2 Chicago moms murdered gun violence
Image via Mothers Against Senseless Killing Facebook Page.
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Chicago might have a new mayor in Lori Lightfoot, but it still has the same old violence.  This past weekend, Murder City USA tallied forty-three wounded and eight dead. That’s twice the number killed in Gilroy, FYI.

Included in the body count: two moms trying to prevent “gun violence” for an organization called Mothers Against Senseless Killings.

The two moms camped out on a street corner, apparently to keep watch on the neighborhood. They were shot in a drive-by shooting. Because not only do criminals break the law, but most of the time they don’t care about collateral damage, either.

The BBC has the story:

Two mothers in Chicago have been killed in a drive-by shooting as they stood on a street corner in an effort to deter gun violence.

Chantell Grant and Andrea Stoudemire were volunteers for Mothers Against Senseless Killings and had been camped out at the corner to prevent conflict.

They were shot on Friday evening by the occupants of a blue SUV. No arrests have yet been made.

Supporters say they are shocked by the killing and will honour their memories.

These women would have been better served with having concealed carry licenses and having their sidearms with them while camping out in that particular neighborhood. And encouraging others in the neighborhood to do the same.

“Mothers Against Senseless Killings” t-shirts don’t stop bullets or deter criminals.

On a local radio station WBEZ, the founder of the MASK group made an interesting statement.

Morning Shift talks to the founder of MASK on how the group is seeking justice for the two women killed, their families and their neighborhood…

Manasseh: People are tired of being afraid. We’re sick of being afraid.

We live in these communities and then we somehow are penalized and punished for living here. If you’re poor, you’re poor. But when women are killed, it’s not their fault. It’s not because they made bad decisions. It’s not they’re in the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s black men are getting killed and they’re poor. Black men live in homes with black women — with their mothers, with their aunts, with their sisters, with their cousins, with their wives, with their girlfriends.

Black women being murdered is no more their fault for being in the wrong place at the wrong time than a woman being raped for wearing the wrong thing. It’s not their fault. It’s not our fault. And we see a lot of victim-blaming when that happens. And we’re tired of that. We want someone to do something.

“We want someone to do something,” she said.

Rather than waiting for someone else to do something, what if members of MASK and other in the community did something? Instead of blaming the police, poverty, or guns for the rampant criminal violence on their streets, maybe they should try cooperating with and supporting the police (CPD murder clearance rate: 15%  9.1%) in reporting criminals and criminal behaviors.

Perhaps these women should have embraced legal gun ownership for residents of their neighborhood and personal responsibility instead of preaching that none of what happens there is anyone’s fault.

That beats waiting for someone else to do something. Here’s a tip: no one is going to do anything. They never have and there’s no reason to expect they will now. The Democrat political machine has run Chicago since the 1930s and residents keep voting for more of the same, election after election.

If politicians’ jobs aren’t endangered, nothing will change. Not unless the residents of that and other similarly crime-ridden neighborhoods make it happen themselves and provide for their own self defense.

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  1. My state has also been run by Democrats since the early 80’s, ,, things have gotten worse every single year since they took over, one major county & big city runs ruffshod over the whole state… & guess what ? It’s NOT on the east coast… Term Limits are the answer… WORD !!!

    • Term limits won’t fix anything. It’s just more abuse of the political system for hopes of short term gains. “Things are not working the way I want so I want to change the rules” Don’t stoop to their level. I live in a state ruled by a blue city too.

    • My condolences to their families and loved ones who on only have to live with the aftermath, but were overlooked because the MSM didn’t deem them to be an important enough story. Every innocent life matters.

    • Having just moved away from Washington state myself, you might enjoy the KOMO featurette “Seattle is Dying”. It’s available on youtube and has some great anecdotes about the Seattle tough-on-citizens, kidgloves-for-criminals approach they’ve taken and are pushing on the rest of the state.

      • On the other hand, I spent a week in Spokane week before last and found it to be clean, orderly, and the people there very courteous. I found it a lovely city (from my perspective) and the old downtown buildings had some wonderful architecture and were a delight to look at. Of course, I realize it’s in the “red” part of the state and I might consider going back there sometime.

    • We as a nation are lost. $$$trillions have been fed to all our major cities and things keep getting worse. Why? Here is the answer. Just look at the DOJ’s decision not to prosecute Comey when they have caught him red-handed. The FBI and DOJ have for decades now not pursued corruption at any level of government. Largely, the money sent to the cities has gone into the pockets of politicians, particularly Democrats, but not excluding Republicans. Yes, term limits, but we need to send several people to prison for 20 years minimum, no parole.

  2. 2 more innocent lives lost to gang loyalty, drug culture, turf wars and all the other foolish shit ghetto rats can think of to screw up their and everyone around them lives. Chicago needs to get serious, lose the mayor and the A.G., tell the police chief go get the criminals off the streets or the citizens will do it and it won’t be neat.
    In 2 months time the problem will be resolved…. one way or the other.

        • Anybody who could get out of Baltimore has done so. Many of the people who live there now are either drug dealers or too poor to relocate. The population had decreased by 100K in the past 10 years Chicago now has 10X the population of “Charm City” but the homicide rate is less than half per capita than that of Baltimore. On those rare occasions when I have to go into the city, I make sure that anyone who has a notion to rob or carjack me has to win at “Beat the Glock” first.

        • Yep, per person murder rate for Chicago is lower than Cleveland, Ohio or Goldsboro, NC. Chicago’s murder rate is lower than Orlando, Florida as well.

          From 2015 to 2016, murder and non-negligent manslaughter rates in the United States went up 8.4%, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

          1. East St. Louis, Illinois

          2. Chester, Pennsylvania

          3. Gary, Indiana

          4. St. Louis, Missouri

          5. Baltimore, Maryland

          6. Flint, Michigan

          7. Detroit, Michigan

          8. New Orleans, Louisiana

          9. Salisbury, North Carolina

          10. Danville, Virginia
          ‘Dangerous’ Chicago is at #24, beat out by Memphis, Goldsboro, Cleveland, Charleston and Orlando.

          And LA, San Fran and NYC aren’t even in the top 30.

      • Not as bad as Baltimore would be more honest.

        We know that Kim Foxx doesn’t prosecute criminals. Often, this is accompanied by zealous prosecution of victims who defend themselves. However, it seems like she doesn’t do that, either. Am I missing something?

    • We had a similar problem in rural Alaska with outsider drug dealers and homies and I believe what you call “hood rats”. It wasn’t the Alaska Native, current or former military, prospectors, farmers who homesteaded in Palmer or any other class of working multi racial and cultural population in Alaska – it was the skinny, tweaking black tar heroin and meth cooking criminal/addicts/dealers and their unfortunately already useless partners and children who had adopted “the life” that were the problem. In the old days we had real police and State Troopers who came down on the obvious criminals quickly and decisively. Then years of inaction bred more and more of these rats and finally the general citizens and the angry fathers, mothers and relatives had enough. Houses and fish camps started burning in the middle of the night, vehicles rendered inoperative, massive fuel spill from their faulty tanks (owners responsibility in Alaska), NCIC crime histories delivered to any businesses that had employees and who lied about their backgrounds. Thorough half day investigations by police and fire inspectors never seemed to reveal anything. Most moved willingly, others needed prodding from INS.

    • Thank the big government progressives and puritans in the Republican and Democrat parties who keep the idiotic war on drugs alive. Thank the cops, prison employees and government unions who need the war on drugs to keep their gravy trains on track. When was the last time you saw a couple of beer distributors fighting over turf? Face it, if you support the war on drugs, you support these ghetto rats you complain so much about.

  3. Arm yourself and save up for a one-way ticket out of that shithole. I appreciate the optimism, but at this point, it’s safe to say it ain’t getting any better.

  4. I bet that the murders that get cleared are mostly what you might call “normal” murders, that is non gang/ghetto related.

    • Yes, the murders where the perp is handy on-scene and said “yes, I did it, please take me to jail for my punishment (I know I will be out tomorrow)”

    • 13 percent of the population commits around 50 percent of all solved murders and almost all of unsolved ones. (In Chicago about 90% remain without a charge.)

      But let’s concentrate all media attention and policy creation efforts on public mass shootings, which statistically disappear in rounding error.

  5. I understand how difficult and expensive moving to another city or town can be but for heaven sake make it a priority. Look at all the friends and relatives you have and find someone in another place who can help you out.

    Or stay and watch it all burn down around you.

  6. Naw, Chicago’s finest couldn’t possibly have anticipated this action/reaction scenario.

    Obviously Mothers Against Senseless Killings needs someone with a Barrett M107 .50BMG on overwatch. You know….Bait ’em ‘N’ Bang ’em ROE. Take out the driver and pop the cockroaches as the can opener works its magic.

    The root cause is obviously not the presence of guns, but the presence of Defective Citizens raised by broken family units. Thank you Johnson Administration New Deal Welfare to Mothers family units…..absent the male role model. Part of the Democrats’ move to the Government Plantation after the Conservatives 100 year fight to remove blacks from the Cotton Plantation. Now, multiple generations on the Government Plantation.

  7. It is amazing how the gun-control movement avoids talking about black-on-black violence.

    Much talk about total deaths by gunshot.
    Much talk about suicide by gunshot; no talk whatsoever about suicide by other means. (50% by gunshot; 50% by other means. Suicide by gunshot is an epidemic; suicide by other means isn’t worth mentioning.)
    Much talk about domestic violence by gunshot.
    Total violence by gunshot.
    No talk, to speak of, about black-on-black violence.

    I hasten to add that I am NOT correlating violence with skin pigmentation. Instead, I suggest that violence is a cultural problem and it’s apt to vary by sub-cultures.

    Some black sub-cultures have a high propensity to violence; others do not. Some Hispanic sub-cultures have a high propensity to violence; others do not. Some native American sub-cultures; and, yes, some caucasian sub-cultures too. We don’t see much of the violence perpetrated by caucasians because these perpetrators are a small proportion of the total population of caucasians.

    In any case, if we took a public health approach to the problem of violence we would identify the communities that seem most affected by the phenomena, figure out the causes, and supply the appropriate resources. That’s what we would do if the problem were some disease; measles or plague. We wouldn’t be asking about skin pigmentation. We might be asking about cultural conventions that have a plausible connection with the vector of transmission.

    Why do gun controllers shy away from these same public health methods in the case of gun violence? Do they really want to solve this aspect of the problem (black-on-black shootings)? Or, do they see this vulnerable segment of our nation suitable cannon fodder for their cause of monopolizing the means of violence in the state?

    What’s wrong here? Do our social scientists have no insights whatsoever as to the causes of violence in society? Where are the social scientists’ research reports? I’m looking for studies by criminologists, early childhood development scholars, psychologists; psychiatrists. Have these folks nothing to say about why certain subcultures have much higher rates of violence than others?

    Residents of the inner-cities have the most at stake here. When are they going to call for evidenced-based solutions to violence in their communities? There is no reason for politicians to allocate resources absent any call for help from their own constituents.

    • “…criminologists, early childhood development scholars, psychologists; psychiatrists. Have these folks nothing to say about why certain subcultures have much higher rates of violence than others?”

      No sir, they do not. Moreover, whatever they do know, they’ll never say because they know what’s good for them.

      The sad thing is, this is a problem that probably CAN be solved — not eradicated, as human nature doesn’t change, but brought close to zero — if only society were willing to talk about what it truly is and apply concerted effort for a while.

      • The most infuriating aspect of these individuals is that they are sworn to the scientific method, but will declare theories “scientific rascism” if they happen to show difference between groups of human of particular genetic lineages, according to science.

    • Question: Do they see this vulnerable segment of our nation suitable cannon fodder for their cause of monopolizing the means of violence in the state?

      Answer: Yes

  8. Sitting on a ghetto corner expecting to NOT get shot??? Umarmed?!? I don’t think white country boy’s “get” how awful Chiraq is. Miles of abandoned and wrecked buildings. Baltimore is actually worse per capita. Oh and commenting above “moving”?!? Homie and ghetto gal are moving South and SW destroying my formerly nice town. Build a wall😫

    • New reality show. “Escape from Chicago”.

      Makes Escape from New York and the Purge series look like Sunday picnics in comparison.

    • ” I don’t think white country boy’s “get” how awful Chiraq is.”
      Yes WE do, that is why WE don’t live around low income minorities.

  9. I think it’s sad. Two citizens concerned enough about their community to do something very dangerous. I wish they had pursued another course of action.

    • They meant well, but simply had no clue how to make things better. At least they paid with their own lives, which I admire. When politicians and bureaucrats act out of well meaning ignorance, other people generally pay the price.

    • Pitchfork has historically encouraged people who buy its VIP passes to donate to a local charity chosen by the festival (last year it raised money for voter-registration efforts), but this year Reed says he approached outgoing Pitchfork president Chris Kaskie about doing something more. Kaskie suggested partnering with MASK [Mothers Against Senseless Killing], founded by Tamar Manasseh in 2015 after the shooting death of 34-year-old Lucille Barnes in Englewood. The group consists of volunteers who’ve pushed back against violence by forming a kind of block club and neighborhood patrol; they post up outdoors, grilling hot dogs, interacting with children and families, and making it clear to everyone that they’ve got their eyes peeled.
      After Pitchfork settled on MASK as its cause, Reed says, Everytown reached out and offered to partner with the festival. Reed and Kaskie were initially hesitant to get involved with a nationwide organization, but they worked with Everytown to find a way to tie together the local and the national.


      It went from a mission of denouncing gang violence to solely being a gun control front subsidized through bloomberg.

      The group is also anti cop and featured in an article as one of the groups advocating abolishing of police. The founder herself f describes the mission of the group to “watch police.”
      Also a nice quote:
      “The only reason I know that we don’t necessarily need the police is because of what I do every day.”
      Oh, sure.

      • “…and making it clear to everyone that they’ve got their eyes peeled.”

        They were probably the targets of the driveby, not collateral damage…can’t have anyone keeping their eyes peeled to rat you out, not even if it’s your neighbor’s mom.

        Not surprised at all that Everytown was supporting this group. This is the essence of their operation: they solve nothing and *even more* innocent people die.

        • There are hundred of these groups. Looking at their 990s (charity tax filings) you would never know that Bloomberg is acting as a financial incubator for them and then controlling their messaging.

          Bloomberg and Soros have the art of obfuscating funding they are getting and giving down to a science. this was just one degree of separation, Bloomberg funding a group that was funding this group. Often there are more. Whatever sins the NRA committed, and they have committed some, it is peanuts compared to how much advocacy, electioneering and outright lobbying is being under charity rubric by the gun banners, where the taxpayers like you and I effectively fund half, or in some cases dark money rubric will never ever know where the money is coming from.

  10. “Two mothers in Chicago have been killed in a drive-by shooting as they stood on a street corner in an effort to deter gun violence”

    The question is can you really help very stupid people?

    The Gangsters thought they were a “look out” for the cops or a rival gang. They thought their physical presence would deter the gangs???
    The only way to deal with this level of criminal is to kill them. By killing them the others who are not as prone to violence, will be given the only kind of warning they would ever understand. Parts of Chiraq are a real war zone.

    I’m not say the cops should be doing the killing. Law abiding citizens with guns should be doing the killing. The best example for this is the Deacons for Defense. Unfortunately most blacks don’t know their own history.

    But the proud homoseuxal who now runs chiraq, she likes things the way they are. I will wait to see if the Pink Pistols will address their concerns to her. I’m still waiting for them to speak up in San Francisco after the murder of Kate Steinle.

    • The women may have been the intended target. They were interfering in gang affairs. A lesson needs to be learned by the community — we own the streets.

        • The Deacons for Defense gave an educational lesson in violence to the Klan in the 1960s. Soon after the klan was no longer a problem to black people. But Liberals don’t want folks to start “teaching lessons” to trouble makers.

  11. Controlling the ‘tools’ or keeping tools out of the hands of law abiding citizens simply DOES NOT WORK.

    The Globalists are simply using this and their wholly owned propagana machine, the MSM, to brainwash these idiots into believing that they will be safer IF all of the firearms are banned.

    The Globalists are DESPERATE to take ALL firearms from citizens just like their wholly owned New Zealand Govt is trying to do.

    “This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future!”

    “Ordinary citizens don’t need guns, as their having guns doesn’t serve the State.” ~ Heinrich Himmler.

    1938 – Germany disarmed its citizens, and between 1939 – 1945 they murdered 6 million German Jews and 7million Gentiles

    • Germany didnt disarm its citizens, as jews weren’t citizens. American soldiers didn’t bring back tons of civilian rifles because they were verboten.

    • Interesting information from politifact:

      “By the time the Nazi Party came around in the early 1930s, a 1928 gun registration law had replaced the total ban and, instead, created a permit system to own and sell firearms and ammunition.

      But Dagmar Ellerbrock, an expert on German gun policies at the Dresden Technical University in Germany, told PolitiFact in 2015 that the order was followed “quite rarely, so that largely, only newly bought weapons became registered. At that time, most men, and many women, still owned the weapons they acquired before or during the first World War.”

      The Nazis used the records to confiscate guns from their enemies, but Ellerbrock also said the files included very few of the firearms in circulation and that many Jewish people and others still managed to stash away weapons into the late 1930s.

      In 1938, the Nazis adopted the German Weapons Act, which “deregulated the acquisition and transfer of rifles and shotguns as well as ammunition,” Harcourt wrote.

      Under this law, gun restrictions applied only to handguns, permits were extended from one year to three years, and the legal age of purchase was lowered from 20 to 18.

      Moreover, many more categories of people, including holders of annual hunting permits, government workers and members of the NSDAP (the National Socialist German Workers’ Party), were no longer subject to gun ownership restrictions.

      Regulations were introduced, though, to impose limits on Jews.

      On Nov. 11, 1938, the Regulations Against Jews’ Possession of Weapons was issued. Under it, Jews living under the Third Reich were forbidden to own or possess any form of weapons, including truncheons, knives, firearms and ammunition.

      But the Nazis had already been raiding Jewish homes by then, and the Anti-Defamation League, an organization founded to fight anti-Semitism, explained in 2013 that “the small number of personal firearms in the hands of the small number of Germany’s Jews (about 214,000) remaining in Germany in 1938 could in no way have stopped the totalitarian power of the Nazi German state.”

      Omer Bartov, a historian at Brown University who studies the Third Reich, told Salon in 2013 that even if they had weapons, Jews probably wouldn’t have had much success fighting back: “Just imagine the Jews of Germany exercising the right to bear arms and fighting the SA, SS and the Wehrmacht. The (Russian) Red Army lost 7 million men fighting the Wehrmacht, despite its tanks and planes and artillery. The Jews with pistols and shotguns would have done better?”

      Some supporters of the theory point to the 1943 Warsaw Ghetto Uprising as evidence that Jews with guns were successful in resisting Nazis. But, in that uprising, about 7,000 Jews died and 50,000 were sent off to concentration camps. Though the number of German losses from the uprising is in dispute — ranging from estimates of less than 20 to a several hundred — even the highest ranges come to just a fraction of the number of Jews who died.

      Second, experts and historians have widely criticized the argument, calling it problematic, dubious and preposterous.

      In the same 2013 statement, the Anti-Defamation League said the comparison of U.S. gun laws to the Holocaust inappropriate and offensive.”

        • ???

          Please, let me assure you, the humble one you know as miner49er has never posted as Vlad.

          Such deceptions would be beyond the ken of this humble holler homie in Southern West Virginia. We have limited contact with the outside world, our main information source is WVOW, the voice of the coalfields.

          But, thank you for suggesting that I am Vlad, I am flattered, some of his posts are quite interesting.

  12. As I keep saying, gun-grabbers and Progressives (but I repeat myself) operate on emotion, fantasy, and their whimsical notion of virtue.

    Here is the most likely mental process that occurred with these two deceased moms:
    emotion — unarmed sentries at street corners will stop gangsters from killing!
    fantasy — the moms will survive unscathed because they are courageous moms!
    virtue — sitting at the corner unarmed, vulnerable, and proud is virtuous!

    Of course all of those “determinations” are false and those two moms paid the ultimate price for their foolishness.

  13. Good plan! I’m sure more laws will do the trick. Pull your heads outta your asses and start electing real leaders and actually punishing real criminals with the hundreds of laws already on the books!

  14. The cities and states run by Democrats are the most corrupt and dangerous states in the Union. They also have the most stringent gun control laws and lowest levels of firearms ownership by law abiding citizens. Look at the states with the least gun control laws and Shall Issue Laws or Constitutional Carry. In many of those states Women out number men getting licenses to carry or where Constitutional Carry is in effect they are just outright carrying. These states have the lowest level of firearms violence and overall crime in the nation. Criminals will not strike where there is a high probability they will windup in an ambulance or a body bag. As the old saying goes “It’s no fun when the rabbits got the guns.” The best is the Founders mantra”AN armed society is a polite society.” Learn it. Live it.

  15. Are kudos in order for these two moms? After all, our side has challenged gun-grabbers many times to spend an entire day (including the whee hours of the morning) in a dangerous urban neighborhood, unarmed and without police protection, while voicing their demands for peace and harmony.

    Well, these two moms did just that.

    Of course those two moms did not survive that challenge which is exactly what we expected. Nevertheless, at least these two moms put their proverbial money where their mouth was.

    • Officer safety still more important than those mamas. They ain’t need no gunz nor license to carry.

    • “Nevertheless, at least these two moms put their proverbial money where their mouth was.”

      I doubt they ever thought they were actually in danger. That is the hubris of many mamas of medical students in the ghetto. They virtue signal loudly and believe that their greatness will protect them. Of course, IMHO.

      I try not to confuse ego and stupidity with bravery.

      • I try not to confuse ego and stupidity with bravery.

        Good point.

        I withdraw my request that we consider providing kudos to those two deceased moms.

  16. When your porch is dirty you buy a broom and get to work. Calling a socialist institution to get it done is doing the same thing over and over again — expecting another person to clean it for you when they get paid either way. Buy a boom stick, sweep the streets. If you can’t buy a street sweeper, go fix the laws to make it happen.

    Your mamas are dying in the streets by your own kids. That’s a new low. No r-e-s-p-e-c-t. Time to clean house. Tell the Black Panther/Wakanda wannabes to fix the community. Stop relying on whitey. What are you some kind of slave on a new type of plantation? You guys are not even forced to live on a “reservation.” Where is the black power at?

  17. So, righteous-logo t-shirts don’t stop bullets. Or tooled up bad guys who like the way things are from throwing them at you.

    Good to know.

    • They at least should have had tee-shirt guns like at NBA games to shoot back with. C’mon man !

  18. Votes have Consequences. Chiraq,Baltimore,Philadelphia, L.A,Detroit just to name a few, Are all As bad as many 3rd world Cities. Crime,Gangs,Homelessness and Urban blight. I know this because I’ve been to some 3rd world countries in Central America. These cities have been controlled by democrats for generations. This is what is waiting for the rest of OUR nation if We allow the Cancer that is the democrat party to gain control of the Senate and the Presidency. Votes have Consequences. Keep Your Powder dry.

  19. For me, one of the “tells” in the above article was “black men …live with women, mothers, sisters, cousins, girlfriends… etc.”
    No mention of fathers.
    The boys living with their girlfriends, AKA “baby daddys” are not men, nor will they ever be.
    Gang bangers, drug dealers/druggies and various other type of lowlife, yes. Men? No.

  20. This is the direct result of DEMORAT’s continued naive mindeset. EVERYTHING and I MEAN EVERYTHING they touch, do or say turns to S%^T. The people who VOTER for these dumb Bas%$Ds are also responsible. SO they reap what they sow. The trouble is that OTHER PEOPLE are SUBJECT TO their inept and incompetent decisions and policies. Todays Democrat party is NOT the same Democrat Party of the past. It is anti American pro socialists masquarating as Americans to create personal financial fiefdoms by their career political status all in the name of spitefulness and selfishness, they could careless about you or I, until election time when they BS their constituents who like lemmings pull the voting lever are being duped one more time

  21. Pool your public assistance checks together and hire a some vigilantes to take out your garbage!

    • The women who died weren’t your enemies.

      Your enemies are sipping champagne in gated communities, far away from the violence, discussing the next “progressive” thing their moneyed cabal is going to do to you, me, and the relatives of the deceased for our own good. When *these* people die, I’ll dance in the streets.

      • These people are funded by and doing the bidding of those champagne sippers you mentioned. They might be low level useful idiots but they are still working against us. You think they are going to distinguish between us and the violent ghetto spawn they created when it comes time to ban things?

    • These moms cut down while sitting in chairs are not our enemies. When I talked to moms with BLM shirts in South Sac what they were really worried about was their kids being beat up or mowed down by gangsters more than the local cops who were actually connected with the neighborhoods they *walked* and the people who lived there.

  22. Looking at the site for MASK:

    “MASK (Mothers/Men Against Senseless Killings) was established in 2015 as a way to put eyes on the streets, interrupt violence and crime, and teach children to grow up as friends rather than enemies. A group of caring individuals in the community began to simply hang out on the block, cook food, and emanate love.

    Our presence was felt. People began to notice neighbors were watching out for each other, and it was contagious. Now this method of injecting good vibes in troubled areas is catching on in more communities.

    Our primary mission is to build stronger communities through a focus on:

    Violence Prevention
    Food Insecurity
    Additionally, MASK partners to ensure that community members have access to necessary city services, opportunities for education & professional skills growth, and economic development.”

    I don’t know their stance on firearms in general(I doubt we agree), but from what’s listed on their site, I can get down with what they wish to do otherwise. I can’t fault someone for wanting to improve their community— lord knows the government isn’t going to take any real steps towards improving the situation.

    Politicians would rather jerk themselves off about ‘doing something’ and pushing gun control, than address the root of the problem.

    Regardless of their stance, it’s never good to hear about decent folk being gunned down.

    • Quoting their self written PR blurb is not helpful. They are funded by Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown.
      And there the is no evidence they reduced one iota of crime.

      The founder of MASK has been quoting in articles favorably supporting people calling for abolition of police. This group is is blame shifting at a disgusting level.

    • “decent folk being gunned down.”

      It’s fruit of the tree. Ghetto mamas raising ghetto thugs. I can’t say that these particular two ladies raised any ghetto thugs but, undoubtedly plenty of their peer group did. They reaped the bounty of what their own community has sown.

      Get the fathers back into the family. Raise the kids with values. Throw out the gansta rap. Reject the race-baiting black reverends. Turn away from the leftists insanity. THAT will actually fix some of what’s wrong. However, that is too much work and will sacrifice the race card of hood queens.

  23. “change it for me, because I’m gonna sit here on this corner and do nothing, while collecting government assistance”.
    – Mothers against senseless killings

  24. “if we took a public health approach to the problem of violence …”

    Medicine has been SO wrong about SO many physical diseases, and even about how the human body works for SO many CENTURIES! It’s still struggling to correct the “carbohydrates good, fats bad” false claims that were made, and settled – supposedly – scientifically less than fifty years ago. Now you expect to solve a social/cultural problem with that approach???


    • Actually if we took a public health attitude toward all of the Bill of Rights we would end virtually all of them all tomorrow.

      We certainly can get more bad guys by ending Fourth and Fifth Amendment protections. ALL the data and studies show 80% to 90% of US violent crime is committed repeatedly by a a relatively tiny fraction of the population. One to five percent of the population is committing 80% to 90% of the crime.
      The evidence from incarcerated violent criminals shows when given guaranteed confidentiality they will admit to committing several crimes, often between ten to 20 crimes for each crime they are arrested for.

      No country on earth has the strong fourth and fifth amendment protections we have and the data show that this means more criminals escape arrest or conviction and can commit more crimes — harming public health

      • This is why there needs to be a quota for the death penalty. 100k a year would be a good start. Reassess every decade with the census. After a century or so the violent genes should be pretty well filtered out.

  25. Chicago’s political machine doesn’t care about violence. I’d blame the voters- and they deserve some- but honestly there are no viable candidates who can get on the ballot that are any good.

    • Chicago’s political machine doesn’t care about violence.

      Sure they do. They were claiming violence was rising even when it was falling. Violence and populations fear of it, real or imagined, is helpful. It makes people more willing to accept more government control.

  26. Having done business on the South side of Chicago, I can say that it is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.
    Where the old Comisky Park used to be was the exit(Pershing Ave.) I got off on to go to a cold storage facility. I hated it.
    My personal opinion is that Chicago is to far gone to be fixed. It would take a mass cleansing of people and politicians to make it right. Don’t see it happening.

    • Um, Old Comiskey Park is the parking lot for new Comiskey Park aka US Cellular Field (The Cell) aka Guarenteed Rate Field (The Grate). It at 35th and Shields not Pershing Rd (39th St.) I am originally from the City (Rogers Park) a and my Uncles had their trucking and bindery business at 31st and Shields. Needless to say I doubt your veracity.

      • There was some news article, I vaguely recall, maybe a year old, where I read a rise in black women apply for Concealed Carry permits in Chicago’s South side. Hopefully that rise is still going and these law abiding folks are able to defend.

  27. As long as Democrats are elected to lead these places shootings will never stop.Too much Liberalism will spoil the kettle and the city.Keep up the killings until you kill everyone off.

    • In theory, not a bad idea but with a population of ~3 million, it would take a looong time.
      Of those 3 million, what are the demographics like? Who’s spared when/if the all clear is given and you can walk at night without fear? Or anytime of the day for that matter?
      To far gone and hope is pretty much faded away.
      Those that could move away probably have. Like Detroit going North on I-75, those that could leave when the automakers foundered have already left.
      Still good people left in both cities but fear of a wrong turn, wrong neighborhood, wrong place and time negate any good that could happen.

    • They are breeding fast enough to make up for the losses. With absent fathers and teenage mothers lacking the personal and financial resources to raise them properly, the children become the next generation of gangbangers.

  28. Blue cities have been training their poor populations in slavish dependency for generations now.

    That’s not going to change easily.

    • True, but hopefully family members of the MASK victims will have a come-to-Jesus momenent and get armed.

  29. “We want somebody to do something”. The politicians did. It is called gun control. This is what you get as a result.

    • Maybe we should try to get WLP and the current NRA BoD to hold a “Guns Save Life” demonstration on the corner where the two ladies were killed. Perhaps our problems with them could be resolved…permanently.

  30. Besides getting shot, what were these women intending to do to prevent conflict?

    • Well, they have been sitting there… talking to families and children….grilling hot dogs… and stuff.
      Hey, do you think I can pump some money out of Bloomberg to improve my neighborhood? If sitting around and grilling is all it takes, I promise I will improve the shit out of it!

  31. I open carry in our neighborhood. Now more neighbors do it here. Our shootings went to zero and violent crime dropped a lot in a year and a half. If more neighbors start open carrying, I anticipate violent crime going to near zero as well. The surrounding neighborhoods still have their shootings and high crime.

  32. What’s a more senseless death; being gunned down unarmed in a chair waiting for killers that clearly don’t care about the legality of their actions…or returning fire on these guys & ending them, once & for all?

    I’d say locking down that street & killing these assholes is *anything* but “senseless,” but sadly I suspect that fact is lost on every person living there.

  33. Thank goodness for gun control, so now those LAW ABIDING CRIMINALS won’t be able to buy guns or shoot people!

  34. Are Reps from MASK going to reoccupy the Corner this weekend or do the scumbag criminals win again?

  35. Slightly tangential. Chiraq makes no sense as a nickname for Chicago. Chicongo makes far more sense.

  36. Ah, Democrats! They turned Burlington into a perpetual gang war and now have set their sights on Chicago.

  37. Quote: “These women would have been better served with having concealed carry licenses and having their sidearms with them while camping out in that particular neighborhood.” My understanding of ‘concealed carry’ is that at no time is the weapon to be visible, unless it is being used. So that means that their weapons would have either been closed up in their pocketbooks/other carrying containers or hidden under their clothes. Somehow I can’t see them being able to draw their weapons, aim them, and fire BEFORE some thug with his gun pointing out a car window pulls the trigger. Result would be the same, two dead ladies and no suspects in custody.

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