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Job 1: confirm Neil Gorsuch . . . Gun Groups Evaluate Options After Court Upholds Maryland Assault-Weapons Ban – “The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) says it’s “evaluating all legal options” after a federal appeals court on Tuesday upheld Maryland’s 2013 ban on assault weapons and large-capacity ammunition magazines, which legislators passed in the wake of the 2012 shooting massacre at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut. The full 4th U.S. Circuit of Appeals in Virginia found that military-style assault weapons—like those used in the Newtown; Orlando, Florida; San Bernardino, California; and Aurora, Colorado, massacres, among others—and large-capacity magazines are not protected under the Second Amendment’s right to bear arms.”

The Next Generation of Super Gun Ranges – “Super Ranges: The trend in indoor ranges today is the “Super Range” Three I’m familiar with are: Nexus Range, Davie, FLThe Range, Austin, TX Liberty Firearms Institute (LFI), Loveland, CO. There are doubtless more that I haven’t yet visited, and I apologize in advance for not mentioning them by name. These are upscale, modern indoor range complexes, combined with attractive retail sales areas, that are bright, well-staffed, well laid-out, and designed to attract upscale clients, particularly women.”

You make the call . .Worth it? $105 Radian Raptor SD Charging Handle vs. Brownells Standard $20 Charging Handle – “If you own an AR-15 you can pick from a virtually infinite catalog of options to set up your gun. A few years back there was an explosion of new charging handle designs that made various promises at various price points. Now that the designs have matured I wanted to compare one of the highest priced charging handles with a standard charging handle. Is one of these really worth 525% of the other? Off to Brownells I went.”

After yesterday’s incident . . . What are the gun rules for off-duty cops? – “Can law enforcement officers shoot their guns while off duty? Are the rules for cops different than the rules for civilians? What happens to off-duty officers or deputies who shoot their guns? Orange County attorney John Barnett, noted for his work in police cases and the lawyer for one of the LAPD officers charged with beating Rodney King, and Samuel Walker, a nationally recognized expert on police accountability, offered their thoughts on the confrontation.”

Officer Dom isn’t down with the Anaheim cop’s approach to lawn maintenance.

Click the image above to contact your legislators in support of the Hearing Protection Act.

A dispatch from the exotic Grand Canyon State . . . ‘Let’s go shoot guns,’ he said, and then it got real – “That’s when Virgil asked, ‘Do you want to go shooting?’ This wasn’t a random offer. Virgil is an Infantry Marine who’s now a firearms instructor teaching classes in home defense, gun safety and how to shoot. He had a class scheduled called “Trigger Therapy,” a recreational shoot where participants shoot all sorts of weapons. ‘Sure,’ Theresa said. ‘We’re in Arizona!’ Oh, Arizona, home of the world’s most famous shoot-out, the one at the OK Corral, the still Wild West, where there is a passionate gun culture. I laughed.

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  1. Any citizen in CA who witnesses a crime can make an arrest. I’ve done it myself. As for the firearm bit. Being swarmed by a group of teens can lead to pretty bad outcomes. Anybody remember the “wilding” in central park?

    Everybody involved in that trouble in Anaheim deserves due process. Including the homeowner/cop.

    • Had he not assaulted a 13 year old for the crime of “Being on muh lawn” none of this would have happened. The cop is a hot head and was in the wrong. He’s lucky the dozen kids that surrounded him kept asking him to “Please let our friend go” instead of jumping him and beating the shit out of him like he deserved.

      • Did you see the event from start to finish? Was he assualting a kid or making an arrest? Why was he assaulting the kid and not the kid was resisting arrest with the help of his friends?

        Due process is something the statist and their lackeys wish to eliminate in this country. A progressive will look at that film clip and see a poor, helpless child being attacked. It suits their purposes to sideline law enforcement in this country.

        • You wouldn’t resist a stranger, dressed in plain clothes, claiming to be a cop, who is attempting to “arrest” or arrest you? I would, I can’t really blame the kid for that or the other kids for barreling into a guy who for all intents and purposes looks like he is trying to perform a kidnapping. But who knows, maybe they knew he was police officer, maybe they didn’t.

      • The ute/thug was TRESPASSING. Good be most of those in attendance are ILLEGALS to begin with.

        Stay off of property that does not belong to you. Pretty simple.

        • Trespassing is an extremely minor trivial crime. The officer’s response to kids walking on his lawn cannot be justified.

        • I can see getting upset about someone being on your lawn but to physically assault them and pull a gun on them is completely over the top. He could have let the child go and de-escalated the situation but instead he escalated it (AKA, that thing police are not supposed to do).

          This situation only played out like it did because a 30 year old man couldn’t check his ego and be above a 13 year old child. It’s absolutely frightening that this man will be back on the streets with a gun and a badge in a week because no charges are going to be pressed because cops are above the law.

        • Paul. I can’t speak for Anaheim but I live in CA. Where I live a condo will set you back half a million. Your property represents a huge portion of your life of work. It also makes up a huge portion of your retirement and savings.

          A property owner has a right to protect that investment.

          I retired from a school district. In many of our schools fully half of the students were illegals. And yes, they caused tremendous problems.

          Open boarders is a mindset some folks take to the extreme, like to include private property.

    • “Any citizen in CA who witnesses a crime can make an arrest. ”
      Before you actually try this, you might want to check the laws pertaining to citizen arrests.
      Usually, if you witness a crime where the perp is putting someone in peril, you can.
      Trespass? Not so much.

  2. Why do the newsies ALWAYS get it wrong with their reporting on firearms? First of all, an “assault weapon” isn’t a type of firearm. It’s a term which was conjured up by the media to describe semi-automatic center-fire rifles which resemble military rifles in appearance but not function. The fact of the matter is that anything from a pencil to a thermonuclear bomb is an “assault weapon” if you assault someone with it.

    Ms. Gorman also has the facts wrong on the law in Maryland. There is NO prohibition on the possession of so-called “assault weapons” or high-capacity magazines (over 10 rounds). The Maryland State Police website states only that the banned firearms and magazines may not be “purchased, sold, or transferred” within the state. If you have firearms or magazines which are now outlawed which were purchased prior to the passage of the Firearms Safety Act of 2013, you may legally keep them – at least for now.

    • “Assault Weapon” is a legal term for weapons with certain evil features in California. The legislature did this purpose to scare the uninformed into thinking these are dangerous and unusual weapons. The entire “sporting purpose” and magical 10 round mag limit is to trick people into thinking anything else is evil and only for killing as many people as quickly as possible. They think the pistol grip on a rifle makes it easier to “spray fire from the hip” and the infomus “shoulder thing that goes up” barrel shroud is a weapon of mass destruction.

    • California wrote ‘Assault Weapon’ into law. If California wants to write a law that states the end of the barrel is for nose picking that’s their prerogative. As far as Maryland is concerned it is legal for me to go to another state and buy/rebuild a larger magazine. One thing Maryland messed up was leaving an exemption (not outlawed) for a specific AR-15 and that was the Heavy Barrel Colt AR (no longer in production?). And I believe it’s actually against Federal law for a Government (State, Federal, or otherwise) to effectively endorse one companies product and outlaw all others.

      • Well, of course the heavy-barrel Colt AR-15 is exempted. It’s a target rifle and therefore absolutely incapable of shooting a human being or anything else not made of paper.

  3. Get it wrong? Like what I saw on the local news tonight in Chicago? The idiot reporter stated that cops confiscated a “machine gun-capable of 50rounds a SECOND”….sure dipshite. Sure. I sympathize with the cali cop too. They appeared to be Spanlish boys looking to start some shite. They got a huge La Raza style mob to trash his neighborhood too…

    • C’mon, fww,

      If they confiscated a Minigun, that can fire 3,000/minute (and more)….

  4. If you’re left handed you absolutely do need one of those fancy charging handles if you want to do weak hand charging. Otherwise not so much.

    • I am really hoping Kennedy or Ginsburg die by the time the AWB makes it to SCOTUS. It could happen considering that it took 3 years for this case just to make it to the 4th.

      • Just so long as (A) Trump is still POTUS, and (B) the Republicans still hold the majority in both houses of Congress, when the time comes to replace one of the leftist SCOTUS justices. The farther to the right the SCOTUS is, the better off anyone who really matters in the USA will be as far as our Constitutional rights are concerned. Note that liberals don’t count in my book as “people who matter” – what they think they want is generally bad for the rest of us, and for the USA in general, since if they had their way we’d be a communist/socialist “utopia” and/or an Orwellian society where “Big Brother” reigns supreme.

        • You have a right to stand up for what you believe in, but make no mistake: Everybody matters. Any discussion to the contrary leads to very awful places.

        • Okay, let me rephrase that: liberal opinions and agendas shouldn’t matter, and should in large part be ignored. If they had stopped and rested on their laurels after getting “Jim Crow” laws and other legalized racial segregation abolished, that would have been great – those things needed to go. But when they push for imaginary “rights” while trying to curtail the REAL rights of other (mainly conservative) people, and twist the Constitution to say things that our Founding Fathers never intended (claiming that it is a “living document” that needs to be “reinterpreted to fit the times”), and spout off about such nonsense as “redistribution of the wealth” and “safe places” where they don’t have to hear “hurtful talk”, or “gun free zones” that only provide a target-rich environment for disaffected losers, and when they riot and loot and whine whenever an illegal alien gets nabbed and deported or an aspiring young thug gets shot…ad nauseum…it’s time to tell them, en masse, to “SIDDOWN AND SHADDAP”!

          Liberals with causes are far more dangerous, in the long run, than lunatics with guns. An armed madman can only kill or wound just so many before he either runs out of ammo, is brought down by a good guy with a gun, takes the coward’s way out and kills himself rather than facing the consequences of his actions, or (rarely) surrenders. Liberals and their “causes”, however, are destroying everything that is (or was) good about our country.

  5. I love the axts raptor charging handles. I fondled one at a gun show, and immediately bought one regardless of the price they were asking. It felt so smooth and solid when charging the gun. This first one replaced the charging handle that came on my JP enterprises jp15. I replace them on all my rifles and builds when ever I can find them on sale. Case in point recently had the freedom bone on sale for $60.

  6. I’ll never set foot in one of those fancy azz ranges. They charge around $25 an hour. I shoot a lot, a lot, and sometimes spend 2 or more hours doing it. I’d go broke just on range fees, never mind ammo. They can keep that BS.

    • Range 355 in Illinois charges about $20-22/ hour and it’s pretty small and about as pretty as a warehouse club. It’s new and clean, but I’d spring the extra bucks for the atmosphere. I go to iPic theaters even though it’s $3-8 more than the regular theaters because the seats are super nice, the more expensive seats get you a waiter, and there’s not a defense-free zone sign on their door.

    • I have a membership at a fancy azz range. Payed 300 for the year, weekdays only, and if there’s nobody waiting, I can shoot all day. If I weren’t a member, it would be 20 bucks, and I could shoot all day. The crappy range in town is 18 bucks.
      I can go into the lounge and have free coffee and wifi while I’m waiting for a lane (if I forget to reserve one) but I’d rather observe the employees and customers on the sales floor. A good percentage of whom are female, by the way. Having ladies around tends to reduce rude behavior on the parts of the males, so besides being nice to look at and generally better smelling than guys, they perform a useful service. Oh. And perhaps because they don’t tend to “muscle” the firearm and trigger, they can be scary good shooters. I asked the gal next to me last week if I could buy her a new target. 10 rounds of .45 ACP and she’d put all 10 within the 9 ring, making the target into a window to look at the backstop through.

      I’ve also seen a “high” number of gay and lesbian couples. Nearly every time I go, there is a same-sex couple on the range. Based on population percentages, that should not occur. The range doesn’t have that many stations. Therefore, the range has made itself attractive to a portion of the voting populace that isn’t supposed to like GUNZ! – gays, lesbians, and women.

      What’s not to like?

  7. Watching that cop video was infuriating. First he told the kid to get off his lawn. Then he decided to kidnap him, commit aggravated assault, pull out his weapon, and commit what appeared to be a negligent discharge.

    Guy should be in jail right now but he is gonna walk free cause he is a cop.

      • I am capable of holding two seemingly contradictory thoughts in my head at the same time: BLM should stick to peaceful protests, and the Anaheim cop was a total jerk.

      • If a regular citizen did what this cop did he would be in jail within hours. You don’t have to be a BLM supporter to realize that cops are absolutely above the law in this nation.

        This cop obviously has an ego problem and the fact that he couldn’t de-escalate a “Get off my lawn” situation with a 13 year old proves that he should not have authority over anyone.

        • Cops are fired. arrested and convicted on a regular basis. Backing down from a pack of amoral teen agers on your own property, a major investment, is, at best, foolish.

          If you hate cops cause you feel they’re somehow better than you, fine. But don’t try to degrade our society and allow the savages full reign.

    • “get off my lawn” – full stop/end of story

      “go back to Mexico” will solve a LOT of problems in S. Kalifornia.

  8. The 4th Circuit is just as much a bunch of totalitarian nanny-statists as the 9th. Their decision completely flies in the face of the original intentions of the 2nd Amendment, one of which is to allow citizens to defend their country from said totalitarian nanny-statists. “Military style” guns are EXACTLY the sort of guns that the 2nd Amendment is intended to protect, as they are the guns most suitable for a citizens’ militia!

  9. “Assault weqpon”, meaning a weapon used in an assault. Yeah, those are bad. The assaults, I mean.

  10. I have no interest in a guntry club. I’m not going to a range to hang out in a trendy atmosphere. Having said that, if it gets more people into firearms then I hope they thrive!

  11. If the hearing protection act passes, it will mean states like Colorado will ban all suppressors. Without a preemption clause, it makes it more likely our ability to own them will in even greater jeopardy.

  12. “‘Let’s go shoot guns,’ he said, and then it got real”

    Some people write about guns as if shooting was as challenging and unusual as space exploration and Arizona was a newly-discovered planet on Orion’s Belt.

  13. The Range at Austin is going to be in a lot of trouble. I’ve been shooting there since day 1. I don’t see how they’re going to be able to meet their debt payments. It’s relatively empty compared to the older and dirtier range in town (Reds), and I see few sales at the Range.

    Also, they’ve started to do what businesses do when they don’t have enough foot traffic: they’ve lowered their pricing. At first it was $25 per shooter per hour. Now it’s $25 for the first shooter, and $10 per additonal shooter. It could help with foot traffic, but just observationally, I don’t see a difference.

    More importantly, back to this other highly contentious issue…why are there not more pictures of women with guns? For debate purposes.

    • You’re assuming they financed it.

      I don’t know for a fact, but they could well be financed by a (or a group of) POTG who has a lot of money and doesn’t really care if it makes a profit, and gives them and their friends a nice place to hang out at and shoot guns…

      • I heard a story about a gun range near Denver. It was purchased by a couple of ex-Seals and financed by “someone who had hired them for security.”
        The range has a VERY similar name to a company who provides security to medical and retail marijuana sellers and growers.
        Conclusion: As Operation Chokepoint squeezed gun dealers’ access to bank loans, and as marijuana dealers are banned from the banking system…
        The gun dealer was financed by the drug dealer. Thanks, Obama! No, seriously, thanks! As a small “l” libertarian, I approve of cash transactions vs. banks and traceable electronic transfers.

  14. With high end AR platform accessories I typically find you don’t get what you pay for. However as someone who has a very weak left hand from an arm injury that caused some atrophying (and no amount of squeezing a ball or a grip trainer will make it come back) the bigger the easier to pull latch the better and I’m constantly swapping them out for the next best thing. I may give this one a shot.

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