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Diplomatic 1750, a sneaker and streetwear consignment boutique owned by Brian Heath, is boarded up in Chicago on June 1, 2020. Heath, who is black, said he's upset that his sneaker and streetwear consignment boutique in Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood was vandalized on Sunday. But he's even more upset about Floyd's death, which triggered the unrest. (AP Photo/Teresa Crawford)
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Chicago PD’s new Superintendent David Brown had a bad weekend. But not as bad as the 24 people who were killed over that span. While Chicago’s finest toiled at dealing with looters near Michigan Avenue, the criminals ignored all social distancing requirements and left a gruesome toll: two dozen dead and 66 wounded. has the bloody toll including an extra-bloody Sunday that saw upwards of 45 people maimed in a single day.

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Yes, the Windy City has a new police chief in David Brown. And yes, the new Chief said early on that he would move heaven and earth to keep homicides under 300 not only in 2020, but in subsequent years.  But that was before the riots started.

WTTW covered the Chief’s optimism:

Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown has been on the job for about six weeks. He takes over at a time when homicides are up slightly over 2019 and a global pandemic has shuttered businesses and caused a spike in unemployment.

Still, Brown is optimistic. He’s aiming for the city’s homicide rate to fall below 300 a year — he calls it the moon shot. Over the years, many of his predecessors have vowed to bring that rate down, but it has persisted at about 400 to 500, spiking in 2016 to 756 as the city reeled from the release of the Laquan McDonald police shooting video.

As of this writing, the tally for the first five monts stands at 241, meaning Mr. Brown has room for just 59 more corpses at the morgue before the city blows right past that magical 300 number. And given that 14 homicides happened on Sunday alone(!), the Magic 8-ball says he will be lucky make it past the Independence Day weekend before reaching his arbitrary limit.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot hopes that Brown can deliver. Time will tell if her hopes lead to change, or if more failed city leadership will only lead to more deaths on Murder City, USA’s mean streets.

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  1. “Black Business Matters” so please just go destroy white owned businesses. That’s totally NOT racist at all. You see, we’re AGAINST racism. Skin color doesn’t matter. That’s what we’re fighting for, right? 😉

    Maybe next we can designate what, if any, religious affinity business owners have. That way, the Democratic Socialists will know who to destroy. Or is it really those dastardly Christian conservatives that are out there vandalizing shops and beating up people? Maybe enuf has one of his polls handy that he can share with us.

    • The hypocritical, contradictory, hyperbole of a situation this all is. This is what happens when more people are confused about what they stand for instead of actually figuring it out sensibly. The youth is lost, I bet you a months pay nobody actually has any answers for what ‘they’ actually want. It just pure destruction and mayhem at this point.

    • I have no problem with Black Businesses Matter because it’s true. They, along with black professionals and black tradesmen, are the only way for black people as a group to move out of poverty. The brainless, violent trash who looted this man’s business are the enemy. Coddling them means sacrificing people like him. He’s like most of us. The vandals and looters are the KKK no matter what their race.

      • You sound like out of touch soft racist Bernie Sanders who said, “When you’re white, you don’t know what it’s like to be living in a ghetto. You don’t know what it’s like to be poor.” Sorry, bud, all businesses matter. There are countless struggling business owners that aren’t black, and, surprise there are more white people in poverty than black people.

        Picking which business to loot based on skin color is racist.

        • Bernie Sanders is a racist white jewish man. He has voted for every welfare policy that has oppressed black people. Its jews like him that give jewish people a bad name. He is the kind of jew who tells the blacks to give up their guns in order to recieve help for jewish money people. Jews like to claim they helped blacks during the civil rights struggle. To the point of excluding the contributions of various christian peoples.

          To learn more I suggest you read “Negroes and the gun. The black tradition of Arms”. By Nicholas Johnson. 2014

          Bernie Sanders has said he only voted for guns because “the rural people of Vermont wanted them”. In other words white people wanted guns. He has never supported the 2A. He just needed the votes to say in office.

        • Bernie is a socialist kibbutznik. Quite clear his hereditary background is of little/no relevance to him. Bernies religion is marxism. Stop yapping like a moron.

  2. To anyone in Chicago, do you want political corruption, poverty, failing schools and increased taxes? Just keep voting democrat. You reap what you sow. Have a brain and life plan, Take responsibility for yourself, Quit living and acting like animals, pack up and move, it’s that simple. Hard choice leaving all your “homies” but they are the ones keeping you down, not “White America”. Oh yea, and learn to speak English.

    • Your “homies” keep you down because they don’t want anyone to be better than them.

      You aren’t going to get a decent job without education and qualifications. And you won’t get an education if you hang out with those who have low aspirations and blame everyone else.

  3. I am currently watching the diminutive happy mayor of Chiraq whine “we don’t want the National Guard patroling our street’s”. It’s more than gangbanger warfare dumbazz…and it’s HOT today.

  4. With all the uneducated, stupid, illegals, retarded & dead people there voting democrat, it will never change, this is what the liberals want for the rest of REAL America.

  5. 42% of the year consumed (152 days elapsed)
    80% (241 corpses) of the 300 corpse goal already reached.

    Averaging 1.6 corpses per day.
    214 days remaining in the year (this is a leap year).

    214 x 1.6 = 342 Going Forward Corpse Forecast.

    214 Current Corpse Count
    342 Going Forward Corpse Forecast

    556 Total End of Year Corpse Forecast

    Assuming all trends continue.

    • The rate fluctuates with the seasons. It goes up when it warms up, then way up when it gets hot, then cools back down in the fall. winter is the slow season.

      • “The rate fluctuates with the seasons.”

        True, but this year is a bit different.

        There’s an election season this fall…

      • The hotter the weather gets, the closer the white supremacists feel to their natural enviroment of Europe and the closer to their violent nature they act, just like their cousins do everyday on their home continent. I mean, it makes total sense, it is the fault of whites that ghettos run with blood every hot season, right?

    • LE is a huge part of the problem. Not a small one like people want to believe. LE have destroyed themselves; no one trusts them anywhere. I am even worried if I get pulled over now, and I am former LEO. Not only are most egocentrical, narcissistic and borderline mentally warped. they have their “god” complex and none to hold them accountable until they are caught on camera killing someone. Unfortunately, just like in NOLA during Katrina the military will be called in to police the police. And yes I know this first hand. Shooting paintballs into homes, walking down the street with a Humvee or APC or an MRRAP like we are insurgents overseas. LE cant tell the difference and they are so on edge since the corruption is out they are afraid as well. Robert Peele would be ashamed as to what LE has become.

  6. My dad told me that when he was a young man he was in Vicksburg, MS when a tornado struck. Major damage and was lucky to live through it. The building he was in was flattened. Dad said that the Governor immediately deployed the National Guard with orders to shoot looters on sight. They only had to shoot one. When you get shot with an M-1 rifle you stay shot.

      • Dude, no secret I don’t care for the AR
        platform. That said I have no problem with the 5.56 mm round. Within its limitations. I deference to my neighbors I have my Galil ARM out of my safe instead of one of my 7.62 NATO rifles. I just like rifles that work and don’t break.

      • Compromise is good. I got the Aquila minishells in 00 buck. My Mossy pump holds 9 of them with the chamber empty. I got the little gizmo that’s supposed to make them reliable in the Mossy, but had lost the instructions, took me an hour to get it in right, now works fine! Little bitty shells can’t be evil, big thumping lead balls would probably give you an owee.

  7. I was in south suburban Chicago in high school in 1968. Mayor Richard J. Daley publicly stated ‘looters will be shot’. I long for the good old days.

    • Trump says the same thing and the twitterverse goes insane. They say he is just stoking the flames. Seems to me that Trump has no issue with peaceful protesters, but wants to drop the hammer on looters. Seems sensible to me.

      • He does have issue with peaceful protesters. He’ll deploy militarized violence on them so he can have a photo op at a church.

        • Good call, except the cops only used a few smoke bombs (no teargas) and non lethal plastic projectiles to disperse a crowd gathered AFTER a curfew deadline set by the DEMOCRATIC MAYOR (and NO Donald Trump fan) of Washington D.C… So cops enforcing a law put forth by the legitimately elected city leaders are committing “militarized violence” on behalf of the POTUS?.. You should arm yourself with actual facts before venturing into the real world…

  8. It’s amazing, the website is called “The Truth About Guns” and there’s not a single word in this article about… guns.

    To anyone who thinks it’s time to ‘take the gloves off’: Might I recommend reading the Brookings Institute’s 2016 paper titled “Principles of Modern American Counterinsurgency”, and consider how its tenets might be applied to the rioting currently taking place in this country.

    99% of these protestors are American citizens exercising their God-given right to free speech as codified in and protected by the Bill of Rights, and 1% are using the unrest to cause chaos and advance their political agenda. Sounds pretty darn similar, in a way, to the insurgencies we fought in Iraq and Afghanistan (source: 1 tour in Iraq, 2 tours in Afghanistan, you’re welcome for my service). Wanton, heavy-handed approaches in those places have never made any long-lasting progress toward any kind of stability, and quite frequently resulted in a more hostile environment.

    So sure, if you want to watch the world burn, it’s “time to get tough”.

      • I th k that will vary from place to place but the general tactic is to create a space between the protestors and the cops.

        That space forces the agitators to separate from the crowd to engage the cops. When they do that they’re isolated and can be dealt with but the cops are close enough to respond rapidly to looting.

        Range seems to be a bit over a city block. That’s about how far the dickheads can launch a rock with a tennis racket.

        • My question was rhetorical. The peaceful protesters aren’t the issue. When I see someone conflate the two it tells me they support the looters. And, many of the peaceful protesters do support the looters and may even join in when the peaceful protest is over.

        • Leaving space, so that the rioters wanting to attack cops have to separate themselves from the peaceful protesters, will work for the cops. It’s not going to do anything for the businesses targeted by vandals and looters. The only thing that will work for them is a large number of armed guards. It can’t be the police because there aren’t enough of them, they are hobbled by politically correct politicians, and many of them are showing themselves to be thoughtless and incompetent. It could be the national guard with loaded weapons and orders to shoot. Most likely, it will have to be private citizens who will be criticized by others whose livelihoods were never at risk.

        • “It’s not going to do anything for the businesses targeted by vandals and looters.”

          Experience shows otherwise. Look at what happened in Denver last night. Basically nothing. No riot, no looting, no tear gas. Like two people arrested.

          “Unlike previous nights, police were not deploying tear gas and pepper balls, even past curfew. The crowds stayed peaceful, firing the occasional firework and blocking the streets along Civic Center Park, but remaining calm.”

    • “It’s amazing, the website is called “The Truth About Guns” and there’s not a single word in this article about… guns.”

      Uhhhhh, aren’t shootings the end result of the use or misuse of firearms?

    • In the graph above red is for those “shot” and killed, blue for those “shot” and wounded.

      Going out on a limb here…shot with “guns”…

      • Okay, fair enough.

        But what is the point, then? If this were “The Truth About Crime Statistics” then yeah, makes perfect sense. And quite often crime statistics can and should be used when we talk about guns. But this, is hardly news to anyone who has ever read the news (omg chicago, murder, who would’ve thunk it). And if the writer isn’t going to tie it back to the need for gun rights, or talk about the effects of gun control, etc., then what purpose does it serve here, aside from drawing out a number of comments above that sure don’t do any favors for the gun rights community?

    • Good theory, Matt, but you might want to get those pesky videos off the air, the ones which show HUGE numbers swarming expensive stores while laughing and partying. This was not 1%, not even close. I’d guess there were nearly the same number peacefully protesting and looting and burning. The solution seems simple to me. The protesters are out in the daytime, protesting at night is pretty useless when nobody can see it. Set the curfew at sunset, and one minute later begin arresting anyone on the street. If they run, shoot them. One night would be all it takes. Meanwhile, the entire country is scared to go out, almost as scared to stay in.

      • I agree, those don’t help at all. The only sure things are death, taxes, and the news media will sensationalize whatever it can get its hands on…

        I think there’s room within that completely hypothetical framework for curfews. Bonus points if it’s community-driven and enforced where possible.

  9. I will repeat here what I wrote earlier

    Paraphrasing Golda Meir:
    “Black lives will matter when the black community cares more about young black men killing each other than screaming racism at whitey.”

    • I’ve heard that argument, and I’ve witnessed the reaction from the Left. They dismiss it by saying that’s racist. They always talk about needing to have a conversation, but they excel at shutting down the conversation altogether.

  10. Someone tell the Amish we have a curfew and to knock it all off. Maybe they don’t know about it because they don’t have television.

    • I buy a lot of groceries from the Amish. They go to be early and are at work before the cows get up. I doubt they know much about what it going on. They stay focused on their farms and their faith. At least those from whom I purchase.

  11. On State Street that great street I just want to say, they destroy things they don’t burn on Broadway

    Ya gotta love that toddlin’ town, where every day is riot day. Damn those Russians.

  12. Since we know who the 24 killed are, I celebrate this. Thugs/gang-bangers and dealers can kill each other all day as long as it is away from civilized people. The south side of Chitcago definitely applies.

  13. Well, now we’re all gettimg the Chicago experience w/o the bother of going there.

    Thanks, anti- proud- anarcho- fascist rioters n enforcers?

  14. Apparently some LKs ran over some non LKs and there’s chatter on social media right now about a gang war? When are the sharknados showing up?

  15. Tribalism with modern weapons.

    Political Rule number one: liberalism always generates the opposite of its stated intent.


  16. Just another day in the neighborHOOD in the CHI…. (they had to make up for that embarrassingly low body count over the Memorial Day weekend)…

    • When all this settles down and we get the super Ferguson Effect the gangs will have more space and more young black men will die. Remember, Black lives only matter if it involves the police otherwise not so much.

  17. Looters should be arrested, arsonists, especially if it’s a structure that may have occupants should be shot on sight. Attempted murder and all that.

  18. Apparently “Black lives matter,” bwahahahahaha, not in Chicongo, Baltimore, Oakland, St Louis, New Orleans, Memphis, Miami, Atlanta….so where exactly do they matter? In Montana, where blacks probably make for 3% of the total population of the state, and most are probably good folks? These idiots are being played by the Antifa clowns, attacking businesses owned by blacks, black cops….what a bunch of morons, if anything blacks should be lynching the Antifa pukes, will they ever wake the F up or do they just love being owned?

  19. So now these liberal protesters are no better than the cop that killed George Floyd.

    Somehow doing 24 wrongs make the 1 wrong right.


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