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Chicago’s new mayor, Lori Lightfoot, blames police for Chicago’s spiraling violent crime problem. Of course, she doesn’t blame the Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, now famous for the sweetheart deal she cut for Jussie Smollett. Nor does she blame soft-on-crime judges, affordable bail, dysfunctional neighborhoods or the absence of fathers in families.

It could be worse. She could blame the law-abiding gun owners of Illinois for her cesspool of problems.

No worries. She’ll get around to blaming gun owners and demanding more strict gun control in time. As if generations of gun control have made the Windy City a peaceful, tranquil paradise.

Fox News has the story:

Chicago’s new mayor is taking issue with the city’s police department as the city continues to see far more homicides than New York and Los Angeles, as well as major eruptions of other violence.

“One weekend does not make a trend,” Mayor Lori Lightfoot said Tuesday, according to Fox 32. “But we’ve now had a couple weekends where it feels like we are losing the streets.”

The mayor made the comments while in New York to attend the opening of the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative, which is funded by billionaire former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg “to equip [mayors] with the tools and expertise to effectively lead complex cities.”

Lightfoot’s comments also came off the back of one of the city’s bloodiest weekends so far this year, in which more than 40 people shot, nine of them fatally.

Right before Independence Day, 50 people were shot. And despite the deployment of an extra 1,200 officers in the city, at least 43 people were shot over Memorial Day weekend, seven of them fatally.

More than 1,500 extra Chicago Police officers hit the streets, parks and lakefront for the July 4 holiday, typically one of the most violent weekends of the year.

If you believe that Mayor Lightfoot conjured up 1500 additional cops, you put the illegal (federally, at least) stuff in your hookah. She has, though, according to the Chicago Tribune, cancelled planned vacations and days off for officers, mandating they work on the weekends.

From the mayor’s comments, it surely sounds like Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson better start packing up his office. He may be out of a job soon. Probably as soon as Chicago has another weekend approaching twenty murders and a hundred maimed by gangland gunfire.

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  1. This could be good news for sanity in the long run. Blaming the officers may be the last straw for them, and they may tell her to shove it. If they walk, maybe the crisis will get bad enough that the lie of Democrat governance is laid bare.

    Smart folks should GTFO of Chicago and let the inevitable happen. Essentially nuking it from orbit, just to be sure. And Trump should be using the city as a campaign Clarion call, proof of what happens after decades of entrenched Democrat control.

    • The cops don’t dare disappear for more than a few hours (“blue flu” delay type actions). If they were gone for say a few weeks, people would realize that nothing is really any worse plus they’re not having to pay any parking tickets.

      • You live in as much a fantasy world as any gun grabber. Chicago has 100k gang members who would quickly take over the parts of the City they don’t all ready control. It sounds good on paper to have armed citizens take over but most people won’t perform their social duty particularly when the temperature falls below 10° or gets higher than 90°. And all you kepboard commandos who decide to try will quickly discover making the right call isn’t so crystal clear.

        • I don’t subscribe to the “thin blue line” cop power fantasy. If you do then whatever, the result is the same.

        • A keyboard law enforcement commando speaks. You ought sit down with Shannon and work on your fantasy lives together.

        • Touching a nerve there, eh? 🙂

          Keep going ad hominem though, it’s a great way to win an argument if you don’t have a leg to stand on.

        • While I broadly agree with Eric on the utility of government edict enforcement officers, I think you are both wrong on this one. Our current president has previously discussed sending in the nasty guard to confiscate the guns of law abiding cit…………, oh wait, I mean to “restore order”. If the police all resigned or came down with blue flu for a while I think we would see nasty guard on the streets of Chicago pretty quickly.

          That would set a terrible precedent for using nasty guard against people like us when the commies retake the white house.

        • You’re wasting your time on people like this Eric fellow. These are the types who have an atavistic, feral view of how they think society should function. Only it’s not quite as they imagine and would wind up looking more like Somalia or Sudan than the wild American West. “We don’t need cops” actually means “I think I could probably manage by myself and everyone else should feel the same way.” Except life and society don’t work that way, at least not a civil society. But I suspect these types don’t actually want a civil society, either.

        • HP, your comment reflects a very liberal view of “the poor little people can’t manage their own affairs”. I personally don’t think people are worthless or helpless. You and the government guys might, but I don’t.

      • “Blue flue” history
        LA California 1992. City councilman tells police department to stand down.
        Cincinnati ohio 2001. Police chief tells his department to not answer calls from the “black portion” of town.
        Baltimore MD. 2015 Mayor tells police department to “give them room to destroy”.

        The “race to call the police”, between the outlaws and the law abiding, will never go away. I Even if you don’t like or even hate the cops.

    • This is horrible. Burned out cops with no backing is going to end bad. Really bad.

      I back the badge.

      There is a simple solution. Let law abiding citizens get CCW permits and purchase the gun and self defense ammo. Now that would result in many deaths of 15 to 19 year olds, but the Innocents dying would plummet.

      Which is more effective, 1500 more cops protecting other people of 250,000 people protecting themselves? Criminals go after easy prey. I know a grandma who, due to arthritis changed her carry from a 1911 to a Shield EZ. Not Chicago, but you get the idea.

      • Citizens can get CCWs on a shall issue basis, but when you add in the training requirements and the application fee, it ain’t cheap. I think someone around here posted the actual cost a few days ago. With the gun, the cost can be $800 to $1000 , as I recall.

        • easy money for a drug dealer or pimp…
          oh…you mean actual law-abiding citizens…
          my bad

        • Thats was me. Its not cheap but its worth it in the end I think. alot of the cost is sunk cost at the end of the day (kinda)
          one time for the gun (which was half my total cost), safe, holster, ears, lock box for ammo.
          Ammo can be expensive (correction, IS expensive) but in reality it can be done for 20 bucks a week or every other week to shoot 100 shots a week to get proficient. Buying in bulk is cheaper per round but putting out 150-200 for 1000 at a time is cost prohibitive for sure.

        • Whomever set the requirements and the cost for CCW can also change it. They don’t want poor people to be able to defend themselves from the criminal element. They are afraid the people may discover they can defend themselves a tyrannical govrnment.

        • My son has a CCW partly because I pushed him to do it and because he works in the woods alone much of the time opening up roads after the snow melts. Unfortunately, there are a lot of illegal pot grows still and many of the people operating them are armed. I hope that he will never have to use his gun, but he has been around guns all his life and is an excellent shot, so I just feel better knowing he has some advantage if needed.

    • she talked a good game when she was campaigning, but since then she’s been out on the West Coast meeting with Oprah, and now in NY looking for “help” with the Bloomberg screwballs….The Police Chief in Chicago knows exactly what the problem is 15,000 or so known gangbangers. He says he knows who they are; they’ve been arrested 10-15 or more times each…but you have the revolving door justice dept, the ACLU, and liberal Judges that turn them loose as soon as the cops pick them up. You’d have to be crazy to be a cop in Chicago, when the CITY DOESN”T SUPPORT YOUR EFFORTS, and blames YOU for the problems their wacked out sense of justice they support. Now the “new” mayor is going to alienate the police force…stupid, stupid.

    • Not to mention the government (Federal, state, county & city) in enacting laws RESTRICTING legitimate and legal ownership by placing such fees, as well as other onerous laws specifying when & where carrying and storage MUST be! That ALL these are DESPITE the 2nd Amendment’s admonition that government NOT restrict just adds MORE galling behavior. Effectively, this means the criminals will have an edge over others, as THEY, being ‘law-LESS’ don’t obey such laws ANYWAY! Way to go, government! Blame the police for YOUR idiotic interference!

  2. I know TTAG has a new commenting police but damn that woman looks like she drank too much flouride and came from the moon

  3. When I was a cop, I put up with a lot of stupid from our regular customers. Then this whole anti-cop thing became popular, and people stopped asking for help, and started demanding we leave them alone. I got out when it was clear things were going to go bad. Having left them alone, now people want cops again, but aren’t willing to actually engage in any meaningful or helpful way.

    To have a mayor jump on the hate train and demand OT and cancel vacations, though, that’s untenable.

    You don’t want the cops who will work in those conditions. They are going to either be burned out, completely disengaged, or a little too enthusiastic returning some of the love.

    • Klamath Falls Herald and News: Tuesday, June 27th, 2017/Letters To The Editor

      Violence escalates against police force

      Andrew Haut’s June 25, “Good job done on crime news articles” came from a resident of Lassen County, Calif., (Susanville). Andrew mentions in his letter about “fatal attacks” on law enforcement.

      According to the “Support Your Local Police” section in the July 2017 John Birch Society Bulletin, “violence against police escalated to record numbers in 2016,” an increase of 54 percent over 2015. In my own Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2015, Herald and News letter, “Law enforcement a tough profession,” I alluded to the demands, danger and stress of those in law enforcement. This letter remains archived in this newspaper.

      Again, I publicly endorse the “Support Your Local Police Campaign” of The John Birch Society in Appleton, Wisc. Learn more by by accessing Three online videos appear, including: “What’s Happening to Our Local Police?” “Local Police vs. National Police,” and “Police Under Fire.” Additional sources for our law enforcement officers exist and include: “Law Enforcement Charitable Foundation, Inc. “ at, and a Dec. 20 article titled, “Officers Need Your Prayer” via

      The Christian Community/Body of Christ (including Catholics) can likewise be in intercessory prayer for our law enforcement. The Bible states:

      “Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men, For kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence.” — 1 Timothy 2:1,2.

      James A. Farmer, Merrill

      Merrill, Oregon (Klamath County) is a semi-rural farming community of around 860 residents located 21 miles south of Klamath Falls, Oregon. The State of Jefferson mindset is very much a part of our Southern Oregon/Northern California culture who basically despise the socialists in both Salem , Oregon and Sacramento, California. Also, we only want to be left alone, not dictated to, controlled, etc. by corrupt state legislators from urban/metro regions who wouldn’t know what moral and intellectual honesty was if it up and bit them on their elitist asses!

    • I dont hate cops but i feel that at least some are not on our side. When Prop 63 was implemented in Ca. there were a lot of “ exemptions” for LEOs. This does not engender them much to the law abiding gun community

  4. Hope she’s using CPD for her protection detail. She should last about 3 months…The CPD are overwhelmed with entitled criminals supported by local and state politicians. They can’t even get their D.A to prosecute Jussie Smollett who cost the CPD 100’s if not 1,000’s of man-hours meanwhile hood rats running around freestyle shooting anybody they want. CPD and the law abiding citizens of Chicago (all 32 of them) deserve better.

  5. In the meantime. Mayor “Smokes the Meth” wants the rest of Illinois to cough up the cash to bail out her failing city’s finances… It’s a small wonder that the movement to kick the Chicago area out of Illinois is gaining steam.

    • Actually, she wants the rest of the country to foot the bill. There’s not enough money in Illinois. How about a 20% income tax surcharge on all US taxpayers ?

      • Am I the only one who though “Holly shit, Tyrone’s sister is running for Mayor of Chicago!” when I saw her campaign adds?

      • Which will be used to pad the mayors retirement fund, and it will do little to solve the problem. Chicago needs to eliminate the problem. Arrest, and convict the hood rats, if that fails shoot them, they offer little to society, and I would rather have 100 dead hood rats, than one innocent person killed.

    • On top of the bailout request to the governor this stupid fool turned around and proposed a 14% raise over a five year contract period to the Chicago Teachers Union for the amount of $325 million.
      I have absolutely no pity for vampiric unions, politicians, or teachers who would do this to the public. As a part-time public employee of my own township I am required by law to contribute to a Teamsters Union I have nothing but utter contempt for. I live in NJ and am under absolutely no illusion that any pensions will be made whole should the State go broke and be unable to pay its debts.

      • I’m just crossing my fingers that Illinois goes broke as soon as possible. I will sit on my porch and laugh my ass off as I wind up in a completely different state overnight.

  6. Since the new mayor has laid the blame squarely on the PD while letting others off the hook, it will be interesting to see what the cops do in response. After all, they can only do so much (arresting perps and turning them over to the dysfunctional justice system), and I’m confident that they don’t like losing vacations, weekends and days off as a result. Maybe they’ll handle it like Baltimore’s cops did after they got slammed for the savage behavior of some of that city’s residents – walk it back and do the minimum. It will also be interesting to see how the voters in Chitown’s nicer areas react to the new mayor’s same-o, same-o schtick.

  7. No bombshell here! Anyone know when the last time was Chicago elected someone based on their qualifications?

    • Richard M was qualified and so is brother Bill but he had no chance in the jungle primary system that gave the City it’s hot foot.

  8. Hey Dan – is this a test of the new comments policy? Looks like it to me. Hate when this sh*t is sneaked in.

    • FWIW, whether or not it was always clearly spelled out for everybody it’s not a new policy.

      They’ve also always had a lot of political stories related to anti-gun parts of the country, even if the story wasn’t directly gun related.

  9. Funny thing Ms Lightfoot pretty much ran on a pro-cop/law enforcement shtick. And believe it or not crime and shooting are trending down. NOW it’s HOT. Really hot. Dunno what’s gonna happen with it near 100°(heat index 110-115°). I avoid Chiraq as usual…it will never be “fixed”. LaShawn Ford has the right idea but he’s still a leftwing dim. Stay cool😎

    • Funny, I went to a Sox game in June and stayed in South Loop — 22nd floor of the Homewood Suites with one of the best hotel views I ever had. Except for the Roosevelt Road El/subway stop it was generally safe. There are two Chicagos. One is very safe and the other is a war zone. Perhaps nothing will change the way things are done until these two cities overlap.

      • Well that’s swell tdiinva…at least a dozen highway,expressway and Lake Shore Drive shootings lately. Oh and crime is way up in the Gold Coast(ez pickings). That violence has spread. Homie knows he’ll get away with murder. I’ve in literally every Chiraq neighborhood. Perception is not reality(like being a Sox fan😄).

  10. Chicago continues on its trajectory to be a completely failed city in a couple of years.

    Between their unsustainable and highly dubious finances and their political corruption, they’re a ripe target for a Federal investigation. If I had Trump’s ear for 10 minutes, I’d recommend a deep federal investigation into Chicago and its political machine. Tearing down this political machine would have national implications for the Democrats and gun-banners.

    • The Roseburg Beacon :For the week of Wednesday July 17-23. Letters To The Editor

      Upon reading “Amid feminist hype, what about Chappaquiddick” by Andy Schlafly: The Roseburg Beacon: Wednesday, July 10th, 2019 I was naturally disgusted! This article reminded me of various career criminal politicians from America’s shameful past which continues to haunt us today. Their legacy of deceit, crookedness, high treason, socialist treachery, and immorality has done more damage to our
      republic than any other evil, injustice, and abuse of power. Including violation of the public trust. And not just Ted Kennedy, but also Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ) including his corrupt anti-gun lieutenant then in the U.S. Senate: the late Thomas Dodd (D) of Connecticut who framed the 1968 Federal Gun Control Act. Dodd later was censored by his own U.S. Senate peers for abuse of power. Why do we never hear of this from the establishment news media? Also the abusive dictatorial Earl Warren Supreme Court and his nine justices (injustices?) of high treason who outlawed prayer and Bible reading in our public schools in 1962 and 1963, respectively. The Warren Supreme Court rightly deserves condemnation for siding with the criminal against the crime victim. And I haven’t even touched on Bill and Hillary Clinton and Obama. I could continue on too about the corrupt powerful Richard J. Daley Democratic Machine in Cook County, Illinois (Chicago).

      Why do ignorant voters continue to re-elect scum to our state legislatures and both houses of Congress: House and Senate? Also, to state governor? Why do the masses continue to place football, sports, and athletics ahead of voter education, civic responsibility, and becoming a far more informed sensible citizenry? If the feminists were both morally and intellectually honest with themselves, they would turn their wrath against the treasonous socialist anti-gun politicians who remain hellbent on legislating Soviet/Nazi style “civilian disarmament gun control” legislation which empowers the criminal element (including the rogue politicians and the almighty nanny state) against the victim! The saying “The Second Amendment Is The Original Equal Rights Amendment” speaks volumes. Contrary to the dishonest brainwashing, disinformation, and indoctrination via our government controlled socialist public schools, colleges, universities, and academia (who are bribed, censored and controlled by federal money and even powerful tax exempt left wing foundations: the Ford, Rockefeller, and Carnegie Trusts to name a few), the autonomous armed individual remains their first line of defense and historically is the best bulwark against crime, domestic tyranny, and lawlessness. The simple quintessential .38 caliber revolver (among other firearms) speaks with more moral authority than all the law libraries, criminology classes, and academia. Plus the gun also provides affordable cheap life insurance, security, and protection to the masses.

      The Bible states: “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked bear rule, the people mourn.” —- Proverbs 29:2

      James A. Farmer P.O. Box 425 Merrill, Oregon
      Long live the State of Jefferson!

      Note: Learn more about the Nazi roots of the 1968 Federal Gun Control Act by accessing JPFO, Inc. at JPFO, Inc. is “America’s Aggressive Civil Rights Organization!” Too learn more about the “Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America” access this via Charlotte Iserbyt’s online video by same title. Also, “The Grinding Down Of America” by Curtis Bowers.

    • The problem is the democratic Mayors! “Tiny Dancer” and Lori Lightfoot, both blamed Police or guns! No it’s the CRIMINALS period! The Democrats have the Police backing down and stopping effective programs like, Stop and Frisk. The police could randomly stop and frisk suspected gang members and thus reduce the guns on the street along with arresting gang members. Now it’s not allowed at all,the violence has escalated substantially! The lack of true sentencing by liberal Judges is another major problem….criminals back on the streets in record time! Now you have a Police Department with their hands tied behind their backs as to dealing with the problem of Gang Violence! If a policeman does arrest any one they have to fill out all kinds of paperwork including alot of anti-cop paperwork making them liable for Civil Rights violations for minor mistakes! The power is on the Criminals side only! So if you were a policeman putting life and job on the line, would you take a chance in losing your job, your lively hood over a minor mistake? No, and that’s why the Chicago Police have back down from a more aggressive assault on this violent crime, they are in a only “Lose or Lose” situation! For Lori to blame the police is utterly laughable, when it’s her policies and her criminal people who are the true problem! But, alas a true Democratic would never tell the Truth when it comes to losing votes! I know this to be true because I’ve talked to guys who were and are CPD right now1 They will not loose they jobs over this stuff!

  11. I would criticize this Mayor’s gross stupidity but criticizing a POC is considered “racist” here in The Land of The Free and The Home of The Brave.

  12. Police don’t really stop crime. They merely mop up the carnage, call the Medical Examiner to cart off the bodies, and infrequently solve a crime…..which the Liberal DA will set free.
    Problems stem from open borders with drug infusion and illegals. Next is the Defective Citizens created by Democrats putting blacks, and many whites, on the free s__t, zero family values Government Plantation. Dems realized there was more wealth, power, and control in Government than Cotton. And, they could tax others to pay for the shanty shacks, sow belly and collard greens……..and the Dems would get all the Black vote in return for the Santa Claus free s__t and dump truck load of “we will save you from those big bad people who work for a living” BS. Dems see money of the Little People as theirs to skim, scam, squander, and buy votes with.

  13. “Chicago’s New Mayor Blames Police for ‘Losing the Streets’ to Violence”

    Of course she(?) does…that’s what liberals do, blame someone else for their failures…

  14. No, she didn’t. And she did put lots of blame on the state’s attorney and cook co. judges. Criticizing the superintendent is not the same as blaming CPD cops.

  15. This is what happens when the Ghetto Baboons run the Ghetto Plantation.

    For DECADES!

  16. The Bolshevist radical left likes to play a game where they themselves create conditions for you name it, crime, illegal immigration, cultural violence, to run rampant, and then blame law enforcement for the problems that they (the radical left bolshevists) have created.

    Of course she’s blaming the police. Rules for radicals 101.

  17. The citizens of (the south and near west sides) of shitcago are responsible for the violence of shitcago. Maybe they should do some soul searching…….


  18. I would never live in a big city, but I enjoy visiting them from time to time. Spent a couple of days in the Museum of Natural History in New York. Constitution Hall in Philadelphia. The King Tut exhibition in the New Orleans Museum of Art, and again in the Franklin Institute for Science. Would like to visit the Field Museum in Chicago. The Lions of Tsavo are there. But, the way things are the way are today. No thanks.

  19. I don’t mean to draw any group think conclusions about the Chicago PD but being the mayor could be unrewarding when every cop in town is pissed at you.
    For the rest of your life..
    Just sayin’…

  20. Instead of electing Obama’s friends or a super politically correct idol they put people in charge that mean business next time.

  21. “If you believe that Mayor Lightfoot conjured up 1500 additional cops, you put the illegal (federally, at least) stuff in your hookah…”

    This is a typical play in the Chicago handbook. They magically come up with officers by cancelling leave and vacations but it goes further than that. They’ll take officers on one assignment and boot them back to patrol (where half of them have no clue what they’re doing). They’ll also double-count lots of cops. They’ll announce that they promoted 200 detectives but ‘neglect’ to subtract that number from the patrol division.

    And it hardly matters because putting more cops on the street is marginal at best for crime suppression when the cops are out there trying to not get fired. Cops in Chicago have had it beaten into their heads by experience that doing anything beyond answering calls for service is a one-way ticket to disciplinary action. Investigatory stops make you a racist. Running after and tackling a thief makes you a bully. And trying to chase someone in a car, for any reason? Man, you are just a complete idiot. If you happen to have to use force- especially deadly force- and the races line up with a particular narrative- your career might be ended by some idiots on Good Morning America listening to the decedent’s accomplice give his story even though it’s proven false a week later.

  22. its not the police fault its the mayors and the peoples fault for letting gang voilance get out of hand T dammed gangs have more rights than the normal people do, the syupid people in chicago gave them more rights
    ,by using that race cad anytime one of them bastards get shot by the police !but if a cop doing his job gets shot ,the people up there dont care ! then if a illegal killes an american nothing happens to them ! whats wrong with the system ?


  23. She is getting a great start on making the Police her enemy, people may not see it this way, but the Socialist Communist Democrats always blame someone else for their own failings. Actually, Chicago has the strictest guns laws but it seems it makes no difference. The same goes for drugs, the government only makes the matters worse. I used to live in a suburbs close to Chicago, that was back in the 1970’s. Even than there was places Police refused to go into because of the violence. Her best bet would be to keep her mouth shut and work with the police in a answer to the violence in her city. Going this way she is only going to make it worse.

  24. Democrats never take responsibility for there actions. The Major kept the Law Enforcements hands tied from being able to fully do there job. Know that things went south she throws the blame on them. That’s one thing that the Democrats all have in common.


  26. Another idiot democrat that refuses to admit the utter failure of democrat stupidity then to blame their own failure on law enforcement that expects and needs people to self regulate morally in society. The democrats alone are responsible for destroying the concept of family, morals and personal responsibility so why in the world would anyone with intelligence think a society would act within a moral construct. And it’s by design they want violence with one purpose in mind the removal of private gun ownership which is necessary to gain total control of the people the end result globalism no borders no countries one world government with NO CONSTITUTION.

  27. Just when you think the people making it worse, can’t come up with a new way to make it worse…

    The problem with making things “idiot proof” is idiots are so ingenious. It seems that similarly, there is no way to make anything do-gooder proof. We should maybe stop pretending their is.

  28. Maybe ask the police what would help them do their jobs, and what they think their jobs are?

    Maybe ask the residents what would help them live their lives, and what they think the police’s job should be?

    Then do that.

    Naaaaah. That’s crazy talk.

  29. The mayor and her supporters can’t wait to tell me that she is the cities first open homosexual mayor of chicago. Thanks for telling this total stranger what kind of sex you have in the privacy of your bedroom.

    But she didn’t tell me she was going to support my civil right to carry a gun. As a lawabing visitor to the city.

    This black woman who dresses like a man is happy with the racist gun control in the city. She supports keeping the law abiding black residence disarmed.

    Wealthier whites get 90 percent of licenses in Illinois

    Nothing has changed gun control is still racist in 2019. Mayor Lori Lightfoot is a sell out and a race traitor.

    • When’s the last time you saw someone who was elected because they checked off all the boxes, actually fix or even improve something?

  30. That wanna be mayor has too put the blame on someone..The police can’t do their jobs because of all the backlash …#blue lives matter too. It’s always the police at fault, the faults start at home because parents don’t teach right from wrong and respect .. then you have street gangs that dont give a damn about anybody or anything .

  31. I live in Chicago the land where almost 40% of the city lives below the poverty line. Try giving people jobs and hope and you’ll see street violence decline.

  32. It’s all the Demoncrats open borders policy that has caused this, 90% of the illegal immigrants that are caught, have violent criminal records in their home countries, and most belong to gangs, like M S 13. So of course the gangs take over the cities,like Chicago, and go to war with each other, like Chicago, until one of the gangs gets powerful enough to take over the city like they’ve done in Mexico.


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