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Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (AP Photo/Eric Gay, File)
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“If we have the votes to pass a permitless carry bill off the Senate floor, I will move it,” Patrick said in a statement. “At this point we don’t have the votes on the floor to pass it. I plan to meet with law enforcement who oppose permitless carry and with the [National Rifle Association] and [Gun Owners of America] who support it to see if we can find a path that a majority of senators will vote to pass.”

— Parick Svitek in Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick says Senate currently lacks the votes to pass permitless carry of handguns

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  1. So, what’s the problem with the senate not having the votes? I recall JWT mentioning Republicans control both lower houses…

  2. Y’all have a real winner in Texas, typical dishonest Republican who won’t honor his commitments.

    “Pennsylvania’s lieutenant governor is claiming that Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R) owes his state money after law enforcement officials in Pennsylvania uncovered isolated instances of voter fraud in recent weeks.”

    Too bad the only real election fraud anyone could find was corrupt Republicans voting multiple times for Donald Trump, what a bunch of hypocrites.

    “A week after the Nov. 3 election, Patrick offered up to $1 million to anyone who could provide proof of voter fraud anywhere around the country.

    State officials in Pennsylvania have in recent weeks uncovered at least three instances of voter fraud, two of which involved cases of citizens casting multiple ballots for President Trump.”

    The Republicans have discovered the criminals and it is them, how ironic.


    • What do you expect from the Communist Wolf administration? I live minutes from Pennsylvania and tend to pay attention to their internal politics.

      • The problem is the Texas lieutenant governor who reneged on his promise to pay $1 million for a bona fide election fraud.

        Pennsylvania found election fraud, registered Republicans voting multiple times for Donald Trump.

        Either he’s ok with Republican election fraud or he is a shyster.

        • minor49IQ…Now that you’ve shinned up your Do Gooder Badge with total BS how about you saying you are sorry for all of the race based atrocities throughout US history that belong lock, stock and barrel to your very own beloved democRat Party?

          And after your apology I expect you to man up and tell the forum how you will also hold the democRat Party liable for Monetary Reparations.

          Think of all the disgusting evil things that the democRat Party has done because a person’s skin was Black. It must be something about “Black” that sets off you democRats. Just look at how democRats want to lynch the Black AR15.

          Everyday you and your Gun Control democRat ilk wave around the stench of an agenda rooted in racism and genocide. The only way you and your ilk can get away with that is because you and your ilk have dumbed down America with lies and more lies.

          Look how the democRat Party has made total fools out of Black Americans. I mean a Black American belonging to the democRat Party makes as much sense as a Jew belonging to the nazi party. That’s just the way it is…ain’t dat right?

          If I were you I’d be very worried about the day when Black Americans realize how much they have been played by your despicable, sneaky, Russian collusion, election fraud Jim Crow Gun Control democRat Party.

  3. 100% pure political calculation. They don’t care about Rights, just maintaining political power, and give the people the finger.

    • Why do Texas and Florida have pro gun reputations when they’re so anti gun in reality? They’re full of New York style Republicans and Democrats.

      • Ironically, it’sbecause of comments like “New York style Republicans” that drives the reputation. People are given to hyperbole and ignorance.

        Their concept of Texas stems feom the myths that sprang from old western movies and T.V. shows. People watched those as kids and presumed Texas was the epicenter of the “wild, wild West” where everybody, including children, routinely walk around strapped, packing and ready for a gunfight with no more than a passing insult.

        That ludicrous myth being, well, a myth, in turn gives rise to the equally asinine countermyth that Texas is an ultra restrictive and a New York–style Democrat’s dream.

        • There’s also the fact that Texas and Florida were the first two populous states to lean into the restoration of Second Amendment rights in the 80s. Other states passed better, less restrictive laws later, but those two states got a rep for their early involvement.

        • “…not the multi national corporate interests.”

          Bwahahahaha! Facebook, Amazon, Google, Apple, Twitter, Corporate Media, MLB, NFL, Delta Airlines, etc. etc. etc. ad nauseum, ad infinitum.

          As your pet dog faced pony soldier would say, “come on, man!”

        • And wow… the mobile version of TTAG is just AWFUL. This comment is supposed to be in response to our favorite contrarian, Miner, below. Instead, it’s here for some reason…

      • “Why do Texas and Florida have pro gun reputations when they’re so anti gun in reality?

        A very effective Republican propaganda machine…

        Remember Donald Trump, who claimed to support the Second Amendment but instead said “Maybe we should take the guns first and worry about the courts later”.

        • Congrats miner, you have politics figured out but still can’t fathom the thought of your leaders doing the same shit… Ironic.

        • Oh no Monty, I know exactly how duplicitous both Republicans and Democrats can be.

          The difference is, the Democrats are more amenable to the peoples voice, not the multi national corporate interests.

          One only has to consider the massive conservative Republican push and support for the citizens United decision, authorizing virtually unlimited money into our political system.

          And contrary to what many Republicans claim, corporations are not people. No entity should receive the benefits of citizenship until they can stand the equal risk of being drafted, sent to Vietnam and losing their legs in a rice paddy.
          No business endeavor should receive the benefits of citizenship until it can stand the risk of years of hard time in a federal pen for misdeeds that harm other citizens.

          The United States Constitution was not written to guarantee a profit to a business endeavor, but rather to guarantee freedoms and protection from these very business entities that prey upon unwary citizens

  4. There’s two problems I’m aware of, there’s probably more, with this law:

    1. It’s my understanding that the same signs (30.06 & 30.07) that are used to prohibit carry by license holders will also be used to prohibit non license holders. If that’s the case this law will take us backward not forward. We’ll be more restricted where we can legally carry.

    2. It also my understanding that a LTC will not be required to carry on college campus. If that’s the case and it becomes law you know who’s going to be the next governor of Texas? Beto O’Rourke

    • You’re full of shit. You’re totally wrong in both statements. The signs change nothing although you just trieD to write a false narrative that attempts to convince folks it does. LTC or otherwise the signs prohibit folks from carrying in a building. It’s that simple. The amendment to the bill authorizing permit less carry on college campus did not pass. The final version of the House voted forward mandates permits for campus carry and I don’t know how you make sense throwing Beto in there at all but him running for any office has never thwarted anything from being passed at all. Quit trying to manipulate people for your screwed up political lunacy.

    • I see no reason for constitutional carry to work for or against the right a business has to restrict firearms within their premises. Even with strength of law enforceability. Its as if current law can’t be modified or rewritten which is exactly what we’re taking about (changing current law). CC is about being able to carry without being required to have a license. Currently, 30.06 and 30.07 only apply to license holders. So make it apply to everyone genericly. That’s a better way anyway. There is no reason to think that CC would create greater restrictions. Unless you want to consider that 30.06 and 30.07 do not apply to those that are not licensed. Creating a situation where a non licensed person can carry into a place that a licensed person cannot is crazy. But then, that’s EXACTLY what we have already have right now. CC would end up only meaning one less charge against a criminal. But that is NOT even a variable if the law applied to EVERYONE like it should anyway. Even with CC, having a license would still have advantages.

      Of course its politics. We are dealing with politicians. This isn’t all that complicated. Politicians make it that way though.

      • The only advantage of having a permit in a Constitutional Carry state is the potential reciprocity with other states that mandate permits. The current bill does not remove the ability in any manner to get a permit in Texas for that reason. Only the paranoid liberal gun haters will complicate things and they do that on purpose. Personally I feel all those not in favor of Constitutional Carry, Voter ID, and mandatory E-verify should be forced to leave the state.

        • “The only advantage of having a permit in a Constitutional Carry state is the potential reciprocity with other states that mandate permits.”

          That would not be correct. The Texas LTC is a vetting process for the carrier. Guns can be purchased without a nics check. LTC’s do mean something to cops if you need to interact with them. Felons cannot get them.

          A Texan might get one just to avoid certain legal problems that might come up in a defensive shooting situation.

    • Prndll is right. Also if you are in a no guns allowed location the stand your ground type laws do not apply there. That’s what these numb nuts don’t understand.

      I’m in favor of constitutional carry as long as there’s different signs prohibiting people without a license to carry. My goal is to be able to LEGALLY carry in as many places as possible, this proposed law goes in opposite direction of that goal.

      • If you’re worried about vetting as a barrier to Constitutional Carry you might as well join your like-minded liberals on the left coast. We’re innocent until proven guilty. If that makes you uncomfortable then either get a permit, and/or LEAVE TEXAS for some place that believes in domination and control. Texans are trying to move beyond that insecurity. It’s also stupid to limit yourself to an LTC if it’s not required as then you legally bound to what you received in the class. I can articulate my own actions. Those that need a class to teach that to them would better serve Texas by living elsewhere as we’re trying to reduce the stupid factor here too.

        • You might not fully understand what I’m driving at. I will not stand in the way of constitutional carry. I just have a few concerns. I’m not thrilled at all about the idea of submitting finger prints and all that. I’m also none too crazy about NICS. I would rather not have either one. I don’t want the NFA either. ALL this stuff just over complicates everything. We would not need the LTC if it were not for all this craziness. I do agree though that businesses should have the right to some say as to what comes onto their premises. Just as you have the same right regarding your home. I remember being able to go to the local auto parts store and by guns. Then the Clintons happened.

          For the record….I am not a liberal.

  5. So if you don’t have the votes put it to a vote and let every senator go on record so the ‘nay’s can be primaried out of their jobs.

    Unless it’s the Lt. Governor who doesn’t support it.

    • Ignorant non-Texan here: What power does their Lt. Gov. have in determining what legislative bills are considered?

      • @Dave, in the Texas legislature, the Lt. Governor acts as the president of the State Senate, having a role similar to the Majority Leader in the U.S. Senate and the Speaker in the U.S. House. He controls the entire agenda for the State Senate, including scheduling votes or even bringing bills up for debate.

        In Texas, despite the titles, the Lt. Governor actually has more legislative power (and some say more political power) than the Governor.

      • Under the Texas Senate’s “5/9th’s Rule (used to be 3/5th Rule but recently changed), you have to have 18 or the 31 senators agree to allow a bill to come to the floor (essentially, every bill is treated like it is being filibustered and has to get the necessary votes to come to the floor). So Patrick is saying there aren’t the necessary 18 votes to allow it to go forward.

        Here, however, I agree that Patrick ought hold the vote and make the RINOs show themselves (so that they can be primaried), rather than let them hide behind the lame claim that “I really would have voted for it but never got the chance.”

  6. Typical politician spewing weaksauce. “The votes aren’t there.” You’re supposed to be a *leader*. Find a way or lead people to the solution. Shrugging and brushing off Constitutional issues is the action of a professional weasel not a leader.

  7. Texans have expected this to happen. Suicide Dan Patrick is a RINO and closet liberal and always has been. Sorry two-faced backstabber is the one who went to law enforcement prior to this legislative session and asked them to speak out AGAINST Constitutional Carry and he, along with Abbott, have been doing this all along. They both conceded to passing open carry a few years back but only just to get elected. Neither one are really pro gun and both love the political power and the ability to dominate and control everybody and everything. I’ve never like Dan Patrick and have never trusted him and never will.

    It’s at minimum absolutely insulting to make a statement claiming he’ll move a bill forward but only if it has enough votes when you’ve already gone behind everyone’s backs and asked key individuals to come out against the bill. As a former L.E.O. myself I’m totally ashamed of these whiner LEO(s) that came out to speak against Constitutional Carry. Shameful is their blatant undeniable ignorance and unprofessional behavior. If they want to lobby against legislation as citizens that’s fine but their badge and position is supposed to be neutral and unbiased. This assembly of theirs under color of law should not be tolerated and runs contrary to the profession.

    Regardless of what Dan Patrick and Gregg Abbott PERSONALLY feels about Constitutional Carry their positions exist to get out and campaign FOR the passage of amendments and laws that are desired and directed to pass by WE THE PEOPLE.

    • Former LEO? Interesting. You don’t sound like you know much about the Texas LTC process.

      Personally, I don’t trust Patrick either. But then I have no love for politicians in general.

      • Yes … exactly. Sounds to me like the confusion is yours but then again that’s not surprising. I know plenty about the LTC and I’ve watched it be changed via “baby steps” since 1995. Folks like you who blame everything except that which is most deserving for it not being replaced by Constitutional Carry is who is causing LTC to be the only method of being able to wear a handgun. That attitude is what got us in to this mess and the sooner it’s gone the better. The west coast is a more fitting place for you. Don’t waste time in getting there.

  8. I’m not really sure how it’s a bad idea to essentially say “I’m not going to waste time trying to get something through that’s DOA”.

    Ensuring you have the votes up front so you don’t get sandbagged and end up seen as welching on a promise is smarter than most pols. Or voters…

    • Lt. Gov. Patrick is only using that as an excuse. He has always had a yellow streak up his back when it comes to Constitutional Carry.

  9. It don’t look good for Texas constitutional carry, heard cop on TV talking,, , Sharriff don’t like it, glock at the casba, glock at the casba

  10. One troll in the thread only attracts others. Kind of like the troll is the shit that draws flies. Similarly politicians should make promises they don’t intend to keep.

  11. If he wasn’t a coward he’d put the bill up just to get the votes on record and let the voters see who is what.

  12. He doesn’t have the votes because many people including Libertarians see no reason to vote. So politicians have no fear losing their jobs. Enjoy your legalized Medical marijuana.

    “Why It’s OK Not To Vote – Katherine Mangu-Ward” video 59 minutes long

    • And the Libertarian lunatics are every bit as much a waste of human space as the Democrats and closet liberals and RINO(s) are.

      • Freedom is not free. That truism is something that Libertarians reject.
        To a Libertarian freedom has no cost. It simply comes from the sky above them.
        Provided by the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

    • LIKE NO !!!!!! He does not have the votes because he does not want them !!!!! Look at where he gets his money…..be sensible about this…..he deep 6’d it ……for cash…….

  13. “law enforcement who oppose permitless carry”

    Law enforcement really needs to be making more enemies on both side of the isle. Or something.

  14. This is really is really no surprise eventhough we were getting our hopes up. I am so ready for Texas to lead at something but as long as we have Abbott and Patrick, two things are bound to happen. 1, nothing will get done and 2, Democrats will be the next governor and lt governor. These 2 jackasses are almost as bad as Biden.

    • Then we need an outsider for Texas like Trump was to the country. Interesting Bush #2 gave an interview today stating he was in support of a “moderate who was for reasonable gun control”. Very coincidental IMHO. They’re ALL globalists for the NWO. That’s what we’re really up against.

  15. Dan Patrick pulled a fast one on Texans…… He pulled the same scam Kristi Noem pulled in her state about Transgender “Language”…..just out right lie to us ( And OH !!!!!!, how “they” worked so hard to make it happen !!!!!)……he receives a lot of money from these police Orgs. , such a liar………and like Gov. “Grabbit”…..no vote for you……..

    • Whatever you do please DO NOT vote that Hollyweird shithead McConaughey in to office. He’s worse than Diane Feinstein and will definitely turn Texas CA blue. He demands magazines with a 3 round limit.

  16. Another useless government shill. Put the bill up there and force them to make a public stand. Then get rid of the useless slugs in your party that voted against it. Screw politicians like this. If you think politicians will save us, you are living in a dream world.


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