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By Kathleen Hennessy and Tim Sullivan, AP

The two men stepped from the shadows as the car turned off an upscale shopping street into a residential area located on the far edge of the rioting that swept through Minneapolis. It was after midnight. A pair of metal dividers blocked the road, and the men stepped to either side of the car as it stopped. Both carried assault rifles.

“Do you live here?” one of the men asked, politely, but forcefully. His hands rested casually on the rifle slung across his chest, and a pistol was strapped to his belt.

“We have lots of old people here,” he continued, satisfied that the driver, an AP reporter, posed no danger. “We don’t want anyone to get hurt.”

A week of civil unrest has led some Minneapolis residents near the epicenter of the violence to take steps to protect their homes and neighborhoods. They’ve stocked up on fire extinguishers and buckets, and formed scores of loose neighborhood watch groups — aided by a cluster of apps and social media — to share what they view as suspicious activity.

Preparing for nightfall in Minneapolis has meant a new routine for many: stashing garbage cans to keep them from being tossed or set on fire, turning on lights and opening blinds. In some neighborhoods near large demonstrations, witnesses say it also includes residents armed with baseball bats, crowbars and the occasional pistol barricading their streets to keep violent protesters away.

Obediah, a member of a neighborhood watch that started after the death of George Floyd in police custody sparked unrest, looks out from the roof of his home with binoculars, Tuesday June 2, 2020, in Minneapolis, Minn. A week of civil unrest has led some Minneapolis residents near the epicenter of the violence to take steps to protect their homes and neighborhoods. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

Similar scenes have started to emerge across the country as the angry protests have spread, along with a heightened sense of fear and diminished confidence that police will keep the peace. In Chicago’s heavily-Mexican Little Village enclave, neighborhood residents stood watch as shops were vandalized along a busy commercial strip.

For some, it’s all a sign of community pride and rational response when policing has broken down, as it did in most destructive nights in Minneapolis last week. But others see a more troubling undercurrent in the anxiety and mobilization, particularly as it spreads to largely white neighborhoods that have seen little or no damage.

“There’s a sense of state failure and into state failure comes private actions to protect one’s family and one’s community,” said Omar Wasow, an assistant professor of politics at Princeton University who writes about race and the politics of protest movements. “You take that and you layer it on the long, deep-rooted racist mythology that says, ‘I should be scared and black people are a threat,’ and you get a kind of circle-the-wagons behavior.”’

Peter Baggenstos has felt the tension in his neighborhood, a largely white, wealthy pocket of Minneapolis about a mile from a stretch of stores that were vandalized. Baggenstos, a doctor who is African American, said he senses a lot of “passive policing” at night, as neighbors keep lights on and trade text messages about cars or people on the street after curfew.

“You’ve got that feeling that eyes are on you,” he said.

As a result, his wife alerted the neighbors when Baggenstos came home late recently, driving his Tesla. It does not have a front license plate, something likely to raise suspicions these days.

“People want to take control over what they feel they’re losing control of — in this case, it’s their personal well-being and that of their family members,” Baggenstos said. “But it’s gotten to this level where it’s dangerous. It’s causing everyone to be paranoid.”

He said he’s particularly worried about the surge of rumors and claims on text chains and apps, technology that has transformed old notions of a neighborhood watch.

Since protests first erupted in Minneapolis last week in response to the death of George Floyd, a black man who died in police custody, neighbors across south Minneapolis have rushed for updates on apps like Next Door, GroupMe and Citizen, which are organized by neighborhood.

By Tuesday, one GroupMe neighborhood watch group had swelled to 479 members, organized into seven smaller regions. Members, identified only by their first names and cross streets, posted a steady stream of descriptions of suspicious vehicles, loud popping sounds, worries about outsiders and objects that might be filled with accelerants used to set fires.

“I would guess those are lawn bags,” one poster said.

Residents have reason to be on alert. Arson and vandalism have devastated a large stretch of a vital corridor in south Minneapolis, and have spread beyond to pockets of neighboring St. Paul and some suburbs. State law enforcement authorities have said they’ve found caches of flammable liquids all over the metropolitan area, as well as stolen vehicles without license plates that they believe have been used to move the material.

In the worst-hit neighborhoods, where store after store was sometimes burned to the ground and looting was brazen, groups of neighbors sometimes set up makeshift barricades at their street corners, standing behind them for hours with baseball bats and metal rods.

But most of the tactics are far less confrontational.

Michael Grunke looks out from his home to the streets around his neighborhood, where he has joined neighbors to form a watch group, after the death of George Floyd while in custody of police sparked unrest, Tuesday June 2, 2020, in Minneapolis, Minn. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

Michael Grunke, a 35-year-old who lives near where Floyd died, said he and other tenants in his building gathered hoses and buckets for water. The building manager bought up fire extinguishers before they sold out at some local hardware stores. The group stayed up all night, standing watch, he said — his way to show support for the peaceful protests.

“This was a good thing I could do to help the community and make sure things weren’t getting destroyed and tarnishing the memory of George Floyd,” Grunke said.

Joy Miciano, 47, lives with her husband and their two teenage children in the South Uptown area, where stores have been damaged but few buildings burned. She said she and her husband stayed up keeping watch Friday because they felt no police or firefighters would respond.

“That’s what was worrisome to us — if this was coming our way, there was no one to call for help,” she said.

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      • United States Army Infantry Manual
        United States Army Counter Insurgency Manual
        Mao’s little red book
        Improvised Weapons Munitions Explosives and Devices Field Manual

        And take a course from Paul Howe.

        • Add to that a bit of common sense…maneuvering space, don’t bunch up, have some overwatch even if is no more than someone on a shed roof behind that fence.

        • “Try to never hug your cover.
          It limits movement and vision.”

          “If your defensive position is so strong the enemy cannot get in….
          You cannot get out.”
          – Anon

        • And any copy of the Infantry Journal published during or immediately after wartime will have clear, concise accounts of combat actions including the how and why.

        • I believe that their hope, and intention, was that the show of armed force would dissuade the anarchists looking for easy pickings and victims.

          They were not looking for or actually expecting an armed confrontation.

          If I were to advise them on this tactic, however, I would suggest posting some of those ARs BEHIND the wall on some sort of platform where they could quickly rise above the barrier and take defensive action while the people in front of the wall headed for cover.

        • Take this for what it’s worth: I’ve only dealt with simulated combat.

          — Mao on Guerilla War.
          More than helping neighborhood not-just-watching groups, this is a really sobering perspective on what the goblins are up to. Either they’re following this recipe, or somebody spun the improbability drive way up.

          It’s always good to know the other guy’s playbook. As the movie said: “… you magnificent bastard; I read your book!”

          – The Art of Meneuver
          Modern examples from maneuver perspective, catalyzed by analysis on the Falklands war. Includes several rounds of mid-East wars.

          Everybody’s heard that Schwartzkapf’s campaign, especially the big end-around was all maneuver warfare, tho at scale. It’s less obvious that the British campaign in the Falklands war was maneuver warfare.

    • Mr. Taylor,

      That wall provides an advantage as well: now you only have to scan for threats in a 180 degree field of view in front of you. Couple that with the fact that there were dozens of reinforcements standing within 100 feet either side and I think it was a sound tactical choice.

      And there is another advantage to that wall: if someone is going to assault you they have to walk right at you which clarifies their intentions. If there is no wall, someone who is approaching could simply be walking to a destination that happens to be in your direction with no ill intent and you have no way of discerning their intentions.

      • But the wall would do that if they were 3 or 4 feet away from it.

        Also no where to retreat behind and without bumping info your homie on each side. Unless you’re on the end.

        Never a perfect scenario. But often a best use of what you have.

        • Yes, better not to be right on the wall, but by being on the wall, they maintained some separation from the protestors. If they’d been crowding the march, it might have caused more tension. Instead the posture came across as more “We’re just here protecting our homes, leave us be and we’ll leave you be.”

          Definitely better to have a few up on the roofs with scoped rifles though.

          I don’t really like powerful scopes on AR’s, even my AR-10. If I need to reach out past 200 yards, I’d use the .270. But you have very little target acquisition and field of view with some of the scopes on an AR.

      • “now you only have to scan for threats in a 180 degree field of view in front of you.”

        No sir, this is contrary to hard won knowledge:

        “An obstacle unobserved does not exist.”

        • In a hot conflict with hardened, organized enemy soldiers determined to attack and kill you, I agree completely that the wall is a bad tactical element. An organized, determined force with several dozen attackers and vehicles could blitz you from any direction — and that includes blitzing you from behind where they can simply drive or shoot through the flimsy wall.

          All of the evidence that I have seen indicates a few rioters and looters who might ambush one or two unwitting or ill-prepared people. I have not seen any evidence that indicates the rioters and looters have the organization, tactics, strategy, resources, or desire to rush several dozen people armed with rifles. That being the case, I believe the wall is actually an advantage.

          Could a lone violent anarchist sneak up behind the wall and fatally shoot one of those defenders through the wall? Sure. And that same violent anarchist could casually stroll up to that very same defender in full view and still fatally shoot him/her in the head at three feet away. Either way, that lone violent anarchist will successfully shoot and kill one or maybe two people. The only difference is whether that lone murderer can get away if he/she attacks from behind the wall. And in that regard, there is always a way that motivated attacker can ambush one or two people and get away.

    • It’s ALMOST like they were trying to keep at least six feet of distance between themselves and the protesters marching on a public right of way while making a public show of force.
      Good Lord the tactitard keyboard commandos here are completely clueless about real life and face-to-face interaction with other human beings.

      • helps to have a neighborhood with limited access….remember sitting on the back porch listening to sporadic gunfire down in town accompanied by an occasional flare and getting an occasional wift of tear gas….things got pretty dicey in those days…the only thing that brought it to a close was overwhelming force…can history be repeating itself?

    • Not exactly.

      My first thought was that they’re too close together, followed by “and that wall…”.

    • jwt, they literally have their backs to the wall. There’s no place for them to retreat. The only things behind them are their homes, and none of them are fireproof. So, they’re making a stand.

      I absolutely understand the tactical disadvantage, but I also know that if it was me, I’d draw a deadline in the dirt. And if my profile was high enough, nobody would dare to cross the deadline. The goblins would simply have to go looking for another neighborhood to loot where nobody guards that wall.

      • “deep-rooted racist mythology” said the “assistant professor”

        Mythology my ass! When 85% of violent crime in this country is caused by 13% of the population, I think the MYTH deserves to be considered. What bullshit!!!!!!!!!

        • “When 85% of violent crime in this country is caused by 13% of the population,”

          Be suspicious of unprovable statistics. What are the “controls” that assure every crime committed by every ethnic group is captured? How can we know that every crime, committed by anybody, is registered? How can we know that finding crimes among one group is not only easier, but more satisfying for whatever purpose?

          Always be suspicious of any data for which you do, or cannot, know the collection process/assumptions….no matter how often the data is referenced, published, or repeated.

        • Sam, 50% of murders are committed by blacks, who make up 13% of the population. And the murderers are largely young black males, so it’s more like 3% of the US population committing half of the murders.

        • “Sam, 50% of murders are committed by blacks, who make up 13% of the population. And the murderers are largely young black males, so it’s more like 3% of the US population committing half of the murders.”

          You make my point.

          Were all the murders by all the demographics observed and recorded? How do you know? Don’t presume, how do you know? How many murders were declared “justifiable homicide” because the perp was a favored demo? How many murders were not even recorded as murders at all, but as “accidents”, or “self-inflicted” because the perp was an otherwise favored demo? (Hint, I lived my first 24yrs in “the South”, I am familiar with how things sometimes happen.)

          As for your stats, all you can reliably state is, “Based on what data/statistics have been presented, these are the conclusions.” But the conclusions do not, and cannot, validate the data/statistics. To argue that because data/stats exist they must be accurate (or even true) invites challenges to both methodology, and the naivete’ of the person relying on the data/statistics.

          Just to add a bit of local color, the running joke where I lived when young was about a minority person found chained to the bottom of a river. When asked by reporters about finding the murderer, the Sheriff said, “What murderer? This here ol’ boy stole more chain and concrete than he could swim with.”

          When presented with a data set, always ask first, “Is this data set exhaustive of all the possible data points?” One must begin with knowing the limits of the population under scrutiny. From this beginning, analyzing data/statistics gets to be real fun.

      • Ralph, it’s not that there is a wall there, it’s that they are right back up against it. This is how people get trapped and hurt. It’s also how rounds get splashed into you. Keep the wall where it is, but take three big steps forward. Mobility is life. Stillness is death.

      • “Tactical Possum Maneuvers”

        That right there is a frightening thought. Opossum that think for themselves and fight accordingly surely means the end of the human dominance we now have.

    • I think that the local residents wanted as much space as possible between them and the “protesters”. Probably to minimize accusations of egging the protesters and to keep the residents from being spit on or assaulted or having a weapon grabbed.

    • Actually the first thing I thought was that they were either taking instruction from or having a meeting with the guy in the foreground.

    • In response to the comments that the neighborhood watch standing by the wall should move away from the wall and/or disperse and move apart:

      Not in this case, in my opinion. This isn’t a military conflict, this is more akin to a potential street fight that hasn’t started yet and a show of force might prevent it from starting. If your back is against the wall it’s harder for someone to sucker punch you from behind. You don’t want to disperse too much and get intermingled with the crowd, because you don’t know who is a threat and who is not. Dispersed armed people intermingled in a crowd can be jumped and disarmed and no friendlies are close enough to intervene.

      Dispersion works against hand grenades and distant machine guns, but seems to me it works against you in a crowd.

      I do agree they should have over-watch with rifles.

  1. People who don’t want to be victims just spoil everything for the media and politicians. Ungrateful slackers. There’s just too much takin’ personal responsibility goin’ on, around heah.

  2. That’s strange Carolina opinion… …rioters don’t carry cardboard signs those were legitimate protesters. 1st ammendment and 2nd go hand in hand.

    • Agree. From the brief clip, I’m not sure I’d call the walking group “rioters.” It’s important to draw a distinction between legitimate protest of police malfeasance and rioting, which is simply mob violence with no legitimate purpose. Happily, the two groups in this clip seemed to show each other mutual respect.

      • The problem with the protesters are that they give cover to the looters and antifa. They have stated their position and everyone agrees with them It is time to go back home and leave the bad apples exposed. In addition, if self defense is req’d, innocent bystanders unintentionally put themselves in danger by mixing with the rioters.

      • If both sides were armed, then there is mutual respect. If only one side is armed, then the side that isn’t armed is polite.

        • If the wrong side is the only armed side, your statement falls apart. See, for example, the Holocaust.

    • “1st ammendment and 2nd go hand in hand.”

      While true, irrelevant. Since we’re talking about “protesters” and “signs”, “congress shall make no law…” A few other parts of the US Constitution bear on the situation, looking at the actual words.

  3. “There was no one to call for help”

    Americans appear to be waking up to the fact that you are your own first responder. Violent mobs do not respect anything but the threat of deadly force.

    • Wrong. The only people who are “waking up” are gun owners who already knew this. It’s a small percentage of those realizing they are fucked, and starting to realize the violent nature of self defense, but not enough. The sad reality is that most of these protesting idiots are just providing cover for the rioters and looters, and then when they meet armed opposition, they rant about a lack of empathy because of course: they are not the ones there to loot. It’s a no win scenario. But people are not jumping to switch sides because of it, yet, maybe they never will because it might not get THAT bad. In order for that to happen, it would take an all out war nationwide. Another example is when people have tried calling the cops only to be told “the city is under attack, protect yourself” and then get hung up, then they get angry and blame police again! It’s never good enough for these people. They have manipulated so many people into the race baiting disease that currently plagues this country.

  4. Not sure those rioters in the photo. Ofmcourse, things can change.

    Seems like most have been peaceable, with a few loose turds thrown in to start some shit.

    Dumbassery is more contagious than Covid.

    Then there are them professional criminals that live for times like this.

    • Well, that’s kind of the point, isn’t it?

      If the genuine protestors pick no beef with the people standing watch in their neighborhoods, and the people standing watch do the same, then … nothing happens, and with luck the two groups might even build a little mutual respect.

      “Leave people alone unless they start messing with you” is a generally good policy.

      • Indeed.

        “First rule of ninjin’….is dont go ninjin’ nobody, that dont need ninjin'”
        – the West Virginia Ninja

        • “You gotchur judy chop! You gotchur kerate chop! And you gotchur ninjin chop. Some times it don’t always work fer a ninji… ah practice makes ah perfect”

          He’s kind of a philosopher if you really think about it.

  5. So sad, knew it was gonna come to this. Would’ve loved to be wrong, do we have to do people! Protect the country and the constitution from all enemies, foreign or “domestic”!

    • Abolish the police, get rid of the standing armies, throw out all gun control, remove restrictions on self defense, return to the sheriff office and revive the militia.

      The Republicans and Democrats do not want that to ever happen. Making America great again is not their goal.

      • Mexico had Militias. They have names like Sinola and los Zetos. We have similar Militias here — Black P-Stone Rangers, Disciples, Cryps and Bloods. You know what the difference between an independent Militia and a gang is? Nothing.

        • Every one you bought listed is a (criminal) business enterprise. Militias have no monetary motive. They don’t battle to expand their turf. They exist for defense.

        • You mean like the McMichaels? Look Sunshine, Militias are made of of the same flawed people as police departments so why would you expect them to behave any differently?

          And I forgot the grandest militia of them all.

          The exalted Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

        • This may be hard for you to understand that many cartel groups started off as opposition to lawless elements and ended up just taking over the business.

          The Militia as intended by the founding fathers was under the control of the Governors and President. They were governmental organizations not free standing independent actors. The difference between criminal gangs and Militias are not profits but chain of command.

          The faux Libertarian concept of a Militia is an uncontrolled mob who reports to no one but itself. Your concept of a militia is exactly as the Somali factions in early 90s.

        • Actually…Mexico does have militias. The auto defensas.

          They were somewhat effective. But the Mexican governemnt feared them (imagine that) and tired to absorb them somtheymcould monitor and disarm them.

          So…the Mexican government feared the cartels (and corrupt police/army) and instead went after the auto defensas groups that did not hide or move around.

          Mexico is a failed state. The US is not…yet. give states like Washington and Oregon a little more time to protect and promote the anarchists and see how militias are viewed.

        • You are so naive. I cringe every time I read your rants here.

          When every day people who used to work a 9-5 start having no option but to join a militia, then, maybe you will understand. That’s why they exist. You don’t think every soldier in the military agrees with every bureaucratic order or actually shares the same views or history as the person fighting next to them, do you? Can you just please refrain from spewing your opinion on these forums for the sake of everyone else. It wasn’t a question.

  6. If you’re ever close to that situation keep this in mind, it will probably be over in a few days so sleep with good sturdy boots on at night. You can always change socks and wash them during the day but the time it takes to put them on could be the difference. We always slept with them on in the army and out in indian terrority.

    • Is good advice also during severe weather. Be dressed so that leaving or responding can be done in moments.

      A bug-out bag should also be loaded correctly and at-hand.

  7. Actually did this very thing yesterday. Due to encroaching trouble that gets closer each night, I and three of my neighbors discussed yesterday how to defend our street and what measures can be legally employed (and when/how). Gun ownership is usually handled under the “Fight Club” rules (first rule…don’t talk) as a way to exercise good OPSEC in normal times. But we’ve all recently learned that more people in our neighborhood own guns than we previously thought.

    • On any nice weekend, our neighborhood has equal parts of lawnmower sounds and folks target practicing. We all have 5 acre lots here, with lots of tree stumps and other safe backstops, so gunfire is a normal sound. We have definitely had discussions on how to blockade our neighborhood and limit access if necessary – Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond aren’t that far away.

      Invasion of our community wouldn’t work very well.

      • I live at the end of our particular street, and it is a natural killbox for any intruders. They’d be really dumb to come here (and really dead if they started throwing Molotovs).

  8. That’s not a good look.

    Be friendly to your fellow Americans. Standing there with anger and indifference to the message of the peaceful creates the image of racial separation and political factions.

    Give them a wave and say, “hi, guys.”

    Don’t make the wrong assumptions without evidence. That’s how numerous people, trying to defend their stuff, got arrested by the police. Those cops are not there for the protesters, they are there to arrest the gun totting Americans when given a chance.

    Another tip: do not point your gun at someone when things get heated nor yell at people while your gun is in your hands. Sling it in a non aggressive manner. People have been charged with felonies for doing otherwise.

    • It’s hard to be empathetic when their cause provides shelter to those inciting violence. You are asking people to not be judgemental, yet you are judging their “look”. C’mon man.

      • I am judging their behavior not their look. They are holding guns at the ready and are not saying hi like a polite person does. They are staring down the kids walking by. They are lining up against the fence into their neighborhood and are waiting on the other side too, as if they own that entire piece of land.

        I mentioned two different things. One being polite gun owners who give other respect and the other a reminder that the McMichaels played cop without evidence, which lead to murder charges.

        Shop owners have been arrested for shooting looters and charged with murder. Other people “defending” their areas have also been arrested for gun charges.

        This is what happens when you act like those people I suggest not to be. He was arrested and charged with felonies.

        • Ok I’ll play. Nobody was greeting the armed people either. The protesters were also staring them down, especially the one in the video. Sometimes, peoples property extends beyond their fence line.. and really, you are going to make a big deal about them lining up on the outside of the fence instead of behind the over 6 foot tall fence? C’mon now… ladders are not the most secure outposts…

          You always find a way to find just what you are looking for huh. That 1%… How many people who showed up armed were NOT arrested? Case and point.

  9. Wow I thought that pic was from Crown Point,IN! NO chit went down. For those unaware Crown Point,IN is a pretty nice town se of Chiraq by about 40 miles. AND the home of the Crown Point gunshow at Lake Co. fairgrounds😏

  10. Anybody else get the notion that Professor Omar Wasow of Princeton University lives in a gated community with armed patrols? Maybe he’ll eat his words and get Chris Palmer’ed

  11. If I have to take to the street armed I’m going to have a mosin nagant 91/30 with bayonet on it. Nobody wants to face a fire breathing pike.

    • If you own a firearm that has the capability to accept a bayonet, you should have a bayonet for it.
      I have several for my AR’s that accept them, and for my M1.

      • “If you own a firearm that has the capability to accept a bayonet, you should have a bayonet for it.”

        The mini-chainsaw bayonet is far and away superior to any other.

  12. It is Crown Point, Indiana. Grew up there. Maybe 20 miles from Gary and 40 from Chicago. Use to be a small community of about 10000 Grown a lot. Lot of people commute to Chicago for work. Good to see folks taking care of each other.

    • THAT’S what I posted earlier! Saw it on FB and the local lamestream. I was ready south of Chicago. Locked n loaded!

  13. Yeah, its America with Americans acting like Americans. This shouldn’t be a story. It should simply represent what everybody across the country does to meet the ” new normal “.

  14. “But it’s [the neighborhood patrols] gotten to this level where it’s dangerous. It’s causing everyone to be paranoid.”

    Yep. That’s right. You’ve got no reason to be paranoid, even though thousands of rioters and burning down buildings within a mile of your house. Pulling out guns and organizing patrols is an over-reaction.

    The f*ing peope are absolutely unbelievable.

    • The cogitative dissonance from the progressive left is amazing. The police are a bunch of racists and totalitarians AND you have to rely them for your protection.

      C’mon man. Pick a narrative.

  15. This reminds me of my teenage youth in sacramento california. During the East Area Rapist attacks and murders, in the 1970s. I watched adult men openly carrying long guns patrolling the neighborhoods.
    It’s fun reading all the past comments on TTAG, from “so called 2A supporters” who were against open carry. Just two weeks ago in Lansing Michigan.
    At times like this you learn who is real. And who is fake.

  16. The person taking the videos and pictures probably told the defenders, “I can’t get all of you into frame. Can you stand closer together? And stand back a few feet closer to the wall. It’s more dramatic.”

    • Let’s see:
      1 I am white
      2 I didn’t have a father
      3 My mother had an 8th grade education and I was raised by my grandmother who had less education
      4 My primary schools (elementary and high school) were sub par to the extent I had to take remedial courses in college to “catch up”
      5 I did not qualify for affirmative action, free lunches, etc but my mother taught me right from wrong and the value of hard work, and also provided a moral compass
      6 She never took anything from the gov’t but even with her hairdresser income, frequently helped the negro hair washers and even pulled over inAugusta Georgia in the 50’s to give money to a little black boy who was outside his “shack” of a home. I was always glad there were not any KKK around to see it or I might not be here today. There is evil in all races but not all races are evil!
      7 I never got preferential treatment in getting school scholarships, loans, etc….

      So I do not really understand “white privilege”! I guarantee I am not alone. PS. I worked as a window cleaner while in college and in the summer, I worked with a black man attending Tuff’s. His father was a doctor (he drove a corvette if I recall) and he hated the black “commoners”. Did he have black privilege compared to me?

      I have had numerous black friends that I was/am close to. We will never eliminate racism until there is no black, brown, white, green whatever but just AMERICANS. Dividing America is a Democratic ploy (see Saul Alinsky) in order to control the commoners. While I am very comfortable today, I will always be a commoner peasant and proud of it. But I just don;’t know what white privilege is!

  17. “But others see a more troubling undercurrent in the anxiety and mobilization, particularly as it spreads to largely white neighborhoods…”

    Doesn’t matter what you do, if you’re white, some progbot will find a “troubling undercurrent” in it. Please, tell me more about how I’m a racist and you’re not, Mr. Professor, sir.

  18. If Dr. Peter Baggenstos did not bother to help his neighbors out by participating in their efforts to defend their community, then he is a whinny lotus eaterl who benefits from the labor of others while insulting them. If he was more active in the community, his wife would not have to alert the neighbors that he was going to be coming home late. His neighbors would have recognized him and his car by sight.

  19. As long as everyone is getting all lathered up, have you seen what BLM is going to announce on Sunday? The fun just never stops.

    On Foxnews dot com and the Daily Mail

    “Black Lives Matter plans armed ‘peace officers’ in ‘war on police,’ NY leader says

    The “blueprint” for the way forward will be unveiled in Times Square in New York on Sunday at 12 p.m. and delivered to communities across the country. “

    • Yeah, it’s patterned on the Black Panthers’ efforts to keep themselves armed. A great thought, but remember that California’s “carry” gun control laws started when the Panthers showed up armed to a government building back in the ’60s, and Ronald Reagan signed a bill removing armed open carry from us. Decades later, Jerry Brown removed all carry, period.

      I loved Ronaldus Maximus and revere his Presidency in the ’80s, but his gun control stance for California was wrong. Just wrong.

      • Well, it’s almost like racism spreads the wrong message…

        One can fight injustices, tyranny, and oppression without involving race. It’s actually the most American thing ever. So if BLM fucks it up for us again, then maybe its time to meet their racist version of “peace” with the freedom fighters version. Funny how the media only paints a picture of white privilege when gun owners show up to defend themselves no matter the cause, even when it’s a group of 2 white guys, 3 black guys, a korean with a rifle, and that one dude nobody really knows anything about other than he has a killer mustache and is probably concealing a machete (I just described the group I stood with in coeur d’alene the past 2 days).

  20. Protest all you want but looting, arson and assault can and will get a perp hurt bad or killed. Punks better pray law abiding America keeps a cool head doesn’t go hunting.

  21. Don’t do this. I know it seems cool but nothing good can come from it. Stay home protect your castle and family. Nobody is on our side. Not the media, not the DA, not the police. If one of these unarmed protesters just charged one of these dudes and starts swinging what are you going to do shoot them? When the mob comes for you your done. You will lose your job, all of your money, and probably your freedom. I don’t care where you live or what you think the laws say about defending yourself. Again nobody is on our side. Be safe.

    • If you exercise your rights, you might lose them!!

      That’s how we got to the point with gun control that we are at.


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