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“Chiraq” remains Chicago’s unwanted and unwelcome nickname.  Given the levels of violence, it should come as no surprise in a city 812 homicides and almost 4400 people shot during 2016.  Chicago’s Independent Police Review Authority just released a batch of videos and audio recordings from an officer-involved shooting back in November.  The video provides a glimpse into the world of Chicago police as they try to keep a lid on the violence in the Windy City.

In the video, compiled from several police bodycams, show police descenting upon Richard Grimes, 33.  Yes, it shows numerous officers running toward the sound of gunfire. According to the po-po, Mr. Grimes shot his pregnant girlfriend in the abdomen on the city’s West Side.  The shot killed the unborn child.  Nice guy, right?

The ruffian fled the scene and Chicago’s finest caught up with him.  He shot at them and ran.  Cops raced to the area and cornered the suspect.  He decided to shoot it out with police instead of surrendering.  Cops, of course, did the only polite thing to do when a suspect shoots at you.  They shot him back.  After springing a few leaks, Mr. Grimes came to a sticky end.  Two officers received injuries, including one grazed by a bullet.

The courage and bravery of these officers running toward the sound of gunfire is made all the more remarkable given the second guessing of cops by police administrators, politicians and the then-Obama justice department.

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  1. The only difference between Chicago and Iraq is the lack of trash strewn everywhere and huge bonfires other than that very similar.

    • I’m just wondering why they need 100 cops on the scene. While they are all concentrated in one area, 4 more murders take place in other parts of the town! It’s no wonder a couple of them got injured.

    • I’m sure it was released for just that reason, however, let’s not pretend that the media does not also selectively push footage that fits a certain narrative.

      • Changing the topic: the post.

        Also the media are not “public servants” and don’t take taxpayer dollars only to preach sanctimoniously about protecting and serving, then doing neither.

        • Give it a rest. Seriously. Other than trolling, no one actually cares about your atavistic, feral fantasies about how society should operate.

        • So modern society includes police malfeasance and brutality as part of the package? How progressive of you, submission to government power and all.

        • Yes. A society made up of imperfect human beings will always have imperfections.

          For the most part I am content to focus on issues that actually are statistically significant, and have a significant impact on our country – of which Police corruption is neither.

          The only reason people hate cops in the U.S. is because they haven’t spent time in other countries. There is a reason many of us give them a pass on poor judgement, and its not because we’re just “blind sheeple”.

          Things that cops commonly do in many other countries that don’t (to any measurable degree) happen here:
          1- Extortion of individuals. “Listen being a cop costs a lot of money, if you don’t help me out I’m going to have to find some things to write tickets for.” (IE: Every traffic stop in S.America)
          2- Extortion of businesses. (Mafia like “protection” racketeering, etc)
          3- Robbery.
          4- Kidnapping.
          5- Summary executions for personal disputes. Until you’ve seen a cop shoot a lady street vendor in the face for wanting him to pay too much, and then calmly get back on his bike, shrug at his partner and slowly drive away, I really don’t want to hear about how bad you think we’ve got it here.

        • Textbook case of the “it is worse elsewhere” logical fallacy.

          Also the subtle hilarity of defending US cops by comparing them to the NKVD or the Gestapo. 🙂

          No doubt Chicago PD spending half a billion since 2004 to pay off lawsuits is just a fake issue.

  2. Wouldn’t be interesting to see a “Blue Flu” or outright strike protesting the DA’s office lack of prosecutions and high number of plea bargins.

  3. There are people who just want to go about their lives in chicago. And be productive members of society. Sadly scum like this clown make the news on a daily basis.
    Chiraq may be anecessary unwanted and unwelcome nickname, but sadly it is a deserved one.
    With the Democrat machine in charge, it’s a revolving door justice system that let’s @$$holes like this guy back out on the streets with minimal time served.

    • “There are people who just want to go about their lives in chicago.”

      I am sure. But they also vote (continuously!) to continue the flow of drugs and corruption, continuing the vice grip of Democrats for approaching 100 years. You cannot be a half-honorable society. Fire the crooks, beginning with Rahm Emmanuel, then we’ll talk about assistance, otherwise it’s a request for help funding the corruption.

      • I see “vice grip” as opposed to “vise grip” all the time – but this time you might be all too correct.

  4. I noticed on the “” website they show a map of Chi’raq’ and the areas of the most shootings through out the city …one thing I noticed is the area encompassing the 110 th Illinois legislative district is pretty much crime free and the surrounding areas are riddled with killings and murders of all kinds….that area happens to be the home turf of the ‘King of Illinois’ who other than Michael Madigan the Illinois speaker of the house…..the ruler of “Madiganistan”… you reckon he made special deals with the “crime” lords in the region to stay out of the 110th for special favors.

    • I wouldn’t put anything past Madigan, but it’s more likely that he drew his district carefully to exclude the worst areas. The Democrats got to draw the map, and King Madigan gets what he wants.

      When he dies, books will be written about how he strangled an entire state for decades, all for his personal gain. Of course, the Democrats have given him that power in spite of themselves.

  5. I saw this video the other day and my first thought was “Damn, CPD comes in force”.

    Seriously, that’s a fair number of cops for one guy.

    • Rules of a gunfight. Bring a gun. bring all your friends with guns.

      These men rode to the sound of the guns. Respect.

      • The cynic in me wonders how many robberies, drug deals, shootings and other general lawlessness might have been caught if they didn’t send a whole platoon for one guy. I mean, when they deploy a Bearcat in Chicago does it look like an entire RCT rolling into battle?

        • Even in Chicago there aren’t that many active shootings relative to the number of hours X the number of cops on the street in a given month.

          Plus its a small geographical area, so when there’s a big party, most of the cops within 5min of will likely be attending.

    • Personally, I thought far too many police responded.

      First of all, that many police participating in an uncoordinated fashion greatly increases the risk of friendly fire.

      Second, it would be nearly impossible for a suspect to comply since there would be multiple cops issuing conflicting commands.

      Third, the extra/unnecessary 60+ police on scene were NOT in other areas where there could be calls for police. That necessarily increases response time and reduces effectiveness.

      • Your third is my thought. Were I criminally minded and on the street there, I’d run a couple blocks over and go rob some people.

        Personally, I’ve witnessed three cops all giving completely different commands to one guy and when you get a bunch of regular street cops together like this I kind of figure blue on blue fire is only a matter of time in when dealing stressful situations.

        That’s part of why I felt like FCPD did a good job in that video a back a few days. They concentrated on having one voice to address the guy to limit confusion and worked together to ensure they all had decent lines of fire (though DG did point out the background wasn’t the best).

  6. The Chicago municipal leadership has been profiting from gang crime since before the first time the Cubs won the World Series.

    Why would they put a stop to gang crime?

  7. With that many officers, I wouldn’t be surprised if at least 1 injury to the injured police was caused by friendly fire.

    • Was thinking the same thing… that’s a LOT of responders for one guy shooting. It clearly created a lot of chaos and confusion at times. I wonder how many other crimes were committed while 1/4 of the police force attended to this one? lol!

      • 1 – The CPD police force is MUCH bigger than you think: 11,400+ officers last I looked. If there were 150 officers present at this event, that works out to 1.3% of the total Force.

        2- Swarm tactics are effective and have a proven track record, despite some drawbacks.
        A determined defender can pin down 6, maybe even 10 officers from a good position. But 50 officers – from every direction? It causes panic and confusion that impedes the defender’s ability to mount a focused attack on one single group.

  8. FYI Guys, CHICAGO PD HAS OVER 11,400 POLICE OFFICERS.. If there were 150 present at this altercation that works out to a whopping total of 1.5% of the total force.

  9. Article says two officers injured, one injury from a grazing bullet. I wonder what the other injury was from? Maybe a cop tripping over a “dead body”

  10. Just lock up the bad guys, then sentence them to be air dropped fully armed into some islamic hell hole and tell them do whatever they like.THE DIRTY DOZEN?

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