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“In the game, you can shoot someone, and you are going to hit reset and you are going to get another life. I don’t think they understood that a gun can kill.” – Patricia Davis in Gun injuries and deaths among Florida kids have spiked. One child is shot every 17 hours. [via]

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  1. How many of those “children” are between 16 and 26 and involved in gang related criminal activity at the time of their being shot?

    • Doesn’t change the invincibility mentality. We’re talking about an age group that will often play stupid games, thinking they won’t win stupid prizes.

      The truly young may not realize the difference between games and reality, but even these older ones see gang life and the drug trade as The Game. It doesn’t absolve them of their ownership of their decisions, but it does feed into violence reduction strategies.

      • “The basic difference between men and boys is that men know and understand that they can be hurt.” – L. Ron Hubbard

        • And for those that a thinking “L. ron Hubbard?!”:

          “Think of the amount of restraint that is put on you as an individual because there are lots of criminals around. There’s plenty of restraint put on you as an individual. You may be an honest, upstanding citizen but, because criminals are in the environment, you have to toe the mark to certain laws. And of course, as an honest, upright, understanding citizen, you are the only one who toes the mark – which is the catch – but the criminal never does. That’s the Sullivan Law: it inhibits the good citizen from defending his life and makes it possible for the criminal to be the only one who can carry firearms. It’s not very sensible.”
          —L. Ron Hubbard, 7 March 1952

      • I don’t doubt that every teen thug out there thinks he’s going to beat the odds, not wind up dead, and instead sit atop a vast criminal empire until he dies of old age decades later. Plenty of people hold stupid fantasies.

        However, as for literally thinking they’re invincible, in the sense that they are invulnerable to gunshots? That’s impossible. 2/3 of the kids shot in Florida, as mentioned in the original article, were black. White kids play those video games, too, just as they watch movies and listen to rap. Nobody is out there thinking guns don’t cause injury when used against someone, with the exception of very small children perhaps under age seven.

        This is a cultural problem among a group of people with little sense of purpose and little regard for life.

    • Exactly, these mostly gang bangers knew exactly what the hoped for end result of shooting mostly other gangbangers was going to be. Death.
      Anyone that actually survived the encounter was looked at as a mistake they would do their best to correct with the next drive by.

  2. If a child doesn’t understand a gun can kill, the burden of that lies solely on the shoulders of the parents.

    Yeah, you can keep them away from guns, buts it’s only a matter of time before they cross paths with someone who isn’t as careful.

    • Which is why, if nothing else, you should expose your child to guns somewhat. Because they very well could come across the idiot who is unsafe with a gun. Before I ever fired a gun, I was taught how to load, engage safety and then unload a gun. My parents taught me that if I ever came across a gun or if one of my little friends showed me a gun to walk away or at least unload and/or make safe.

      When I do get into a discussion with an anti about guns, I always bring this point up. Teaching your child gun safety is not pro- or anti-gun. It doesn’t mean they have to ever shoot the gun. It truly is common sense (Lord, how I hate that term now), and unloading a gun is a big part of that. I’m not pro-flat tires, but I have learned how to remedy the situation should I encounter one.

      • It’s funny, the same liberals who will promote all manner of sex education, including hugely age-inappropriate topics, as being n3cessary to curb pregnancy and disease without condoning premarital sex, will nonetheless ridicule anyone who suggests firearms safety education for kids, on the grounds that it just stokes their curiosity and creates new NRA members and firearms customers. Curious, that.

    • “If a child doesn’t understand a gun can kill, the burden of that lies solely on the shoulders of the parents.”

      End of story. Back in the day, I was sure my parents would kill me if I even looked at the .22 rifle in their bedroom closet. Actually, I was sure they would kill me if I even walked into their bedroom when they were not at home. Whenever Dad brought a new gun home, we kids were allowed to see it, handle it, pull the trigger. That was it. Guns were not a rarity in the neighborhood. Not once did I ever see, or hear of some other kid playing with a firearm. And I do not remember even talking about them with other kids.

      It was the same when we learned to drive. Get a ticket from a cop, “death sentence” from parents. Never directly knew anyone who got a traffic ticket.

      But then came the time when we were trained not to make children unhappy, to let them explore everything, and develop “naturally”. Happiness was the only intelligent and sane goal for children. It was parents who needed training and discipline, not the children.

      • “But then came the time when we were trained not to make children unhappy, to let them explore everything, and develop “naturally”.”

        I think you have that wrong. What came was not a time when children were able to explore everything, but to only explore that which over-protective parents let them explore.
        Not just the physical world, but also the intellectual and political world.
        Now, children are told that guns are bad, anything Republican is bad, anything in school that doesn’t conform to their view is bad.

        • Being “over protective” was not considered a good thing because such would make children “unhappy”, would limit their natural curiosity, would place artificial barriers to their intelligence. Making children unhappy was the reason children became “bad”. Because guns were not so readily available in those days, there was no need for “protecting” children from that. Today, the only thing that parents are permitted to deny children is a gun. Today (and for some decades) children a to be permitted anything that reinforces the notion that a child is the center of the universe, and everything and everyone else is mandated to not interfere with allowing that child to remain a child.

    • It is the parents fault for not parenting the child in the real world. Too many parents use the TV and games as the parent. The child spends little time in the real world. As a child growing up in the 50’s I learned that you could get hurt and hurt badly by your own and others bad decisions. I was around guns for my entire life and that worked into the mix. Because I had experiences with getting injured by the physical universe and that these injuries were not resolved by pushing a reset button, I became cautious. Understanding this even at the age of 5 I could extrapolate that guns were dangerous and should be respected and handled with care. I started hunting around that time with a BB gun and noted that I could kill a rabbit with a well placed shot.

      That was the norm back then but, for the most part in heavily populated areas today it is not. Parents need to parent for the real world and if they do not, sooner or later, bad things happen.

  3. Sort of like my ultra-liberal ex mother-in-law. She always raved about how I was a “gun nut” and how much that “scared her” and about how many kids were shot every day (some obscenely huge number, probably pulled either out of her rather sizable a$$ or from some liberal statistics site – both of which would have been equally full of s**t). She didn’t like it when I pointed out that MOST of that huge number of kids were most likely gangstas…

    • “She didn’t like it when I pointed out that MOST of that huge number of kids were most likely gangstas…”

      There is no “most likely” about it … it is a FACT. And the overwhelming majority (probably in excess of 98%) of them were between the ages of 16 and 26.

    • They do. If your “child” is over the age of 6 and doesn’t understand that guns kill people and that you don’t get to hit a reset button, there is something wrong with you as a parent.

      • These gangster punks aren’t stupid and they know this isn’t some video game. If they didn’t know that guns could kill people they wouldn’t point them at their enemies (competition) and pull the trigger.

  4. Blacks have a brain that is on average 5 cubic inches smaller than that of whites
    desegregation has failed. Jewish-owned media turn ‘race-mixing’ into a fetish
    When will you stand up white men?

    • Seriously? For every troll that comes here to post stuff this, I wonder how many real participants agree. And then it clicks on why we continue to struggle to make in-roads with the the general population.

      We really need and upvote/downvote system here when the comments that add nothing can be hidden for quicker reading (as would the replies to those comments).

  5. Ah yes the old “blame the video game” routine (which is so early 2000’s btw). Marilyn Manson also bears some of the responsibility too, I mean, he did help perpetrate the Columbine shooting. Video games, violent TV, violent music and before all of that comic books. God forbid you take an active role in raising your child. How do most of these kids acquire these video games, hmm? Could it be said parents buying them? And even if the kid is buying the games himself, whose house does he live in? And how many millions of kids (including the 28 year old kid writing this) have been exposed to graphic violence on tv, in video games and metal without murdering or visiting violence on anybody? Oh, and kids have been playing “violent” games forever; whether it’s dodgeball (one of the greatest games ever), cowboys and Indians, or just pointing fingers at one another (pew pew).

    Talk about a cop out. If your kid is such a retard that they can’t grasp the concept that shooting someone with a gun can lead to death, then they don’t need to be loose in public. But we know that isn’t the case here. Just another way of making victims out of predators.

    I also like how they tied it into cancer:

    “Firearms killed 475 kids during that six-year span — slightly less than cancer, but more than cardiovascular, infectious or respiratory diseases.”

    That really does make it seem like an epidemic! But guess what, kids don’t often die from cancer, just like children dying from “gun violence”, it is rare.

    • I’ve killed many people in my life. I have even tortured people and enjoyed doing it. I had fun doing these things, during my Dungeon and Dragons days. The local library was full of adults and mostly children on Friday night in Rancho Cordova California. The meeting room was huge. You could put about 80 to 100 people in that room and violate the fire code. Which we did for about two years before we had to stop when we got caught by a policeman. We had a lot of fun playing D and D at that library.

      Nobody in that group hurt anyone in real life. The difference now is you have single mothers married to Uncle Sam and his welfare check. And the many white enablers who support giving free stuff away. Now there is no father or at least an adult male, grandfather or uncle, to keep high energy boys in check.

  6. Well, I see that with the elections over, Bloomie & co have switched their funding (back) to false flag operations. I do wonder: do they keep a database of the stuff they’ve planted, or do they just use Face-Twit-Oogle to find it when they need it?

  7. pfft i’ve been shooting shit in games since i was 3 I’ve never once thought life had a reset button maybe teach your kids better and stop offsetting shit

  8. I’ve wintered 52 seasons now, please! am I the only one who can see that the youth of america are simple violent and disrespectful, yet demand respect from the generations who built this country for the day at hand and for their prosterity to come. Senseless murder has been part of our species nature from Cane and Able to this day. To claim that the youth just do not understand that death is real and Guns in the hands of killers, kill people is just plain BULLSHIT. If you have no concept of death and are not a sociopathic narcissist, than you have failed the populus; the populus have not failed you. It is the responsibility of every young person to become a functional individual who contributes to a society.

  9. Our daughter went through a time when she did not share our, or her brother’s love of guns. I did convince her that it would be a good idea if she knew how to properly check to see if a gun was unloaded, or not. In a game of “Let’s suppose” I told her she just might stumble on a gun at a home where she often babysat…and ‘Let’s suppose” it was within the toddler’s reach by forgetful carelessness…., she would need to check it and move it.

    Whatever works, works.

  10. Since the dramatic rise in the prevalence of realistic, violent video games happened during nearly the exact same time span as the dramatic fall in violent crime rates (that is, they are negatively correlated over time) it’s extremely unlikely that there is a causal relationship there. In fact, it’s more likely that such games actually contribute to lowering violent crime rates, by providing an outlet for the aggressive impulses of adolescent males.

  11. Bigger brain does not always mean stronger intelligence. Yes, there are differences. Does that mean one race is inherently more violent than another?

    You also must remember that American Blacks most probably have European genes and they are more diverse than yours.

  12. My son knows the games are not real and has known this for years.

    He knows in real life someone who dies usually does not come back.

    But the games let him explore locations and do things he cannot do in real life (ie: fly planes, drive tanks, jeeps, or trucks, etc) because of age and costs.

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