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Wayne LaPierre. Via

National Rifle Association Vice President Wayne LaPierre is gearing up to launch a major counterattack on the so-called anti-Trump “resistance” in a speech before the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Maryland this Friday. The NRA heralded the effort with a series of videos released on social media featuring LaPierre and a series of clips of recent left-wing shenanigans.


The video begins with fairly stark text: “We won the election. They couldn’t handle it. So they started a war,” followed by a LaPierre voiceover. “Already, the forces that conspired to keep Donald Trump out of the White House are coming together to sabotage his administration,” Wayne intones over clips of a few of the usual left-wing pols and B-list celebrities yelling about racism and fascism, admitting that they are “nasty” people and fantasizing about blowing up the White House. (QED, I’d say.)

“Donald Trump will need every ounce of energy we can muster, and he has no more powerful ally than the NRA,” Wayne concludes.

In addition to the potpourri of modern leftist chaos depicted here, the NRA has released a few other similar spots, one prominently featuring former Michigander Michael Moore, thespian Al Franken, and Oklahoma native Elizabeth Warren (to which I’ll link, but shan’t embed because, really, who wants to look at those folks?) They’re now tagging these efforts with the social media hashtag #CounterResistance.

The NRA went all-in to defeat Hillary Clinton last year, endorsing Donald Trump well before he was formally nominated at the RNC, and spending approximately $30 million to defeat the former first lady. The civil rights organization’s heavy investment paid off on election day when, against all odds, Mr. Trump grabbed the brass ring.

NRA-TV will be live-streaming LaPierre’s speech, which will take place on Friday at 1:00pm EST. Your humble correspondent will watch the CPAC gun rights sparks fly at live in person, so stay tuned to this station for breaking updates from the conference.

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  1. This will not end well for us. When trump is taken down, as he will be one way or another, we can’t let those same forces take us down with him.

    • We? Im not going anywhere. If clinton was president I’d still be here doing/saying the same thing….. and at the end of the day, WE are the ones with the guns and ammo. We aren’t going down no matter what happens. And, if trump goes down, then all hail president Mikey P.

    • Are you sure you’re posting on the correct sight?? LOL president Trump will not be taken down by these weak leftist. We’ve already awoken the sleeping giant and a lot of us finally voted after years of not voting just because of the competition Hillary Clinton my God that would have been a nightmare. We need to cut get off our lazy butts and start signing petitions to get rid of that NFA silencer thing and get the hearing protection act passed quit slouching.

      • It’s been a while since I watched Schoolhouse Rock, but I don’t think signing petitions is how you get rid of stupid laws.

        • It is a way to you draw attention to the fact that the public believes the law is stupid, though.

    • The only way Trump gets taken down is if we don’t support him. Majority of Americans have his back.

      • Except the majority of Americans didnt vote for him, and his abysmal approval ratings. I love my guns, but Trump is a trainwreck.

  2. Hail Lord Trump. Blessings upon his house and issue.

    Now that the formalities are done…….I voted for Trump. If he wants my continued support he needs to move the ball on reducing gun control.

    The clock is ticking.

  3. Release the pitbulls. Yeah go on the offensive big time. I do think it would help if Trump wasn’t so damn touchy…

  4. The NRA has gone from a gun rights advocacy group to a political faction. Something I had always said they weren’t at heart. I like the video and they may help to reelect gun friendly presidents going forward, but they have no hope of representing all gun owners again in my lifetime.

    • Congratulations on having awoken from your 8 year long coma. A lot has happened between then and now so, perhaps after you have a chance to do some catching up you understand that the NRA led the fight to protect the 2nd amendment at a time benign advocacy had to give way to direct political action.

      • I’ve seen their anti Obama videos over the years. Sure it was a fight. This is different. If there was a time to win the minds of liberal gun owners it would have been before he opened his mouth. There’s a difference between anti-party rhetoric and pro 2nd amendment action. As far as protecting gun rights I’ve never doubted their intentions. If you think a liberal vote on some piece of legislation won’t come in handy some time in the future I’d be willing to bet you’re mistaken. Any hope of that is down the tube.

        • You state that Wick, as though none of us realize the liberal left wing fanatic credulously vote straight party no matter how evil their candidate is! I smell the infection of leftist ideology on you Wick.

        • “Liberal and gun owner” are oxymorons. The closest you’ll get to accuracy in a statement like this is “liberal who owns a gun more by happenstance than intention”. That’s not the same as “gun owner”.

      • I think this pro Trump anti-Democrat direction is going to be ineffective and detrimental on the long run.

        • I appreciate your common sense attitude. I’m a liberal gun owner and know many. We are quiet about our politics at the range- as everyone should be. We exist and are growing in numbers. Political identity shouldn’t have to be wrapped up in the shooting sports and the right to self defense. Gun owners can care about equal pay for women, marriage equality, universal healthcare or any plethora of social issues just as much as they care about the right to bear arms. We need to find our common ground as Americans before it’s too late.

    • I don’t know.

      When one political faction makes the wrong side of your issue part of their platform, a running talking point, the subject of multiple legislation attempts, the subject of even more exec actions, and a campaign theme for their chosen candidate … yr kind of driven to support the other political side.

      I don’t so much think the N R A is all in for Lord Dampnut or even the R party, as driven to the Deplorable state of supporting both because the other guys have citizens’ access to guns in their sights. Really, what kind of a membership organization are you if you don’t throw in *against* the folks who want to eliminate the thing common to all your members?

  5. “The Tree of Liberty must be watered from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”…….SI VIS PACEM PARA BELLUM

  6. Good luck with that.

    Trump has yet to go a day as President without telling multiple lies. Provable documented lies.

    He has yet to divest himself from his business interests, creating multiple conflicts of interest. He still has not released his tax returns, which almost certainly means he’s hiding something illegal.

    His connections to Russia are getting clearer and more worrisome by the day.

    I’m not going to go in to all the actively anti-American crap he is doing under the guise of defending the Fatherland, but the fact is, he is going down. He will be impeached and likely convicted on some legal shenanigans, and you really gotta think about whether that’s the horse you want to continue backing.

    All of this should give any conservative voter pause, yet because he has an R after his name and gives lip service to gun rights the NRA is going to crawl up his ass.

    It’s a bad plan poorly executed.

    • You see, comrade, Comrade Trump is actually Soviet spy. Trained from young age in best Soviet spy camps.

      He is also Putin’s cousin.


      The KGB.

    • Swarf- “…yet because he has an R after his name and gives lip service to gun rights the NRA is going to crawl up his ass.”

      NRA is sort of like the Kremlin to the dingbats who send them money. They are not quite sure how it all works or who controls it, but they believe in NRA like a religion, and above all they are sure the staff is working around the clock for their best interests, even though NRA shows no results.

      Wayne is the father figure they never had, because their real father was a truck driver, or just wasn’t around. Wayne will do battle with the forces of left wing evil on their behalf like a single combat warrior, although he was too scared to attend a CNN Town Hall debate when personally invited by President of the United States Barack Obama.

      “It’s a bad plan poorly executed.”

      There is no plan at NRA HQ, you’re giving them too much credit. When Illinois was the last state in America to pass a carry bill after FIFTY YEARS of no citizen carry (except for police) Chuck Cunningham at NRA/ILA had no idea whatsoever that state lobbyist Todd Vandermyde placed Duty to Inform in the “NRA backed” bill.

      NRA HQ is 800 miles away from Chicago, and they don’t care what deals the lobbyists make with police unions, as long at they can stamp an NRA label on the product and sell it to the rubes.

    • Idiot Leftists and the MFM (BIRM) take Donald Trump literally and not seriously.

      Thinking people take Trump seriously and not literally.

  7. I, for one, am delighted that Our Pollyanna Friends have at last noticed Our Russian Friends’ long tradition of “active measures” … although they’re hardly the only folks who do such things.

  8. “National Rifle Association Vice President Wayne LaPierre is gearing up to launch a major counterattack on the so-called anti-Trump “resistance” in a speech before the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC)…”

    Ho-hum. Based on the lack of results from NRA and their state affiliates, I doubt Wayne could launch a major turd from his ass, much less launch a counterattack on some amorphous “resistance” whatever that means. He talks tough in front of the home crowd at NRA conventions, but like most NRA members, he doesn’t really have what it takes in education or I.Q. to make it in the big leagues.

    The Wizards of Oz at NRA HQ should start small, with attainable goals like conducting basic criminal background checks on employees, even 1099 hires like Donald Todd Vandermyde. Begin with the basics.

  9. Trump owns the left. I’ve never seen anything like it. By the time he’s done with them they might actually be honest again.

  10. The campaign is over. The GOP has pro-2nd legislation available immediately in ready-packaged form.. all the GOP needs to do is vote. The Republicans control the House, the Senate and the White House NOW. Why wait? Pass national carry reciprocity now. Repeal the NFA. Repeal the Gun-Free School Zone Act immediately. Or are Republicans just going to keep whining about HRC and Obama forever? The time for action is now, the campaign is over. GOP, go to work!

    • Buzz- If NRA went to work with the Republican majority and actually repealed any gun laws, they would go broke.

      You’re talking about the org that used and betrayed Otis McDonald, then later collected $1.3 MILLION in legal fees from the city of Chicago. If NRA actually won anything, they would go out of business.

      • Sure. You sound like those nuts that say big pharma companies are totally hiding the cure for cancer.

        • “You sound like” a guy whose maximum political experience was attending a zoning board meeting to get a driveway permit.

  11. Something about sound and fury signifying nothing….
    And I’m not talking just about Wayne with his “You damn kids, Get off my Lawn” tactics.
    It’s all bullshit and noise. All of it. Watch their actions, not what they say.
    Trump is a hero like Trayvon is a martyr.
    And the NRA will back whoever is politically expedient.
    Just ask Harry Reid…

    • Jim- “Watch their actions, not what they say.” Correct.

      NRA consistently colludes with anti-gun police unions to sell out their own membership to be set up and killed by police criminals. NRA is on the same side as Jim & Sarah Brady and the anti-gun orgs.

      Wayne is the carnival barker at the county fair. A ticket to the NRA convention to hear Wayne talk is like taking the rubes to the carney show. No one in D.C. can take NRA seriously when they backstab their own members.

  12. As a principled American constitutionalist and classical liberal (i.e. the political philosophy of the Western Enlightenment and of all the American Founding Fathers), count me as a pro-2A American against Trump. He has one of the ugliest characters that has ever existing in a human being including fictional villains from books and movies. In good books at least the villain usually has some shred of relatable humanity. He is completely unfit morally and mentally to lead the free world. And he doesn’t even pretend that he wants to lead the free world, he wants to go the dark path of Russia.

    I warn you my fellow gun people, its not worth it. Country first. Even if it means voting for a Democrat.

    • We are seldom given a perfect choice in politics, you must choose the lesser of the two evils. When have the democrats produced a decent nominee?? You sound like a double agent trying to convince people on the other side there was a better choice. Atleast Trump is doing what he said he would do. I seriously doubt you personally know Trump, so you do not know his character, just what you read or seen on the “news”. We all see how biased those sources are between current and the last president.

      Atleast you can see through Trump’s BS, where as some politicians spend their wholes lives pretending to be someone they are not.

      • @Sonofamerica I have no idea what criteria you could be judging politicians by where you think Trump is comparable to other Democratic and Republican candidates. Certainly not Traditional American Values of respect for the rule of law and the independent judiciary, respect for the constitutional separation of powers between the branches of government, or respect for the press and the 1st Amendment. Certainly not out of respect for our military men when Trump is a draft dodger himself.

        I was aware of Trump for many years before he got into politics. I admit I always thought he was amusing, an amusing con artist who swindled a lot of rubes and nouveau riche out of a lot of money on gaudy, tasteless apartments, and who screwed a lot of hapless contractors out of their bill. That’s why he was never accepted in New York. Not because of his politics, which were actually always liberal, and even the Koch Brothers are accepted in New York society with their politics, so it had nothing to do with that. It has to do with his slimy shamelessness.

        I think that you and many others are confused about what America is about and what made us a great country. I hope enough people snap out of the trance and realize how little Trump has in common with the great American presidents and how much he has in common with tin pot dictators and simple con men.

        • @Tom Mascone I agree with you that Trump is in it for number one, himself, and he has done lots of questionable things. He was not my first pick, I was hoping for a constitutionalist to win and he was actually a republican. As far as what made America great, I’m certain those men that laid the foundation would agree the last president was the biggest con to make in to the WH. Everyone knew who Trump was, we were just hoping he would keep a few of his promises. Here’s to real change.

          I would have to disagree with you on who is the confused one though. Insinuating that a democrat would be doing a better job sounds nuts, especially on a forum dedicated to talking about guns. We all know where current democrats stand when it comes to the 2nd amendment.

  13. NRA’s business model has been disrupted. The did fantastic in the last 8 years scaring the shit out of gunowners by convincing them that outright confiscation was around the corner. Gun sales went ever higher and repubs got reelected. And, make no mistake, gunowners are distant third to gunmakers and the republican party in the NRA’s priority hierarchy. Where to go from here with repubs in control and no contrived crisis?

    • “Where to go from here with repubs in control and no contrived crisis?”

      “Accomplish” on the national level what NRA did in Illinois on the state level:

      Use blacks like Otis McDonald as fronts for lawsuits, then sell them out in their bills, and actively collude with anti-gun police unions to enable legalized execution of armed citizens, while consistently advancing the criminal police state. Simple!

  14. I suggest a different approach to the preservation of the Second Amendment.

    I believe that it’s extremely unwise for the NRA to volunteer itself as a proxy army for the least popular president ever elected. Trump is very popular here at TTAG, but outside these pages he’s even less popular than Hilary Clinton was. His base of support is becoming more and more strident, but that base is shrinking. I’m not lecturing or making this up. Even Fox News realizes this.

    The real risk is that when Trump’s staggering amateurism, his intemperate Twitter feed, his contempt for the courts (the last truly conservative branch of our government) or his contacts with Russia finally tank his popularity, the NRA’s influence is likely to sink with it.

    But let’s separate this from any single politician and look at the wider picture: Demographics will overwhelm any organization that identifies itself as rural, conservatively Christian and overwhelmingly white. America is becoming more urban/suburban, more colorful, and more agnostic/atheist.

    The defense of the Second Amendment must lie in broadening its appeal to women and minorities by expanding the popularity and accessibility of the hunting and shooting sports. By decoupling it from party identification, while still opposing anti-gun legislation across the board. (Even though we *all* know which party’s politicians are the ones perennially clamoring for more gun control.)

    Handcuffing itself to an unpredictable firebrand with a tin ear for women and minorities will make the NRA’s mission much more difficult, if not nearly impossible.

    If they want to advance the Second Amendment, Congress had better get busy loosening the regs for suppressors, carry reciprocity, opening the NFA registry *right effing now*, because the GOP’s power play is likely to end with the 2018 elections.

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