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“Or the Pulse nightclub massacre, the second-deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history?” [Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor] wrote when listing examples of America’s “social system of discrimination” that “created an environment in which LGBT people were unsafe.”

However, it was well established in the following investigation, and the trial of the shooter’s widow, that he was unaware that the nightclub was a gay club and seemed to pick the target at random after his first plan to attack Disney fell through.

“Mateen had never been to Pulse before, whether as a patron or to case the nightclub. Even prosecutors acknowledged in their closing statement that Pulse was not his original target; it was the Disney Springs shopping and entertainment complex,” the Huffington Post reported.

“They presented evidence demonstrating that Mateen chose Pulse randomly less than an hour before the attack. It is not clear he even knew it was a gay bar. A security guard recalled Mateen asking where all the women were, apparently in earnest, in the minutes before he began his slaughter,” it read.

Sotomayor’s other presented example, the 1998 murder of Matthew Shepard, also doesn’t stand up to scrutiny as motivated by anti-LGBT hatred. Journalist Stephen Jimenez’s investigative book, The Book of Matt, based on 13 years of research, concluded that Shepard’s death was the result of a meth deal gone awry rather than a hate crime. He reported that Shepard was previously sexual partners with one of his killers.

Fellow Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch bashed Sotomayor’s dissent, saying that it “reimagines the facts” from “top to bottom.”

— Brady Knox in Sotomayor claims Pulse shooting was anti-LGBT hate crime in dissent

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  1. There is a reason why they choose certain narratives after something happens. Everyone remembers that first narrative as fact and not an assumption. When the facts come out, they are not heard, the narrative becomes the truth.

    • “When the facts come out, they are not heard, the narrative becomes the truth.”

      “Tell a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.”

      (An actual murderous Fascist.)

      • “ “Tell a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.”
        (An actual murderous Fascist.)”

        George Kastanza was a fascist ?!

      • RE: oldsht..“Tell a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.”

        Like you lies about POTUS DJT and his voters?

        • If we lose the next election, it will be because of an arrogant old ass unable to realize his time has passed.

          Someone kinda like you, ‘debs’. You’re long past your prime, and that enrages you, so you take it out on the good folks of TTAG.

          *Please*, get a boyfriend or fresh batteries for your ‘toy’, it’s not healthy to go that long without a little ‘sweet release’.

          Or don’t, proving you really are a bitter old hag that no one’s interested in ‘being with’… 🙂

        • geoffoldshtforbrains…The more you guess the dumber you look talking out your behind.

          I want it to be very clear to everyone here…You aka oldsht will not be voting for DJT should he be the nominee. And you will be voting for a democRat directly or indirectly by casting your vote for a sure loser or just by staying home.

          You get your politics clear with everyone here and cease using the word fascist like a member of antifa when clearly you are what you claim to disdain…Capice?

        • BTW oldsht…You know you helped in 2020 to put the mentally deteriorating Jim Crow Gun Control joe in the White House…If your head wasn’t so far up your azz you could see yourself as the hypocrite you are when you bashed DJT over issues that come with age, etc. News for you…Anyone with a lick of sense who looks at your pal joe can quickly conclude DJT is firing on all 8 cylinders and is fully capable of running the show.

          Your buttspew about POTUS DJT just didn’t begin last week it was around before 2020…really azzhole, there was another pos just like you whose MO was to talk guns just to sucker in the politically inept and then unload on POTUS DJT like a cnn marxist democRat…That shill was old like you and called himself, enuf. If you are not him you stink just like him.

        • “You aka oldsht will not be voting for DJT should he be the nominee.”

          That’s a flat LIE.

          PROVE I said that with the link, or apologize for lying about me.

          If you find it (which I doubt, since you’re not very bright) you will see that I stated if Trump is the candidate, i will be voting for him.

          But I hope he won’t be the candidate, since he is guaranteed to LOSE THE ELECTION. And the reason will be, because of stupid ignorant people like YOU debs…

        • “If we lose the next election, it will be because of an arrogant old ass unable to realize his time has passed.”

          I vehemently disagree. If we lose the next election, it will be because of the same reason we lost the last one. We will lose because a) there are too many low IQ/ignorant/evil regime drones, and b) massive amounts of election shenanigans and interference.

          The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election
          (Search the above for the Time article. It looks like all links get moderated now.)

          Do you actually believe a senile puppet is the most popular elected official in history, smashing Obama’s record? It has now been proven (no longer a “conspiracy theory”) that our most powerful federal agencies (and tech companies) have interfered in every national election since at least 2016. Why would that stop?

    • Sneaky Backdoor Discrimination arrived last night via a prime time TV Brady Gun Control propaganda ad that slanders and libels you and your rifles and the rifles of millions.

      To put fear and hate in the minds of the public your pruely evil so called “Assault Weapon” needs to be banned. There was little to no difference had the kkk singled out and concocted a TV ad besmirching Black Americans and calling them the N-word.

      So while Gun Control zealots are very busy Defining you and your 2A Right I have worthless, pissant mealy mouth so called Gun owners on this forum barking like dogs at efforts to justifiably Define Gun Control According to its History…So never mind holding hands and laying all the blame on Brady TV propaganda when the enemy is clearly within.

      • “TV Brady Gun Control propaganda ad that slanders and libels you and your rifles and the rifles of millions.”

        Like you slandering and lying about me claiming I won’t vote for Trump?

        Apologize about lying about me, deb. I promise you, I will NOT let slander like that stand…

        • you and Deb snipe at each other like an old married couple mad at each other


      • Debbie W. Not sure when it happened but you have gone a bit off the rails. I used to read your posts and while I may not have agreed with you at times they were still worth the time. Now I just scroll past much the same as our resident trolls.

    • Trooper,

      “. . . when the facts come out.”

      Yeah, let me know when we get actual facts on the Las Vegas shooting, or a copy of the manifesto for the Tennessee shooter. I won’t be holding my breath. Narrative is one thing (and it is real), but when you have the agencies of government AND the MSM working together to bury facts inconvenient to the narrative or the Administration, getting “the facts” BECOMES the issue.

      Let me know when the COVID origin documents are released, unredacted. Or, maybe, the contents of Crackhead Biden’s (self-admitted, in court filings) laptop. Like I said, I ain’t holding my breath.

      • Don’t forget Jeffrey Epstein’s book of clients. Why’s that been sealed, anyway? That’s going to be released real, real soon, right?

        And when those derka derka terrorists in Garland, Texas tried to murder people for drawing Mohammed, they had an FBI agent driving their car. It’s been eight years and I’m still waiting for the files on that to be released.

        And when that derka derka tried to burn down the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris. Macron said he was investigating and the information would be released to the world. It’s been over three years.

        And the Nashville tranny mass murderer. There was a manifesto. Why isn’t the FBI releasing it? Doesn’t the public deserve to know about the homicidal sexual deviants the Democrats have clutched to their bosom, and demand we all accept?

        Hunter Biden’s laptop contents were put on the Internet by 4chan a couple of years ago. I don’t know whether they’re still available, or how you’d go about finding them. It took some angry autistic video gamers to do what the government won’t. Again.

  2. She’s gotta be on some list of the 10 most ignorant justices. She seems to get basic facts wrong, or pull them out of thin air, in a lot of the opinions she writes.

    • “She seems to get basic facts wrong, or pull them out of thin air, in a lot of the opinions she writes.”

      That’s typical for left-wing liberals. Its one of their defining traits. Its because they mostly ignore logic context application by tending towards confirmation bias – in other words if it seems to fit how they ‘feelz’ they go with it and that becomes their focus rather than applying logic context. We see a lot of that here at TTAG from dacian and Miner49er. Its how you can tell when they haven’t done real research (just basically parrot what someone else says that fit their confirmation bias) or have a real understanding of the subject.

      • .40 – ya left out ‘Albert’ the fake Brit firearms ‘expert’ – although we haven’t been ‘graced’ with his presence lately 😉

      • She’s much worse than Kagan. Sotomayor doesn’t put any effort into her work, just repeats a few fake facts and slaps a few verbs around them for glue. Kagan isn’t nearly so slapdash.

        Jackson is an idiot who can’t even define “woman”; it’s an entirely different sloppiness.

    • Three of the stupidest women on the planet are on the Supreme Court.

      330,000,000 or so people in the United States and we have Biden for President.

      Quite a few of my fellow citizens couldn’t find their assholes with a flashlight and a map.

      As a nation we need to do better.

      • As a nation we did better.

        To the point where our prosperity has allowed too many people to survive who would have succumbed to the harshness of natural selection a hundred years ago.

        When you look at these Liberals and Progressives you have to realize that if they were not being supported and coddled and enabled by someone, or the government, there is no way they could survive in a competitive economy or a rational society that would refuse to support people who do not and probably cannot provide anything of value to the whole.

        Sad thing is, if they actually reach the Democratic Socialist Utopia they seem to crave that Utopia will force them to produce SOMETHING, or starve.

        Whatever happened to the simple expedient of looking at someone wandering in public looking like a complete idiot (piercings, tats, purple hair, top surgery, etc.) or mental case and just bursting out laughing?

        Bad enough they were probably raised with time-outs rather than meaningful discipline, but they also never experienced righteous ridicule when they did something monumentally stupid.

        • Around here, schools avoid the word “failed” and instead substitute “held back”. This is due to sensitivity and feelz good. Suppose if a student is 22 when they graduate high school they can say, “I didn’t fail, I was held back several years”.

        • Sad thing is, if they actually reach the Democratic Socialist Utopia they seem to crave that Utopia will force them to produce SOMETHING, or starve.

          Or both!

      • Been watching ‘Donut Operator’ on the y-tube quite entertaining to watch these “fellow citizens”, it’s impossible for them to operate in society.

        • Thank God we have LE willing to permanently ‘punch their ticket’ for good…

      • muckraker,

        “Three of the stupidest women on the planet are on the Supreme Court.”

        And one is in the White House. And more than I can easily count in the House and Senate. Our Leftist/fascist friends LOVE to exalt and promote stupidity, so long as it advances the narrative, and those stupid people check enough grievance boxes.

        And Kamal-toe Harris, and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, and AOC, and Corrie Brown, and Eric Swallowswell, and Steve Cohen, and . . . as Sonny and Cher used to sing, “the beat goes on”. The Dimocrats have no problem with stupid, ignorant, and disconnected with reality, so long as they jump on the “woke” train.

        • ” “the beat goes on”.”
          Yep! There’s Hank “Guam could tip over” Johnson. Sheila ” lets bring back the flag the astronauts planted on Mars” Jackson Lee. And so many more. Just so fucking pathetic that their are people that stupid voting for people this stupid.

      • Kagan’s actually pretty bright, but her judicial philosophy is wrong. Brown is there because Biden outright said he wanted a Black woman, so she wasn’t a top thinker, even when choosing from the Leftists. Sotomayor seems to fit that as well, and she was the best Lefty Hispanic woman Obama could find. Of course they opposed the ruling banning affirmative actions since it’s the reason they’re on the SC.

        • Anymouse, how can Sotomayor be “bright” if her thinking is arse backwards? Brown is in the same leaky boat with Sotomayor. I’m sorry but that kind of thinking goes against common sense.

    • There are THREE of the most moronic justices (chicks) in American history now sitting on the court.

  3. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor is as dumb as a sack of hammers. Her nomination and confirmation was affirmative action at its worst (or best, depending on how you look at it), but I have a feeling the latest addition to the court will outdo “the wise Latina” in the ignorance department by leaps and bounds.

    • I have a feeling the latest addition to the court will outdo “the wise Latina

      She did THAT during her confirmation hearing, KBJ is a PRIME example of the results of “Affirmative Action and Diversity Hiring”…

  4. Gee, with the striking down of “affirmative action” because under “constitutional limitations”,
    what is NOT ALLOWED by the Constitution, is absolutely denied.
    This means then that all federal and state gun laws, not being allowed by the Constitution, are null, void and without standing.
    Not me saying this but the Constitution and the Court.
    “we pledge our lives, fortunes and sacred honor….”

  5. “Justice” Sotomayor is an avowed rassest and s3xest by her own words uttered prior to her selection by precedent Obama…she is a staunch DNC Party shill devoid of independent thinking and rationale.

    “I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.”
    -Sonia Sotomayor

    • It’s amazing that anyone is okay with that. Democrats are very comfortable with racism.

    • Must be racist against WHITE people ’cause she had no problem with semi-blacks…

    • Old Guy, the left has over reached. Now as a white guy you can change teams and live your authentic life as a Latina, and now you’re empowered with both perspectives. So that is now even more valid in their veiw. Get ready for that poo to come down the pipe.

    • She may have a point, but who is the “wise Latina woman” that she is speaking of?

    • As Pb says ” … but you can unfortunately stuff it in a black robe and give it great power until it dies. “

    • I gotta sue that asshole, I had that airbrushed on the side of my rig YEARS before he “thought” of it…

    • Gov,

      Well, TECHNICALLY, you can – a .45 Federal 230 gr HST can cure that kinda stupid. The gummint frowns on that, though. If being stupid were a capital crime, the so-called “population crisis” would be over, toot de suite.

      Unfortunately, the wheels of Darwin grind fine, but they grind exceeding slow. Unfortunately, when Darwin finally arrives to collect, it’s gonna be ugly.

  6. Blame the leftard “news” for misleading the less than honorable justice. Plainly Pulse was jihad. They enthroned it as a homosexual holocaust. Thank YOU DJT for your 3 SCOTUS members!

  7. Soto-Mayor is a BLITHERING IDIOT Leftist spouting the Leftist propaganda and agenda. I refuse to call her a “Justice”. She does not support eh Constitution. She loathes it! Just like our Leftist “brethren” here

  8. “Justice” Sotomayor was installed on the court as reward for supporting Obama on the birth certificate issue in a lower court. She has little concept of states rights, the U.S. Constitution or the Bill of Rights. Dumb as a stone.

  9. In the initial days after the massacre, many rumors made their way into news reports. In particular, rumors that Mateen was a closeted gay man and had targeted the club out of self-hatred.

    His first wife, Sitora Yusufiy, suggested in an interview with Time magazine, that Omar Mateen could have been gay.

    Four regular Pulse customers told The Orlando Sentinel that Mateen sometimes visited Pulse. One, Ty Smith, said he “would go over in the corner and sit and drink by himself, and other times he would get so drunk he was loud and belligerent.”

    Univision aired an interview with a disguised man named “Miguel” who called Mateen “100 percent” gay.

    Just hours after the shooting began, Salman was in an FBI interrogation room. For 12½ hours, agents questioned her without an attorney present. By the end, Salman had signed a confession saying she had helped Mateen case the nightclub and prepare for the attack.

    • dacian

      you know the NBC link you posted was completely debunked by law enforcement and the Pulse club people, right?

      (and they also mis quoted as well)

      oh wait, you don’t know because you don’t know how to do research.

      • you don’t know because you don’t know how to do research

        Worse than that, IT does know but chooses to continue to regurgitate false and misleading information (can’t call it “news”) because the actual FACTS don’t fit the agenda…

    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, It seems even the headline of that article says that it was a random shooting, not aimed at your buds the LGBT folks. Now do us all a favor and just be quite. You have made a fool of yourself yet again. We all know you are 100 % gay.

  10. Reporters don’t know shit.
    The “news” is a for profit venture than does not hesitate to sell out to corporations or promises of power and influence from political entities.

    Did you know CT has brown bears? Their ABC affiliate, WTNH, has a story of a bear at a bird feeder being chased by a dog and the still they used is of a brown bear. Been up for at least two days now. Use a cute pic of a koala or some shit for a nice soft story but use a menacing grizzly photo when the story is supposed to scare you. Facts? Reality? No room in news media for those. Just emotional manipulation for fun and profit. Shit, getting mad about their terrible and misleading reporting is an emotional reaction that they plan for, expect and want also.

    Bad reporting? Intentional misleading? Does it matter?

    • Reporters don’t report factually or honestly the news; rather, they are composing fictional pieces that supports their agendas.

    • Shire-man,

      The mantra of the newsroom used to be “who, what, where, why, when?”, and the motto was ACTUALLY “speaking truth to power”. Media has ALWAYS been biased (for a real hoot, go read contemporary press coverage of T. Jefferson’s campaign and presidency, or those of Lincoln), but they USED to be honest about their bias. Somewhere between there an “Uncle Walter”, it became acceptable to be horribly biased, as long as you kept a fig leaf over it.

      We have officially abandoned the fig leaf, and legitimized huffily insisting that you are unbiased, when it is obvious you are not. News and opinion are indistinguishable. Facts are only important to the extent they support your prejudice.

      The modern journalism is, (i) find a news story that has “legs”, that also fits your narrative, (ii) go find “witnesses” and “experts” that support your pre-determined slant, (iii) ignore all contrary evidence, logic, or facts. (And, yes, it is done on BOTH sides.)

      Write the story, with your slant, find “experts” and “witnesses” to support your narrative, then write your story. Journalism is become as debased as “education”.

      • Oh Lamp, how does one seeking the truth see through the fog of bias? Read both sides, add them together and divide by the total? Run them through a shit filter? I’ll just bury my head in the sand and wait to croak.

        • motomike,

          Most of us just do the best we can – read a variety of sources, but read each one VERY skeptically. Then actually exercise the brain God gave you, and apply some analysis to it. No, you won’t ‘get the full picture’ that way, but you’ll come one whole hell of a lot closer to it than some idjit that gets their “news” from MSDNC or Fox, and swallows it undigested.

  11. Off subject, but I thought I’d report it since the media hasn’t. Floridians have been able to legally carry a concealed firearm without a CCW for thirty four hours. Thirty three for those in the panhandle west of the Appalachicola River. During that time I’ve had occasion to visit a bank, restaurant, a couple of other businesses, filled up the truck. Not a single shooting of any kind. I even managed to walk across the street without getting blood on my shoes. I did see a fresh road kill on the way to the farm this morning. It was a possum. I don’t think that counts.

    • That’s also convenient for people who have the permit, but don’t always have their wallet on their person. It’s one less thing they can get us for, like failing to update your address on your driver license. Out of habit, I still make sure I have my permit on me when I step out of the vehicle. Then I remember it doesn’t matter (my state passed that as well).

    • Meanwhile, in Baltimore where the gun laws flow like wine, 30 people shot at a “party” last night.

    • “It was a possum. I don’t think that counts.”

      Unless, of course, it was OUR possum…whose wit and wisdom we would miss.

    • if ya come across a river of blood created by a law abiding people legally carrying guns without a permit…let us know.

      • Getting ready to pull the Harley out for an extensive tour of Central FL that will include several major population centers so I will definitely be on the lookout for ANY excess blood flows, that shit is really hard to get off of chrome after it dries… And of course, I’ll be packing in case I need to add to the flood…

        • Happy to report all is well in the Sunshine State, no mass shootings, no “Wild West” shootouts in the streets in fact, the only rivers of blood I’m aware of over the weekend were in “GUN CONTROLLED” Baltimore (2 dead dozens injured) and Chicago (5 dead 31 injured)… Maybe THEY should rethink their gun policies…

      • Lamp, I know for a fact that when I saw that possum on Flat Creek Rd around 0830 hrs this date that Possum was most likely causing fish to be frightened 1000 miles to my NW. Well, something is probably frightened.

        • Gadsden,

          MANY things are frightened when possum is around . . . as well they should be. Them possum’s is bad-tempered critters, and sneaky, too.

  12. Wishful thinking, but the abundance of evidence of the “liberal” judges not doing their job (you know, using intellect to determine if something is *constitutional*) should result in impeachment. Each of them have clearly ignored their mandate, as shown by every dissent they have published.

    Why isn’t the right pushing that? Symbolic when not a majority, yes, but the left pushes to pack the court when they dont get their way, why isn’t the right using their position to at least let those justices know they need to fly right, as they are being watched and will be held accountable for doing as they wish, not as they are supposed to.

    This is one reason we are in the soup we are now, where clearly most gun control is unconstitutional, yet lower courts thumb their noses and the need to litigate continues and even seems to grow. Slightly different, but this is true of circuit court and state court judges, both of which would be impeachable for neglecting their duty to determine constitutionality of laws I presume. Should we be writing/calling/holding signs to our representatives to get them to act on this?

    • Please do not propose impeaching any SCOTUS Justice!

      That would simply give Obama the chance to nominate someone that he couldn’t do before.

      So long as we have a Conservative Constitutionalist majority on the court let those three useless fools sit there and take up space.

      I mean, it’s not like the people telling Joey what to do are likely to come up with anyone better than the partisan hacks there now.

      • Then the result is we have decades and decades of anti-constitution judgments. I totally get what you are saying, but I don’t see where we go when those judges are clearly not doing the job they are there to do.

        • D Y,

          Is Senile Joe “doing the job [he] is there to do”?? Is Kamal-toe??? Hell, for that matter, is Mitch the Bitch doing the job HE is there to do?

          ALL humans are flawed. My dear daddy used to have a saying he used (in jest, sarcastically), “I made a mistake, once – I thought I was wrong, and it turned out I was right.” We can’t expect perfection from our government representatives, any more than we would expect if of ourselves. What we CAN (and should) expect is an honest, good faith effort to actually do the damn job you applied for. Not what they think the job SHOULD BE, but what the job actually is.

          Wake me up when that happens, until then I’ll be napping (did I mention that my alternate handle is “Rip van Winkle”???).

  13. The permit allows a buyer to skip the waiting period on retail purchase of a firearm. Private sales in Florida are private. The permit also allows concealed carry in states with reciprocity with Florida. That’s the majority of them. Those states that don’t most of us would avoid anyway.

    • It is my opinion that many guns don’t shoot as well coming out of the wait period as they did going in. That unpleasant potential alone makes the permit worthwhile. The 3 day wait is a fine example of the legal equivalent of mallards, er, I mean malate, er, I mean manatee…

      Er, I mean MALWARE. Sheesh! Autocorrect IS malware…

      Another hitch in the 3 day giddyup is that ATF says the clock starts running when the funds are transferred, and runs while the piece is shipped. The typical FFL says the clock starts when they receive the gun, and gives you a long song and dance about ATF burning them a new one if they do otherwise.

  14. Yesterday. while looking for the Plastic Wood at Albrights Hardware, a grey-haired gentleman came up and pointed at my “We the People” t-shirt.

    “I wish more people loved this country”, he said.

    “From your mouth to God’s ears””, I replied.

    He shook his head slightly, saying “It is going to take more than prayer” and started down the aisle. Anyone watching could easily see just how much all of the USA bashing pains him.

    Some SCOTUS justices believe their political and social agendas take priority over the Constitution. That is not love for this country; it is a usurporeous dogma, a malformation of law, and treasonous trail toward chaos.

    It is a regression from wisdom toward the darkness of dictatorship.

  15. Soundbytes and talking points. Liberals don’t actually think about whatever they are saying. If they heard it on an approved news site, then it’s gospel.

  16. The liberal rag The New Republic, ran a lengthy article about just how bad “this wise Latina” really is.
    They knew she was a terrible judge. Just like the knew Biden crapped in his pants. All they care about is getting the “D” in a position of power.

    Thank God for President Trump and his court pics. And yes I know he would never leg@lize drugs.

  17. I expect garden variety leftists to make up “facts” on the spot. Clearly Sotomayor was inadequate to the position she was appointed to, and has failed to avail herself of her opportunity to upgrade her skills to match the office she disgraces. Clearly it is time for her to follow the path of David Souter and exit the Court.

  18. it “reimagines the facts” from “top to bottom.”

    It’s really easy when you are playing to an ignorant (uninformed) electorate of “true believers… Just like Bribem still using that “Very fine people on both sides” edited version of Trumps statement after the Charlottesville thing… Yes, Trump DID say that, but he prefaced it by DENOUNCING the White Supremacists which of course is omitted by the Braindead one’s handlers… Hell Bribem might not even know what was actually said…

  19. She and the other two are nothing more than rubber stamps for the radical progressives clearing voting their “feelings” rather than the Constitution. They would have loved serving numerous authoritarians throughout history who considered the populace subjects rather than citizens. Very repulsive.

  20. This is how left wing liberals want the preamble to the Constitution to read..

    “We the Liberals of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice-as-we-see-it, insure domestic Transsexuals, provide for the common deference to what we want, promote the use of Welfare checks, and secure our Liberty to ourselves and no one else, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

    • Let’s try it this way
      That would be
      So shall ist
      States of
      if they had their way
      the moderator is on one today

  21. A Federal Judge is supposedly sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution. As are all military personnel. So, just wondering if it comes down to an actual fight, how many will side with the bureaucracy and the leftists, and how many will actually remember their sworn oath and defend what is laid out in the Constitution against those who have so happily and regularly violated it.
    Way too many will choose what is easy over what is right. “I was only following orders.”

    • oldmaninAL The oath of office is taken by government employees at even the state and local levels.
      Even no pay local board members here take the oath,I know because I am chairman of a local fire department civil service board.
      And, some may appear to forget the oath, but I think they make a conscious effort to Ignore the oath.

      • Hush
        I’m sure they ignore it because it’s inconvenient to the agenda of gaining as much control as they can, over everything

    • The story, other than being a non sequitur, is from 2019. And you’re lying about it as usual, dacian.

      “…thrown out onto the street immediately and lose her job permanently.”

      “We are concerned about any reports of inappropriate behavior and take these matters very seriously,” Kelly Services said in a statement. “We conduct business based on the highest standards of integrity, quality, and professional excellence. We’re looking into this situation.”

      Stephenson said he doesn’t know if the substitute from Deerfield will continue to work in the district, referring questions to Kelly Services. But, he added, Alpine has a stringent nondiscrimination policy and is taking this case seriously.

      A strict nondiscrimination policy against anyone who expresses their opinion in class despite no rules having being broken, apparently.

    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, I hate to tell ya, but homosexuality is WRONG! And by the First Amendment to the Constitution, I am entitled to say that. Yep, I am Roman Catholic and believe in the Church’s teachings.
      Now, get lost.

    • Dean of Students Brags About Bringing in LGBTQ+ Health Center to Teach “Queer Sex” to Minors

    • Leaked Insider Audio Reveals Mandatory CDC Guidelines on Transgender Ideology in New Mexico Schools

  22. LGBTQXCAYRTZ and dog fckers.
    “Nobody likes us but us?”
    Not true, after a week of ripening in sun everyone taste the same.

    • possum,

      “dog fckers”

      What about dog eaters??? I can’t imagine Barry Soetoro would be palatable, no matter HOW LONG he ripened in the sun. Doubt he’d even make decent compost.

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