Gear Review: The Device MK 1 Mod 0 Upper Receiver Fixture (M16/AR-15)

Just about a year ago now I was in the back shop at C.a.r. Firearms, just south of Seattle, when a robust, blocky, yet sleek-looking item caught my eye. It consisted of two parts...

Gun Review: Fulton Armory FAR-15 USGI A2 Upper Receiver Assembly

With no prior military service and an affinity for wing shooting, it took a while for USGI builds to reach the top of my list. In fact, I was planning to build a new...

Book Review: The AR-15 Complete Assembly Guide (Vol. 2)

I didn't realize how much I missed instructional books until last month when a copy of The AR-15 Complete Assembly Guide (Vol.2)  by Walt Kuleck and Clint McKee arrived at my doorstep with the inaugural...

Gear Review: Brownell’s Magna-Tip Super Set and Gunsmith Master Punch Set

Put down the Phillips screwdriver and hammer. Yes, I see you, banging away at your trigger pins and moments away from the inevitable slip-and-gouge across the side of your AR lower. A gouge you’ll...

Gear Review: Warne RT-1 Range Tool

There are few things more frustrating than being set up on the firing line and discovering you forgot the one screwdriver or drive bit you need to complete the days' primary objective. I've been there...

Gear Review: Warne TW1 25 in/lbs. T-15 Torque Wrench

For many shooters the simple mention of "T-15" brings fond recollections of self-installed scopes successfully on their favorite tack driver they've used out in the field or at the range. To others, the thought...
Ultimate Jig

New From Juggernaut Tactical: Ultimate AR Jig

Though Juggernaut Tactical used to make one of the worst products I've ever reviewed, I still had a high opinion of the rest of their line. In what appears to be no exception to...

Gear Review: Warne TW65 Torque Wrench (1/4″ Drive, 65-in/lbs)

Warne produces some mighty fine optics mounts. Like many other quality-seeking shooters, I've trusted their products for years and have their MSR and tactical mount 1/2-inch hex nut torque specification engrained in my brain...
Kiote Corp Rifle Receiver (image courtesy of kiotecorp for

What to Look for in a Custom Rifle – Receivers

John Stewart of Kiote Corp continues his series on what to look for in a quality custom bolt action rifle. For previous articles click here (trigger), here (barrel crown) and here (chamber and throats). Meanwhile, receivers ....

What to Look For in a Custom Rifle – Chambers and Throats

In his next article on what to look for in a custom rifle, John Stewart of Kiote Corp explains the right way and the wrong ways to cut a chamber and throat for a rifle... The...
The truth about rifle barrel crowns

What to Look for in a Custom Rifle – The Barrel Crown

As part of an ongoing series on what to look for in a custom rifle, gunsmith John Stewart tells us all a little more about the barrel crown. John Stewart of Kiote Corp writes: Everyone knows...
Kiote LRP rifle

What to Look for in a Custom Rifle – The Trigger

  John Stewart of Kiote Rifles is a gunsmith. I've handled his rifles. I've seen them shoot 1/2 MOA ten-round groups at 300 yards with factory ammo -- and that was just while sighting in....