3D Printing Pioneer Jstark Dies Under Suspicious Circumstances

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3D printing pioneer Jstark worked tirelessly towards two simple goals: freedom of expression, and an individual right to keep and bear arms. News broke recently revealing that, shortly after being raided by German police, he died of cardiac arrest.

The work of Jstark is very hard to completely comprehend unless you’re fairly integrated in the printable gun community. To those in the know, he was an anonymous European with a tough-to-crack accent who was very active and very vocal in the 3D printing community.

There’s no doubt he was a leader in the field. He managed internet chatrooms and groups about the development of printable arms, including ammunition, and he pushed heavily as one of the most instrumental people in the development of the FGC-9 – one of the first printable self-loading firearms which requires the purchase of no traditional “gun parts.” The idea behind the FGC-9 was a firearm that could feasibly be made anywhere in the world.

Jstark remained thoroughly anonymous and kept a fairly low profile until deciding to take part in an excellent documentary by Popular Front. This, it seems, lead to his undoing.

It appears the German federal police worked with eBay and Coinbase to track him down. I’m told that his identity was betrayed by the particular clothing he purchased to wear in the documentary, but this, of course, is hard to confirm.

The only major German news source we have so far is der Spiegel, which is one step from a tabloid-level publication. The article refers to Jstark having a “weak heart,” but those of us who were close to him are suspicious. By all accounts, he was a fairly healthy 28-year old. Dying suddenly of cardiac arrest mere days after being raided seems…odd.

His name was Jacob, he was of Kurdish descent and valued individual freedom above all else. He was also morally consistent, never tolerating hateful extremism anywhere he was in charge. His objectives were always clear, and simple: free expression and the right to bear arms for all people everywhere, period.

Jacob deserved to be celebrated for his work. He deserved to live a long and happy life. He deserved to sign his work with his own name. Yet, the reality of the twisted world in which we live resulted in his untimely death after working tirelessly toward his goals. He was a hero, and we owe it to him to never forget him.

Big Brother technology eye

PA, NY, NJ, and CT to share gun buyer records

Labeled as a “gun crime” prevention measure, the veneer here is pretty thin in practical effect. Pennsylvania has joined with New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut, touting their partnership as “an effort to prevent gun violence and enhance public safety.”

That’s a lot of newspeak, but it’s a pretty transparent veil over a very problematic system. “The agreement is an effort to detect, deter and investigate gun crimes, as well as identify and apprehend straw purchasers, suspect dealers, firearms traffickers, and other criminals.”

To me, this spells a system that will work backwards to find gun crimes where they really don’t exist, to punish popular gun shops and make massive cases out of people who sell privately.

Docked Container Ship

2020 A Record Year for Gun Importation

A report available on the Reload details this massive spike, and it’s very interesting to see what countries have been the top players.

Dick Heller
(DZ for TTAG)

Dick Heller is Suing DC Again – This Time Over Ghost Gun Ban

A new lawsuit filed in DC argues that the city’s law banning “ghost guns” is overly broad and outlaws all polymer-based guns, including prolific Glock handguns — which are issued to most DC police officers.

4473 firearms transaction record

Egregious Felon Gun Rights Ban Evades Review…Again

The present permanent and irrecoverable federal ban on gun ownership for anyone convicted of a felony (which includes a whole host of very benign activity) has once again slipped past Court review, with the Supreme Court refusing to take Roundtree v. Wisconsin, a case where a man was prohibited from owning guns because he missed child support payments almost two decades ago.

Smith & Wesson badge logo

Former Smith & Wesson CEO: I Have ‘No Regrets’ About Voluntary Self-Regulation

Back in the 1990s, Smith & Wesson saw an existential threat due to the then-new concept of gun maker products liability lawsuits. To dodge that threat, then-CEO Ed Shultz agreed to work with the Clinton administration to put in a host of voluntary gun control measures. In a recent interview, he expressed no regrets over the decision that saw him chased out of the job and almost killed the company



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  1. Very sad news about the death (Murder) of Jacob. I’m sure his medical records and prescription history will tell us if he really had a “Weak Heart” or not. Easy way to murder someone is just to use a defibrillator to stop someone’s heart from beating. Then you claim that you were actually trying to save them. The German Police have murdered suspects before, so who can ever know the truth of the matter,

    All Humans have a natural right to arms and self defense, that predates the invention of government. Jacob should be remembered and honored for his contribution to expanding that freedom to all people. His work will live on and others will learn from his death to hide their tracks from the Authoritarian Thugs and their corporate allies, like eBay, Coinbase and others.

      • Artificial ‘Heart Attacks’, of which there are at least a half dozen variations, are among the easiest of murders to commit if you know what you are doing, have access to certain substances/chemicals/equipment… and also happen to be the ‘authorities’. The German Police would ‘know’ about things like that. Things that are non-detectable at standard autopsies. And of course, the investigations would never go any further or deeper if the killers were also investigating the death. Case closed. Chalk one up for the enemies of Freedom. This happens far more often than people could imagine. In response, there should be a concentrated effort by the 3-D community to do mass proliferation of easily available access to their info…
        Just like the reaction of the general public who purchased millions more ‘Standard ‘Sporting Rifles’ the Deep State Marxists were obsessed with banning.

        Oh, and by the way. ebay has been working directly with the g for years now. Everything you purchase or sell now gets scrutinized by an algorythm to determine whether it is sufficiently suspicious or fits a profile to warrant a visit…

  2. Yur ah pee on my boots.
    Sorry bout that grill work.
    To dah left, heydalup.
    We’ll circumcise our enemies with a jagged piece of glass.
    And then we’ll take our M16’s and shove em up their ass.
    3D virtual reality.
    ” Scuse me while I kiss the sky”…
    Help me Dacian.

    • “…forgive…”

      I wondered about this too.

      If it was nefarious, it will likely be clean, unless they want to leave a specific message.

  3. “By all accounts, he was a fairly healthy 28-year old. Dying suddenly of cardiac arrest mere days after being raided seems…odd.”

    Not if he got a Covid shot or two.

    • A friend from my church dropped dead 2 daze after getting the jab. 66 years old in April. My age-hail & hearty. Went to my Medicare doctor yesterday & they didn’t harass me about the jab. Just “have you had yer flu shot”. Sure is an EZ way to murder a young man!

      • “rare side effect”/”mostly peaceful”/’from the fed gov and hear to help you”/”I promise not to…”

  4. Isn’t there a heart swelling problem (myocarditis) associated with a certain controversial therapeutic that many government agencies have been politely requesting their constituents to consider?

    • Yes, among other issues, such as thrombocytopenia. The death rate has been deemed an acceptable level of risk for a vaccine. (FWIW, the polio vaccine can kill you too.)

  5. Sharing among these states is bad enough, but California has gone a step further, passing a law that allows the sharing of information about California purchasers of firearms with Cal Davis Gun Violence Research Center (Gary Wintemute) and any other university that asks, including not just information about the firearms (make, model, caliber), but the name, address, sex, race and whatever else they have on file about the purchaser. Doxing attack in 3, 2, ….

  6. “Dying suddenly of cardiac arrest mere days after being raided seems…odd”

    not anymore. gonna be the standard from now on. in for a penny in for a pound, boys.

  7. It seemed rather poignant when he said this at the beginning of the interview…

    “…there are certain circumstances in my life which are unfortunate and which make living kind of painful, and sometimes I do not have anything to look forward to. Most people usually have something that they cannot risk stuff for, but with me- I have nothing to lose.”

    Is it possible that he already knew exactly what would be the cause of his demise?

    Dunno… but it’s sad to hear he’s gone, regardless.

    • More likely he knew the lifestyle he’d chosen would get him killed. Obviously everything can be tracked. Even the long bearded tent dwellers living in the wilderness illegally are known to the system, and traced when confronted. It’s all for the database. It’s best to just take as many tyrants out as possible when it’s your turn to go. That’s the only thing JStark did wrong was survive the raid.

  8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tron_(hacker)

    Looks an similar case.

    Goverment hates liberty, free spech and thinking people.

    If goverment have the chance then you get killed – thats the reality !!

    Aand yes 3d printing is the same revulution as the bitcoin/lightning and xmr blockchain.

    Full support from me !!

  9. I wonder if there was any interaction with the Clinton crime family.🤔
    Perfectly healthy folks just end up deceased around them.

  10. sic semper tyranis.
    in memorian jstark never forget!
    rising messiah!
    i admire you!
    rest in peace brother!

    we never forget
    we never forgive
    united as one
    devided by zero
    expect us!
    the legion

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