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From the personal defense files comes the latest broad daylight lesson from the great northwest about armed self defense and the effectiveness of orders of protection in deterring

From KOMO News . . .

Kennewick (Washington) Police say they were called out at about 1:20 p.m., to the 2700 block of south Sherman Street on Thursday.

KPD says a woman called about an armed man with a two-by-two steel pipe, who was trying to break down her door.

Police say the woman had a gun and barricaded the back door while waiting for officers.

The 65-year-old creeper who tried to force his way into the home — Monty Bockman — was arrested by police when they eventually arrived. It seems someone who lives in the home had an order of protection against Bockman, but for some reason, that piece of paper wasn’t much of a deterrent.

Police noted how impressed they were that the woman didn’t open fire on Bockman.

Kennewick police say they were, “impressed with her great restraint and example of being an armed citizen in our city during a very traumatic event.”

Too many people put their faith in a judge’s restraining order or order of protection to ensure their safety. But a piece of paper has no effect on someone who’s bent on doing another person harm (for examples, see here, here, and here). Try waiving a judge’s order in the face of your attacker if you want to test that theory.

American civil society gun culture

Fortunately, in this case, the woman was armed in the event that her door barricade didn’t hold. Even more fortunately, she was never faced with the choice of whether or not to pull the trigger. No matter how justified, that’s a decision the defender will have to live with for the rest of their life.

The lesson here is and aways should be, you are responsible for your own safety. You are your own first responder. A judge’s order means less than nothing to many violent, abusive individuals. For their part, the police simply can’t respond quickly enough and don’t have a duty to protect you anyway.

More Americans are coming to that realization every day and are buying firearms at a never-seen-before pace.


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  1. I wonder if she told the dispatchers that she was armed and the officers could prioritize her call for service accordingly.

  2. the intruders probably though that square steel bar was a Keltec and bugged out, not realizing that keltecs only exist in review articles and not in actual stores.

    • @DWildstar
      Apparently, you didn’t read the article for content and comprehension.

  3. “Kennewick police say they were, “impressed with her great restraint and example of being an armed citizen in our city during a very traumatic event.””

    Drat, one less thug would have been a community improvement…

    • Geoff PR,

      I have to wonder if the attacker will return to maim/murder the victim at a future date and location where the victim is unarmed. With that distinct possibility in mind, it may have been in the defender’s best interest to permanently neutralize the attacker rather than leaving the attacker fully operational for police arrest.

      • “I have to wonder if the attacker will return to maim/murder the victim at a future date and location where the victim is unarmed. ”

        That is a possibility… 🙁

    • The only reason to call the police is to pick up the dead body of the intruder/ trespasser.

      • You’re assuming she would not have been arrested for having the nerve to do the State’s job for them. Yes, it’s sad that a predator will be back out on the streets again, but just like the police, she has no obligation to protect the public. She wisely left SOLVING the problem to the next guy down the line.

        • A dead body or the Keltec dwildstar was babbling about?
          Either way … one’s just as useful as the other.

        • Yeah that is a pisser. The cops always get the dead guy, at least they could feed the kids at skool with them. What a lunch program for Chicago.

    • We have an update on the teenage girls that murdered an UberEats driver –

      They have a plea deal, and will be on the streets in a few years.

      Read all about it at the Zero Hedge…

      • I’m not surprised. I expected this.
        The Libertarians, the Liberals, the Left, the atheists, the sexually liberated. All of them disagreed with the Christians. When the Christians said children need a father. The Three L’s, the atheists, and the sexual liberated, all enabled this crime to happen. They have enabled a woman to have five children from 5 different men and not be married. All supported by the welfare industrial complex. And living in a gun-free zone public housing project.

        All of these people should have followed their own advice. And stay out of the bedrooms of other people.

        • Thanks for posting the link, Chris.

          For some reason, If I try and post a link, my comment evaporates into thin air. The TTAG web code hates me… 🙁

        • No problem I’m glad I could get the link for you and everyone else too.
          This case reminds me of something that happened back in the 1990s. A 14 year old boy who was arrested for the murder of six people. In a drug deal gone bad. In Savannah Georgia I believe.

          That case did not get national attention. And it happened before there was Fox News. Or the internet. Also the shooter and the victims were all “the wrong color”. So no one really cared.

          Children and murdering people happen all the time in the United States. It’s just that it’s the wrong color of the people that are involved.
          That’s why you never hear about it.

        • Edit.
          Children are murdering Adults and other children. All the time. It’s just that they’re the wrong color. So nobody really cares. Unless it’s an immigrant. Then all of a sudden people start to care.

      • Well they’ll be to old to sale girlscout cookies when they get out. That’s gotta hurt.

      • Relying on a Restraining Order for protection is like relying on a Gun Free Zone Sign for protection.

        A 65 year old man should have better sense than to act like some broken hearted Jr. High snot nosed twit or whatever…C’Mon Man.

        • “A 65 year old man should have better sense than to act like some broken hearted Jr. High snot nosed twit or whatever…”

          Some folks emotionally never grow up. Had a friend like that, I knew him pushing 25 years.

          Around age 13, he became a daily smoker of weed. Powerful strong herbage. He became emotionally ‘frozen’ at that level. As the years passed, it grew uncomfortable to hang out with him. All he wanted to do was work his low-level job and go home and smoke. Never left the house he grew up in. Work (when he didn’t call in sick), smoke, sleep. Repeat. Eventually, his employer fired his lazy ass. Now with zero income, the credit card companies demanded payment. With no income, and poor prospects of ever holding a job with responsibility again, he took the easy way out. *Blam*.

          Those folks are out there…

    • Have you noticed that Joe Biden is trying to disarm you? No ammo means no pow, no pow, no police, means your probably gonna die. Think it over, we need each other even if some police are crooked. Peace

  4. The 1999 book by Richard W. Stevens, “Dial 911 and Die: The Shocking Truth About The Police Protection Myth”, remains available from JPFO, Inc. at JPFO, Inc. is
    “America’s Aggressive Civil Rights Organization” and is non NRA affiliated. Dial 911 and Die reminds us “Local law enforcement has no legal or moral duty to protect individuals, but only
    to provide police protection to the public at large.” This from numerous court cases of the judiciary, including the U.S. Supreme Court. Dial 911 also covers and debunks the myths, failures, and fallacies of restraining orders. The latter of course is of major concern for women who are being stalked, abused, threatened, targeted, and followed by lowlife male scum! A caption in the beginning of this book states, “Even the most advanced cell phone is no substitute for a good .38 Special!” In addition to JPFO, Inc. I likewise endorse another pro-Second Amendment institution: The John Birch Society in Appleton, Wisconsin at and, respectively.

    There exists alternate sources as bulwarks against violent crime, socialism, political and religious correctness, and “feel good denial!” I just posted two above. The Bible states:

    “A wise man (or woman) will hear and increase understanding, and a man (or woman) of understanding will attain wise counsel.” —— Proverbs 1:5

    James A. “Jim” Farmer
    Merrill, Oregon (Klamath County)
    Long Live The State of Jefferson!

  5. Here in Indiana; strong castle doctrine + strong civil suit protection would equal 1 less psychotic thug on the streets.
    Glad that this lady didn’t end up on a slab, as a 2×2 steel bar/tube ABSOLUTELY is a lethal weapon.

  6. Here’s something even more amazing….
    Despite the cops showing up her dog lived through the event!

  7. No she didn’t, gunms aren’t used to defend there only used to assault. Every good red blooded American knows that. Zieg Hiel


  9. she should have notified the police that there was a democrat breaking in at the door and she had a gun .

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