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I recently bought a sight pusher for a GLOCK 17 to drift out a standard rear sight and install a new Ameriglo replacement. The tool was an MGW309 GLOCK Sight Adjustment Tool, Brownells #584-045-017, for $117. All good, no complaints.

But I also had an H&K HK45 in house whose night sights needed to come off in favor of some suppressor-height sights. The GLOCK sight pusher wouldn’t fit, and I didn’t want to spend another $100+ dollars for a speciality sight pusher for the one-time job. I don’t like to use a punch for night sights because it can damage the lamps.

So I came to SHOT Show 2020 looking for a more universal, affordable solution, and may have found it.

I handled the 4th generation of the Universal Field Sight Pusher by RST (short for Rear Sight Tool), which changes the dovetail sights on handguns, both front and rear. It’s also compact enough to fit in a range bag pocket. Even better, it can drift-adjust sights at the range without disassembling the slide.

The hardened alloy-steel pushing heads allow the tool to fit different sight profiles and move them efficiently. Adapters allow the tool to be attached to the slide without marring. Different hard-polymer adapters allow the tool to work on specific models of popular brands, and more are coming:

  • 1911: All brands, all models
  • Glock: All models. For Trijicon Glock suppressor sights use the Glock 42/43 pushing head.
  • Smith&Wesson: All M&P series including Shield and Bodyguard, all Sigma variants.
  • Sig Sauer: P210, P220, P224, P226, P227, P229*, P232, P238, P250, P320, P290, P938, P365, SP2022** SP2340**, M17
  • Springfield Armory: XD-S, XD*
  • Ruger: LC9, LC380, 9E, SR9, SR9c, SR40, SR40c, SR45, American, Security 9
  • CZ: All model 75 versions, all model 85 versions,P-01, SP-01, P-06, P-07, P-09, 2075, Compact SDP, P-10 C
  • Kel-Tec: PF9, P11
  • H&K: USP, P7, VP9**, VP40**, P30**, P2000**, HK45**
  • Beretta: 80 Series, Nano, Pico, APX
  • FNH: All FNS series, all FNX series, 509
  • Browning: Hi-Power, 1911-22
  • Taurus: All 24/7 versions, all model 92 versions
  • Kimber: Solo, Micro
  • IWI: Jerico 941, Desert Eagle***, Masada
  • Canik: All models including TP series
  • Arex: Rex Zero 1
  • Remington: R51
  • SCCY: CPX-1, CPX-2
  • Kahr: CW45, PM45, All 380 models, all 9mm models, all 40S&W models

Price: $100.

Here’s a short video showing the 3rd Gen in operation.

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  1. From their FAQ on their website

    * Requires filling in the steps of the slide with various layers of folded over masking tape
    ** Require the use of the VP9 adapter
    *** Require the removal of the slide mounted safeties

  2. A plastic Site pusher?

    i’m not thinking this will go well. I’ve had sights I couldn’t push with out locking them in a vise, I’m thinking that this will have a tendency to snap. I suspect, though do not know, that it would be best for a casual user only.

    I’ll stick with my MGW Sitepro.

    • Man I said the exact same thing when I read this. Im also keeping my MGW Sight pro on the bench. This looks like cheaply made over priced garbage. I can echo the exact same experience. I’ve had to put my Sight Pro, a MUCH beefier and better made tool than this flimsy junk, into my vice for most jobs I do. Keep in mind that this is with custom pusher inserts for the exact sight geometry and using a 5 inch steel rod to drive the pusher. A plastic thumb screw is absolutely laughable. What a scam.

      • I’m not calling scam yet. I’ll wait for the review. Its certainly much cheaper than the Sitepro. They’ve made plastic guns work, maybe they can make a plastic site pusher work.

        lets see how the reviews come out.

  3. I have to echo what Mike said. MGW pro or go home… Tried cheaper metal ones and plastic crap. MGW does everything including high suppressor sights and XDM rear sights.

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