Walmart Wichita Falls incident
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What happens when you point a gun at a Walmart security guard? In Indiana — or lots of other gun-friendly states, for that matter — you run the risk of one of the store’s customers coming to the guard’s rescue.

That’s what happened over the weekend in a Beach Grove Walmart when the security guard tried to stop an alleged shoplifter suspected of appropriating some of the store’s inventory.

From . . .

That’s when [another] man pulled his gun and shot at the suspect, who was taken to the hospital.

The wounded shoplifter tried to run, but another customer kept him from escaping.

“We again thank both of the individuals who showed up when we needed them,” said [Indianapolis Metro Police Officer Samone] Burris. “Most of the time civilians and community members call us when they need us. So, it is phenomenal that when we needed the community they were right there with us.”

From the Indianapolis Star . . .

The man ran out into the parking lot, Burris said, and another person stopped him from getting away.

Burris said the man has unrelated warrants, but charges in the incident will be up to the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office.

Move along. Nothing to see here. Just another successful defensive gun use by an armed good Samaritan courtesy of the constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. The very right that Congressional Democrats and the President are working hard to further limit, through increased fees, taxes, waiting periods, insurance mandates and training requirements.

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    • So you need to wait until he pulls the trigger and kills someone before you react to the threat? What if the perp had pointed his gun at your wife or daughter? Would you want the CCW holder to wait until it was too late?

    • @DG

      Nothing quite like the self-righteous people who step into the middle of a conversation after having missed the humorous beginning of that story.

    • If someone pulls a gun or knife, or other deadly item on me, I will shoot them and not wait to see what their intentions are

    • GUT. Not gun…gut. The typo has since been fixed, but that’s what this was…a joke about a typo.

      (File under “Note to self.” I knew the typo was there, but I still read this as “gun” and took it seriously at first. Sometimes your brain sees only what it expects to see.)

  1. A Freudian slip in the first line? Hot damn.

    The answer however is: The security guard figure’s he’s in the Midwest. And, oh, it’s Indianapolis. Bazinga!

  2. Ok, just checking, I posted a couple of comments & they did not post.
    Just wondering if I got booted off another website,
    Carry On…

  3. Golly I made some $ today at an Indiana gunshop…150 bucks for selling a 200rd box of Winchester White box(!) My phone broke,bought an expensive one. I sold ammo and pawned my Turkish shotgun(which I hate). I was shocked at the WWB price. Wish I’d bought more at WallyWorld’s clearance sale in 2018. They don’t eff around in Hoosierland!!!

    • Sorry. You got ripped off. Most ammunition is going for a dollar or more a cartridge. In many of the common calibers.

      Of course if you needed the money then it was a deal. Just sayin’

      • I don’t think he got “ripped off”, especially if he bought it when ammunition was significantly cheaper. 75 cents per round was a deal for someone else and was likely close to 100% profit for former water walker if he bought when ammunition was cheaper. I will never understand the desire to wring every last cent out of any transaction. Greed used to be considered a vice, once upon a time. It still is even if popular culture rejects that notion.

        • Agreed!

          The best deals are where both sides walk away thinking that they “won”. In this case FWW bought low and sold high – his buyer bought low (today’s standard) and will sell high.

          Mr. 308 does not understand basic economics.

  4. It makes a huge difference when you have your gun on you. Instead of locked up in your car. In a parking lot that is part of a “gun free zone” private company building.

  5. waiting to hear the filing of legal paperwork against the man who came to the rescue of the guard. Likely won’t be criminal but a civil case with a significant $$ amount attached to it. 3…2…1…

      • What’s the standard- defending yourself or others? In today’s climate I would wager the “victim” or his family will find a way.

        • Depends on the state really. In any blue area you’d be facing charges. As I recall there was a gentleman in TX who saw the police engaged in a shootout and intervened with a few shots from the big iron on his hip (from a long distance too, I recall thinking he was an excellent marksman.) It took more than a year IIRC for the state to finally drop the charges filed against the civilian who assisted the police.

          And that was in TX of all places. If anyone wants to look up/remembers the details I am fuzzy on them as it was some time ago, and google doesn’t show results. (Deliberately, I think. Google does not show true results anymore)

    • “the cop called us civilians, again“

      I think this is a very perceptive comment that cuts straight to the heart of some of our policing issues.

      The loss of the beat cop who knew those he saw regularly on his beat. He was a member of the community, knew everyone and their issues and was able to provide community policing in its most basic meaning.

      Once police officers were put in cars, and they rolled the windows up, it all became a movie to them, us against them.

    • Police are also civilian. If they truly see themselves as warriors, maybe their 6A rights (among many others) should be stripped in favor of the UCMJ.

      How would we best get the message to most of society, though?

  6. Yeah who’s smart enough to shoot someone on behalf of a big box store that refuses to support it’s citizens and the 2nd? Think Walmart will help the guy in court after he gets sued by the criminal? Ha! not a chance. Walmart has a policy of NOT chasing people when they steal shit, because of that reason. They don’t want to get sued for anything, it’s not worth the price of whatever is getting stolen.

  7. I work 11 hours a week in a big box store just to have something to do. I strongly favor shooting shoplifters — or at least beating the sh!t out of them — but my store won’t let me.

    I can’t help but think that if just one shoplifter got the sh!t beaten out if him, the rest would take notice and go steal somewhere else.

  8. Cops in my town would have arrested the civilian who shot the shoplifter and gave some lame reason like “you don’t use a gun on shoplifters”.

    • There aren’t a lot of details, but the story doesn’t say he shot a shoplifter. He shot some asshole pointing a gun at a security guard. Or, at least threatned the guard.

    • New headlined “Concealed Carrier Shoots Man Who Threatened a Walmart Security Guard”.
      This shorter and to the point.

  9. It’s a bit disconcerting when reading some of the comments and you realize that those commenters are missing the salient point of the story. The citizen who shot the accused thief did not do so because that person was stealing…but, rather, because said thief escalated the offense by drawing down on an unarmed “security” person. The deadly threat to the Walmart employee was imminent and real. That threat of imminent bodily injury is why the asshole was shot…not because they were engaged in theft. The asshole decided to escalate the encounter…not the employee or the armed citizen.

  10. Watch I bet Walmart Bans the Guy (Who shot the thief) from coming back in their stores with things like it is. They can’t have armed people coming into their stores anymore.

  11. That particular Wally World has had trouble for years. I used to live in Indy, and that place was always making the news. Beech Grove is an okay town, but the Walmart there is right off the interstate, and seems to draw endless amounts of malcontents and jackwagons. Local PD were making over 100 runs a year to it at one time, IIRC.

    The most famous incident probably being the legendary shampoo aisle fight (naughty language at clip, btw)

  12. This case could become more complex than one might think. The shooter himself was not threatened and if this particular state has a law that forbids shooting someone over theft of property the shooter could be indicted and most likely be sued by the victim and most likely the victim will win compensation in court. Also if the victim was shot while running away the shooter does not stand a chance in court if the state has a law forbidding shooting someone over theft.

    • Read the story again…this time for comprehension.

      The dipstick was NOT shot for theft! He was shot when he produced a firearm and threatened an unarmed person with said firearm. AFTER he was shot he ran into the parking lot where a second good citizen detained him for the PoPo.

  13. Cannot find bullets. Walmart not selling. Ducks sporting not selling. Stonewall Arms. and Clark Bros. Have no ammo.

    Where is the ammo selling?

  14. Why was he shopping at anti-Second Amendment Walmart? Nobody but the world’s finest shop there. /sar
    I have a Walmart within walking distance. Haven’t been there in well over a year. Don’t miss it or the wonderful people who shop there.


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