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Remember, mass shootings don’t happen in any other advanced country like they do here . . . Updated: France Had More Casualties From Mass Public Shootings in 2015 Than the US Suffered During Obama’s Entire Presidency (532 TO 527) – “Yet, despite the impression that President Obama has been creating, France suffered more casualties (murders and injuries) from mass public shootings in 2015 than the US has suffered during Obama’s entire presidency (Updated 532 to 527 in Tables below).  Note that these numbers don’t adjust for the fact that the US has 5 times the population of France.  The per capita rate of casualties in France is thus 8.19 per million and for the US it is 1.65 — France’s per capita rate of casualties is thus 4.97 times higher than the rate in the US.”

Jerry’s proof that semi-auto guns are just too dangerous for civilian use, apparently . . . Is the AR-15 a ‘Weapon of War’? – “Are AR-15s military weapons, designed for inflicting maximum damage to enemy troops? Or are they part of the American civilian gun owner’s heritage, essential for both recreational shooting and self-defense? Most of the time, the distinction is of little practical importance: these semiautomatic rifles are ubiquitous, widely available for sale in gun shops across much of America. But on Tuesday, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia, came down squarely one side of this debate, with big implications for how states regulate assault weapons.”

Ban assault tumblers! . . . Glasses may get banned at Boston bars after assaults – “Your days of sipping adult beverages from a Solo cup could be making a comeback, specifically at some of Boston’s high-end bars. Following a string of local bar assaults involving glassware, the city’s Liquor Licensing Board is moving to crack down on establishments where patrons have suffered injuries related to glasses holding drinks. Watering holes with repeat offenses could have to use plastic barware in lieu of the real deal — no matter how upscale the joint.”

Sheriffs Office Releases CCW Permit Holders Names and Locations to ABC7 – “A letter was recently mailed to Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) Permit Holders in Contra Costa County informing them that their names and city location were released after a Public Records Request by ABC7 News. The sheriff’s office did decline a portion of ABC7’s full request by objecting to releasing the home address of any permit holder based within accordance of the law. According to Nate McCormack, Lieutenant with the Sheriffs Office, he cited safety and privacy concerns as to why addresses were not released.” That’s illegal here in Texas. California…not so much.

This foam stops bullets cold and pulverizes them to dust – “Foam body armor? Even armor-piercing bullets cannot get through this foam. And the foam doesn’t just stop bullets. It destroys them…this foam decimates bullets into dust. North Carolina State University Professor Afsaneh Rabiei led the team that created the amazing foam. This is not ordinary foam like the kind used for shaving, for example. This is a special type of foam called composite metal foams, or CMF.”

Pizza so bad it makes you angry . . . Dearborn Chuck E. Cheese customer pulls gun from pants, gets arrested – A customer at Chuck E. Cheese in Dearborn is facing felony charges after police said he pulled a gun out of his pants during a fight at a birthday party at the restaurant. Chauntez Stephens was arraigned before 19th District Court Judge Gene Hunt on a charge of carrying a concealed weapon. Bond was set at $25,000. A probable cause hearing is scheduled for 9 a.m. on March 3.

Oops . . . Tucson student accidentally grabs parent’s backpack containing guns – “An elementary school student will be suspended after she brought two guns to a Tucson school. Students at Nash Elementary School found a backpack containing two handguns in a school hallway Tuesday after school. School spokeswoman Amy Sharpe says a student apparently grabbed her parent’s backpack by mistake.”

The Yankee Marshall wants the feds to treat guns like weed:

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  1. There’s a Chuck E. Cheese in Aurora that got shot up in 1993 during a robbery. Four dead employees + 1 injured severely. Straight out murders that were totally unnecessary to robbing the joint.

    Homie got the death sentence for that little jaunt into illicit activity and is still on death row (Hickenlooper refuses to sign a death warrant on him). There’ s something in the water in Aurora.

    As for Boston bars…. Ladies and gentlemen, proceed to party.

    • Back in the mid-eighties, I was working at a place that went bankrupt. The owners were cool about it, they let us clean out the walk-in cooler… where, amongst all the other foodstuffs, were a few kegs of beer. They said go ahead and take ’em, just bring the kegs back when you’re finished so they could get the deposit back.

      I was hung over for 4 days straight. Having to buy 40 lbs of crushed ice a day to keep the keg cold in the bathtub was a pain in the ass, though…

      • 1) Find a skating rink.

        2) Collect the ice shavings that they scrape off the rink.

        3) Use those shavings to cool the keg.

    • I believe the perpetrator in that situation was a former employee who had a personal vendetta against them for firing him months before. And the manager he murdered wasn’t even the one who fired him.

      • I believe you are correct on all counts. Still doesn’t explain why he waited five months and then decided to shoot four other employees.

        IIRC correctly he went strictly for headshots with a .25 or a .32 and at least one of the people he shot wasn’t even an employee at the time he had been fired.

  2. What is it with Chuck E. Cheese and birthday brawls? Give me a freaking break!

    That’s some shit about the CCW name releases. Another reason why we should have constitutional carry in all 50 states. So scum bags can’t get our names from a list.

  3. Wow. That is amazing. I wonder if I can hit up professor Rabiei for info on her advanced materials class. That was one I shouldn’t have missed.

  4. Speaking of Advanced Countries, Sweden, about as advanced as a European nation can get, has had 100 Hand Grenade attacks over the past two years in it’s 3rd largest city, Malmo. The attacks were perpetrated by muslim refugees. That’s roughly one per week. I don’t think the US has many such attacks….yet.
    The liberal media declines to cover the delicate subject.

      • According to Pelosi you can go down to your local hardware store and pick up a case or two on your lunch break. No questions asked….. Easier than getting a book at the library.

    • “The attacks were perpetrated by muslim refugees.”
      The Wikipedia link and it’s sources listed in the comment GeoffPR refer to “organized crime” and “drug gangs” and many of the articles say the grenades came from the Balkans. But I can’t read Sweedish and Google Translate is only so good. What evidence is there that most of these crimes have been committed by refugees?

      • “Since the beginning of 2015, 18 explosions rocked the city prompting the Swedish police’s national bomb squad (NSB) to be called in. Over the whole 2014 a total of 25 explosions took place which shows a significant increase, Goran Mansson, head of NSB Malmo, told regional newspaper Sydsvenskan on Friday.

        Police said they believe this week’s explosions are linked with the court sentencing of three young men on July 10 for their roles in the Christmas Eve bombing in Rosengard – the city district which has been dubbed by media as Sweden’s “most notorious refugee ghetto.” The Financial Times reported that nine out of 10 in Rosengard have a foreign background.”

  5. “School spokeswoman Amy Sharpe says a student apparently grabbed her parent’s backpack by mistake…”

    So a kid makes it to school and through the entire day with what is allegedly her parents’ backpack (who has the same backpack as their kid???) containing multiple handguns and the parent never notices the backpack (containing same guns) has gone missing?

    There’s something screwy going on there.

    • Yeah… and what’s up with the, “Oh, but rest assured– both guns are registered.” Registered? duhfk does that mean? Try taking your guns into, hell I dunno, a police station in Tucson… and ask them how to “register” them. I mean, the cop will probably look at your crazy self and get your name and phone number and put the note in his pocket for use at some future date, but hey, you wanted to “register” them.

      It’s downright silly. Unless we’re talking about something completely different. Like, say: by making this comment and acknowledging that I live in Tucson, I have just “registered” myself and my firearms with some of Ed Snowflake’s old office buddies. Yup….noted!

      Perhaps they mean: clean and functional, as opposed to banged up gritty Cobray or Hi-Point with a bandana for “custom grips,” and not reported stolen. Hope so.

      Like… Shhhhh, don’t tell John Q. Dumdum that nobody registers anything, and we it’ll preempt 9000 emails from people asking if the guns were “registered.”

      Be safe. And register your guns! Or something.

    • Something screwy? Why do you say that?
      This elementary school kid takes the wrong backpack to school, notices the guns, and leaves the backpack in the hallway. What’s screwy about that?
      I did that several times when I was in elementary school, as, I’m sure, did most of us. Right?

      • 2 is a multiple of 2, so not only have you focused on the least important point of a post but you completely failed at it.

        Good job. Don’t let those lying liberal teachers, math books and dictionaries tell you any different.

  6. Just saw Jerry shoot 10 shotgun shells on target in 1.21 seconds on Impossible Shots. Not human. Man that’s disgusting in Contra Costa. Someone should release info on choice public officials?

  7. “…allowing individuals to decide for themselves whether they are eligible to…” [drink from glassware] “…is absurd.”

  8. “…no matter how upscale the joint.”

    If people are smashing each other’s faces in with the glassware, the joint is probably very much downscale.

    “This is not ordinary foam like the kind used for shaving”

    No shit, Sherlock.

  9. The question of whether the AR-15 is a weapon of war misses the point. We need to get across that the 2nd Amendment explicitly protects the right to own weapons of war. A militia is a fighting force, not a hunting club.

    Besides which, civilians in the US have always owned arms comparable to military rifles of the era, whether it was Kentucky Long Rifles or M1 Garands. It wasn’t until the late 80s, when some Democratic strategist decided they needed a wedge issue to motivate their base, that anybody got the idea there was anything wrong with this.

    • Agreed. Show me the bolt action rifle that doesn’t trace it’s roots back to the Mauser or Nagant. Or any semi auto pistol that doesn’t trace it’s roots back to either the Walther or the 1911. ALL guns have either been used in war, or have designs based on guns that have been used in war.

  10. Foam body armor or any other material can always be defeated by a ‘simple’ increase in energy…E=1/2 m(v squared)

    That, as you can see from the energy formula, is best done by increasing the velocity. That’s why AR-15 .223 rounds, despite the small mass, can defeat most types of body armor now.

    • True but eventually that problem becomes smaller. It becomes more and more difficult to impart velocity to an object as you go along that axis and if you’re trying to fire it from a rifle the object has to get smaller and smaller.

  11. France’s per capita rate of casualties is thus 4.97 times higher than the rate in the US.

    Their math is WRONG. The statements of fact that I read were:
    (1) France had a statistically equal number of deaths from terrorist/spree killer attacks.
    (2) Those deaths in France happened in 2015 only.
    (3) Those deaths happened in the U.S. across eight years of Obama’s reign.
    (4) United States has substantially more people than France.
    (The population of the United States is about 325 million people and the population of France is about 66 million people.)

    All the deaths happened in France in 1/8th the time with 1/5th the population. Therefore, the per capita rate of murder from spree/terrorist killers is 40 times higher in France than the U.S.. At least when you look at the year 2015.

    Thus, according to the facts referenced above, the per capita terrorist/spree killer murder rate in the U.S. is around 0.02 per 100,000 people and the per capita terrorist/spree killer murder rate in France is around 0.80 per 100,000 people.

  12. 2 points:-

    1- Jerry Miculak is a ‘freaky fast’ competition/show shooter who can run any gun at amazing speeds. I don’t think that highlighting what he can do is in any way indicative of the lethality/rapid fire capability of any weapon. However, I expect the media, talking heads & politicians to cherry pick his ability and trun it against us.

    2- Talking of cherry picking, using France & 2015 as an argument is cherry picking of the highest order. That is the year of the Bataclan massacre which must skew the statistics considerably. Perhaps using data over Obama’s entire 8 year term and presenting it in a per capita format would give a truer picture.

    Oh (point 3!!), releasing the names & addresses of CCW holders is absolutely unforgivable. I don’t know what justification was given but it can’t possibly be anything to do with the freedom of information act. Otherwise every single government list would have to be made public, that would include SSN’s, DL names & addresses etc etc, crazy…… I’m not sure where some of these local & state governments are heading, but common sense appears to have been lost somewhere along the way.

  13. Why should civilian police use “weapons of war” against US citizens? Why should a civilian police force be allowed to have weapons other civilians aren’t allowed to have? In these states that have “assault weapon” bans law enforcement should be included not excluded from the law. No one is above the law.

  14. My earlier comment got eaten so here is the cliff notes version:-

    1- Cherry picking 2015 for France is a little like using 2001 as a data point for terrorist attacks in the USA & extrapolating from there. The Bataclan massacre was in 2015, perhaps an 8 year window corresponding to Obama’s 2 terms would be more realistic. If we cherry pick data like using 2015 only, we are no better than the left who specialize in that tactic
    2- Releasing the names & addresses of CCW holders is nothing short of criminal. Those responsible need to be bought to account
    3- Jerry Miculak is an unbelievable freak of nature and could run a single shot rifle like a machine gun! I don’t see how his capabilities could be used as an argument that anyone can do the same. However, I fully expect the left and the media to do exactly that
    4- Chuck E Cheese would drive anyone crazy!!!

  15. The data set from France vs. US mass shootings is a little misleading using casualties. France had 158 deaths due to mass shootings from 2009-2015, the US had 264. However, if you take away the worst one from each country (and the worst one for France was a terrorist attack in Paris), France had 28 and the US had 215 deaths.

    • Isn’t “taking away the worst one” kind of like, “If you take away the other team’s grand slam in the 9th inning, our team won”?

  16. So the Contra Costa County sheriff gives away your name and address to the press to broadcast to the world. But don’t worry you fought for the right to have legal marijuana intoxication and discuss strap on dildo sex in public school class rooms. The pro pot crowd never supported gun rights in California. Some things are just more important than gun civil rights to fight for in the state of California.

    As far as privacy goes. You have none. There are cameras everywhere. Some with microphones. The police record your every move and sound you make. Libertarians asked for it. Socialist progressives asked for it. Democrats asked for it. All because you said you don’t trust the “government”.
    But the republicans were always the last holdout.

    Any where marijuana is made legal your gun rights are soon taken away. And you might as well include lowering sexual moral standards as well. That is the canary in the coal mine.

  17. “Jerry’s proof that semi-auto guns are just too dangerous for civilian use, apparently . . . Is the AR-15 a ‘Weapon of War’? – “Are AR-15s military weapons, designed for inflicting maximum damage to enemy troops? Or are they part of the American civilian gun owner’s heritage, essential for both recreational shooting and self-defense?”

    A weapon for self-defense, or for use in the unorganized militia is useful precisely as much as it can inflict selectively deliver maximum damage as a last resort, per the citizens’ judgment. (If your neighbor is peaceful and responsible, it doesn’t matter if he has an arsenal of assault shotguns, or even one of those plasma rifle thingies, which actually aren’t that hard to build. You just … wain. I *heard*. Nevermind.)

    A powerful weapon is dangerous as much as the wielder is stupid, evil, or both. If the wielder is peaceful and responsible, a weapon they hold is not dangerous, no matter how powerful. They don’t want citizens having weapons because they think citizens (Meaning us, not them.) are stupid, reactive, and evil (But not them. They’re smart and benevolent.); because they think citizens (Us, again.) should depend on them for our safety (But they get to decide what they need to be safe. Because they’re worth it.) rather than have the ability to protect ourselves; and because they think we might oppose what they want to impose, and they don’t want us to have the means (They’ve had quite enough of that having our own opinions thing.) All else is chaff.

  18. Well it’s true. I have lived in sweden and that’s how it is. According to sydsvensken newspaper there were over 20 IED bombings in malmo the last year I was there. The police won’t release the names or even descriptions of suspects lest it be “racism”. Sweden is political correctness gone off the deep end.


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