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Schools let teachers tool up

California has certainly earned its reputation for being one of the most gun rights-hostile states in the union. Yet outside of urban centers, more and more Golden State school districts are allowing concealed carry on school property.  Two Shasta County districts now allow carry by licensed individuals on school grounds. Parents in a third want to join them. While the number of schools in California allowing carry remains small, that number continues to grow.

From the Redding Record-Searchlight has the story:

Another Shasta County district has decided to let teachers bring their concealed guns to school, joining a few other districts in the state in allowing them to do so.

North Cow Creek School District in Palo Cedro — home only to North Cow Creek Elementary — followed the lead of the Anderson Union High School District in adopting a policy to essentially ignore Senate Bill 707, the 2016 California law that made it harder — but not illegal — for concealed-carry permit-holders to bring their guns on campuses. The law defaulted all California school districts to gun-free zones, even for permit-holders, but let individual districts adopt policies to exempt some people licensed to carry a concealed weapon.  . . .

Meanwhile, a Prairie Elementary School parent is asking his child’s district to consider following suit, saying trained gun-holders on campus will protect children in an emergency.

There’s also the national legislation to end these misguided designated gun free zones nationwide. HR 34, the Safe Students Act has been introduced in Congress during the current session. Few doubt President Donald J. Trump would sign it into law if it gets through Congress given his stated support for gun rights.

Good guys with guns in schools makes sense. Bad people with evil in their heart prefer disarmed victims. “Gun Free School Zone” signs serve as nothing more than useless security theater and a dinner bell for social misfits, terrorists and violent criminals.More and more Americans have come to understand that the only thing that stops bad people with evil in their hearts is a good guy with a gun.




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  1. Like New York (and to a lesser extent New Jersey) California has some lovely places that would be great to live in if not for the fact that they still fall under the state government.

    • Sometimes I wonder if we all might be better served with the redrawing of some state boundaries.

      Texas was supposed to be five states originally, right? California is easily that many. There are a lot of other states – Washington, Pennsylvania, New York, that could easily be bisected along geographic, demographic, or economic lines. Smaller states, smaller populations, smaller governments, more responsive to the people who live there.

      Constitution permits this. Simply need the desire of the people & state governments to be expressed and the consent of the U.S. Congress.

      • All that would do is assign the existing number of Representatives to the resulting states with the same liberal proportion as there currently is, while rewarding the liberals in the new states with even more Senate seats. Pass.

        Only by dissolving the Union outright can we be free from these people.

      • There’s a growing, albeit slowly, movement to divide NY.
        Basically, cut the bridges and call us New Amsterdam…

  2. Off topic, but, all you rural Californians need to sign the secession petition and then vote to secede. When Old Virginia left the Union in 1861, it set the precedent that counties not wanting to leave can stay. That’s how West Virginia came into being. Y’all can form a new state of your own. Freedomfornia.

    • People up there have been futzing around with The Republic of Jefferson for as long as I can remember. Now that Oregon has largely floated downriver to become Portlandfornia as well, you’d think it’s about darned time they got their move-on already.

    • The State of Jefferson movement has been in existence for decades. The problem is that it requires something like a majority vote in the legislature or by the people to pass and that ainna gonna happen. The largest city; and county seat; in Shasta County has a population of 91,119 (2013), and the county population is 178,980 (2013). We just can’t compete with the liberals in even one major metropolitan area.

      • If the state leaves the US, then the individual counties can remain in the US by their own vote, the state cannot leave with any counties that don’t want to go.

        • They can do this without the home state seceding from the Union. Article IV sec. 3.

          New states may be admitted by the Congress into this union; but no new states shall be formed or erected within the jurisdiction of any other state; nor any state be formed by the junction of two or more states, or parts of states, without the consent of the legislatures of the states concerned as well as of the Congress.

          This was the constitutional theory concerning West Virginia. In theory, the ‘loyalist’ Virginia legislature was meeting in Wheeling after the rest of the state went into rebellion, and ‘consented’ to West Virginia’s secession. Basically said to the rest of the state: “Hey, we had a meeting and a quorum, you guys didn’t show up, and we had a legitimate vote, so there.”

          If you’re really curious, here’s an article by two legal scholars on the subject, “Is West Virginia Unconstitutional?” Spoiler alert: they conclude (after spilling much ink,) “West Virginians may rest secure in the knowledge that their State is not unconstitutional. Probably.”

    • Such a proposition does not have the necessary popular support, and, since it would require the consent of the State Legislature, a legislative body with which the North State has no influence or voting power due to a lack of voters, it would never pass. Los Angeles, San Diego and and the Bay Area control the political power in the State. More importantly, it would be a really really bad idea. Once logging went away, the mills and the best paying jobs did too. No major industry has replaced it, and the major employers now are all in the retail sector paying minimum wage. Well paying jobs are scarce. In Redding, the largest employers are the two regional hospitals. Tourism will not support the local economy. Hence, the State of Jefferson is not a viable economic entity.

      • True, although there are a number of finance ideas being floated, from open gambling (which pretty much pays for everything in Nevada), to a return of the logging industry, and creating a deep water port at either Eureka or Crescent City, and airport improvement along with a railhead. As a separate state, Jefferson would be open to federal funds just as California is now.

  3. Yeah try getting a concealed weapons permit in California or New Jersey or New York City for that matter if you’re not making well over $160,000 a year good luck. They take away the constitutional rights of the poor which live in bad areas already. The elite can get concealed weapons permit very easily like our president Donald Trump was able to get a permit in New York City. My cousin lives in Manhattan and owns a gun store in the outskirts of New York City and it took him three years to get his concealed carry permit license after owning gun store 4/7 years. So I see this is a step in the right direction my concern is simply can parents actually get concealed weapons licenses in that state?? I don’t think so. Unless of course they’re filthy rich

    • CCWs in California are approved by the county sheriff. Shasta County, along with other rural counties, has a high approval rating because our sheriff takes his oath of office very seriously. Right next door is another rural county where it is very hard to get a CCW. And you don’t have to make $160k per year to get one.

      • Okay you’re from California obviously so you have the ins and outs on all the counties. But just like you said it all depends on your chief law enforcement officer of that County Sheriff she have a little bit better chance with because their elected officials by the people for the people whereas City police Chiefs are elected by the mayor and if you have a liberal Progressive mayor like most large cities in California you are SOL on getting a concealed firearms license. I really believe that no law enforcement officer has the right to deny you your constitutional rights and furthermore should not be involved in the process at all as long as you are a law-abiding citizen that meets the requirements for the license you shouldn’t have to get a law enforcement officer to vouch for you as a good person your record as a citizen and as being a legal gun owner and not a felon or a criminal or a crackhead you should be able to get a firearms license without any interference from State or federal officials that is clearly an infringement on your second amendment rights. I am glad that there are some sheriffs that take the Constitution that they took an oath of office on respect that but that is a very very small amount of sheriffs in California that will take the risk and it is a risk for them in a lawsuit they could be sued by the families of the person they gave the license to if he goes and shoots up a school or something stupid like that. The actual Sheriff’s Department can be sued by the parents or by the family members of the people that are shot that’s a fact that’s what scares these law enforcement officers not to do what they’re supposed to do and sign the paperwork they don’t want to take that risk.

  4. Shasta county is not a county with a lot of rich people. Many people in Northern and rural counties are CCW holders, similar to the other Western states. It was all the trash that came to Ca from other states ond other countries that ruined it for Ca. All the nuts came here, few were born here.

    • You might be very surprised by the numbers of very wealthy people residing in Shasta County, per capita, compared to other counties.

      • Really. Like the doctors, some of the lawyers, and the “equity refugee” retirees from the San Francisco Bay Area. And the guy who owns half the fast food outlets in town.

      • I am sure there are rich people that live and have second homes in Shasta county. These are NOT really the people that are ready to carry in schools for thier childrens’ protection. In the smaller counties, CCWs are much easier to get, you do NOT have to earn 120k a year, that was the point.
        There are people in the hood that earn that much, even some legally.

    • Don’t get me wrong man my mother was from Santa Ana California in the sixties and I think that California is a very beautiful state great fishing used to be great hunting before they enacted that led ban on bullets that contain LED but it’s a beautiful place I just won’t live there because of the Progressive liberals that live there invoke for people like Hillary Clinton and every time you turn on the news it’s some other gun regulation anti-gun March and all this other liberal Progressive crap that I can’t stomach so I won’t even travel to California unless it’s for business and then I’m reluctant to go. California has a lot of rural area to it it’s a huge state but the major Metropolitan City areas San Francisco San Diego La Hollywood the list goes on and every one of these places is totally anti-gun the police the mayor the city council every part is corrupted by these anti-gunners find steam lives there to give you a hint. It’s a hellhole for gun owners is what it is not ragging on your state it’s very beautiful just most gun owners won’t live there because of the political agenda that is going on there against firearms and the Constitution. Even my mother moved out of California in 1970 because of the type of people that we’re moving into California her whole family moved to Florida in 1970 from California where she was born and raised with her brothers and sisters and even some of them are liberal progressives living here and our state Florida. And don’t think we here in Florida don’t get the gifts from New York City in New Jersey because we do they’re like hemorrhoids they’re not really a real pain in the ass if they just come down and pop back up to New Jersey or New York again it’s when they pop down and stay down and won a claim this as their home. I’ve had many of conversations with New Jersey people that have come down here just to come into the gun shop and be able to purchase a firearm and some of them even have the balls to say that we have this huge drug problem in Florida that is causing all kinds of Carnage on our streets and that’s why they’re purchasing a firearm because they never needed one before and New Jersey. I literally laughed in their faces when they say that. I’m like have you read any information about New Jersey and their heroin epidemic problem that is going on there and that’s what I say to the customer and she’s like oh yes were aware of the heroin problem almost like she was proud of it she says yeah we’ve got the biggest heroin problem in the country right now and I say and you’re talking about Florida with drug problems I just kind of mind my p’s and q’s sell her her firearm and go on about my day hoping that they leave this state relatively soon. Like we say down South we don’t give a shit how you do it up north.

  5. This lefty lib FASCIST cesspool is mostly run by coastal elites. You know, the brain stem only fool control freaks that think they know whats best for everyone. Get into the central valley and up north, you’ll find folks that still embrace freedom and liberty. Sadly, the power and money is on the coast. We will NEVER win these a-holes over.

  6. I really don’t give a rat’s ass about what Kommiephony does, except secede and go back to Mexico.

    Adios, muchachos.

    • And if the roles were reversed, would you be happy to hear this kind of language from those with whom you share a commonality? Would you be happy to hear us say ‘go to hell… we don’t care about you or your state?

      We are supposed to be united against the theft of our rights and comments such as yours serve only to divide us in the way that the progressives have been doing with race, religion, political views, etc.

      “A house divided against itself will not stand”
      -Abraham Lincoln
      -Matthew 12:22-28
      -Mark 3:25

      • “Would you be happy to hear us say ‘go to hell… we don’t care about you or your state?”

        I hear it every day and I don’t give a sh!t. Only libtards specialize in being offended. The rest of us grow a pair.

    • Problem is, Kalifornia BS is like an STD. Infectious and spreads. Nevada, Oregon, Washington are but a few west coast examples. Get ready, hear it comes.

  7. Repeal of the federal gun free zone act will have no effect on California or on the ban of CCW carriers from school campuses. For one, California has its own state analogue of the GFSA, which will never be repealed as long as the Democrats control the State legislature–which right now seems to be forever. Second the ban on CCW carriers is in the Penal Code as part of the CCW licensing law, which also will not change unless there is a major victory in the Untied States Supreme Court that declares that we have the right to carry in public, and the State may choose between open carry or “shall issue” (or at least a “may issue” system that does not preclude 90% of the people in the State from ever getting one, i.e., “virtual shall issue” or issue unless there is a very good reason to deny a license.

    • Becerra is the new AG. He previously pushed to consider parks school zones to increase the number of gun free areas because of the 1000 foot rule. Expect he will try something similar by regulation instead of law. Also expect these Shasta county people to cause a deep search of regulations to put an end to CCWs in schools.

  8. So 2 school districts allow carrying firearms & 1 is considering it. Great – that’s about 1 district per permit holder in the People’s Republik of Kommiefornia.

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