolidation is that a moron like him is being laughed at throughout the country!

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