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By Brad Fitzpatrick

In most concealed carry courses holster selection feels like an afterthought. That’s understandable consider­ing the amount of critical information that must be im­parted in a short amount of time, but choosing the right holster is an essential detail that must not be overlooked.

If you can’t carry your gun comfortably and conceal it where required, there’s a good chance you won’t carry a firearm at all. That defeats the purpose of obtaining a concealed carry permit in the first place. Worse yet, you won’t have your firearm should you be faced with a violent threat.

Choosing the right holster is also essential for legal reasons. If the law requires a firearm to be concealed, a holster that allows it to print clearly through your clothing or hang down below your untucked shirt could put you in violation of the law in your state. Tucking a gun into your waistband like some TV thug is also dangerous and could open you up to liability should the firearm come loose from your clothing or accidentally discharge.

If you carry a firearm, you have the responsibility to secure it, and that starts with the right holster. Here’s a look at 10 great options to consider.


A moldable holster that you can customize to fit your firearm, the outer layer of the TecGrip FormLok is constructed of polymer that clings to fabric, allowing the holster to be carried inside the waistband without a metal clip. The interior is made from Memory-Lok thermoformable plastic, which can be heated and molded in much the same way as an athletic mouthpiece. It’s a minimalist holster that offers the right fit for any pistol. ($46)

Blackhawk TecGrip FormLok Holster


The Holster Shirt is made from a polyester/Spandex blend that is form-fitting and features twin shoulder pockets with hook and loop fasteners that allow you to store items close to the body. It’s an ideal solution for off-duty law enforcement professionals and anyone who doesn’t want to carry in a traditional belt-mounted holster. An integrated shoulder yoke helps reduce strain and prevent discomfort. ($29)


5.11 Tactical Short Sleeve Base Layer Holster Shirt


The Paragon 2.0 doesn’t offer any groundbreaking advances in inside-the-waistband (IWB) holster design, but it is a premium holster with heavy-duty hardware that can be customized to fit just about any shooter and carry position. Ride height and angle can be adjusted, and this holster can be worn on the strong side, appendix position or cross draw. The Paragon’s holster shell is made from nearly indestructible Kydex that securely fits your firearm. Durable UniClips hold the holster in position on belts up to 1.75 inches, and there’s an optional stabilizer wing to facilitate smooth draws. ($106)

Galco Paragon 2.0 IWB Holster

The Insurgent Deluxe hybrid holster blends the look and feel of leather with the durability of a polymer holster shell. It comes with two heavy-duty clips that are removable, allowing it to serve as both an IWB and OWB holster. The backing is made from vegetable-tanned water buffalo hide that is stitched with industrial-grade bonded nylon thread, while the polymer shell is designed to fit your specific firearm. Draw tension is adjustable, and it fits belts up to 1.5 inches wide. The leather backing makes this one of the most comfortable IWB/OWB holsters to wear. ($43)

Versacarry Insurgent Holster


The Rogue is a Kydex carry holster that offers a high level of customizability and maximum comfort. It comes with a detachable magazine carrier that allows you to hold a spare mag close at hand, and there’s a removable “concealment claw” that prevents the firearm from printing while being carried. A slightly curved design allows the holster to ride close to the body, and there are multiple clip options that allow you to adjust ride height and carry position. Retention and cant are both adjustable. ($100)

Crossbreed Rogue Holster


Here’s a product that is long overdue for people who carry and who also enjoy outdoor activities such as running, which can make you more vulnerable to attack because you’re alone, preoccupied, tired, and oftentimes far from assistance. Alexo Athletica’s Tuck & Go Joggers (as well as their shorts, bike pants, and other items) offer a viable, functional solution for both men and women who want to carry, while also being active. Appendix and 4/8 o’clock position carry pockets offer storage space for your firearm, spare magazines, phones, and other items, and you can even tuck in your shirt while carrying a gun. ($52)

Alexo Athletica Tuck & Carry Joggers


Here’s a versatile, lightweight IWB holster that doesn’t break the bank. The Covert IWB offers everything shooters want: a lightweight yet durable ambidextrous Kydex holster that’s fully adjustable cant and retention and optics compatible. The trigger bump on the exterior surface presses the butt of the pistol close to the body to aid concealment and the large belt clip is light yet extremely durable. Best of all, the Covert IWB offers all of this in an extremely light and low-bulk design that can be carried under light clothing without printing. This may be one of the best all-around carry holsters offered today, especially under $70. ($66)

Crucial Concealment IWB Holster


Looking for a nylon holster with improved firearm retention, check out DeSantis’s Super Stealth. The body of the Super Stealth is made from 1060D ballistic nylon, which makes this holster lightweight and comfortable to carry, but unlike most nylon holsters that offer minimal firearm security the Super Stealth comes with the DeSantis Gunhide Retention Device, or GRD. The GRD produces an audible click when the gun is secured in place within the holster, offering the right amount of retention to prevent the gun from falling from the holster while providing instant access to your weapon. A reversible 1¾-inch powder-coated spring clip secures the holster on your belt. This holster is light, easy to carry and affordable. The Super Stealth offers a level of security hard to find on other nylon holsters. ($57)

Desantis SuperStealth Holster


This concealable leather holster is made from premium cowhide that offers the retention of a Kydex holster. The Memory-Lok system forms to the firearm and holds it in position and offers a level of security not found in traditional leather holsters. A soft, hand-crafted cowhide exterior allows this IWB holster to ride comfortably against the body and the steel clip allows you to secure the holster to your belt in a variety of carry positions. Reinforced stitching provides added durability, and the elevated sweat guard protects your firearm from perspiration. Bottom line: If you want the look and feel of leather with added security this is the holster for you. ($100)

1791 Ultra Custom Concealment Holster
1791 Ultra Custom Concealment Holster

This may be quite possibly the best appendix carry holster ever designed. The DualPoint AIWB features a one-piece molded design with a side-mounted strut loop that aids in concealment. Retention, ride height and cant are all adjustable, and this ultra-lightweight holster can be converted to an OWB design using the parts that are included in the box. Appendix carry offers many advantages, namely improved concealment (the gun is in line with the body and not to the side) and easier access, especially from a seated position. The DualPoint AIWB’s adjustable design makes it easy to configure the holster so that it’s comfortable and easy to conceal. ($95)

BlackPoint DualPoint AIWB Holster
Thinking Legally

Improperly carrying a firearm in a way that it could fall loose in public, ac­cidentally discharge, or is visible when it should be concealed can make you vulnerable to criminal and civil liability. Always carry your firearm in a quality holster that keeps the trigger inacces­sible and the firearm safely controlled until you need to access it.

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  1. You did not cover the Sneaky Pete holsters. They are built to hold the gun you specify when you order. Some have external images to make them look like they hold something else, like your cell phone or medications.
    I have used a Sneaky Pete for about 10 years. It is comfortable to wear, is easy to reach when needed, and fully conceals the firearm. I have worn this everywhere, in banks, bars, on buses and just walking around. Not one person has shown any interest in what was on my belt. Simply no one notices that rather small pouch on my belt.

  2. Lots of different holsters out there and what works for you or doesn’t work may be different for somone else. Advice and recommendations only go so far since we all have different body shapes, clothing choices, habits, choice of carry gun, and other needs.

    That said, I like my Kydex Vedder Lighttuck IWB for appendix carry. It took me a lot of failed attempts and holsters that came well-recommended by others that now ride in a box in the basement. It’s part of the process. Keep trying until you find what works.

    • I don’t carry appendix but have the same holster, and also like you, it took me several tries before landing on this one. Wish I didn’t waste that money, oh well.

      One of the classes I took, instructor recommended changing out the Vedder belt clip to one made Discreet Carry Concepts. I was skeptical because it’s half the width of the one on the Vedder. Boy was I wrong. You lose a tiny bit rotational movement, but the way it’s designed makes it a hell of a lot more secure. Never gonna use anything but DCC clips on all my holsters, hopefully they’ll be in business for a while!

  3. Articles on holsters and flashlights and ammo are what web sites fill with when ….

    1. They don’t have anything more interesting.

    2. They want people to click on links to generate some ‘bread and butter’ money.


  4. Leather is always more comfortable and Desantis is the leader with cowhide. Plus, best gun belts in the business.

    • Everyone forgets the belt. I have been using a relentless tactical for a while and am quite happy with it. Prior to that I had some Trainer style belts, one was a 5.11 and I forget the brands of the other 2. They were OK but they did wear out relatively quickly.

      If you are going to carry a gun on a belt then it definitely needs to be a gun belt. Ordinary belts will get destroyed.

  5. Plastic for an inside waist band seems like it would be more uncomfortable then leather.
    I prefer leather, as with gunms I always try and make my purchases dual purpose. A rifle barrel can be used as a pry bar, the stock a canoe paddle, a HiPoint a boat anchor.
    So if your up shit creek without a paddle and your anchor breaks loose and you’ve no way to pry yourself out of the situation you can always sit down and enjoy the tasty snack of holster beef jerky.

    • Possums have built-in pouches, don’t they?? Just use that. We’ll maybe just the females that have pouches, but under today’s gender logic (or illogic), I’m thinking you could just start believing you’re a female and a pouch might just magically appear.

    • possum hide tans up and molds nicely for a useful leather. Only problem with it is it wiggles around a lot for a while ’cause the possum definitely does not like being tanned and molded.

    • “I prefer leather, as with gunms I always try and make my purchases dual purpose.”

      How many Possum pelts are needed for a 36 inch waist belt? 🙂

  6. Most of these are simply not functional for me, and I have plenty of similar designs in my box of retired holsters. Anything not formed to the gun or without retention is a non starter, Kydex against my skin is a not functional, and appendix is out of the question.

    What ultimately has worked for me since 2018 or 2019 is Alien Gear. I have 2 of the Shape Shift Core Carry Packs and shells for every handgun I own that they make a shape Shift shell for. For the guns they don’t make a Shape Shift shell for I typically get an old style Alien Gear IWB (Strongside) and Belt Slide OWB holster.

    They are comfortable enough to wear for 16 or more hours, and so far (knock on wood) the IWB has stayed concealed when i need to stay concealed. I don’t worry about the OWB staying concealed. PA is an OC state and I don’t wear the OWB where it would be an issue. But to the best of my knowledge it has never been noticed either.

    As others have said, what works for one will not always work for everyone, so try a few out.

  7. I’ve been using a Galco UWKH belly band, IWB for 9 or 10 years. T shirt and shorts to tux, around the house of doing my 5 mile daily run with the mutt. Comfortable and cheap, one for running, one for normal daily dress.

    I’ve carried my little Detonics .45, S&W J Frame and Shield, Glock 43 and now my P365. Never had gun come loose and is close at hand. Not Wyatt Earp quick but by pulling shirt w/left and attaining full grip with right I feel confident in most situations.

    To be fair, I don’t have a lot of excess baggage around my middle. Bigger, heavier weight-accumulated folks might lose the gun in one of the folds or in the least, be more uncomfortable than I. Most of the time I forget I’m wearing the gun, which actually makes it perfect for me.

  8. I bought one of those 5.11 shirt holster rigs. I can kinda sorta see it maybe. But I’m more likely to use it as a base layer during winter.

    What I learned very quickly though is that I need a forward cant. Straight up and down just will not work with me.

    My recommendation is to get a holster made for the specific firearm being carried. Pay the extra money for that and for a gun belt. Belts made for fashion wont be strong enough. Lots of good belts out there and I fully endorse Kore brand. Kore is designed for men though. These are just suggestions. Run what works for you.

  9. Meh, Kydex is vastly over-rated. I have three highly recommended Kydex holsters that I tried and never wear – they are stiff, hot, creaky and pokey.

    As an Old Guy in Montana I fully endorse leather holsters. Aker, El Paso Saddlery, Galco and 1791 make some excellent leather holsters for duty and off-duty, aka. concealable carry. A good leather holster will gently mold (somewhat) to your individual contours whilst still providing secure retention, concealability and comfort. As far as supporting those holsters…I use both Kore belts and Aker leather belts – both are excellent (the Aker are a bit more “dressy”).

    • I have some OWB kydex holsters (KT-Mech) that are comfortable and work great. I had them chop off the sweat guard area so it doesn’t poke me. It still secures just fine. The only issue is it could cause some rust being close to your skin, depending on conditions and clothing. For that reason, I went with a hybrid OWB holster for my Shield Plus. It conceals fine under regular shirts. It’s comfortable and no rust issues. I’m ready to order a Galco leather holster for a full size pistol, but I need to make sure it accepts taller sights. DeSantis Nemesis pocket carry also works great.

      • @Dude

        Thank you for your suggestions regarding Kydex holsters. Unfortunately, I’m old enough that I’m resistant to change and at this point in my life I’ll keep using the equipment that I’m familiar (and comfortable) with.

        You are absolutely correct about the Nemesis. I have one that I use for pocket carry of a Ruger LCR. In cargo shorts the Nemesis and LCR just disappear in my pocket, does not print and holds the weapon at the proper angle for a pocket draw…those five rounds of plus-P just may make the difference someday.

    • Milt Sparks Nexus and TT Gunleather for mag pouches, are my go to’s. The Vedder Lighttuck (sp?) AIWB is for my commuter carry.
      As far as belts go? Hank’s Amish Belts hold up for years with little deformation.

  10. anyone who wears an IWB holster against bare skin is a glutton for punishment.

    I saw a video last year, a guy doing a personal ‘review’ of a holster. The guy complained that he did not like the holster because it rubbed against his skin. He showed his shirt lifted and the redness and abrasion cause by the holster. He said it got worse in the summer when he sweat, and complained that the holster company and others raved about how comfortable the holster was. He said that he had tried many holsters and they all did this to him and he was continuing his search for a holster that would not do that from wearing the holster several hours a day and had spent hundreds of dollars over time trying different holsters.

    Well Duh! Yes, they all did that to him. Over the years I’ve heard many people complain about this skin irritation with an IWB being worn against bare skin. Well guess what, common sense is really a thing.

    Don’t wear an IWB holster against bare skin. Think about it, no matter how ‘comfortable’ its suppose to be if you put a kydex or leather IWB holster against your bare skin and move around there is going to be some ‘rubbing’ against the bare skin that can cause irritation to some degree especially if you wear for several hours a day.

    The solution is simple, and common sense – stop the holster from irritating your skin. There is a DIY solution, one a lot cheaper than spending hundreds of dollars on holsters trying to find a holster that will not do that when they all will.

    Wear an undershirt under your polo or button down shirt, lightweight moisture wicking is fine for this, or cotton if you prefer. And, if wearing a ‘T-shirt’ type shirt a ‘belly band type’ of thing made from a T-shirt type material (e.g. a several inches wide band of moisture wicking material made from cutting off a wide strip of a T-shirt below the sleeve holes made from the material place around your middle for the holster to rest against, or a V-neck or A-neck light weight T-shirt if it can’t be seen above the neckline of your outer T-shirt if that would bother you. That way a properly worn IWB holster will not be rubbing against your skin directly and will be rubbing against the material of the undershirt or ‘band’. Its a lot more comfortable in terms of that irritation. The undershirt or ‘band’ should fit snug against your skin, so consider a size that’s one less than what you would normally wear in an undershirt if your undershirt or the undershirt from which the ‘band’ is derived do not already do that.

    (‘out grown’ that under armor, or other brand, moisture wicking shirt you looked so good in previously but still have a few of them stuck in a drawer some place? Get the scissors out, cut a band, and if you are handy with a sewing machine, although not required, you can hem the edges to produce a ‘professional’ looking ‘custom’ ‘band’. Cut evenly and straight.)

    The material can be cotton if you prefer. However, for the undershirt or ‘band’ the lightweight polyester moisture wicking materiel is better for this use because unlike cotton in this use the polyester moisture wicking materiel is slicker and any holster movement tends to slide over the material where cotton in this use tends to grab more pulling the materiel against your skin which has the possibility of still causing some irritation if the cotton is damp from sweat. You can also just use the ‘band’ instead under any outer wear shirt if you prefer, some people don’t like wearing undershirts.

    I sent the guy this suggestion. He used it, and said his holster irritation problem went away. He said he mostly wears polo or T-shirts and prefers the ‘band’ solution and had never thought about doing that.

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  12. Id just like the girl from Springfield armory carry the gun for me. yes she’d have to follow me around everywhere I went, but I find I might be okay with that. Granted, that would be more of an “open carry” situation.

    …with age may come wisdom, but youth does have certain advantages too. 🙂

  13. I have a very old DeSantis full size 1911 SOB holster.
    I know, people say it is uncomfortable. In my old car with bucket seats, it was. In my truck no problems. I have worn it on the couch, love seat, office chair with no discomfort.
    Of course you have to dress accordingly but that goes with any holster.

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