Warchyld Wardrobe instagram t-shirt cannon
Courtesy warchyld_ent Instagram
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You can’t say that the defunded and depleted New York Police Department isn’t still vigilant and keeping Manhattanites safe from imminent threats. Some eagle-eyed boys in blue spotted a New Jersey man cruising down Ninth Avenue Saturday in a Hummer with what appeared to be a cannon mounted on its roof.

Almost as alarming, some of the messaging on the vehicle displayed the images of three cartridges.

As the New York Post reports . . .

The NYPD pulled the Hummer over at West 16th Street, where [Christopher] Stoney, who had two passengers, told them Wardrobe is his clothing company.

It’s a company-owned vehicle, he explained, used to launch T-shirts during promotional events.

Stoney owns a clothing line called Wardrobe by Warchyld. In the company’s logo, the ‘E’ at the end of Wardrobe is ominously made up of three rifle cartridges.

Wardrobe by Warchyld
courtesy Wardrobe by Warchyld

The horror…the horror.

Stoney tried to explain that the t-shirt launcher is just a promotional tool for his business, but . . .

Unmoved, cops hauled Stoney, a New Jersey resident, and his passengers to the Midtown South Precinct, where he was ticketed for unlawful possession of an air rifle.

The cops also removed the t-shirt cannon from Stoney’s Hummer and confiscated it as evidence. New Yorkers have been sleeping a little more soundly ever since.


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    • Are you advocating that ideas and activities that you don’t approve of now be treated as crimes? I don’t remember voting for that (or for you).

        • Yeah, maybe I could at that. But it’s a slippery slope when we start policing “bad ideas” – not crimes – with actual police. Almost as bad as making possession of a t-shirt cannon into an actual crime so that police can confiscate it for being not a “good idea.”

        • Fair enough. Still, having a t-shirt cannon mounted to your company advertising vehicle simply doesn’t seem like a bad idea at all, much less a bad idea worthy of state intervention. Why do you think it is?

      • New York City prohibits the sale or possession of any air pistol or air rifle (defined as any instrument in which the propelling force is air or a spring) without an appropriate license. ..

      • Wow. Apparently NYC streets are entirely free of crime and the men in blue have nothing better to do with their time. Of course, if the police wanted to have a T-shirt cannon, no one would, or could, tell them they couldn’t. Do as we say, not as we do. Screw anything and everything NY. I hope the city and state go broke. Not to mention if it were a real cannon, the police would have actually have to have called for backup . . .and lots of it.

    • I believe in NY AIR guns are strictly regulated and prohibited from being discharged in city limits except at a gun range.

      Ie firing a t-shirt cannon which is technically an air gun in NYC is illegal by statute. Or it would need to be bungie cord propelled or somthing like a waterbaloon sling shot. But I’m not sure if slingshot are illegal there.

      I also believe they have laws about replica guns and airsoft too.

      Ifbtheybwanted to do so they should have requested/applied for a authirization permit or somthing similar thru the NYPD.

      Even if we all think it’d stupid, I believe NYPD acted appropriately under NY state and NYC laws.

      • Imitation weapon” means any device or
        object made of plastic, wood, metal or any other
        material which substantially duplicates or can
        reasonably be perceived to be an actual firearm,
        air rifle, pellet gun, or “B-B” gun; unless such
        imitation weapon (a) is colored other than black,
        blue, silver or aluminum, (b) is marked with a
        non-removable orange stripe which is at least
        one inch in width and runs the entire length of
        the barrel on each side and the front end of the
        barrel, and (c) has a barrel at least one inch in
        diameter that is closed for a distance of not less
        than one-half inch from the front-end of its barrel
        with the same material of which the imitation
        weapon is made. “Imitation weapon” does not
        include any nonfiring replica of an antique firearm,
        the original of which was designed, manufactured
        and produced prior to eighteen hundred
        872. Prohibitions No person, firm, corporation
        or agent or employee thereof shall import,
        manufacture, sell, hold for sale or distribute within
        the state any imitation weapon unless such
        device is imported, manufactured, sold, held for
        sale and distributed:

        1 (transportation to and sale in another state )

        2 (used exclusively for theater/movie/television)

        • New York City prohibits the sale or possession of any air pistol or air rifle (defined as any instrument in which the propelling force is air or a spring) without an appropriate license. ..

      • Even if we all think it’d stupid

        I don’t think it’s stupid… I think it’s EXTREMELY stupid!!… But with a nearly 100% increase in shootings with REAL guns I can understand why cops would rather harass a t-shirt vender than venture into those “dangerous” neighborhoods where actual crime is happening, wouldn’t want NYCs “finest” to get hurt doing their job… Besides t-shirt guy has a job so he can actually PAY a fine… You know, revenue…

        • Nowatter how you look at it, without a license it’s illegal just to posses there.

          Probable a big reason most of us would never live there.

          But it’s clearly illegal without a permit.

          Not only that do you really think the sheeple in NYC know the difference between a matte black t-shirt cannon on what looks like to the to be a military vehicle. How many phone calls about terrorist attacks or the army is invading do you think NYPD had to deal with with this.

          All the had to do was make it look like anything but a gun, get a permit for it and tell cordinatebwith NYPD that they were going to distribute tshitrs with it in the city and it would all have been fine.

          They still probably could have done what they wanted, if they went about it differently and legally

        • How many phone calls about terrorist attacks or the army is invading do you think NYPD had to deal with with this.

          How many phone calls do YOU think they get everyday about REAL crimes that go unanswered because prosecutors WON’T prosecute while THIS guy gets hauled in for a fucking T-SHIRT launcher…That, by the way, looked NOTHING like any REAL “gun” I’ve ever seen… If the cops were doing something about the increase in murders, shootings, armed robberies, assaults and rapes in the city then indulge in some bullshit game… BUT, to ignore all that and grab THIS low hanging fruit is just fucking ridiculous… I hope this “terrorist” has a good lawyer… OBTW how many REAL terrorists drive around Midtown Manhattan in a full blown Hummer with a four inch cannon on the roof… Defend them all you want but it looks pretty chickenshit to me AND a lot of other people..

        • As Defense and 2A Rights Attorney Kevin Jamieson, ESQ of Kansas City, Mo always says, “It doesn’t have to make sense. It’s just the law.”

        • “It doesn’t have to make sense.

          There is also such a thing as discretionary enforcement, especially when it involves something this obviously stupid…

      • You mean under Communist law where only the police are really allowed to have and use guns. Legal is not constitutional and the most Supreme Court members, other than Clarence Thomas, wouldn’t know what is or isn’t constitutional if their lives depended on it. Most just go with their feelings. Only Thomas is rock solid.

  1. The NYPD thugs are alive and well. Good thing they were not in possession of a pop tart in the shape of a gun !

      • Good God…I’ve been harboring a deadly device on my kitchen counter for years! We need a government buyback program to get these evil things out of American homes. Think of the children!

  2. Did the NYPD sic the ROBOT dog on them… NYPD, keeping NYC streets safe for criminals and thugs, hookers and drug dealers since 1845…

  3. you can never tell, I shure wouldn’t want to be the first person killed by a errant shot tee shirt..

  4. Something like this was also confiscated in Australia a few years ago. But don’t worry you can still walk around with a strap on dildo. Well fitted for public attire in NYC. And there are people working to make sure you can legally shoot up crystal meth in public. To improve your sexual experience. The Three L’s will always make sure you have distractions available.

    It was great to visit NYC in the early 1970’s. I would not go back now.

  5. Does removal of the T-shirt gun qualify as a “turn-in”? Wonder how much that firearm is worth in gift cards.

    Also, read the original article. No claims of how many lives were saved by disarming the Hummmmmmer. Moms and Mayors should have claimed some sort of victory.

    • I know it’s a stupid question, but precisely where did NYPD get the authority to confiscate a T-shirt cannon? I mean come on, here, was a law broken? Was a life endangered? That is not a weapon. That is not police confiscation, it is out and out THEFT of property!! Cop should be arrested and have HIS gun(s) confiscated.

      • I will remind all, leave your pocket knives at home in NYC as well.

        Those are felonies as well.

        At least the assisted opening ones.

        • I will NEVER go to NYC. If I want to be treated like that, I could go to Red China instead. At least they don’t have a Second Amendment and so have an excuse. /sar I believe New York should apply for associate status with Red China. They both think the same way. Citizens with guns are dangerous.

  6. The 1st amendment, or the ability to advertise as you wish. Will not be defended by the ACLU. Because the ACLU has NEVER supported the 1st amendment.

  7. & they wonder why NY cops can’t stop the madness, the cops are pretty board I guess,
    No one else to hassle or arrest, go ahead & assault or shoot or stab, or rob or intimidate, that’s ok with the NY po po,
    But DO NOT drive around with a tee shirt launcher, too many SNOWFLAKES & uneducated RETARDS will be offended.

  8. Was it a full auto or semi-auto t-shirt gun? Did use a magazine, clip, or belt that could hold over 10 shirts? Did it have a “thing that goes up”, a barrel shroud, or other forbidden accessories? So many questions, so few answers.

    • And you just know they weren’t driving to one of the five approved t-shirt launching ranges in the city.

  9. New York residents: all of you have supported this crap and voted for it. Fix your problems instead of coming here.

      • Well, get to work bio-engineering a nasty virus that only takes out Leftist scum… 🙂

    • All of us did? Really? News to me. Do tell.

      When it passes in your state, over the objections of all but the one city that controls your entire state government, just remember- you supported it.

      • Seriously. I didn’t vote for any of this garbage. Not once. Not ever. Not in several decades of living in NY.

        RGP, I WILL come “there,” and soon (it’s in the works). You’ll probably approve of how I vote, to be honest.

        • You may believe that; I don’t. People who have spent decades in shitholes like NY or CA have no idea how thoroughly they have been indoctrinated by daily forced injections of leftard lunacy. There are likely things which you KNOW to be absolutely true which are bald-faced lies.

        • You could say that about literally anyone, no matter where. The question is which lies you “know” to be true and whether they’ll fit in where you’re going.

  10. Maybe they will use it for more efficient distribution of PPP money in the hood, just load up a billion or so and shoot it directly into the boarded- up buildings as they drive past.

    • .. could also be used for third, fourth floor apartment drug deliveries… in these days of COVID, neighborhood dealers can’t be too careful.

  11. “unlawful possession of an air rifle”…should be able to beat that rap. T-shirt cannons are smoothbores not rifled.

    Probably should have charged him with possessing a “destructive device”…covers all their legal bases, then, again, it is the NYPD we’re discussing.

    • Good thing he didn’t have length of 2″ or 3″ dia pvc in the truck. Could have charged him with an unregistered/no serial#, 80% ghost potato gun.

  12. I see a Free Speech lawsuit in a department’s future. Sorry blue I’ll back the Black in this one.

  13. see, no freedom is absolute..
    I want them slaves back in the field asap.
    tell them to take biden with them.

    • Yup, those pesky physics (mass / velocity equations) equally apply to T-shirt cannons, baseballs, motor vehicles and firearm projectiles.

      If there was no MLB then the people in the article would never have been injured…ban MLB!

  14. It is not a cannon or a rifle. It is a Tee-shirt launcher. Made to look scary is all. Lots of things are made to look scary. How about we ban costumes on Halloween in case somebody thinks that barely four foot tall vampire really is an blood sucking monster and not a child seeking candy?

    Oh and tee-shirt launcher’s a thing at all sorts of events. Uncountable thousands of tee-shirts have been fired off at all sorts of people. Nobody has ever been harmed by a tee-shirt launched at them during a concert, a sporting event of some sort of product promotion.

    Those cops should be made to put the scary thing back on the man’s Hummer, then do a thorough detail job. Clean, wax and polish.


      • You’re a tool of the anti-gunners. laying by their rules, fighting the political fight the way they set the field.

        But yes, “exactly correct” is what I do all day long on Gun Rights and what the real source of the threat is.

        • Lol. Ok.

          Enuf in 2020: “I’m voting for Biden”
          Enuf in 2021: “I do the most for gun rights”

          I can’t even…

  15. “Unmoved, cops hauled Stoney, a New Jersey resident, and his passengers to the Midtown South Precinct, where he was ticketed for unlawful possession of an air rifle.”

    I’m amazed that the New Jersey State Police weren’t the ones to arrest him first! After all, here in the Garbage State, I mean Guardrail State, I mean “Garden State”, air guns are considered “firearms” because reasons. Here in the People’s Republic of New Jersey, it’s illegal to possess an air gun without first obtaining a Firearms Purchaser ID Card (complete with fingerprints, three letters of reference, and a background check), and then going to an FFL dealer to get ANOTHER background check at the time of purchase.

    And here in the PRNJ, if your air gun has a “silencer” on it, then it’s 10 years in state prison, the exact same penalty as owning a silenced Glock, because the PRNJ bans “silencers”, and again, the PRNJ considers air guns “firearms.” One of the many problems with this law is that nowadays, most adult air rifles have built-in sound suppressors, making them illegal “silenced firearms” in the PRNJ.

    • PRNJ can ban air rifles and silencers, but they cannot silence they sound of hoofbeats leaving NJ for lower taxes and freedom.

  16. If the NYPD was defunded, I would not shed a tear. Used to be “If you could make it in NY you could make it anywhere” but NY is so nannified, its more like “If you made it in NY, someone in the gov was babysitting you, holding your hand the whole time, and giving you subsidies” – so good luck in the real world.

  17. Well getting stopped by the cops and having your t shirt slinger confisticated probably saved the t shirt company from a major lawsuit because the t shirt hit somebody in the eye.

  18. When T shirt guns are outlawed only outlaws will give away free T shirt gun T shirts.

  19. “I know it’s a stupid question, but precisely where did NYPD get the authority to confiscate a T-shirt cannon? ”

    From the US Supreme Court: arrest ’em all; let the DA sort it out. No punishment for being wrong.

  20. Why anyone would chose to live in these 2nd Amendment wastelands and liberal hellholes is beyond me.

  21. Probably would have received a cheering police escort if he had been shooting T-shirts that praised the mayor or governor.

    By the way, Norman, OK has had a law for 40 years or more that says it’s illegal to shoot, propel, throw or kick any object. So technically, almost all sports, including OU Sooners sports down to little league t-ball are forbidden. Of course, the law is never enforced, unless it’s against someone the powers that be just don’t like, and can’t pin any other “crimes” on. The bottom line is that NY probably should use some discretion in some cases. I’m surprised NYC didn’t require a costly permit for t-shirt guns long ago.

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