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I’m in New York City this week for work and, as you know, this isn’t a particularly gun-friendly — or knife-, stun gun-, cigarette-, soda-, trans fat-, or salt-friendly — sort of a place. Heavy on taxes, light on freedom, restrictive on self-defense options. But not everyone is on board with this. My taxi just happened to get stuck in traffic right next to the backhoe seen above, and I was able to snap a photo of a whole collection of pro-2A decals . . .


I’m not sure what the top left sticker is (probably a union local), but moving clockwise from there it’s an American Flag, NRA logo, molon labe decal, 3 Percenters logo, Gadsden flag logo, Long Island Firearms forum decal, and an AR-15 bolt face decal. No ambiguity here.

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  1. I see pro-2a stuff around NYC sometimes. Most common on wranglers and pickup trucks but I’ve seen them on every kind of vehicle. Even saw an NRA sticker on the door to a bakery, you bet they get my business.

    We are everywhere.

    • Safe space quick! I need a safe space.

      If this construction equipment is ever on or near a college campus, the college is sure to freak out and go on lock down.

  2. Oh, an AR-15 bolt face. I thought maybe it was the Rotary Club (no, seriously).

    Good to know that there are still people in the progressive utopia of NYC who aren’t afraid to advertise a belief in their own civil rights.

  3. We sometimes throw those states under the bus for being progressive pestholes, but we often forget that there’s 2A supporters behind enemy lines.

    New York State is a great example. Outside of NYC, anti-SAFE Act sentiment is very strong. Unfortunately the bulk of the political influence comes from Albany and NYC, so as they go, so does the state. Which is sad, because outside of those places, NYS has a lot of places conducive to the shooting sports.

    • As a former NYer 16 years permanently removed. It may seem to most of the US of A. As still holder of a full for life no renual carry permit from NY State, no longer in NYC though. Since I wont go back why pay NYC gun taxes every 2 years. Im not as rare as it seems to most out of NY.
      Leave NYC and its immediate surrounding counties. Guess what you for the most part have??
      Normal freggin people. These people fortunately don’t reside in the 24 miles that make up NYC with 8 sixcillion idjits. The other now declining 9 million people of the state do for the most part what they want and nothing has really changed,
      No one living outside of the City gives a crap what they do in NYC. The majority of the states sheriffs have let Gov Humo know this and they don’t/wont enforce his stupid laws, None of my past life associates have to my knowledge given up as much as 1 round of ammo, Nor any of their ammo holding devices. Not much different in their next door neighbor in communist republic of Konnecticut. Which I also still hold my non Resident permit.

      • I read that NYSP will arrest you with firearms if travelling through the state; even if in full compliance with the FOPA of 1986…. Can anyone verify that? If true, then NYS LEOs are no better than NYC…. F#$% them all, and f#$% that state; I’ve boycotted any business from that state for years. CA as well; and that kinda sux, because Classic Industries has some great GM restoration parts available for Camaros and Chevy trucks.

        • Don’t know but I brought an @$$ load of them through (and about 5,000 rds of ammo) when I moved to AL a few weeks back. Screw them.

  4. No worries, he will soon be sued out of existence by a liberal who sees it and then has a headache because it gave them a thought outside of the party line. Or by a local shopkeeper who has a conniption fit over having to clean up said liberal’s exploded head.

  5. Yet as a union operator I’m sure he will gleefully pull the lever for Hillary in November and then spend the next 8 years pissin’ n moanin’ about her anti 2A executive actions.

    • Im a union electrician and there aint no way im voting for hillary. Nor are any of my brothers and sisters i regularly spend time with.

      • Thanks for proving my point just below, wes.

        I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be for you and your union-workers family…

      • Don’t worry. Your union already gave her lots and lots of money. Either her or Sanders (who’s no friend to the Second Amendment either).

    • Those union folks have been pulling the lever in the primaries for Trump by the millions.

      The blue-collar crowd is getting progressively more and more sick and tired of the BS the Left has been feeding them.

      The arrogant idiot-filled RNC obviously doesn’t want them.

      To me it looks like the only option left is to re-ignite the Constitution party…

      • Talk about out of the frying pan and into the fire.. Trump is even more of an anti-Constitutional nutjob than HRC. I’ve been a hard-right voter my whole life, but I’ll be voting third-party if Trump is the nominee. Or, God forbid, voting for HRC if it looks like Trump might win my state.

        But even after giving us Democrats for decades and now threatening us with an unelectable orange clown with severe psychological issues, union members should still totally be allowed to vote, you guys!

        And before you say anything about “elitism” or “establishment”, the Founders of this great nation wanted as little democracy as they could get away with. Our entire Constitution is designed to keep the rights of the few from being torn up by the irrational political passions of commoners. Only a small percentage of adults were allowed to vote–the wealthy and successful and well-read. In other words, not Trump people.

        • You’re not really gaining anything by voting Clinton. If it does come down to Trump or Clinton, it doesn’t matter, both will run this country into the ground. The only difference is Clinton will be smarter(sneakier) about it and drag the process out a little longer.

  6. What I love about the bolt face logo is you don’t know unless you know.

    I have a few shirts with other gun related code just like that.

    • I have a simple ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ sticker on the back of my motorcycle, which I park daily near my office in downtown San Francisco. I’m considering adding a bolt face logo sticker, or something else similarly crypto, on the other side.

      I’ve heard reports of vandalism on parked vehicles with NRA stickers. But this has turned out to be a good conversation starter with friends and cow-orkers. When they ask what it means, I have an invitation to tell them the story of good ol’ Xerxes and Leonidas, ending with “…and it has become a slogan among people who are concerned about this government’s efforts toward civilian disarmament.”

  7. College student in Manhattan here. I see some pro 2a stuff around the city and its awesome! Talk with the fellas as well when i can.

  8. Not that rare, really. Unfortunately the anti-freedom dems vote early and often. Long Island and upstate are pretty friendly.

  9. No doubt that tractor came across the border from Vermont! those damn freedom loving citizens ! how dare they bring the freedoms and rights over into NY!

  10. HEY ! Born and raised in Brooklyn, NYC here… LOTS of REGULAR people in NYC, you only see/hear the freaks/libtards in the media.

    • Yeah, but how many are POS (D)ems? Satan’s evil blue house of (D) put up two presidential candidates that can’t seem to out communist each other hard and fast enough. (D)bags been using dead Kennedy’s, Nixon, projected racism, to sell communism for years but finally both candidates have come out and said that they are.
      #it in your NWO hole NY. Your a piss ant small state that’s housing too many people that ain’t from here to go pissing off the rest of us with your dictatorial bs. NY, CA, and the freshly (unstopped by appeals court) “your America is ours to give away” “Driver’s License and a vote for illeagals'” AZ can abuse each other with a bolt face.
      The sticker was bait.

    • Same here!

      Everyone is falling for how the MSM portrays New Yorkers. You don’t know what NYC is really like unless you live here.

        • Been there done that. Your comment is basically just a admission that you’re fine with all the new world order crap you and your neighbors are swimming in there, so you are lost to the rest of us too.

        • “Bullsh_t” is how people avoid lying to themselves by calling the other person “wrong”.

  11. as a Stagehand/laborer who works in NYC but lives upstate there are a lot more pro gun 2A supporters then you would think and we wear our pro 2A shirts and hoodies proud!

  12. Pay close attention when in Manhattan, and don’t jump to conclusions.

    If you see someone wearing a PeTA shirt, look closely. It might read, “People Eating Tasty Animals.”


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