SHOT Show: All the Stippling Tips You Could Want

OTDefense All the Tips 770-513

Courtesy OTDefense

If you love the smell of burning plastic (in a properly ventilated room, of course), then the OTDefense line of stippling products will be as familiar as creatively shaped polymer.

Tyler Kee used an OTDefense Firearms Stippling Kit (five tips, $49) four years ago for a thorough TTAG review. Find it here. That same kit now sells for $65.

In 2020, the Deluxe Firearms Stipple Kit is a big step up, coming with the company’s most popular Stipple tips, 13 total. Much higher price, too, at $115.

More interesting if you already have the burner is the All In One Tip Kit, which has (31) unique tips total, or all the tips that STIPPLETEC by OTDefense makes. My favorite is the Basketweave pattern, but YMMV. 

And if you go for the kit or the tips, you really should practice before you mess up your guns. Ask me how I know. 


  1. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

    Stipple tips. Hmmm, kinky. I like it.

    1. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

      stinky whizzleteats.

  2. avatar Ehall says:

    just the tip… just to see if it feels alright…

  3. avatar I Haz A Question says:

    OMG, this article actually offers an “All In One Tip Kit”. So much to unpack from that. So much comedy potential.

    I’ll be the gentleman and keep my jokes to myself.

  4. avatar No_Ones_Home says:

    Yes! Now I can unintentionally burn my hands as an adult like I did as a kid with the wood burning set I once had. But instead of crying, now I can just scream explicatives loudly for 10 or so minutes.

  5. avatar napresto says:

    Stippling tips: for when you really, really, really wish your plastic gun was even uglier.

  6. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

    will this work on asteroid?

  7. avatar StuckInIllinois says:

    Stippling looks really, really nice when done well on a BHP. Takes a wee bit more effort…

  8. avatar Andrew Lias says:

    What are you guys practicing on? I could see a lot of custom stiple jobs on Sawzalls and drills or something.

    1. avatar Bitter says:

      Hmmmmm….my DeWalt May have to get a make over now.

    2. avatar raz-0 says:

      cheapest thing to practice on at this point would be p320 grip modules. You can get stripped ones for as cheap as $10.

  9. avatar Everyday_Carrier says:

    I’ll give you a tip for Stippling as someone who has done tons of it:

    Don’t waste your time.

    1. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

      Only put 2x 1/2 inch squares on stuff. Holster button on a retention holster. Side of my 380 to keep from blowing my left thumb off when shooting with 2 hands.

      And agree it should be done sparingly. Although I’ve seen a few G19’s with artwork stippled onto them that don’t look bad.

      1. avatar Everyday_Carrier says:

        I agree, I don’t think it looks bad when done right, and actually, all those really modded Glocks and such look amazing IMHO, but quite simply, it’s just a waste of time, money, and effort. The amount spent modding a Glock you could just buy a 2011 and actually get your investment back 😉

        Plus, it’s just a MUCH better gun lol. Damnit, I wish I had one.

  10. avatar joe lac says:

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