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By Brandon via

WEATHERFORD, TEXAS — Remember the new Texas legislation that allowed campus carry but still gave administrators permission to restrict lawful carry in certain areas? That law did not extend to high schools or other protected school zones. Once Weatherford, Texas high school parent must have forgot — and the clearly marked signs outside the auditorium where he went to his son’s ninth grade orientation wasn’t enough to jog his memory . . .

A 39-year-old father of a newly matriculated student will be facing third degree felony charges following a negligent discharge when he absently reached into his pocket.  The location was the Kangaroo (“Roo”) Stadium at Weatherford High School — which is lawfully designated a firearms free area.  Whether or not a concealed carrier (or a criminal) personally agrees with that policy is another matter entirely.  Unfortunately, this concealed carrier is about to get a taste of Texas law because of that disagreement.

According to the Weatherford Democrat,

Witnesses in section G reported hearing a gunshot and then seeing a man retrieve a pistol possibly off the ground, put it in his pocket and hurriedly leave the area, according to Weatherford Police CID Sgt. John Rudolph.

Was it an innocent mistake? Potentially. It appears through multiple sources and witnesses that the man clearly did not intend to harm anyone and after police inquired with him about the case, he turned himself in.

Unfortunately, a negligent discharge is a negligent discharge. Exacerbating this case will also be that he was carrying in a place he wasn’t supposed to – a designated school zone.

Whether or not we, as law-abiding concealed carriers, agree with a state-designation of a “gun free zone” does not make us exempt from the law.  In a civil society, when we don’t agree with something – we get the law changed. When we take the law into our own hands, we’re held accountable. And for that father, he’ll be facing serious charges if convicted.

“We are extremely fortunate that no one was injured as a result of this incident,” WISD Superintendent Jeffrey Hanks said. “Weatherford ISD is currently working with the Weatherford Police Department and will pursue charges to the extent of the law.

“We consider school premises to be sacred ground. We’d like to remind every that a license to carry a concealed handgun does not permit an individual to bring a weapon on school property.”

And likely in completely unrelated news, some ninth grade freshman now has to spend some indeterminate amount of time awkwardly avoiding the question of whether it was his father who accidentally shot the stadium bleachers. As if ninth grade wasn’t awkward enough.

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  1. No matter the law on carrying, someone who lets loose a bullet in a crowd, leave alone a crowd full of children, deserves to face some serious charges. If you’re going to carry then you damn well better be ready to face the music if you pull the freakin’ trigger.

    • While I disagree with the existence of this law, and declare it void in the face of “Shall not be infringed.” This dude was a top-of-the-line irresponsible dickbag.

      False Flag? Paid Democrat Plant? Who does this?

      • If you don’t think there are pro-gun people who are stupid or irresponsible enough to pull something like this, then you must be very new to guns. Welcome, newbie!

        Seriously, though, I’ve seen rabidly pro-2A, “Come And Take It” T-shirt wearing morons do some terrifyingly unsafe shit at ranges and say some really idiotic shit in gun stores. Sometimes, it’s even the guy behind the counter. The anti-2A crowd has no monopoly on stupidity.

    • “Serious charges”? Really? For an accident? You do realize that legally he would have been better off falling asleep behind the wheel and running over the entire assembly? Right?

      • Ah, I see we have the “accidental discharge” guy showing up; next you’re going to be saying “the gun went off.” No such thing, dude: guns don’t shoot themselves. It was a NEGLIGENT discharge. How many times does it show up here, above and below the fold? Guns fire when a person pulls the trigger. This gun went off because he pulled the trigger. Was he futzing with the gun in his pocket? Did he drop the gun and try to grab it? Did some loose keys in his pocket jam in the trigger? DOESN’T MATTER. He let loose a BULLET in a crowd through his own negligence. Yep, serious charges indeed. Thank God that no one was hurt or killed, but it was just luck of the draw once the guy let the round loose.

        • There’s no such thing as an automobile accident either, we let people walk away from actual dead bodies with those all the time. I’m not saying he wasn’t stupid. But the fact that no one was hurt means that there was no crime.

      • He ND’ed at a freaking school. Carrying I can forgive. Concealed is concealed and all that. Finger fondling a gun in your pocket without at least a scabbard of some sort to cover the trigger is all kinds of irresponsible. This isn’t something to brush off with a BP/Lebron James “sorry.”

        • Yes, and I’m sure that the lynch mob will be outside his house shortly. Who is served by destroying this man’s life? Society that loses a productive member?
          His family that loses a provider and a father?

          Where was the harm?

          If he hit somebody, sure. But there was no intent and no harmful act. Thus, no crime.

  2. Yep it sucks to be clumsy, and clueless, still a good thing for the prosecution that I won’t be on that jury. Enough jury nullification and maybe they will adjust the penalties. this counts for no more than a charge of misdemeanor stupid.

  3. “Will pursue charges to the extent of the law”
    What a crock! It should be obvious the guy did not mean any harm, even though he should have not taken the gun into the stadium.
    So now the cops want to make an example of him. So why don’t they make an example out of some thug who rapped a terrorized a young woman, instead of letting him plea bargain down to a few months in the slammer!

    • Similar to my thoughts.

      Why not make an example out of one of their own when a cop screws up with HIS/HER firearm?

      Don’t see any “extent of the law” stuff then for some reason.

    • Obvious that he meant no harm? Sure, but that’s both true and irrelevant, as intent is not the only legal standard to which we’re held. There is also, among others, reasonableness, recklessness, and negligence.

      He negligently discharged the firearm. That it occurred in a stautory gun free zone, itself a debatable law, perhaps shouldn’t exacerbate his penalty. However, neither should it ameliorate it.

      • Oh that’s a load and you know it. This is a clear case of no-harm no-foul. Malum-prohibitum laws have no moral standing.

        • No, your rebuttal is a load and you know it. You’ve ignored inconvenient facts and unilaterally and incorrectly labelled this offense “malum prohibitum.” You’re arguing that negligent discharges in a school are not inherently bad, or at least that they’re no worse that NDs in any other location. You are wrong on both counts.

          The facts of this case include a negligent discharge of a firearm. You claim no harm no foul, but you ignore the fact that this behavior is inherently dangerous and in that location is even more so. Why?

          A discharge of a firearm is kinda sorta loud. Inside a building, without ear protection, it’s effect is even louder and injurious, especially upon children’s ears. Not inherently bad? Hmmm….

          That sudden shot has the ability to precipitate heart attacks upon some and lingering nightmares among others (children and veterans alike). Not inherently bad? Hmmm….

          That bullet can ricochet or fragment, striking multiple people unpredictably. Not inherently bad? Hmmm….

          That shot will prompt others not in the immediate vicinity to conclude that a spree shooting is underway and to summon police. That’s the legitimate expectation because, well, as I read on TTAG daily, only CRIMINALS ignore the No Guns signs and bring guns on the premises.

          Now we have police and ambulances and media and any jack wagon with a scanner all racing to the scene. That’s an immense waste of taxpayer money itself, and puts the public at further risk; both on the roads in their path and elsewhere due to emergency resources being tied up. Not inherently bad? Hmmm….

          Malum prohibitum? Try malum in se.

          I could keep going, but I’ve made my point. There’s no education in the second kick of a mule, after all.

        • As I said elsewhere. Show me a specific person who was harmed. Could’ve beens don’t count.

          Who had their hearing damaged by a single gun shot in a large open space?
          Who had a hear attack?
          Who had got hit by fragments?

          No victim, no crime.

        • @john
          “That’s the legitimate expectation because, well, as I read on TTAG daily, only CRIMINALS ignore the No Guns signs and bring guns on the premises.”

          Only criminals kill innocent people in gun free zones is what is discussed on TTAG. The truth about carrying guns in America is shall not be infringed.

          My family and I, as American citizens, do not have to be made vulnerable by the criminal negligence of the state, which is committed by the state employees pandering to the emotional mob, and willingly disobeying the Constitution.

        • So by that rationale, and self-serving definition of victim, you’d be ok with letting loose all perverts who pick your front door lock and rummage through your wife’s underwear drawer while nobody’s home?

          As long as nothing is stolen or damage or its value provably decreased, your no harm no foul principle holds, huh? Pure. Asinine.

          You might as well argue that school bus drivers are allowed to show up drunk as hell to pick up your kids. Unless and until someone actually suffers direct injury, it’s bottoms up, right? Or what about freshly released pedophiles? As long as he’s “rehabilitated” and hasn’t actually abused any kids since getting out, then it’s fine for him to coach your kid’s little league team? Or lead his scout troop? Perhaps on unsupervised camping outings? I’m sure everything will be OK. No harm, no foul, and all that jazz.

          I guess it’s OK for someone to go flailing about, blindfolded, in a crowded Mall, spinning about, performing his own bizarre “Dance of a Thousand Knives” with a machete in each hand, like some psychotic whirling dervish? As long as nobody actually gets cut, then we’re cool?

          Of course, you’d be down with anyone with a scalpel and a surgical mask hanging out a shingle as a physician, regardless whether he’s ever had any medical training whatsoever? As long as he can excise that suspicious looking mole on your neck, and you don’t die of sepsis, no harm no foul, right? And you save on your deductible. It’s win-win!

          May I speed down your neighborhood’s streets? Drive the opposite direction on the freeway of your commute? As long as I stay in the emergency lane only and not the main lanes, we should be fine barreling headlong at each other, offset only by inches. You trust me, don’t you, that is, until your head spatters and spreads red chunky stew across the interstate?

          There are innumerable actions which are so flagrantly reckless or negligent on their very face, that they’re prohibited and constitute crimes, regardless whether someone actually suffers injury. The foreseeability of injury is so patently obvious, that it is only by the grace of God that somebody wasn’t killed or gravely injured.

          And you’re at ease letting these jackasses with wanton disregard for public safety just prance about? I don’t even know how to process that view. This is why antis regard us all as lunatics: self-styled spokesman pipe up with ludicrous notions and criminally insane selfishness.

  4. Spelling and Grammar on the Sign… At School no less… Sadness.

    Also, I think I read somewhere, something said “Shall not be infringed.”

    So, f*ck the sign… And the so-called law that violates a higher law…

    • Says the tough guy who’s never openly defied such a sign.

      I’ve heard of chicken hawks eager for war……fought by other people on their behalf. Now we have homeland constitutionalists, eager for civil disobedience……..commited by other people on their behalf. Good grief.

      Lazy, effete Americans don’t even deserve what rights still remain.

  5. And the bozo was evidently carrying the gun loose in his pocket, too?

    Large misdemeanor charge, I’d say, and community service in a hospital or something. With remedial firearms training. And a slap upside the head to instill some common sense.

    • Agreed. Even with the proper holster, I’ve never been a fan of pocket carry. Spend the extra $20 and get a proper IWB holster.

      • I never realized how much stupid there is. Had a conversation with a cop the other day about concealed carry and asked him what holster he uses.

        “I put a little clip on the side and it hooks into my waistband.”

        “Oh. But what holster is it in? I mean, the trigger is covered, right?”

        “Of course not. If I get into a situation where I need it, that’s extra time.”

        “Oh. Ok.” What else could I say?

        • Well, in fairness, if you slide the gun inside the waistband and clip it on the waistband, the trigger is covered. Does he actually clip it on so it hangs outside his pants?? If so–what else can you say, indeed…

  6. This is probably an unpopular opinion around here, but this guy deserves to get the book thrown at him. Any concealed carrier who has an ND in public while carrying in an area against the law (whether you like the law or not its the law), is not someone deserving of our support. In fact, carriers like this should be denounced and called out by other responsible gun owners for his stupidity.

    • “(whether you like the law or not its the law)”

      -That is the same line the Soviets used to kill 66,000,000 people.

      It is against the American Constitution so it is not a legitimate law. I carry every where I go, especially to my child’s school, because some diseased liberals offspring could get upset that there are MALE and FEMALE bathrooms, which would be reason to massacre people because the signs supposedly discriminate. After all micro aggression is now an excuse for murder, according to the medias coverage of a hateful black gay killer in Roanoke.

      The real difference between subjects and citizens, is the subject won’t fight back against the kingsmen, and citizens have that right.

      The guy was only dumb for not having a proper protection for his trigger. He is an American and in America you have the right to bear arms in self defense for being a citizen, subjects need a government permission slip. Gun free zones are a result of negotiating our rights into a privilege.

    • “(whether you like the law or not its the law)”

      -That is the same line the Soviets used to kill 66,000,000 people.

      An American citizen has the right to bear arms in self defense on American soil, otherwise they are just subjects, better known as comfortable cowards.

      They guy was only dumb by not having the proper trigger protection. A man’s right to live supersedes a statist edict.

      • The only thing this ham fisted law breaker did was give the antis more ammunition in the fight to keep these asinine laws in place. They will point to this every chance they get; “See, this permitted carrier, who ILLEGALLY carried into a school zone, fired off his gun in a crowd. It was only by luck that a child wasnt killed. If we make carry on school property legal, a child will die.”

        • Oh please, what possible reason do we have to submit ourselves to the tyrannical authority of sheeple?

          All the “ammunition” in the world doesn’t matter in a conversation about rights. Or are you going to berate the black community for giving racists “ammunition” with the criminal behavior of a few idiots?

        • “The only thing this ham fisted law breaker did was give the antis more ammunition in the fight to keep these asinine laws in place”

          -The statist anti-s will just make stuff up, because they are not Americans.

          -With supporters of the Second Amendment like you, no wonder self defense is a state privilege. I am an American it is my right to defend myself from any man, any place.

          Tyrants may only have my guns from my cold dead hands, and my guns will be hot and empty.

    • So this guy deserves to have his life destroyed, his children deserves to lose their father to the prison system, and he deserves to be sent to someplace where his chance of being raped and murdered is far higher than his local community?

      Fuck off, slaver.

      He deserves a stern talking to asnd some community service.

      • A “stern talking to and community service” might be an appropriate sentence if he stole a candy bar, not letting loose a round in a crowd.

        • Yes… Because in a civilized society we punish accidents the same way we punish deliberate criminal acts. /Derp

        • Its not an “accident” it was negligence on his part that the firearm went off. And his own stupidity that he was carrying against the law in a prohibited zone. He deserves the consequences for his actions. Anyone making excuses for him is doing the gun community a disservice.

        • Show me an injured party and we can discuss the matter. Violating an arbitrary rule is not grounds to destroy someone’s life. Nor does a victimless accident justify violating the rights of an individual. If someone had been harmed, you’d have a point. No harm, no crime.

        • You don’t know how the gun went off. Maybe it fell out and as he tried to grab it, he hit the trigger. That topic has been debated on this website before because it happens.

    • Actually no, strictly speaking it’s not the law. Anything that is unconstitutional is beyond the legislators authority to pass laws. That’s kind of what unconstitutional means.

    • If you don’t agree with the law, then dig in and work to change it. If you feel it’s unconstitutional, then file suit and get it overturned.
      I have no use for people who only follow laws they personally feel like following. I don’t care if it’s Hillary Clinton or this doofus. There’s a name for that sort of behavior: Criminal.

  7. I do not have any duty as a citizen of the United States of America to follow a law that is unconstitutional. That being said concealed means fucking concealed. Don’t be this guy!

    • I don’t believe in carrying concealed. I am not going to limit my choice of tools based on the comfort level of sheeple.

      • Not saying that everyone should carry concealed. There are times when I open carry but if you are going to carry in one of these “mass shootings welcome zones” by all means make sure it’s hidden and secured properly until we get these stupid laws repealed.

        • Or I’m just going to not go to an area where my rights are subject to arbitrary rules. Funny how where I live, gun free zones more or less don’t exist. (Outside a few areas I have no real reason to be.)

    • I don’t believe in carrying concealed. I am not going to limit my choice of tools based on the comfort level of sheeple.

  8. If a cop did that, they’d put the officer on paid leave for a week or two, send them to some “retraining” and call that discipline.

    By the way, what exactly makes a school “sacred ground”? If it happened in a shopping mall, church, daycare, football game, does that make it any less irresponsible? A fine and a court order to attend a driving class, no wait, I mean a firearms safety class would make a whole lot more sense to me. Obviously no intent.

  9. “We consider school premises to be sacred ground. We’d like to remind every that a license to carry a concealed handgun does not permit an individual to bring a weapon on school property.”

    Unless the law has changed recently, it reads premises, not grounds. So you are OK up to door of the school or stadium entrance no matter what the superintendent thinks.

    • They don’t need a sign if it falls under Texas PC 46.03 (school premises) or 46.035 (high school sports event), the prohibition is automatic. Don’t like it, don’t agree with it, but it is the law until we convince the legislature to change the law.

      BTW, the school sign really should be referencing 46.03/46.035 rather than 30.06.

    • “The idiot clearly isn’t a law-abiding gun owner.”

      At least I was a law abiding gun owner, said the dead victims tombstone.

      Concealed means concealed, which is an American’s right.

    • The idiot clearly isn’t a law-abiding gun owner.”

      At least I was a law abiding gun owner, said the dead victim’s tombstone.

      Concealed means concealed, which is an American’s right, not a government privilege.

    • In the interest of “don’t be that guy” (or gal) There are trigger blockers that will prevent trigger moving back far enough to go bang. Since my EDC is a Ruger LCR due to shape of grip, if in a pocket holster, would peek out enough to clearly indicate a handgun. Not wanting to add another layer in Texas summer heat, found Trigger Stop by Garrison Grip, rubber cylinder with front/back ridge that is placed behind the trigger to prevent forward movement of trigger.

      For those of us who are comfortable with pocket carry couple of things that will help prevent negligent discharge 1) pocket with gun NEVER has anything else in it. 2) with unloaded gun practice drawing from pocket or purse pocket ejecting the blocker

      For any who would like to check it out at Have for both revolvers & pistols

      • Now this looks interesting!

        The LCR is rather ND resistant thanks to that stout trigger pull on its own…

        • “The LCR is rather ND resistant thanks to that stout trigger pull on its own…”
          After you’ve fired it a while does not feel stout at all, but get your point. Company also makes
          trigger block for pistols. Ideal for racked & ready for those pocket pistols.

  10. If on the jury I’d convict him of negligent discharge of a firearm in a populated area or whatever the appropriate offense is. I’d vote not to convict on a charge of carrying in a Civil Rights Free Zone.

  11. “We consider school premises to be sacred ground. “

    Well, there’s part of your problem, WISD School Superintendent Jeffrey Hanks. A school is NOT “sacred ground.”

    It’s a school, for crying out loud. A place where some people go to learn some stuff from other people. Nothing more.

    You are showing your colors and what alter you worship at.

    • I believe “sacred ground” would be a place where God is, and if memory serves me correctly, God was banned from school property.

  12. The guy had an ND. So what? If the sign hadn’t been there, they wouldn’t be going after the guy for anything. And that sign wouldn’t have stopped Adam Lanza, so that posturing cop can go ride his high horse off a short pier.

    And the punishment? A felony? 2-10 years in prison, no gun rights, no voting, no job. If that guy rebuilds his life, great. If not (which is more likely), you’ve ruined a person’s life over an accident that didn’t hurt anybody.

    • If you have a license to carry, you know the rules. The sign is irrelevant as this rule of law is statutory. This one is different than walking past the sign in the restaurant. This one is the same as attempting to carry inside a courtroom. It matters not whether we agree with it or not, the punishment is not commensurate with our beliefs, rather with the law. He knew better. There was a time in Weatherford (just drove through there an hour ago) that kids carried long guns to school in rifle racks in their pickup trucks and went hunting after school. Times have changed.

      • Did he know better? I don’t know about you, but the last time I walked into a high school football stadium, there were so many people milling about that I couldn’t see shit, much less a sign posted on a wall blocked by a hundred people.

        A gun may give us superpowers in the eyes of cowardly liberals, but x-ray vision isn’t one of them.

      • @gary

        “It matters not whether we agree with it or not, the punishment is not commensurate with our beliefs, rather with the law.”

        Thank GOD, that people like you were not at Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775. Well, I actually think your statist beliefs would have placed you on the ground next to the REDCOATS

        “He knew better.”
        -The only thing I can agree with in your submissive rant. The guy did know better, that is why he was exercising his Second Amendment right, in a place where the state has forced citizens into being lambs for wolves.

  13. That sign is not in accordance with Texas state law anyway, and so does not carry the force of law.

    Negligent discharges are still negligent discharges, though.

    • I don’t think the 30.06 signage rules apply to schools, courthouses, and other “sacred ground”. They’re considered “no guns allowed” zones by a different statute, whether there’s a sign posted or not. 30.06 is for privately-owned property.

    • True regarding the sign. Regardless, school grounds are statutorily off limits and do not need the sign.

  14. Thankfully I live in a state with saner laws regarding school zones and am free to carry at school or a football game. Still no excuse for a ND.

  15. He screwed up, yep. I’d like to better understand how one accidentally fires their gun.

    BUT, it goes to prove how ineffective a sign and gun-free zones are.

  16. Actually not agreeing with malum-prohibitum laws should make us except. We are citizens, not subjects.

  17. Hmmm, I’m wondering if Texas LEO’s who carry in violation of the Federal Gun Free Schools Act face felony charges?????

    Nahhh, those laws are just for the little people.

    • I don’t believe it’s possible to violate that unlaw if you’re a LEO or licensed concealed carrier.

      • Negative, LEO’s are only exempt when acting in their official capacity.

        So I wonder how many TX LEO’s have committed that federal felony????

        • Most departments in Texas require their officers to respond 24/7/365; therefore, they are required to carry off duty.

  18. Thankfully the zero guns on school property laws have made these institutions so safe that there has never been a school shooting in the United States. What a crock of shit.

    • Maybe those idiots should put up “No crime” signs up everywhere around the city and wag their fingers at the criminals.

  19. “In a civil society, when we don’t agree with something – we get the law changed.”

    Tell that BS to Rosa Parks

    ND aside, do what is right and deal with the consequences. Maybe if every CC in the state took a selfie of them carrying in a school, the state would realize that the law is unenforceable.

  20. They really should change all the messaging to what it really communicates to criminals:

    Gun Free Zone
    Disarmed populace which means you have more time to do your crimes or get your your 15 Minutes of Fame

    No Guns Allowed
    No one will resist an armed attacker here

    Please rob this business and it’s patrons

    51% Sign
    These patrons are unarmed and drunk. Easier to get their money in the parking lot.

    New York
    Not enough police to stop you from doing whatever you want

    It’s a War Zone. Don’t worry about police interference here, your only threat are other criminals.

    Watch out, there may be CCers here. Be cautious.

    30.06 and 30.07
    This business really wants to get burglarized / robbed.

    • What ever happened to that ATF agent who was teaching kids about guns and negligently shot himself. It was all over You Tube for a long time. He was in a school and had a ND. Did he go to jail or lose his job? I do not think he did.

  21. Kangaroo sounds about right.

    What is the “Due process” by which a school declare guns to be icky?

  22. When I was a police officer years ago, I carried a S&W Model 36 either in an ankle holster or in my pocket without a holster—-I never had a single problem in all the years I did that. A DA revolver would be hard to discharge in the pocket without intent.

    On the other hand, look at how many Glocks have been discharged both among amateurs and professionals alike. It has happened so many times that Glock is now on Gen 4 with a much heavier trigger pull than Gen 1. If you carry in a pocket without a holster, give some thought to how sensitive the trigger pull is. Don’t carry a revolver with the hammer back!

    • Gary;
      Same here. I carried a 4″ .357 revolver on duty and still carry a similar gun today. My other occasional carry weapon is a S&W 40VE, still featuring it’s factory 10# trigger pull. Never a negligent discharge with either despite decades of carrying.
      Light trigger + no safety + unprotected trigger+ fidgeting with the gun is not going to end well. (as it often doesn’t)

  23. Dude did a desk pop. I imagine that if he has a permit his record is clean. No one was hurt.

    What he needs to do now is get a decent lawyer and minimise the damage to his life. Make a deal with the DA. Likely he won’t do any serious jail time. Might even get it down to a misdemeaner.

    Any Texas lawyers out there?

    • There are two issues.

      1. This is the definition of a victimless crime.
      2. You bet that if he was an on-duty cop, he would have nothing to worry about.

      • Will your 2 issues hold up in a Texas court? Man is facing felony charges. He needs to get ahead of that and do his best to bring it down.

        My opinion, which has no bearing on a Texas court, is that he’s being made an example of for a foolish mistake.

        A rap on the knuckles and community service seems to be a better conclusion than a felony.

  24. Feckin’ idiot deserves whatever charge he gets. This should be an example to all the fudds out there who pocket carry.

    • So you think that doing something stupid where no one was hurt is on the same order of transgression as punching someone in the face? (Another Class III felony.) Is it worse than drunk driving? (Not even a felony.)

      Does the charge fit the offense? I don’t think anybody in their right mind would want to destroy a person’s life as an example to others when no actual harm was done.

      • @pwrserge
        “I don’t think anybody in their right mind would want to destroy a person’s life as an example to others when no actual harm was done”

        Have you ever heard of government employees?

        “Permanent crisis justifies permanent control of everybody and everything by the agencies of the central government.” Brave New World, by Huxley

  25. i still can’t figure out why texas has the reputation it does. Off the top of my head, it’s probably the second or third least firearm friendly states in the south.

  26. “A 39-year-old father of a newly matriculated student will be facing third degree felony charges following a negligent discharge when he absently reached into his pocket.”

    He was absent? It would only make sense if he were absent-minded.

  27. I believe that as a society we send far too many people to jail for far too long. This guys is (moronic brain fart aside) most likely an upstanding citizen with no prior record. He has a wife and children. Please explain to me how justice is service by placing this man into prison and ruining not just his life, but his entire family for a mistake. So every single person who is advocating throwing the book at him has never ever done anything incredibly stupid? I sure have, but it was in the privacy of my own home or among friends and their may have been alcohol involved. Every single one of us at some point has done something stupid that if we did it in public would have gotten us arrested. This poor moron unfortunately did his very stupid thing in a very public place. Please tell me how the interests of society are served by putting this guy in prison? Is this guy some ND ticking time bomb? Is he a danger to society that must be locked up to prevent him from harming others? No, anyone who wants him locked up wants revenge not justice.

    That being said he must pay a stupid tax: large fine, probation, gun safety course, and community service. No jail time and his record is expunged if he stays clean and completes all his court mandated service.

  28. If you can’t obey lawful signs that prohibit guns, you’re not a law-abiding citizen.

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  29. I’m kinda new here:
    Can anyone explain how “no such thing as an ‘accidental discharge’ ” and “this guy is being crucified for having an ‘accident’ ” reconcile?
    Maybe think about it for a minute before typing and refrain from accusations of being an anti-gun, anti-Constitution, statist, socialist, MDA plant with outstanding library fines.

  30. Idiot should have had a hard shell holster that covered the trigger, I personally think all guns should come with some sort of holster.

    Also, why put the comment box and the bottom of the comments requiring mobile users to scroll to the bottom

  31. Once Weatherford, Texas high school parent must have forgot — and the clearly marked signs outside the auditorium where he went to his son’s ninth grade orientation wasn’t enough to jog his memory . . .

    Some errors in the story, the sign is posted at the football field. It wasn’t a ninth grade orientation, but at a public pep rally for all high school students and parents.

    I was there.

  32. The man is expected to be charged with the carry of a gun in a GFZ, not the discharge. It wasn’t reported in this story, but elsewhere the man claimed he was unaware of the weapon being on him.

  33. I don’t care where you carry,but get a decent gun, a decent holster and don’t drop it on the ground!

  34. Darwins Law- ND removes another dip$hit who doesn’t have what it takes to be a responsible POTG.

  35. It looks the new law changed only privat trepassing to money fine only and theres still felony”s for off place carry in state law and theres a lot off off places 🙁

    + within 1,000 feet of premises the location of which is designated by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice as a place of execution under Article 43.19, Code of Criminal Procedure, on a day that a sentence of death is set to be imposed on the designated premises and the person received notice that:

    + 2) on the premises of a polling place on the day of an election or while early voting is in progress;

    Dangerous things as unlicensed carry rifles/shotgun would be an felony if you go eating in an restaurant thats serve alc 🙁

    Realy draconic and the ironie you can carry inside capitol chamber ^^

    I think white the only exeption of security airport places and inside correctional facility they must all repeald and legalized >> make it as utah !!

    Utah, Georgia and Tenesse (tenesse exeption the undefinity school roaming zone in park) are good examples for shall issue only states from that an lot of states as texas, oklahoma, south carolina, florida ect. must learn how an carry law must look and the things arround !!

    best regard from germany and yes i carry “illegal” F++ the fed !!

  36. Personally, I like my sacred ground protected with firearms. After all, it may be sacred to me but a tempting soft target of symbolic weight to Joe Jihadi. (“Joe” is his nickname, since he and his six brothers are all named Muhammad.)

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