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Capacity is king, or so they say. Well, somebody says that. Wasn’t me, but I’m happy to go along. I mean, why run 30 rounds when one can run 60, right? Other than the large size of most bulky drum-style magazines that are out there, that is.

So instead of going round, Schmeisser and American Tactical have gone thick — likely quad-stacking instead of double-stacking .223/5.56 rounds to achieve a whopping 60-round capacity.

Their press release follows . . .

American Tactical Offers New S60 Polymer Magazine

(Summerville, SC ) – American Tactical, US manufacturer and world-wide importer of firearms, ammunition and tactical equipment, is proud to offer the new S60 Polymer Magazine.

Courtesy American Tactical

American Tactical is committed to bringing consumers unique and exciting new products of the highest quality at an affordable price. The latest offering in their broad product lineup is the Schmeisser S60 polymer stick magazine. Chambered in 5.56/.223 for the AR-15/M4 platform, the S60 is the world’s first patented 60-round polymer stick magazine. It’s the perfect accessory for hunters, sportsmen and shooting enthusiasts. Video demonstration can be seen here.

Courtesy American Tactical

The S60 (ATIM556S60) began shipping this week and is available for purchase at MSRP is $69.95.

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Courtesy American Tactical

About American Tactical:

American Tactical is both an American manufacturer and a world wide importer of firearms, ammunition and tactical equipment to the United States of America. Offering customers a broad range of shooting sports and defense products, they search the globe to bring the best quality and prices to buyers. In addition, they manufacture many products in the United States to offer American-made options in their vast product lineup.

Courtesy American Tactical

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  1. How Long is it? The Pmag D-60 is the same length as a 30 rounder which is perfect.
    I picked up a 40 round pmag Last year and it’s too long for anything but free-hand.

    • The D60 may not be super long, but what do you do with it when you have to reload? Drop it on the ground and keep going? There are no mag pouches for those drums, these quadstacks at least could fit in a pouch, even if it’s a pouch specifically for quadstack mags.

      • I drop ALL my magazines on the ground and Let my underlings scurry over, pick up and refill them.

  2. Looks a bit like a quad stack. If its not much longer then a 30 rounder. I need to pick up a few. Just to have in case. But I’d imagine its heavy as heck.

    • My question as well. Though I’d think that taping two PMAGs together with a slim spacer in between for $20 total (a la John Wick) is a lot cheaper than $70 for this product.

      So far, the only thing I need to be concerned about with my mags is making sure the .300 BLK is clearly marked as being different than the 5.56.

        • Pmags run 30 just fine. No need for FUDD advice and skip a chamber, er, I mean leave out three rounds just to make sure that, nothing.

        • @buffer,

          A full 30 rds is just fine, as you suggest, but I only top out to max if training at the range. For storage, I pack to 29 rds to ensure that feed won’t be an issue if I need to grab the mags in an emergency. A well-used mag probably won’t give feed malfunctions, but I’ve experienced a few when using brand new mags (Glock, PMAG, HexMag). I can happen.

          I do the same for all stacked-and-stored mags (max cap minus 1 round), whether rifle or handgun.

        • Ahem…

          “…it can happen…”

          Sometimes I’m a bit keyboard-retarded before I have my morning coffee.

      • Curious as to why. I’ve never experienced any feed problems with my PMAGs or HexMags. I admit these are the only ones I’ve ever bought & used due to their reliability, so I don’t know what would cause other 5.56 mags to be incompatible with .300 BLK.

        Anyone care to enlighten me? I’m all ears…

        • might be because the front half of a 300 is generally ~2-4x heaver than a 5.56 and that probably throws the design all out of whack. Maybe bullet nosedive or bolt over brass issues?
          just guessing though

      • Actually what is says is this…

        ” Disclaimer:

        The Schmeisser S60 was built specifically for .223REM or 5.56X45MM ammo only. Schmeisser & American Tactical have done some testing and found that the S60 may not operate with all types of .300 Blackout ammo. Due to inconsistancies with different brands, Schmeisser does not recommend using 300 Blackout with this magazine. Failure for the magazine to operate with 300 Blackout is not covered by American Tactical’s Limited LIfetime Warranty.”

        Doesn’t say “no dice”…

  3. Always skeptical about betting ones life on the reliability of an extended capacity mag.

    If this one proves its reliability after being punished through thousands of rounds under real training scenarios, I’ll consider buying a few.

    • as a Nevadan, these Californians keep coming over here and buying ammo and taking it back across…. our ranges are now always full with Californians…luckily I reload but Its still difficult since july 1st to get my hands on ammo in MY state, all because these people cant be bothered to pull their heads out their ass and save their state from the communists that run their schools and state.
      as the lyrics to one of my favorites songs says to the L.A. area…… Learn to Swim..

      • Hey Mr. Angry Pants,

        Ya know, I’m willing to bet that every one of those Californians voted against our stupid AB63 law, and are now stuck with the few options they have left. I myself was in your neighborhood for firearms training and range practice earlier this month. And yes, I bought some ammo. Don’t get mad at your fellow conservative 2A brothers who are suffering under Kalifornia’s tyranny. Join us in getting mad at the idiot Demtards in Sacramento who hate all of us and our guns. We’re doing all the work to try to stop this madness, while keyboard kommandos like yourself just type absurdities.

        What, no? You’d rather rant at the wrong people and tell your 2A brethren to pound sand? Got it.

        You can suck it. I hope that was you behind me in line at the counter, and I took the box you were looking at. I brought it back to give to a fellow Patriotic American behind enemy lines who appreciates it more than you do.

      • What do you think you would do if the situation were reversed?
        If anything, PotG still in California should be considered bretheren and sisteren behind enemy lines fighting for their very lives as the State turns them into de jure felons bit by bit.
        I managed to escape a few years ago with my family and livestock at great expense and sacrifice and can assure you that heads are not up asses down there.
        To use the swimming analogy, go for a dip in the Yuba River where 49 crosses after a warm Spring rain following a heavy snowpack then you might get the feeling of what it’s like to be a gun owner in California.

        • Dan,

          I was just in Yuba City a couple of weeks ago, crossing over the Feather River. I’ve traveled (and stayed overnight) through the Yuba/Sutter/Marysville/Willaims area at least twice per year for well more than a decade.

          Sorry for the rant above, everyone. I’m just getting so tired of people living in Free America treating us like we somehow are sharing the same Krazy Koolaid as the Demtards who weaseled their way into control of this state. They have no idea how much we’re suffering or how hard we’re trying to have this nonsense reversed.

        • Haz,
          Yes I know the area! I used to live near Sheridan off hwy 65 and could see the Yuba Buttes and have travelled hwy 20 many times. In case there was any unclarity in my post, the location I described is in the Sierra foothills North of Nevada City just past North San Juan. In the conditions I mentioned the Yuba River is a whitewater torrent that would not just result in drowning if swimming were attempted but also being smashed upon the rocks. I too, just want people to understand when they generalize Californians what it feels like when you have to decide to stay and fight the good fight when risk is growing or take your family to safer grounds.

      • Hey, angry. Pull your own head out. Neveda is rapidly becoming CA East. Let me know when you accept your blame in letting your state go full CA.

      • Angry Dude!!! Ever heard of mail order, most companies offer free shipping, delivery in 3 to 5 days no sales tax… Just keep a sufficient supply on hand order when you run low give those overtaxed underrepresented 2A warriors in Kalifornia a break, they need all the help they can get, besides it won’t be long (after Gilroy) til they start running random road blocks and checking every vehicle that enters the state for banned weapons, mags and contraband ammo…

        • Faced with the reality that such roadblocks are pretty much the only way to stop the illegal importation of such items, I’m sure a lot of politicians (along with not a few law enforcement idiots) think are a good idea.
          I have to wonder, though, if the commerce clause of the constitution would be an impediment to such roadblocks/warrantless searches (assuming the very fact that they would be warrantless wouldn’t be much hindrance to many above mentioned people).

          • Don’t think the interstate commerce clause would apply.. DOT can search any truck at any time, anywhere for any (or no) reason.. All the state of Kalifonia needs to do is go to a friendly court and apply for an “open” warrant based on a “reasonable suspicion” that private citizens are violating Kalifornia law by illegally transporting unlawful firearms, accessories and ammunition into the state in private owned conveyances which I do not believe are protected by the commerce clause.. Kalifornia used to have checkpoints coming in to the state checking private vehicles for “banned” produce and plants, been a long time since I went that far west so I don’t know if that is still going on or not…

        • “DOT can search any truck at any time, anywhere for any (or no) reason.”
          I am not sure that’s true.
          I think the truck can be checked for weight (a public safety issue), but simply searching a truck randomly is illegal (bear in mind that IANAL).
          And POVs aren’t trucks.
          Last time I went through CA (about 5 years ago), the border checkpoints were still active, but the checks consisted of simply asking questions.
          I don’t think an “open warrant” is what you think it is. When I look up “open warrant,” I get the answer that it’s a warrant that hasn’t been executed yet.
          I have a hard time the type of warrant you seem to be referring to that would allow searches of any or every car crossing the border on the chance that one or more of them might be carrying illegal items. I’ve always understood that a search warrant must name the person or place to be searched, the items being searched for, and must be issued on someone’s articulated reasonable cause for suspicion that the items are there.
          Have I got this all wrong?

          • I only drove my rig for 20 years in 48 states and Canada with over three and a half million miles. I was searched in California (more than once), Kansas, Illinois and Maryland.. California used “possible illegal immigrant smuggling, Maryland didn’t like the color of my truck “black with blue lettering looked suspicious”, Illinois stopped me because it’s “Illinois”, Kansas state cop (not DOT) didn’t like my log book (either one of them) after he stopped me for speeding.. Not only searched my truck but broke the shippers seal on a trailer load of California Almonds.. Been there done that didn’t like it that’s why I sold my truck and got as far away from that shit as possible.. Ever been pulled over for impeding traffic while driving the speed limit? I have in Ohio.. If you honestly believe this out of control government can’t do whatever it wants then bless your little heart cause you are in for a rude awakening.. We are (at any given time) just one election cycle away from full blown Socialism or worse with all the shit that these lunatics who want to run our lives can bring to bear on us… As far as the “open warrant” so let’s just call it, who cares what they call it, find a judge in California that will take your side if they “randomly” pull you over for suspicion of transporting contraband into the state… Good luck with that…

      • I get your anger, Nevadan, but I feel it’s a reaction to short-term experience. We should not let these things divide us for that is how we all might be conquered by being led into fighting amongst ourselves instead of uniting against the greater evil of creeping civilian disarmament.

      • Late June, at a local gun show, I talked with my range ammo reloads, and he said he would increase production because of the Californians coming to buy their ammo. Other venders also mentioned the higher number of Californians at the show, with many of them not realizing they can’t buy handguns in AZ. (Most non-FFLs won’t sell any guns to someone without an AZ DL, either.)
        Personally, I welcome them. I’ve said before that this is a (currently illegal) way to get around an unconstitutional law.

        • That should have read: “…I talked with the maker of my range ammo reloads,…”
          I have talked to my ammo sometimes, but usually only after they went where I obviously didn’t expect them to go.

  4. I’ll wait to see how well they hold up over some months by lots of buyers with many different rifles.

    My thanks to you all fo rusing your own money to prove the product before I spend anything on them!

    But yeah, could be useful. Zombies. Werewolves. The odd Orc Invasion.

    Good times.

      • That deer was clearly asking for it, wearing that g-stri…
        Okay a bit off-point.
        Hey, it’s half the cost of the Pmag D-60, but still more than 3 times the cost of a good 30 round mag.
        But still, half the cost of other options for silly wastes of ammo. Giggles are still fully acceptable reason to blow that much ammo.

    • Zombie takes ONE to the head… Werewolf takes ONE silver bullet anything more is just wasting ammo.. ORCs on the other hand! It could take a whole shitload of 5.56 just to slow one down, I’m lookin’ for my .50 when those assholes show up….

  5. Meh… Casket magazines are always going to finicky. There’s a reason why they have never been popular. The only thing that’s more pants on head retarded is helical magazines. Sticks, Drums, Belts, or go home.

    • Hey, Bucko! When you’ve got 2 broken legs and an antler wound to the chest and you’ve got your back to a tree and a whole herd of zombie deer are closing in on you you’ll be glad for that firepower.

  6. Serious question regarding actual self-defense scenarios:
    How often are you going to be in such an intense firefight that you cannot delay fire for the time it takes to eject your emptied 30-round magazine and insert another fully-loaded 30-round magazine?

    Serious question regarding actual self-defense and combat scenarios:
    If you are in such an intense firefight that you cannot delay fire for the time it takes to eject your emptied 30-round magazine and insert another fully-loaded 30-round magazine, how many AR-15 rifles can withstand firing 60-rounds from a 60-round magazine in such a short period of time without overheating and somehow becoming inoperable (whether inoperable for several minutes or inoperable permanently)?

    • Clarification:

      I do not intend to disparage 60-round magazines with my questions above. I simply want to know if there is any actual utility in them. In other words would they actually be any benefit to me?

      Regardless of any possible utility, benefit, or how reliable 60-round magazines may or may not be, anyone should be able to buy them for any reason or no reason.

      • I don’t see the utility in a 60rd mag other than it’s cool. Suppressive fire would best be done with something belt feed. Carrying around a few 60 rd mags will require a new mag pouch design. If your in a situation and your buddy needs a mag, its easier to give up a 30 rd than a 60. Going off topic, in General, folks need to practice quick and clean mag changes with their 30rd mags. I do the bear can hold and have medium hands, so this mag, i’d see myself fumbling and dropping it, i’m clumsy under stress.

    • If your rifle becomes inoperable after 60 rounds, your rifle must be garbage in the first place.

      • There are some excellent “meltdown” videos that show how an AR handles multiple mag dumps. IV8888, I think. They mostly did well until the 300+rd range and then gas tubes start burning up and turn the rifle into a dirty single shot.

        I had the opportunity to test this in a 10” AR pistol as part of a massive QA session with a local ammo manufacturer. I dumped a full 100rd beta mag of 55gr commercial reloads through a very inexpensive (PSA, cheap lower parts kit, no upgraded parts, cheap aluminum lower) AR build.

        Zero issues. None.

        We also dumped 2-3x 30rd mags in a row through S&W M&P-15s, Mini-14s, Adams Arms pistol carbines, Sig M400s, Colt SP-1 (late 1970’s mfg), etc. I think it was 7 total hosts. Not a single one had an issue. Handguards and barrels got very warm, but each rifle, carbine, or pistol handled 60-100rds in a single dump like a champ.

        This was all function testing. Accuracy testing was another day. We literally bump-fired these firearms to torture test the reliability of the reload recipe.

        To answer the question: no issues. To answer the next question: apart from a single beta mag and a couple 40rd P-Mags, the highest capacity mags I own are 30rd P-Mags. There’s a balance of handling/weight and footprint vs. ammo required. 30rds of 223Rem or 300BLK is a helluva welcome party to home invaders. I’ve got a few spare mags loaded if things get out of control.

  7. This sounds all well and good but I think back to Viet Namn where we fastened 2 20 round magazines together so that when one ran empty we ejected it, flipped it end for end, reinserted the full, and kept on firing. That’s what I do now with my 30 rounders. I’ve managed to find good aluminum magazines on sale for $6 to $8 each and I’ve got 60 rounds available for way less. Even during the 68 Tet Offensive I didn’t rattle off 40 continuous rounds all at once. We picked our targets and beat Charlie’s Ass back into the bush. This 60 rounder might be a good thing but I’ll bet it’s a bitch to load. Thanks but no thanks, I’ll stick with my 2 30’s taped together.

    • Rounds can shift and block the feedlips, you can hit the feedlips on things easier, and get debris in the mag if you’re in the prone. There’s a reason the military and professionals don’t use that method.

      • (… can shift and block the feedlips…. get debris in if you’re in the prone…. professionals don’t use that method…)

        Yer talkin secret homo code fer anal sex arnt ya.

    • Viet Namn? VIETNAM one word… Where were you during 68 Tet, I was with Charlie 1/5 in Hue City… fun times… free fire zone…
      “I’ll stick with my 2 30’s taped together”. They make reliable, functional clamps for that now…

      • The original is Việt Nam.
        It’s been Americanized into Vietnam, but according to the people who live there (and thus should know), that’s wrong. But that’s what’s commonly used in most of the world.
        So who’s right? Personally, I use Viet Nam, because it’s closer to the original. But either is considered acceptable everywhere but there.

    • I do this with my 10 rounders (because Slave State), but with a RJK Ventures MagCouplers. Takes pracrice, but you can get fast flipping the mag around.

  8. At three times what I paid for my 40 round mags (that have never failed) and the additional weight of 20 more rounds I honestly can’t see this NEW 60 round mag in my immediate (or even remote) future… Two 60s vs three 40s (120 rounds) what would be the difference in “accurate” run time? Negligible at best, might be handy if being attacked by a massive hoard of Zombies with no way to run, or to start another “mine’s bigger than yours” argument, otherwise what’s the point?

    • But, would you be dealing with fast or slow zombies? I can only assume the fast ones would make a bee line for you…just like the Dem Pols, we need to understand how they operate; know your enemy.

      • FAST Zombie is an oxymoron, a myth created by Hollywood for dramatic effect.. Zombie or Dem they all think alike (they don’t/can’t think.. they’re brain dead), however their motives are the same, take anything and everything they can get their hands on with one simple goal.. either to convert you or completely devour you.. I have studied my ENEMIES for a long time but recently they have revealed themselves to everyone and anyone who fails to understand them now is either not paying attention or just does not give a xhit…

      • I feel stupid arguing fast vs slow zombies, but here goes…
        A zombie is dead, by definition. The zombie brain, like all its organs, can’t function right, because it, like the rest of the body, is dead. Zombies are lucky to walk; running is far beyond the ability of a dead brain.
        Prove me wrong.

          • That poor idiot might be dy definition “brain dead” but he ain’t no fukin Zombie…..

        • MaddMaxx got it right.
          While all zombies are idiots, that’s not the same as saying all idiots are zombies.

        • Dead is dead (e.g., no movement beyond muscle twitches) so no running fast, or slow. Sorry, not sorry, I prefer to live in the real world. I know, Buzzkill.

  9. Would it work in a Tavor or NATO AUG?
    The extra weight would be much noticeable with a bullpup.

  10. Sixty is about right. If I don’t hit my Deer with that then he’s earned my respect and I let him go for another hunt.

  11. I bought My 60 round surefire mag to run with my bump stock.
    Worked perfectly.
    Now that I no longer have a bump stock I hardly ever use it.
    Just too heavy.

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