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Tourniquets are part of an EDC aren’t only for gunshot wounds. You drive a car, right? Go to the grocery store? You never know when you might come across an emergency situation where a tourniquet is needed. If you carry a TQ, get trained how to use it. Training isn’t only for guns.

NWPrepped’s GLOCK 43 is a popular model and caliber but that ETC 9-round mag is a bit unique. What do you all think of the need or uses for see-through pistol mags?

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  1. To the EDC staff/contributors ENOUGH glocks . There are dozens of other firearms. Try to find some that aren’t Fing glocks. And the perfect picture is unrealistic. You must be OCD for crying out loud! As for clear mags. Whatever floats your dingy, but why? Can’t see it in the gun unless you are into show me yours and I’ll show you mine.

    • Or maybe…more people carry Glocks than other firearms, so most submissions are statistically Glocks?

      Also, ETS is pretty much the only game in town for Glock 43 magazines aside from Glock themselves. And they are the only source for magazines that hold more than 6 rounds without an extension.

      • Like your mother said; If billy jumped off the cliff would you? I would say maybe glock owners have bought into the glock propaganda. How many versions of the same gun can you own? Maybe some glock owners should branch out and find that glocks aren’t the only gun in town.

        • There are certainly other choices… but there are valid reasons that Glocks have the market and mind share that they do. Funny how dismissive of that the non-Glockers are.

          Besides, the truly interesting thing about these EDC posts is not what gun is carried, but what supporting gear and tools others have chosen.

        • Sounds like my buddy who hates Glocks so bad but covets the 1911

          When confronted with a scenario of the choice between a Glock with 13 round capacity of 45’s or a 1911 with 7 in a totally fictitious gunfight with a local gang, he said he would rather take the 1911 because he trusted it would not fail because it survived WW2 and I quote “if my only choice is a pistol anyhow then somebody messed up and we’re screwed anyhow”.

          So he would rather give up and die holding a 1911 than pick up a Glock……

          Seems far too many people are missing one of the biggest lessons to learn about armed combat. Never be married to a weapon.

          My buddy claims some of his reasoning is because he uses his 1911 all the time and has hundreds of thousands of rounds down range with it so he’s more accurate and comfortable with it.
          Well, that’s great, but being a super master of one firearm doesn’t help much if you cannot use anything else, you’re at a great disadvantage if your carry weapon becomes disabled and are forced to improvise.

    • When glock came out with their plastic wonders, I looked at it very serious several times. The more I looked the LESS I like the FIT & FINISH, FEEL, POINTING, NOTHING did I like. NEVER had one and will not own one. UNLESS its the only one available. I IN-TURN I AM DAMN TIRED OF glock,glock,glock. I don’t envy what you carry. I am just tired of glock being the only handgun made?

  2. The finger rest stippling is also a great idea that enhances memory muscle. Got my stick ons from Talon Grips. Put them on right and they won’t come off.

  3. “What do you all think of the need or uses for see-through pistol mags?”

    I’ve been using ETS for range mags for the past four years with complete satisfaction ,I find them to be as reliable as factory Glock mags and with the translucent bodies one can confirm ammunition in the mag with just a glance,whats not to like.

  4. My range bag has two C.A.T. TQ’s + mini-trauma pack. Each of my vehicles has an IFK with a C.A.T., 6 in. Israeli bandage, Chest seals, QuikClot dressings…ya never know when or where poop might happen. I will probably change my vehicles over to their “winter load-out” next weekend…in NW Montana that means: blankets / sleeping bag, water, fire-starter, small bow saw / axe, shovel, extra fusees, tow straps / chains…the winters up here can be deadly if you get stuck or have a mechanical failure (stopping to help out a stranded neighbor or traveler happens pretty frequently too).

    PS: didn’t know about the Talon stickies…thanks for the info.

  5. For ANY type of EDC handgun, I only would carry FACTORY OEM Mags. Aftermarket stuff is OK for Range Play, with Extended Capacity, but NOT for EDC. At least NOT for me.

    • I had a G…. I’m ashamed… I had a Glock and bought those cool Taran Tactical +3’s and +1’s and they were TERRIBLE!

      The +3’s jammed everytime unless you shaved off the inside of the mag. Then, by doing this, I dropped one and rounds went everywhere. First drop. Not on purpose. I emailed them and they basically said nothing they can do about it. Sad.

      I learned a lot. Mostly to never invest in that crap again, and by that crap I mean Glocks and all the accessories for any make/model. Unless it’s a rifle/AR… that is a little different, but even then, you don’t need all the custom crap half the people put on them.

      Keep It Simple, Stupid.

  6. Ah, a Glock. The bestest most awesomest gun in the world….that is immediately modded after purchase…because a stock Glock is really a pretty poor firearm. It’s only good once it’s not in the factory original form.

    • So Glocks are just like ARs then? There must be something wrong with me because all my Glocks are stock. I do however modify the hell out of my 10/22s.

      • I am actually on a waiting list to buy my first glock, a 19 gen3 in ODG. I plan on modding it to function for me: trigger guard undercut, finger grooves removal, grip reduction, and RMR cut for the slide. It will cost a little more than my Sig P229 Elite, but will function better. And just like the AR15, there is a huge aftermarket for Glocks. Being a non glock person, I never understood the hate. BTW, some, not all, of these gun EDC loadouts seem to be unrealistic, I.E. no holster, 3 knifes, bulky key fob add-ons, TQ only, but where’s the Israeli bandage, quickclot, and chest seal? Keep the TQ with the IFAK, yeah?

    • You just described pretty much every single firearm owned in America. I guess they all suck, since most of them receive some modifications from their stock configuration at one point or another.

  7. FYI
    The cheap ebay tourniquets work just fine, no need to spend $30-$60 for one when you can spend $3 and get 10-20. If they get used they will most likely be thrown away anyhow and its better to be able to help save 10 people than 1.

    Take the classes, worth it for everyone.

    • You’re trusting your life to Chinese counterfeits with cheap materials and no quality control? I can get you some cheap climbing ropes. They’ve had a dozen high-factor falls, but I’m sure they’re just as good as a new one. I also have a good source for airbags that have only been used once. I know a guy who sells cheap reloads in his garage. I’m sure they’re fine for defense.
      Seriously, buy new from a reputable source. Amazon is not a reputable source since they use 3rd parties and get counterfeits. Use someone who buys direct from the manufacturer.

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